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Friday, November 11, 2005

John Efford is Truly Sick, in the Head

Well now I’ve heard it all. Pseudo-Natural Resources Minister John Efford is ticked at the media over comments related to his absence from cabinet due to his illness. Give me a break.

John Efford hasn’t made an appearance in the House of Commons since well before the end of the last session yet he continues to reap his annual salary of $213,000 a year plus expenses while vacationing in the south.

In the mean time, the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador that he is supposed to represent has no voice in cabinet and is left to flounder on its own. Premier Danny Williams has commented on the absence of representation as have opposition members and with good reason. There is none.

I know that some out there will be upset with my take on the situation. After all, John Efford does have diabetes and is taking several needles a day to keep in under control. I understand that. As a matter of fact my own mother has suffered from the disease for over 20 years and takes 5 shots a day in order to stay alive. The difference is that when her health dictated that she couldn’t do her job she resigned and allowed someone to step in who could.

According to Mr. Efford the travel he was forced to endure as a cabinet minister has taken a toll on his health. Well boo-hoo. It’s hard to pity a man who makes such a statement while pulling down such a huge salary, especially when he makes if from his vacation resort in Florida. Apparently traveling is not that tough on his consititution.

My Mother uses a walker due to the ravages of this disease. Her hearing is at about 30%. Here energy levels are at that of a 90 year old even though she only in her mid-sixties. Even with the physical limitations mentioned and the effects of almost a total loss of feeling in her extremities her mind is sharp. She, along with the rest of the public in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador, are sharp enough to realize when they are being snowed.

In reality John you are sick, sick in the head if you think your consitituents are falling for this crap.

One request John. Either do your job or move on. In other words, S&*% or get off the pot.


MrChills said...

You have my vote on that too.

John has done a piss poor job and regardless of the state of his health, he is no longer usefull. Step down and let someone else step in.

Harry Boland said...

Myles, usually I think you are alternately disingenuous, stupid or an out and out liar.

In this case, I whole-heartedly agree.

Those who take a job - especially the People's Job - have a responsibility to those people to do the job.

That said, you're still a chickenshit, worthless liar unwilling to admit you lied on the Alaskan Seal Hunt comparison.

BNB said...

Taking a salary of $200,000 and staying home, and there was an interview today from Florida! What the %$#@ is up with that guy.

Time to leave John. Truth is the Liberals are preciously holding on to every seat. That's why he's still around.

NL-ExPatriate said...

I still had a little compassion left up until he threw our yes our 2 billion back into faces as if to say it was a hand out from Ottawa, when it was ours all along retroactvie!

PMPM must be using invisible marionette wires to make him talk? Or maybe he is just so stupid he can't think for himself and is PMPM's Parrot. Why else would he spew such garbage?
Maybe he is sicker than originally thought and is on the (Ottawa) life support and doesn't want to see the plug pulled.

WJM said...

I still had a little compassion left up until he threw our yes our 2 billion back into faces as if to say it was a hand out from Ottawa, when it was ours all along retroactvie!

How was it "ours"?

BNB said...

wjm your blog style is like the kid that says "But Why?" "But why?". If you've ever had that conversation with a pre-schooler you'll know it's futile. That's not an insult, just a suggestion that you change your style. Nothing productive is coming from you these days. Yours is a rare voice from Labrador - use it or lose it.

MrChills said...

BNB, Cheers to that!

Table Mountains said...

wjm is the most predictable person i never known.

WJM said...

No substantive answer to the question. Figures.

Anonymous said...

WJM, so who's is it?? Ottawa's??

Please answer that one for us, and back it up with the one main reason you think so. There's gotta be only one.

Bnb got you all figured out. And I agree that you should use it or lose it. You remind me of John Effort(less). You pronounce that you're out for the good of NL, or even just the mainland portion, but then when the spotlight comes on you do nothing to support your/our cause.

If I had to guess, I'd say you are really the John Effort and this is where you come to offer payback.

And you, Harry Boland, you're something else as well.
I have you marked as a pissed age 15 year old who's only passing grade is Writing & Grammer Class 101.

Sorry for the Anon ID. Just call me ABC from here on. That way I'll have an identity you can reference.

Grow Up Guys!!!