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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

If I only had a Brain - The Gerry Byrne Story

Gerry Byrne…

Do I need to say more?

This guy has got to be either one of the dumbest men on the planet or one of the biggest sell outs this province has seen in decades. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and say he is simply as dumb as a bag full of rusty door knobs.

Here we are struggling with the Feds to get some sort of emergency support and a long term plan in place to save the town of Harbour Breton and this guy jumps into the middle of the discussions telling key cabinet ministers that if they do anything for Harbour Breton they have to do it for other communities (I assume he was referring primarily to those in his riding).

Way to go Gerry! This simple minded statement has thrown a monkey wrench into the discussions and is scaring away the feds. They don’t want to end up on the hook for decades to come and who can blame them.

Gerry’s only defense is that he is looking out for the best interests of his riding. Well here’s a news flash idiot, if you’d kept your mouth shut and let something be put in place for Harbour Breton, then you could have gone back to Ottawa and told them that since they had set a precedent, they now couldn’t say no to other areas. It’s not rocket science pal.

The Premier, the town of Harbour Breton and even his own caucus colleague Bill Mathews are stunned by this turn of events. Who wouldn’t be? Bill Mathews has even been quoted as saying he is having trouble working on the issue since the statement from Goofball Gerry (my name for the guy, not Bill’s). He can’t for the life of him understand the reason why his fellow member would do this. The reason may not be clear to Bill Mathews, but it is clear to me why he did it.

Gerry Byrne obviously has two brain cells left in his skull and they are refusing to talk to each other.

Great Job Gerry, way to represent your province!


Gordon said...

At least he's consistent.

namut said...

Could it be that GB is just being a good flunky for the Libranos? Throw the repercussions out there in a hurry, then ministers or PMO can cite this as “being too expensive”, as “every community and there dogs will want the same package”. Just a thought. For the record, I do think most politicians are stupid wankers.

Mike said...

I don't believe he's that stupid. I think he's taken a page for John Efford's book and sold out his province for his own benefit.

John sold us out to curry favor with Paul Martin and now Gerry is doing the same thing.

Great leaders we have.

I'd like to see everyone in the province vote independent candidates in next time. We may not be mentally ready to go fully independent from Canada, but putting a bunch of independent candidates in place would sure send a message to Ottawa.

namut said...

Good comments by Mike, i wish the electorate was ready to send "a bunch of idependents" to ottawa, or St.John's for that matter. Oh if they would.

Anonymous said...

Labrador had a golden opportunity to elect an independent in a minority government situation. What did they do? They wasted their chance by voting a Liberal back in.

We'll never learn.

Anonymous said...


Joe said...