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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Wanted - Qualified Baby Sitter

The NDP have stated that they may work out a longer term deal with the Liberals aimed at keeping them in office. For this support the NDP would expect movement on a handful of issues that they want to see put in place, primarily, electoral reform, environmental actions and protection for pensioners.

I have my opinions on this (you knew I would), but I would also like to hear yours.

What do I think? In a nutshell, I like it.

I don’t like the idea of a corrupt government remaining in power, but after the last non-confidence vote and with the result of the by-election in Labrador, it’s obvious that nobody is ready for an election. The voters don’t want to go back to the polls and the Conservatives, with Stephen Harper at the helm, are not ready to lead a country.

What I like is the fact that the NDP are making progress in their social agenda.

Electoral reform would see a more even distribution of power throughout the provinces rather than the current concentration in central Canada. Even a little movement in this direction would be a great thing for our province.

Protection for pensioners is good for everyone and I know there is an NDP bill currently before the house that would protect pension plans and salaries in cases where a business goes bankrupt. This bill would ensure that employees are the first ones paid rather than the business creditors and that pension funds are not lost.

Environmental reforms are good for all of us in general. Economically, they are important for Newfoundland and Labrador since they might help push forward development of a good deal on the Lower Churchill, as well as various wind powered projects that are being investigated in the province.

Add to all of this the fact that the current budget, as modified by Finance Minister Jack Layton, is arguably the best budget for the province since Confederation. It addresses, among other things, the environment, more low income housing, cuts to the cost of post secondary education and money for training programs for aboriginal peoples. All of these items are very important to this province.

The way I see it, if we have to live with a corrupt government, (even if the Liberals were defeated by a non-confidence motion, I doubt the Conservatives in their current state could win an election), then why not have a socially conscious party like the NDP keep them on the ball by forcing them to put more money into social programs.

The Liberals are like a spoiled child who’s been caught with his hand in the cookie jar. You can’t kick him out of the house, but maybe you should have someone keep a closer eye on him. Jack Layton comes across to me as a pretty good baby sitter.

That’s my opinion, what’s yours?


Garrett L. said...

Its a funny world we live in where the most corrupt government to come along in our history turns out to be the best for our province.

I hate the idea of leaving them in office, but until we get the benefits we deserve from this budget, why not leave them in? I doubt we would be any better off with the Conservatives in power right now and there will be another election eventually anyway. Lets just hope they don't bankrupt the country first.

As you said, if the Conservatives went to the polls right now, I doubt they would win. Maybe with Peter M. in charge, but not with Harper.

If Jack Layton can make some progreass for the masses then let him go. We may never officially have an NDP government but we currently have an onofficial one anyway.

Pervie P. said...

If I'm going to have anyone in government be a baby sitter, I want it to be Belinda Stronach. GRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!

Patriot said...

Thank you for the comment Pervie P. but I think you have the wrong web site. You might want to go to Google and enter the searh words "Chat XXX"


Sneezy said...

I'd rather have a government align themselves with the NDP than one that aligns itself with the Bloc.

Ticked Tax Payer said...

I'd rather see the Liberals fall. To hell with the accord money right now, lets get those crooks out of office and worry about the 2 billion later.

J.J. said...

I've always been an NDP fan and always will be. If we can't have them in government, then I'm glad they're controlling the purse strings.