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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Loyola Hearn's Propaganda Machine

I’ve always believed federal politicians are essentially self centered and arrogant but I’ve never before had the overpowering urge to call one an all out liar. Not until reading the latest press release from federal Fisheries Minister Loyola Hearn. I can’t think of any other way to say it than to say that Loyola Hearn is completely and unequivocally full of S*&t.

Tuesday November 21 was World Fisheries Day. A day meant to bring the world’s attention to the importance of our oceans and the life they contain. To mark this event Canada declined to support a UN sponsored move to protect high seas fish stocks and Loyola Hearn issued a press release touting the great work Canada is doing to protect the oceans. What a useless waste of oxygen this guy is.

Let me quote a few lines from the propaganda message the Dis-Honorable Loyola Hearn put out on such an important day.

“…we are still confronted with rampant overfishing on the high seas… Scientists are also warning of a collapse of Atlantic bluefin tuna if fishers of the eastern stock don't start following the rules.”

“…When members of the North Pacific Anadromous Fish Commission decided to deal with shrinking Pacific salmon stocks, they stopped high seas salmon fishing in the North Pacific Ocean and pooled their efforts to enforce the changes. Strong cooperation on monitoring and surveillance has cut illegal driftnet fishing in this area by 90 per cent.”

Boy, reading those quotes might fool anyone into thinking the Canadian government is actually concerned with marine ecosystems. Sorry but that’s where the problem lies and unfortunately it’s also where the politician himself is lying to Canada and the entire world. The statement is pure propaganda, plain and simple.

The minister’s message went on to say:

“…it means…considering fish habitat and sensitive marine areas when we make decisions. It also means erring on the side of caution when we don't have all the facts on how the fish are doing.”

Yet when asked by the United Nations to support an initiative that would, “err on the side of caution” by temporarily prohibiting bottom dragging on the high seas, Loyola Hearn and the Conservative government sided instead with nations like Russia, Japan and Spain. Nations who are the worst offenders when it comes to fish stock destruction. Canada declined to support the UN initiative intended to protect unregulated areas until scientists can determine where sensitive environments exist that might be destroyed forever.

The release also included the following statement:

“…We also need to remember to act sooner than later; to forget the short-term gains and to focus on long-term interests.”

The statement may make a nice sound bite but it’s a lie. Canada and NAFO continue to allow fishing fleets to rape the high seas and even the edge of Canada’s continental shelf. This is exactly what the minister is supporting by continuing to allow foreign vessels to ply the Grand Banks and the entire continental shelf outside the 200 mile limit.

The ultimate insult, from a Canadian perspective, has to Loyola Hearn’s statement in reference to the previously mentioned moves to protect Pacific Salmon:

“…Canada and its allies were determined to get similar results at the Northwest Atlantic Fisheries Organization this September, and it worked.”

What worked? What exactly did NAFO accomplish in to protect North Atlantic fish stocks in September? Anyone who has watched the corrupt and business focused meanderings of this organization over the years will tell you they have accomplished exactly what they always accomplish, absolutely nothing. Instead they’ve brainwashed much of the public into believing that something has been done when absolutely nothing has.

A release by Loyola Hearn in September spoke of the great strides NAFO had made in protecting the North Atlantic from illegal fishing and from nations who disregard the rules and regulations. If you ask Loyola Hearn today he’ll tell you that these new regulations were put in place to ensure that rogue vessels return to port and face penalties for breaking the law. Perhaps they do, though returning to their home port and being put at the mercy of their own governments, which often subsidize their efforts, is not much of a disincentive.

Regardless of that, since the rules were put in place only one vessel has been reported to have been charged and sent home. It remains to be seen how the captain of that vessel makes out but does it really matter? Does it matter at all when you consider that some estimates put the number of boats illegally fishing off our shores at a hundred or more each and every day? I’m no math whiz but if that number is even close to correct it means that about 9000 vessels have plied those waters since the new regulations were put in place and only one has been charged. Does anyone really believe this approach will make any difference at all and can anyone believe anything Loyola Hearn says anymore?

I remember following Mr. Hearn’s career for years. I remember his heart felt speeches about taking control of the Grand Banks. I remember his calls for custodial management and his statements about the need to protect and grow the fishing industry in Atlantic Canada. I remember writing an article in which I supported his position and looked forward to the day when Loyola Hearn would take on the mantle of Fisheries Minister for Canada. With that in mind, I’d like to apologize to anyone who read those articles and promise you that I won’t make the same mistake again.

I guess like the man says, you get what you pay for. In this case we paid with our votes for a man who has decided to sell out his principles and his people for political reasons. That said there is an end in sight. There will be another election, likely within the next year and this voter plans to do his best to ensure that Loyola Hearn is returned to whatever rock he crawled out from under.

Good luck on your next election campaign Mr. Hearn. I believe the people are finally beginning to wake up and that they’ve had enough of the mess that’s been made of the fisheries in Atlantic Canada as well as the politicians who have stood idly by and let it happen.

See you on the campaign trail Mr. Hearn.


Anonymous said...

Good piece...needed to be said, and I'm sure Hearn got a copy.

A lot of voters will share your view come next election.


NL-ExPatriate said...

You can't blame Loyola unless you blame him for being a weak kneed patsy any more than you can blame Efford or all of the other puppets we have sent to OTT.

They are apart of a party and they have to put forth a united front. People call it toeing the party line. Who draws the party line the majority and who are the majority ONtario with 106 MP's out of 308.

So any party stance concerning issues has to be for the benefit of the majority of canadians by default ON/QC with 181 seats out of 308.

Then there is the benefits canada gets from allowing the terorism to continue on the Nose Tail and Flemish cap unabated. Remember the Turbot war shot across the bow blah blah. As soon as Spain threatened to cancel all past present and future Bombardier contracts the whole thing went away because OTT has to do what is in the best interst of the MAJORITY of canadians even if that means a death blow to the province which has traditionally depended upon the Grand Bankruptcy for a livilyhood.

40% of our continental shelf lies outside the arbitrary 200 mile limit.

60% of the worlds bottom dragging takes place on the 40% of our continental shelf which lies outside the arbitrary 200 mile limit of our continental shelf.

canada doesn't do any bottom dragging on the high seas NT&FC and has the autonomous right to do what it wants inside the arbitrary 200 mile limit.

Show your support for a moratorium of Bottom Dragging terrorism of the deep by sending in a photo to this site and make your voices heard by emailing phonig writing shouting from the roof tops shame these scoundrels into looking out for the regional interests

the parties making these bad decisions have other agendas than protecting the biodiversity of the enviroment. The bottom dollar!

Actually patriot I won't be voting for any of the parties because I'm not insane. I refuse to keep to the same thing over and over and expect a different result. canada's political, legal and buracratic system is systemically flawed and won't change by supporting it.

When the only equality the porovinces have with ON/QC is to get out then you know there is something wrong with your country.

OTT shouldn't have any say in the running of the provinces resources. OTT has to do what is in the best interst of the MAJORITY of canadians and that means protecting ON/QC interests even if the province that depends on that resource suffers.

embarassed newfoundlander said...

I bet Ottawa would sign on if the greedy idiots in our home province would just shutup with their whining.

Anonymous said...

My Gawd = We have plenty of room to whine. Did you see the article in the business section of the Globe and Mail this weekend on Inco? The story took up practically the whole section of Report on Business. There was also a small article on Inco's project in Goro. Goro is suffering vandalism and many other problems while Voisey's Bay is referred to as the project of the 21st Century. Remember what we were told by Inco when it was negotiating Voisey's Bay with the NewfoundlandLabrador Government. I wonder what our government really knew. How we are conned? Oh my, oh my! Are we ever going to learn?

Anonymous said...