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Friday, December 08, 2006

Globe and Mail Seeks HSUS "Seal" of Approval

Once again we find ourselves treated to another slanted, narrow minded and painfully misinformed article from the brain trust at the Globe and Mail. Adding his name to the ever growing list of columnists with one lonely brain cell, a list that includes the infamous Margaret Wente, is none other than their newest purveyor of piffle, Chris Morris. A writer who most likely gained any knowledge he has of seals from 1960’s National Geographic magazines, the Flipper TV series and a visit or two to Toronto Zoo.

In an article thinly disguised as a news report on sealers in Quebec, PEI and Newfoundland & Labrador who have requested tighter regulations, Morris clearly abandoned any semblance of unbiased journalism in favour of pressing his personal agenda to the paper’s already misinformed readers. Don’t get me wrong, I love opinion pieces as much as the next guy, even if I don’t always agree with their content, but if you’re going down that road don’t disguise it as a news article. In all aspects of life there are certain lines that you don’t cross, dressing up an opinion piece as an unbiased news story is one of them.

In the article, the title of which contains the words: Hatred and confrontation on the blood-stained Ice floes, (my first thought was hell no, there can’t be an ounce of bias in this article) Morris says the sealers, “… want Ottawa to establish tighter regulations governing the growing number of hunt observers, most of them from groups dedicated to the protection of wildlife.”

Lord help me. Where has this guy been for the past several decades? Groups dedicated to animal “protection” include the World Wildlife Fund, the SPCA and a handful of others, who, by the way, are not protesting the seal harvest. Animal protection groups do not include the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), PETA or the Sea Shepherd Society. These groups are not interested in protecting animal. They are animal rights groups, not animal protection groups and there’s a big difference.

What these groups espouse is awarding animals precisely the same “human” rights as you or I have. In other words it wouldn’t matter what an animal was being utilized for (commercial, medical, food) or how humane the process was, these groups are against it, end of story. As far as they are concerned everyone on star ship earth should eat tofu and drink green tea all day. In their eyes not one single solitary animal should ever be used for any reason what so ever. Starve if you must but Bambi must be protected at all costs.

These groups have nothing to do with animal protection but rather the promotion “animal rights”, an unrealistic, utopian vision. They are promoting a vision of a world where everyone lives in harmony and sheep lay down with lions. Sure, it might be a nice daydream and I’d love to live there myself, but forcing this vision upon reality is a different story. Put a sheep next to a lion and see how fast you get my point.

In pretending to present the government’s position that the use of high powered rifles is causing concern for the safety of sealers and protestors alike, Morris’ bias shines through once again. Instead of speaking with someone who might know a thing or two about hunting safety Morris chose instead to interview Rebecca Aldsworth of the Humane Society of the United States. Ms Aldsworth began her diatribe by talking about the “pro-sealing Minister” and said she, “believes observing the hunt is a right, not a privilege.” She went on to say that observers, already have to stay at least 10 metres from harvesters.

Thank-you Mr. Morris for ensuring that Ms. Aldsworth got her propaganda quota filled once again this week. By publishing her “pro-sealing Minister” statement and her other five or six “message riddled” quotes I’m sure you made her day. If I were writing the piece however I might have asked Ms Aldsworth to tell me if, since she believes observation is a right instead of a privilege, she would like government to fly in animals from around the world to observe the harvest. I mean she believes that animals have all the same rights as a person doesn’t she?

I’d also ask her what she knows about hunting safety especially since she believes that 10 metres is a safe distance from someone firing a high powered rifle. She obviously has a little bit to learn on the subject. Maybe a bullet or two whizzing past her ear this spring will help her get the message loud and clear, not that I’d ever hope for such a thing to happen of course.

Morris closes his pseudo realistic news story by making sure to mention that Ms. Aldsworth’s animal “protection” group is organizing visits to the hunt by European parliamentarians, who are considering a Europe-wide ban on seal products. It sounds impressive and indeed she is working with European leaders to legislate just such a ban, but that isn’t the whole story.

The reason she’s gained some support in Europe is quite simple. Canadian seal products are sold in various places around the world but very rarely, if ever, in the countries she’s talking with. I guess it’s pretty easy to support a ban on something you’ve never bought in the first place. It’s sort of the European equivalent of the U.S. restaurant boycott her group promoted last year. At that time Aldsworth claimed that hundreds of American restaurants were refusing to buy Canadian seafood. What she cleverly forgot to mention was than many of the restaurants she listed were vegetarian establishments and had no reason to buy seafood in the first place, no matter where it came from. I guess Chris Morris and the crack editorial team at the Globe and Mail missed out on that one huh? Amazing for a team of well respected journalists.


mt.pearligan said...

We need to build a common front on this issue. As much rhetoric and bs that is being broadcast out there we need to respond with clear and intelligent counter campaigns in favour of the seal hunt. Personally I can't believe that that rag gets beyond the borders of downtown TO. crazy stuff.

Anonymous said...

Too late. This is the 21st century.
There is no intelligent argument to defend the barbaric seal hunt.
Only some people in Newfoundland still support this inhumane slaughter for fur.ONLY IN NEWFOUNDLAND.
The rest of the civilized world is way ahead of you.

Anonymous said...

Can we at least agree that it's the domain of a few rednecks?

Anonymous said...

I mean sealing is fine from a economic point of view and the ethics are moot, but I really can't why people lionize sealers.

This is why I like New Zealand, they have a South Island and they have a North Island, and everyone's happy. ;p

Mike (Not from NL) said...

To the Anon who said, "Only in Newfoundland, the rest of the world is ahead of you."

I have to ask, can you read?

Quebec Sealers, PEI sealers were noted in the commentary and since most of hte product is sold ourside Canada, who do you think is buying it? Boy, it sure is easy to spot the Newfoundland bashers every time topic comes up.

Closed minds and open mouths like that anon is why con artists like Paul Watson get away with what they do. Skinning a seal may make you a subsistance living but fleecing an uninformed population is worth millions to those animal rights groups.

Anonymous said...

With so much killing of humans in the United States and other parts of North America in barbaric and murderous ways, how can you people first defend the hunting of the seal over humans?

Ducks, geese and calves are produced in such a violent and barbaric manner for "foie gras' and 'veal', what's up with not defending those creatures that are produced and killed on your own doorsteps? Is it because certain benefits are not available, namely, the 'extreme outdoor adventure' to the ice floes that bring you huge dollars with the portage of certain celebrities to the ice floes, and the TV coverage that comes with it? Also, the huge dollars you collect from the poor unsuspecting donors, who are unaware of the greater suffering of other animals. Plus, of course, as your leader said the seal is the perfect animal to collect money on the back of because the seal always has an omnipresent tear in its eye that gives it the appearance that it is always crying. The tear, of course, is there to protect the seal's eye, but the unsuspecting donor doesn't know that aspect.

Anonymous said...

Awww, why don't you guys put a sock in it and find a new topic to moan about. The seal hunt is an out-dated, barbaric practice and the whole world knows it. You knopw it too but you can't stand to admit that anything that happens in your precious Newfoundland could be wrong.

Anonymous said...

You know it too that the rearing of ducks and geese in the barbaric manner that these creatures are reared to produce "foie gras" to placate the palates of the rich is wrong, and you won't admit it.

Also the awful method of taking calves from their mothers and rearing them so that they are anemic to produce pale meat "veal" is very wrong, why do you not admit that?

I will admit the killing of all animals is wrong, but some like the ones above go through a more traumatic and barbaric life and death, than does the seal.

Anonymous said...

Steve and Sinikka, is that you again? At least sign your name to comments or has our last confrontation made you a little gun shy?

Mike from NL

Anonymous said...

O.K my name is Sinikka, does it make you feel any better? Now Mike are you any wiser to who I am? Unless one leaves the thread with a name, full address, such as the city, province/state, country and telephone number, I could be anyone, just like you Mike.

Anonymous said...

Please accept my apology in thinking you ran away from our other conversation. You seem to be raving here a little bit. I did not realize asking you to acknowledge who you are would throw someone as yourself into a little fit. It is just nice to know so we don't continually beat each other to death with the same arguements all over the Web but I guess that is inevitable.

Mike (NL)

Anonymous said...

Hey "Scottie!" Maybe time to ask for a beam up. The Boycott is working.

And it is spelled Aldworth.

Not Rebecca, not Steve, not Sinikka...but I am in the same majority and the seal "hunt" will soon be history. Maybe you can get a book deal.


Over 70 Restaurants in the Northwest United States Join Boycott of Canadian Seafood to Save Seals

WASHINGTON (November 15, 2006) – The Humane Society of the United States is proud to announce additional support for ending the Canadian seal hunt from over 70 prominent restaurants in Washington and Oregon that pledge not to sell Canadian seafood. They join over 175 leading restaurants in California that support the boycott.

“It is wonderful to have the support of so many well-known and prominent chefs and restaurants in the Northwest,” said Patricia Ragan, director of the ProtectSeals Campaign. “They share our concern about this senseless slaughter and are using their buying power to send a message to Canada that this hunt must end now.”

The HSUS launched the seafood boycott in March 2005 and asks consumers and restaurateurs to avoid Canadian seafood as a way of ending the annual seal hunt. Seal hunting is an off-season activity conducted by commercial fishermen from Canada's East Coast, and by boycotting Canadian seafood, The HSUS hopes to stop the seal hunt. The boycott will stop when the seal hunt ends. These restaurants and chefs join the list of over 1,000 restaurants and other seafood businesses in the United States that have also pledged support for the boycott.

Canadian government trade statistics reveal that Canadian exports of snow crabs – the primary target of the seafood boycott - to the United States have dropped by a whopping $290 million in the months since the boycott was launched – a reduction by more than a third. Over 330,000 individuals have signed pledges not to buy or consume Canadian seafood.

Well-known restaurants and chefs in the Northwest joining the boycott include Bluehour, Fenouil, Wildwood, The Veritable Quandry, Oba, Palisade, The Waters Lakeside Bistro, Seastar and chef Brad Dickinson of the Schwartz Brothers restaurants.

“I support The ProtectSeals campaign and am against the unsustainable and inhumane slaughtering of baby seals in Canada solely for their fur,” said Chef Eric Donnally of The Oceanaire Seafood Room.

“We are very pleased to add our voice to the growing boycott of Canadian seafood in this country,” added Bill Raniger, head chef at Duke's Chowder House. “This seal slaughter must end for the good of everyone involved.”

To join the boycott, restaurants pledge to boycott Canadian snow crab, all seafood from Eastern Canada or all seafood from all of Canada until the hunt ends for good.

More than two-thirds of Canadian seafood is exported to the United States, producing $2.8 billion annually for the Canadian economy and making the industry a viable target for a boycott.

A list of all companies supporting the Protect Seals boycott is available at www.RestaurantsForSeals.org.

For more information on the campaign to save Canadian seals and to sign the boycott pledge, please visit www.ProtectSeals.org.

List of Restaurants:
Alba Osteria, Chef Kurt Spak, Portland, Ore.
Alberta Street Oyster Bar & Grill, Chef Eric Bechard, Portland, Ore.
Assaggio, Chef Teodoro KuMay, Portland, Ore.
Bacchus, Chef Jason Pinney, Vancouver, Wash.
Bamboo Bar & Grill, Chef Manuel Garcia, Seattle, Wash.
Bangkok Palace, Chef Sililak Promprasert, Portland, Ore.
Bastas Trattoria & Bar, Chef Marco Frattaroli, Portland, Ore.
Billy Heartbeats, A Pacific Coast Restaurant, Ore.
Bluehour, Chef Kenneth Giambalvo, Portland, Ore.
Bread and Ink Café, Chef Bruce Fishback, Portland, Ore.
Brickstones Restaurant, Chef Oscar Sermeno, Coos Bay, Ore.
Broadway Bistro, Chef Duke Meskel, Portland, Ore.
Café Juanita, Chef Holly Smith, Kirkland, Wash.
Caprial's Bistro & Wines, Chef Mark Dowers, Portland, Ore.
Carlyle, Chef Daniel Mondok, Portland, Ore.
Castagna, Chef Kevin Gibson, Portland, Ore.
Casual Gourmet, Chef Patti Howard, Clinton, Wash.
Cha Cha Cha Restaurants, Chef Francisco Javier Hurtaos, 5 locations, Ore.
Chandler’s Crabhouse, Schwartz Bros. Restaurant, Wash.
Chinoise Café, Chef Jae Ahrens, Seattle, Wash.
Ciao Vito, Chef Vito A. DiLullo, Portland, Ore.
Clarklewis Restaurant, Chef Morgan Brownlow, Portland, Ore.
Daniel’s Broiler, Schwartz Bros. Restaurant, 3 locations, Wash.
Dessert Noir Café & Bar, Chef Ian Farquhar, Beaverton, Ore.
DF, Chef Billy Schumaker, Portland, Ore.
Dukes’s Alki, Chef Bill Raniger, Seattle, Wash.
Duke’s Greenlake, Chef Bill Raniger, Seattle, Wash.
Duke’s Kent Station, Chef Bill Raniger, Kent, Wash.
Duke’s Lake Union, Chef Bill Raniger, Seattle, Wash.
Duke’s Tacoma, Chef Bill Raniger, Wash.
East Lake Bar & Grill, Chef Angel Aradalo, Seattle, Wash.
El Gaucho, Chef Jamie Mansfield, Portland, Ore.
Eleni's Estiatorio - Sellwood, Chef Eleni Touhouliotis, Portland, Ore.
Eleni's Philoxenia - Pearl District, Chef Eleni Touhouliotis, Portland, Ore.
Elliott's Oyster House, Chef Jeremy Anderson, Seattle, Wash.
Farmhouse Restaurant & Lounge, Chef Rodney Reynoso, Hillsboro, Ore.
Fenouil, Chef Pascal Chureau, Portland, Ore.
Fife Restaurant, Chef Marco Shaw, Portland, Ore.
Fish Café, Chef Greg Campbell, Kirkland, Wash.
Fratelli's Italian Kitchen, Chef Paul Klitsie, Portland, Ore.
Genoa, Chef Alex Bourgido, Portland, Ore.
Gino’s, Chef Wes Burger, Portland, Ore.
Giorgio's Restaurant, Chef Peter, Portland, Ore.
Greenlake Bar & Grill, Chef Angel Aradalo, Seattle, Wash.
Hector's Restaurant, Chef Chris Nelson, Kirkland, Wash.
Henry's Tavern, A Pacific Coast Restaurant, Ore.
Huber's, Chef Julium Baliola, Portland, Ore.
Il Piatto, Chef Eugen Bingham, Portland, Ore.
Ioria Restaurant, Chef Chris Thompson, Portland, Ore.
Katie Downs Waterfront Tavern & Eatery, Chef Chris King, Tacoma, Wash.
La Cantina, Birch Bay, Wash.
Library Bistro, Bookstore & Café, Seattle, Wash.
Manzana Rotisserie Grill, A Pacific Coast Restaurant, Wash.
Manzana Rotisserie Grill, A Pacific Coast Restaurant, 2 locations, Ore.
Marina Park Grill, Exec. Chef Richard Jimenez, Kirkland, Wash.
Newport Bay Restaurant, A Pacific Coast Restaurant, 8 locations, Ore.
Newport Bay Restaurant, A Pacific Coast Restaurant, 3 locations, Wash.
Newport Seafood Grill, A Pacific Coast Restaurant, Ore.
Oba, Chef Scott Newman, Portland, Ore.
Olea, Chef Scott Champagne, Portland, Ore.
Oriel Café, Chef Jonathan Sharp, Kirkland, Wash.
Pacific Grill & Misty's Lounge, Chef Martin Hernandez, Eugene, Ore.
Palisade Restaurant, Sr. Exec. Chef Kraig Hansen, Seattle, Wash.
Palomino Foods, LLC, Seattle, Wash.
Papa Haydn East, Chef B.J. Smith, Portland, Ore.
Pastini Pastaria, Chef Craig Bashel, 4 locations, Ore.
Patanegra, Chef Bernard Malherde, Portland, Ore.
Pazzo Ristorante, Chef John Eisenhart, Portland, Ore.
Pazzoria Bakery & Café, Portland, Ore.
Portland Steak & Chophouse, Portland, Ore.
Red Fin Restaurant, Chef Drew Watson, Seattle, Wash.
Red Star Tavern & Roast House, Chef Rob Pando, Portland, Ore.
Revolution Bar & Grill, Schwartz Brothers Restaurants, Chef Brad Dickinson, Wash.
Ristorante Paradiso, Chef Fabrizio Loi, Kirkland, Wash.
Rock Salt Steak House & Catering, Chef Matthew Lasof, Seattle, Wash.
Roux, Chef Josh Blythe, Portland, Ore.
Salty's at Redondo Beach, Chef Gabriel Cabrera, DesMoines, Wash.
Sammy's Restaurant & Bar, Portland, Ore.
Sazerac, Seattle, Wash.
Schwartz Brothers Catering, Chef Brad Dickinson, Wash.
SEASTAR Restaurant & Raw Bar, Chef John Howie, Bellevue, Wash.
Sentosa Asian Cuisine, Kirkland, Wash.
Shenanigans Restaurant, Red Lion Hotel, Portland, Ore.
Southpark Seafood Grill & Wine Bar, Chef Broc Willis, Portland, Ore.
Stanford's Restaurant & Bar, A Pacific Coast Restaurant, 7 locations, Ore.
Stanford's Restaurant & Bar, A Pacific Coast Restaurant, Wash.
Tabla Mediterranean Bistro, Chef Paul Duncan, Portland, Ore.
The Fish Bowl, Chef David Bagley, Langley, Wash.
The Iris Grill, Chef Matthew DiMeo, Issaquah, Wash.
The Oceanaire Seafood Room, Chef Eric Donnelly, Seattle, Wash.
The Portland City Grill, Portland, Ore.
The Veritable Quandry, Chef Annie Cuggino, Portland, Ore.
Tulio Ristorante, Seattle, Wash.
Tuscany Grill, Chef Patrick Mendola, Portland, Ore.
Urban Fondue, Chef Kevin Kennedy, Portland, Ore.
Waters Lakeside Bistro, Chef Jeremy Cockerham, Kirkland, Wash.
Wildwood Restaurant, Chef Cory Schreiber, Portland, Ore.
Yakuza Sushi, Chef Micah Camden, Portland, Ore.
Zeppo, Chef Jerome W. Valenty, Lake Oswego, Ore.

The Humane Society of the United States is the nation's largest animal protection organization with nearly 10 million members and constituents. The HSUS is a mainstream voice for animals, with active programs in companion animals, disaster preparedness and response, wildlife and habitat protection, marine mammals, animals in research, equine protection and farm animal welfare. The HSUS protects all animals through education, investigation, litigation, legislation, advocacy and field work. The nonprofit organization is based in Washington and has field representatives and offices across the country.

The Humane Society of the United States
2100 L St., NW
Washington, DC 20037

Anonymous said...

This boycott list has not made one iota of a difference, that is according to an American Foreign
Affairs representative who was on radio here in St. John's last week.

Also I am wondering if this list of restaurants really exists, if so, what are they serving on their menus? It can't be meat or fish, if so; they are a bunch of hypocrites.

I will take the opportunity next week and contact all of these names to see if they really exist and if so, I will ask them what do they offer on their Menu that could attract clients to their establishments? If one of these restaurants really exists and it says it serves meat or fish, I will have to expose their hypocrisy to them. Maybe if any of them do exist, they don't even know that you are reporting them on the list given above as having come on side with your fake boycott. There are so many scams coming out of the United States these days, one doesn't know what to believe.

Anonymous said...

Actually its not even Aldworth, her real name is Sorenson. Good ol Downtown Becky Sorenson. When drunk at parties she would lament about how animals kill other animals. She could be a case study for any physiatrist.

Anonymous said...

Psychiatrist....wouldn't want the spelling police coming after me.

Anonymous said...

The very first restaurant listed on your list below is Alba Osteria, Chef Kurt Spak, Portland, Ore. According to the internet that restaurant indeed does exist. I haven't yet checked with them to see if they gave their o.k. to be listed. The menu to all their dishes is archived on the internet. I thought surely there won't be any fish, crab, shrimp, chicken, duck, chicken liver,lamb pork or beef on that menu, since The Humane Society of the United States has them listed as being on their boycott of seafood list. To my surprise the menu is very meaty. I can't believe the hypocrisy of The Humane Society of the United States. They do not care about the killing of animals as long as it is not the Canadian seal, the animal that is their saving grace. Good Grief what have we Newfoundlanders and Labradorians allowed those scammers to do to us?

The Menu is pasted below as copied from the internet.



Sheldon’s Tomatoes with Taggiasca Olives 9

Butter Lettuce with Herb Vinaigrette 6

Carne Cruda all’ Albese- Chopped Raw Beef 10

With Lemon, Olive Oil, and Grana

Dungeness Crab Crostone 13

Insalata Russa with Fresh Bay Shrimp 9

Cima all’ Genovese- Stuffed Veal Breast with Salsa Verde 9


Tajarin with Butter and Sage 8

Agnolotti Verde filled with Fontina. Tossed 13

With Leeks and Butter

Spaghetti alla Contadina- Tossed with a Summer 13

Sauce of Tomato, Summer Squash, Cucumber,

Torpedo Onion, and Pecorino


Polenta Fries with Aioli 6

Roasted beets with Mustard Cream

Summer Squash with Herbs

Braised Greens



Grilled Porkloin Chop with a Balsamic-Rosemary 20

Glaze and Polenta fries

Bollito Punta di Petto- Beef Brisket with Lobster 20

Mushroom Hash, Salsa Rossa, and Horseradish

Today’s Fresh Fish Market price

Roasted Sweetbreads, Grilled Chicken Livers, Mustard Sauce 23

Grilled Lamb Loin Chops, Lamb Sausage, Salsa 21

Verde, Fava Bean Salad

Duck Leg Confit,, Roasted Duck Breast, Cherry Compote 25


Chef’s Selection 10




wine list
private parties


tel: 503.977.3045
fax: 503.977.3063

location map

6440 SW Capitol Highway
Portland, Oregon 97239

Yiddie said...

How completely moronic. Even for a Newfoundlander.

Loyola Hearn IS pro-sealing. Identifying him as such is merely telling the truth.

HSUS and Sea Shepherd are wildlife protection organizations. They don't want wildlife killed. If that isn't protecting wildlife, I don't know what is.

Until, of course you explained it with the example of the World Wildlife Fund, which as you so adroitly point out, does not object to the seal hunt.

So to the brain of a Newfoundlander, an organization that says it's okay to club a seal protects wildlife, an organization who says it's not okay does not protect wildlife and a reporter who tells the truth is somehow biased.

Yeah. And it's a wonder the world thinks you're ignorant shmucks.

Yiddie said...

"This boycott list has not made one iota of a difference, that is according to an American Foreign
Affairs representative who was on radio here in St. John's last week."

There is no such thing as a bureau of American Foreign Affairs. In truth, a boycott is not a foreign affair, since it has no diplomatic ramifications. It's a commercial affair, a retail affir, an economic affair or trade affair.

If you are going to lie, try to do so with the intelligence of a British Columbian, please.

Anonymous said...

I will get the name of the organization or government bureau the gentleman was representing. But whoever the gentleman was representing he said that the boycott was not making one iota of a difference to seafood sales from Canada. I hope somebody who reads this blog will have heard the news clip I am speaking of and will confirm it on this blog.

Yiddie you do not seem to have much feeling for the barbaric way the ducks and geese are treated for the production of 'foie gras" nor the calves which are used to produce the pale pink anemic meat called veal.

It is an irony that you could feel so strongly for one animal and not feel any emotion or pain for the other.

Besides the treatment of the ducks, geese and calves are much more horrific than the treatment of the seal. They suffer for a much longer time during the production stage before they are sent to the slaughter.

All the barbarism and horrific treatment that the ducks, geese, and calves have inflicted upon them for the production of those specialty meats are solely to placate the palates of people with deep pockets and the money to fill those pockets. You should grow a heart Yiddie and fill it with emotions for more of the world's creatures. The only reason your people feel for the seal is because, no doubt, it fills their pockets with money from donations. There are a few of you out there making great money from the tear of the seal. No other animal has the photgenics to do that. The ducks, geese and calves obviously don't have that attribute. If they did you can be assured that somebody out there would have some welfare organization set up to bring in a few bucks.

Anonymous said...

Animal protection is just the new term animal rights has come up with to cloak itself in something else other than animal rights. Anyone who understands the difference realizes the negative connotations animal rights has attached to it, for good reason. The WWF is an animal welfare organization while the other two are animal rights. Before you go throwing around insults as to ones intelligence, maybe you should try to use some yourself and understand these differences.
Animal welfare organizations recognize the seal hunt as a humane hunt which has proven conservation success thus meeting their requirements. In this they protect wildlife because they are concerned about the conservation thereof. The animal rights ideology states that they do not care if an animal species goes extinct as long as it is not used by humans, thus not having any great concern in animal protection or in this case, animal longevity. Most reporters and obviously yourself, don't take the time necessary to learn about the issue or these differences before writing something in relation to it. They write stories which they copy and paste from the season before and, more times than not, only get input from the animal rights side of the issue. In essence, this is biased.
Where are you from so the apparent masses will know where the truly ignorant shmucks hail from?

NL Mike

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mike. You stated it well with a different perspective.

Nl Sinikka

Anonymous said...

It has nothing to do with perspective, fact is fact no matter which way you look at it.

NL Mike

Anonymous said...

Fact is fact, as you say, Mike and the animal rights group has came up with a new terminology called animal protection to cloak itself. It is time for everyone concerned to see the group for what it is a form of scammer.

Much too often when the telephone rings there is somebody on the other side calling with a newly hatched scam. But the one you called Animal Rights that many people have supported for years has been around for so long, the people who have supported it, have been hoodwinked into thinking it was genuine. This is no different than any other type of scam on the go trying to squeeze your hard earned money from you. People can be fooled with such gentle terminology as "Animal Rights and "Animal Protection". These are very gentle, benign phrases that tug at the wallets of would be donors. Please do not be fooled. These scammers are no different than the scam artists who call your telephone several times a year to part you from your hard earned dollars, the ones whom we have come to detest. It is very easy money made on the photogenic face of the animal with the omnipresent tear in its eye and a bit of wonderfully gentle advertising that paints it that way. Again please do not be fooled.

Anonymous said...

Outstanding! I've not laughed so much in a while. I never thought I'd see a bunch of adults arguing over SEALS of all things. Intelligent and articulate human beings tearing each other new ones, over a critter. The dilligence and passion with which each takes a side, either for or against the hunt is admirable. The pity is this: In this world you will NEVER see a soul carry on about the mentally ill people dying in the cold in the city of Toronto because the government won't give them housing, or the women and children killed and abused every year because unfortunately no one is really concerned about doing anything to change the laws that allow very dangerous people to be parolled, or how about the poverty all over Canada and the USA, and lastly, lets not forget that bullshit war in Iraq that's killing innocent people, or the disasters that level cities, leaving people homeless and messed up for a good long time, or how about the erosion of our rights to speak freely without reprisal? Oh, but why worry about that crap, when there are seals and Paul McCartney to fret over and bicker about.

Anonymous said...

Here here. Your preaching to the choir on that one. Before animal rights groups cloaked themselves in animal welfare now its animal protection. When one understands what animal rights is all about, there is nothing gentle or cuddly about it.
Plain and simple, they are a fanatical minority trying to exert their will over the blissfully ignorant majority.
Case and point is the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS). Has absolutely nothing to do with humane societies and effectively siphons money away from the actual humane society through the ignorance of the masses. Like you said, scam artists. Many would say, how could this be? Well, when you consider the popularity of evangelists it is not really that big of a shocker.
These people and these groups are the lowest of the low, veritable bottom feeders who do not really care what happens to seals as long as people are not involved. Everything else is just emotion based propaganda and the mainstream media eagerly steps forward to help broadcast it. Why? Because naked chics, movie stars, musicians and other idiots like Aldworth who are willing to pull just about any stunt are more interesting than a bunch of fishermen. It has nothing to do with what is true or false but everything to do with what is interesting, scandalous or just plain ridiculous.

NL Mike

Anonymous said...

To the sealing is funny Anon,

I could not agree with you more. How do you feel about racism? The degradation of a culture and its people? How about the destruction of a culture from foreign influences (Rural Newfoundland and Labrador)? These are important issues right?

I have absolutely no vested interest in the seal hunt what so ever but I am a Newfoundlander and am very proud of it. Go read some of the statements by Paul Watson or Rebecca Aldworth in relation to Newfoundlanders and read some of the very one-sided articles written. Now, excuse the terminology I am about to use, exchange the words Newfoundlander or Newfie with nigger, spic or kike and see how it reads. As you will see it is not just about seals. But you are absolutely right and if there were not groups attacking the character of the people of my home province, sealing would probably never enter into my thoughts.

NL Mike

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you on the mental health issue. Why aren't these people advocating for the mental health association? The reason of course is it isn't glamorous, no extreme outdooor adventures and no millions on the photgenics of the seal, and therefore no money in that for the scammers.

I volunteer for my local mental health association by selling their annual tickets.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, the racial terms I used there were in relation to Newfie. Also, if you exchanged the politically correct terminology for these peoples for where Newfoundlander or sealer is used, you would get the same idea.

NL Mike

Anonymous said...

Wow. I guess the only way a Newfie can defend the seal hunt is by changing the subject.

Yes, the treatment of geese, fowl, and the mentally ill is worthy of discussion.

Problem is, this article is about an article in the Globe.

An article that correctly defined Loyola Hearn as pro-sealing, and correctly defined HSUS and SSCS as animal protection organizations.

And its about a writer who must invent bias and pejudice in order to excuse a barbaric atrocity he cannot seem to defend.

In short, its about the common sense the rest of the world so easily grasps and the mental defection that is so prevalent among the "intelligentsia" of newfoundland.

Anonymous said...

By the way, before Myles or any Newfie accuses a sane and responsible journalist of having "one lonely brain cell" for telling the truth, someone should remind Myles the Ignorant of his famous claim that the Alaskan Seal Hunt was larger than Canada's.

Cause if that ain't the Ignorant calling the Intelligent Competent, I don't know what the hell is.

Anonymous said...

I've been reading all the comments with interest, especially the one regarding racism and Newfoundland. Newfoundlanders are descendants of people from the British Isles. English, Scottish and yes, Irish. That would make Newfoundlanders white. The culture here is an altered and blended version of the cultures in Ireland, Scotland and Britain. The language is English and if you visit most places in St. John's for example, the majority of those you see on any given day are white. Newfoundlanders are going to have to come clean about their history in this province as it pertains to their own racism toward Native people. The truth is the Beothuks were wiped out by the ancestors of Newfoundlanders. Imagine that, an entire race of people were annihilated by the people from Britain who settled this province. As with all unsavoury history, I know some Newfoundlanders refuse to accept this but it's historically accurate and true. Therefore, to use racism to explain and shift blame to others as to why Newfoundlanders are having trouble with the rest of Canada, is not only ridiculous, but it does a grave disservice to human beings of other cultures, colours and languages who have really and truly suffered and many times died because of racial intolerance and hate.

Seals. Wild animals. Period. Sometimes food, sometimes clothing. People eat meat. We have two canine teeth for tearing meat. We are omnivorous. We are not cows, deer, or any of a number of creatures who only eat grasses and roots etc. We have opposable thumbs and we are at the top of the food chain. Seals eat meat too. Fish. When they are ripping a cod to pieces they aren't so cute to that fish. In fact, that fish is most likely eaten alive and feels it all. Not very nice, but that's nature. It's really about perspective; therefore, here's another perspective: Children are starving to death in this world. Not cute baby seals, but innocent babies. This should be of more concern than a seal pup. It's actually funny in an absurd sort of way when the animal rights activists stir the pot, because every single one of them is guilty of much worse ie: doing nothing for the human suffering on this planet. You see, it's easier to defend a seal out in the middle of nowhere than to save a child's life and thus commit yourself to something that is considerably more taxing than a few days down on the ice and the churning out of propaganda. Priorities are seriously vexed and unhealthy in this world. As a last thought, there is a great scene in the movie 'Notting Hill, when Hugh Grant's character is set up on a date by his friends and the woman in question informs them all at the dinner table that she is a 'fruitarian'. She says she only eats fruit that has died naturally by falling off the tree. Perhaps that's an extreme but it demonstrates the idiocy perfectly. Where does it end?

Anonymous said...

The idiocy is the ignorance of thinking the presence of opposable thumbs excuses the absence of humanity.

The truth is the only thing we ever hear from Newfoundland is whining. Whether it's the seal hunt, oil revenues, job migration, a lack of airport access, it's whine, whine, whine, whine, whine.

People on this board seem to think Newfoundland would be better off existing outside of Canada. Let me be the first to say what a beautiful idea this is. Let your own pay for your welfare and prop up failed industries and towns full of delinquent, unemployed degenerates. Let Newfoundland pay for itself and let the rest of us deploy our money toward more noble pursuits.

Like ant farms.

Anonymous said...

Will you give us back our fish, hydroelectric power, minerals and oil that you have had such a good life on for so long? What a life we will have when we get all those resources back. Then and only then will you not hear one whine out of us. Thanks for giving me the appropriate text to respond to, you leeches.

Anonymous said...

We are starting to expose the hyprocisy of the Animal Rights Groups. They realise it and what do they do? They throw up smoke and mirrors by turning to the economy in NL; and again blame us for having a terrible economy and having to rely on Ottawa for a little bit of money in return from those resources received by the rest of Canada. We had nothing to do with the rotten economy here in Newfoundland and Labrador. Ottawa did. Ottawa is structured in such a way that any resources that come up for development here have to be done for the primary benefit of some other place in Canada, primarily for Central Canada. So please do not blame us for relying on a bit of equilzation money having to be sent back here from our resources, that is just a little bit of the profit from Ottawa, in return for the whole kit and kaboddle having to go westward. This has to change. In the future nothing should leave this province in the name of natural resources without Newfoundland and Labrador being the primary beneficiary.

Anonymous said...

Fortunately St. John's is a shining Canadian city state amongest this mess.You guys need to get with the program.

Anonymous said...

Ottawa has a non - transparent way of doing business and it backs it up with operators who they supply with non-transparent answers to satisfy questions on this blog. How can we get ahead in Newfoundlandland and Labrador. It is not much different than what the Canadian Military faces in Afghanistan, when Canadian military faces the Taliban, who are willing to be martys by being suiside bombers for their cause. These people who work for Ottawa to keep things non transparent in Ottawa are the equivalent of the suiside bomber, because they are killing the economy of a province like Newfoundland and Labrador.

A suicide bomber for the Taliban in Afghanistan is a person who will commit suicide for his/her cause.

A suicide bomber for Canada is a bureaucrat, who will say what needs to be said to deflect the truth in what is happening.

Conclusion Canadian Army has no chance of winning in Afghanistan and Newfoundland and Labrador politicians have no chance of winning in Canadian Parliament.

Anonymous said...

If Animal Rights Groups are being "exposed", how come they are winning victories all over Europe banning seal products and Canada doesn't have a single country standing up to defend them?

I love it when sealers talk about bias. It truly isn't paranoia - the whole world is against them.

Anonymous said...

Well, I came by this blog from the NL blogroll, and decided to take a look at what was being discussed. After reading this thread, and the obvious vitriolic comments, I thought I would add a comment of my own.

I'm a foreigner living in, of all places, St John's, Newfoundland. What I have witnessed since my arrival here is what, I surmise, the rest of Canada's image is of Newfoundland, and the people here, a people who complain all the time about their maltreatment by Ottawa, all the while taking endless social assistance handouts.

There is an element in the Newfoundland society that consists of naysayers and doom-mongers, who have no other agenda than to keep this rift between Newfoundland and the rest of Canada as wide a chasm as possible, because if Newfoundlanders ever truly became part of Canada, in their hearts, then the 'great and the good' (NOT) of this province would lose their grip on the vast resources and wealth that they have been siphoning off from the people here for decades. They churn out erroneously, misleading statistics masquerading as facts, and because no one here questions the integrity of a fellow Newfoundlander, then these figures become accepted as reality.

Case in point: One eminent lawyer (in her own mind), from St John's, espouses in a local rag, the 'fact' that Newfoundlanders produce more in wealth and resources 'per capita' than anywhere else in Canada, thus contributing vastly more to the Canadian economy than any other province in Canada. What a load of codswallop.

There are around 500,000 people in the whole of Newfoundland & Labrador, compared to around 36 million people in the rest of Canada, so of course the 'per capita' figures are going to look great when presented that way. Statistics are just lies, after all.

Anyway, the folk with influence here, use their positions to whip the ordinary people up into a lather about anything and everything, hence the seal hunt, just as long as they don't ask any questions about anything like, where's all that money going, and why are we fighting with our fellow countrymen?

I never knew before I came here just how corrupt a place Newfoundland is, it is terrible. It is in the best interests of the 'influential' to keep the fights going. The fights obscure the facts. The facts are that the people of Newfoundland and Labrador ARE being ripped off every day. NOT by the rest of Canada, but by their own people. That's the truth.

Anonymous said...

This post got cross-threaded by me in error to another blog. It was meant to be in response to the Anon who posted on December 11, 2006 7:00 P.M

Yes you’re right about GDP, but the sheer amount of resources that are exported out of Newfoundland and Labrador without any secondary or further processing done here is astronomical and a crime.

Take for instance the FISH that is exported to China for processing. No doubt it became intertwined in Global Free Trade during the Trade Missions by our Prime Ministers to China. Also the QUOTAS OF FISH in OTTAWA'S hands which Ottawa doles out to foreign countries, since joining Canada 57 years ago the number of countries off Newfoundland and Labrador's coast have increased considerably. Now every continent on the globe is fishing in our offshore waters. For 450 years there were countries from 2 continents Europe and North America.

Another resource the Hydroelectric Energy that flows from the Upper Churchill Hydroelectric Project into Quebec could have made this province well off if some of the power had been used to bring industry to Labrador and Newfoundland. Also Ottawa would not intervene on our behalf for a corridor across Quebec so we could wield our power to markets. Ottawa was too afraid of what the spoiled child Quebec would do. As a result Quebec became the primary beneficiary in a 72 years contract; there are still 42 years to go on that dreadful contract. Quebec receives billions and Newfoundland and Labrador barely enough to run the project.

Then there are the MINERALS, all of which are being shipped to other parts of Canada for further processing.

And of course black gold, OIL, billions of dollars worth per year are pumped out of our offshore oil fields, all of which is exported to other parts of Canada and the United States.

So let us forget about HIGH GDP figure that Newfoundland and Labrador puts out every year, and let us talk about the raw resources. If you want to calculate those resources, you will find there are billions and billions of dollars worth being exported every year out of this province. If the province of Newfoundland and Labrador could have been the primary beneficiary and all these resources being refined here, the jobs that would have resulted from the secondary processing would be astronomical, and if you let your imagination run amok for a minute, can you not imagine the wonderful economies that could have been created here? This province with 500,000 people could be very well off indeed.

Also I will not dispute that the politicians of Newfoundland and Labrador, both provincial and federal, did not do their duties properly; and if we knew the truth they were probably bigger and more corrupt crooks than Ottawa. I, for one, do not hold them in high regard.

Anonymous said...

what cracks me up is hearing people complain about NL being a drag on Canada, being a lazy assed welfare state, then, complaining that we are whiners and that we should just shut up and take the welfare checks like a man...well to them I say this...

Kiss my big newfie ass!! we know what our province gives to Canada, we know what we are worth and we know what we want. We want a better deal than the one that was foisted on us by a combination of backwater crooked merchants (NL contingent) and slick politicians from Ottowa when we joined confederation.

Ask this question. Why did Canada take us on? was it out of charity? no.

so those of you who don't like to hear us 'whine'...go pack sand!!

Anonymous said...

May I compliment that your organizations posters have all the polish and impact of a white supremacist xerox tract.

Great work!

Anonymous said...

Life's too short to be pissed off all the time.

GMT said...

There is nothing to stop NL building and developing industry to use the electricity that is currently being sold to Quebec. There is a clawback clause in the contract.

We could have tried to get Alcoa to build a Al smelter in Labrador using the power from the upper Churchil instead of Iceland where they had to build the hydro power stations - I think Iceland has 3 smelters (or maybe 3 planned). The point is they don't have any bauxite.

The quebec argument is an excuse - yes Joey messed up but we can fix it by attracting industry to Labrador to use it rather than sell it off at a bargin to Quebec

NL-ExPatriate said...

It isn't so much that Joey messed up as Quebec Hydro was in a conflict of interest by sitting in on Brinco's board of directors and had insider information.

That along with Ottawa's discrimination towards NL with respect to a power corridor.

We aren't much better of now with the Lower churchill we still don't have a power corridor unlike the Natural gas pipe line which was expropriated through the three prairie provinces to benefit Alberta.

I would say read the report on the Upper Churchill Negotiations done by the HArris centre "Origins of an impending crisis" but it seems to have been removed.

You can read excerpts of it on my blog I did on it or articles done on it by the Independant. Or if you like drop me a line at gtmakmc@hotmail.com and I will send you a copy, I saved it.

Anyway we shouldn't be looking to export raw electricity. Remember no more giveaways. We should be looking to attract industry to NL through the Kitimat model.

Anonymous said...

Can anybody get back to the fact that this ignorant, worthless excuse for a commentator labeled telling the truth Bias and stated that the only organizations that protect wildlife are the ones that stand back and watch them be slaughtered?

I mean, this feral, worthless piece of scum slanders a reporter for having "one lonely brain cell" for telling the truth while "Patriot" conveniently ignores the fact that he has been repeatedly caught lying in his columns, without ever publicly correcting or apologizing for.

As in the infamous, "the alaskan seal hunt is bigger" crock.

After all, this man is one of your own. Supposedly, your intelligentsia. And these are the arguments he is presenting to Canada on your behalf and as your example.

Personally, I'd be ashamed, but then again, I passed second grade.

Anonymous said...

Do you ever bother to fact check? Seal fur goes through britian and Italy in enormous numbers - thus the call for the ban.

I'd say you were stupid if we didn't know you were just lying.

Anonymous said...

I think the argument in Newfoundland and Labrador is the hypocrisy over Animal Rights.

The seal happens to be the only animal that you people in the Animal Rights Group care about. There are so many other animals suffering a much more barbaric life and death, but your group choose to focus on the seal because the seal is such an eay animal to base your campaign on, since it brings to you very lucrative earnings and excitement in the adventures you take to the ice harassing the seals.

Anonymous said...

“Do you ever bother to fact check? Seal fur goes through britian and Italy in enormous numbers”

Do tell? The call for the bans in these countries is based in creating precedence. In these countries it is easy to do so because it has little to no impact on the country or its citizens. When they have enough precedence they will start pressuring the countries which would have a real impact on the sealing industry. This is the tried and trued tactic of the animal rights movement.

This is the same as the protestors themselves. They would rather fight against something that has little to no impact on their lives, ie the seal hunt. Industries such as oil & gas, lumber, farming, import/export, etc each kill thousands of animals annually. Do seal hunt protestors drive cars? Do they live in wood houses? Do they eat commercially farmed foods or take advantage of anything which is shipped into their countries by ocean freight? Sure they do but to protest these things would actually have an impact on their own lives. They are nothing more than hypocrites as they pull their cars into their wood constructed garages, walk into their wood houses, put their feet up on their Italian coffee table, turn on their Japanese televisions as they listen to their oil burning furnace kick in and take a bite of their tofu salad.

By the way Anon, the countries that import just about all the seal pelts are Norway, Russia and China. I think you need to get your facts straight.

Anonymous said...

Not all seal pelts imported by Russia, China and Norway are sold in Russia, China and Norway, you idiot.

And if it matters so little, as Myles and his minions or ignorance attest, why did Hearn go to Europe to argue that Flanders Field should still apply? Why did the DFO just a couple weeks ago make a presentation to the Eruopean Parliament?

God, you people are stupid.

Patriot said...

I usually don't bother to respond to the anti-sealing folks since there is no convincing a zealot of his mistakes. That said, I felt I had to respond to the previous Anon who said, "God, you people are so stupid". (Clearly this person was looking in a mirror at the time.

To answer his or her misguided question on why it was so important to DFO that they made a presentation to the European parliaments, the answer is simple.

Even though there is no direct impact to the industry that might be caused by a meaningless EU ban, the fact that these countries don't buy the product now is invisible to the masses of uninformecd supporters like yourself and as such makes it look like A) the Animal rights groups are making progresss, B) the lack of knowledge about product distribution allows these groups to convince the donating public that it is a legitimate ban and claim by extention, that there are legitimate reasons for a ban.

It is all a propaganda game folks and the stupid ones are the ones who have to ask why it is important to DFO because it shows a clear lack of understanding of how the game is being played by these groups.

Anonymous said...

"Personally, I'd be ashamed, but then again, I passed second grade. "

glad to hear it, but clearly you didn't get much further than that.

What lies are the pro-sealign side telling? please elaborate. I do belive that Patriot was caught making an mistake last year re: the alaska seal hunt...yet you act as if that's proof of an epidemic of lies and deciept...yet I can read just about anything from Paul Watson and pick out the lies and bullshit that do not stand up to testing.

For instance...he claims 50% of seals struck are lost, and refers to fiction author and animal activist Farley MOwat as the source. Where does FM get this fantastic number? he imagines it. Even IFAW uses 5% as a realistic figure for struck and lost. Is this an error on Paul's part? no. He's been at this for a long time and can not be excused as if it were a rookie mistake...

Paul even went so far earlier this week (see Debsblog) to defend that view, referring to seeing seals slip away with his own eyes...as if that proves that 50% of them slip away and are lost. The anti sealing lobby depends on lies to gain support...

please elaborate on what you think are lies from the prosealing side...from sources that matter...

Anonymous said...

You so called animal rights people who like to point out the ignorance and low education of the seal harvesters who make part of their living from this industry, and not an easy one at that, why do you not use your brain?

It baffles me, if your group is so sophisticated and educated, why you can't distinguish between what type of industry is more barbaric? Cannot an educated brain see that the two months or more that it takes to produce 'foie gras' from tortured ducks and geese and 'veal' from the tortured calves, which are taken from the mother cows as soon as they are born, and then these calves are subjected to a diet that will create an anemic meat to placate the palates of the rich. It behoves me that an educated brain cannot figure which animal is treated more barbarically than another. After all the sealer approaches the seal and within minutes it is game over for the seals, not the same for ducks, geese and calves. Seals are not subjected to months of torture like the ducks, geese and calves. And Thank God for That.

You educated should wake up and revaluate what you are doing. You are scamming the public out of their hard earned dollars when they believe that the seal is the most tortured animal, and thus the public depart with their money to placate the pockets of you scammers.

Anonymous said...

Myles, the shadow minister for fisheries came out and blasted Hearn for not doing enough to stop the ban, stating hearn didn't understand the consequences.

Liberal politicians understand the concept of market strategy, and that pelts bought in China are sold in Italy and elsewhere. It's a rather simple concept, that you and Hearn, being Newfoundlanders, are clearly too stupid to understand.

And here you go stating a responsible, truth telling journalist has "one lonely brain cell".

Apparently, that's one more than all of Newfoundland combined.

Anonymous said...

Here's a little fact to keep your non-existent one lonely brain cell company, Myles.

Official trade statistics obtained by The Scotsman show that imports of seal skins to the UK rose by 13 per cent from 2004 to 2005. In 2004, the imported skins weighed a total of 3.6 tonnes. Last year, the figure was 4.1 tonnes.

The majority of the imported skins are the product of Canada's annual hunt, when more than 300,000 seals are killed, primarily for their fur.

Last time I checked, Britain was in the EU.

Last time I checked, you were still a factless idiot spreading Newfie bulshit at will.

Good to know nothing has changed.

Anonymous said...

Anon December 15, 2006 4:50

You are the one with the one lonely brain cell. If you had more than one one brain cell, you would be focusing also on the ducks and geese reared to produced the specialty liver product called 'foie gras' or the calves reared to produce the specialty meat product called 'veal'.

How can you just focus on one animal, namely the seal? Of course, I know why, the specialty meat industries that produce "foie gras" and "veal" would not let you get inside their doors, but if they would there would be no dollars in it for your animal rights group. The only animal that can bring millions to your coffers is the seal.

Your campaign has nothing to do with barbarism, you people do not have empathy or sympathy for anything or anyone, it has all to do with the dollars you bring into your pockets. If it were based on barbarism, torture and the horrific treatment of animals, you would not be focusing on the seals, your focus instead would be aimed at the ducks, geese and calves. Don't spread your bullshit to us either.

We see you for who you are, SCAMMERS.

Anonymous said...

Anon December 15, 2006 4:50

You are the one with the one lonely brain cell. If your sole interest wasn’t on collecting money on the image of the seal and you really cared about the torture and horrific treatment of animals, you would be focusing on the ducks and geese reared to produced the specialty liver product called 'foie gras' or the calves reared to produce the specialty meat product called 'veal'. Now the treatment those ducks, geese and calves receive is what I call torture.

How can you just focus on one animal, namely the seal? Of course, I know why, the specialty meat industries that produce "foie gras" and "veal" would not allow you to go inside their doors, but if they would there would be no dollars in it for your animal rights group. The only animal that can bring millions to your coffers is the seal and it really is the one that receives the less torture.

Your campaign has nothing to do with barbarism, you people do not have empathy or sympathy for anything or anyone, it has all to do with the dollars you bring into your pockets. If it were based on barbarism, torture and the horrific treatment of animals, you would not be focusing on the seals; your focus instead would be aimed at the ducks, geese and calves. Don't spread your bullshit to us either.

We see you for who you are, SCAMMERS.

Anonymous said...

Yup, that's right. Sealers are okay because ducks suffer more.

By your (asinine) logic, we should ignore Dharfur because the Sierra leonese suffer more gratuitously.

And why should anyone have sympathy for ignorant barbarians who lie through their teeth and have to make shit up (like, say, that THE ALASKAN SEAL HUNT IS BIGGER) to make yourselves feel comfortable with what you do?

You know what's sad? Your fishery sales are down hundreds of millions of dollars and you believe the lies of ignoramuses like Myles that say the boycott is having no effect. markets are closing all over and you believe the lies of ignoramuses like Myles who say those banning seal products have no trade.

Myles is a liar. He likes to pretend he's just a very bad journalist with no ability to fact check, but the fact is, like Hearn, and Averill Baker, and Danny Williams and Tobin and Efford and pretty much every Newfoundlander quoted in any publication, he just makes shit up without regard to veracity, content or truth because he knows that his constituency doesn't know any better and is simply too fucking lazy to look it up for themselves.

Newfoundland is led by Neros without musical ability, for the very simple reason that they are ignorant backwater hicks without the common sense god gave the average Quebecois.

The only scam going on is the one that says everything's peachy with your part of the world.

Anonymous said...

By the way I am not telling you to care less about the welfare of the seal, I am asking you to care more about the more barbaric treatment that ducks and geese receive in the production of 'foie gras and the barbaric treatment calves receive in the production of "veal".

By the way fishery sales, as you say, are not down because of the boycott, but instead because of the high Canadian dollar.

A representative of the American Seafood Association was in St. John's last week and told his audience that 2007 will be a much better year for the fishers, as crab prices are expected to be much higher, since the Canadian dollar has retreated. He said that fishers could expect a much better price for their crab than they received last year. So it has nothing to do with the boycott, but rather the high Canadian dollar that made fish products much more expensive than they were years prior.

Anonymous said...

There are so many types of geeks in this world, and the Anon who posted December 15, 2006 6:49 pm is one of the best cases I have ever read. This person is so elementary in his/her thinking and thoughts, I truly think I am wasting, at least one minute, of my time responding, but since I read the post above, I think that I have a duty to my fellow Newfoundlanders and Labradorians to tell this geek how I feel.

By the way Anon are you a one celled animal better known as a sea anemone/one celled animal? I detest asking this question, but I am only mimiking the same sort of questions asked by you so many times before on Myles' blog. I want to give you a taste of your own medicine.

Anonymous said...

mimicking. If you are going to defend Newfoundland, try not to spell like a 3rd grader.

And this nonsense about the "strong canadian dollar" ignores the fact that the price of seafood in America has remained stagnant over the past four years with little fluctuation. Americans are buying less Canadian crab. So that's nice PR BS morons like Myles can spin go get other morons to believe there is no effect, but it's just that - BS.

And it is their stock in trade. The sealers say the WWF has said the seal hunt is humane - they haven't. They say the CVMA has said it is humane - they haven't. They say the UN sanctions it - they don't. They say seal fur is modeled on New York catwalks - it isn't. They say the Alaskan Seal Hunt is bigger than Canada's - it isn't even close. They say the Canadian seal hunt is the only one observed - it isn't. They lie and lie and lie and bitch and moan like guilt stricken Catholic girls that they are the victims of "propaganda" and when they're done with that, they start slandering The Humane Society and Sea Shepherd and IFAW, ignoring the fact that those organizations are not for profit and Myles and his minions most definitely are.

As for ducks, when Myles writes about that, I'll comment on that, but right now, your red herrings are worth as much as your snow crab. Guess your strong dollar is getting in the way of your argument as well as your common sense.

Here's the truth. The sealing community is the flushing of the toilet ball -- the shit goes down, clean water comes up.

What the sealing community doesn't get is that its every other nation on Earth sitting on the bowl.

Anonymous said...

I will point out just one error in your composition Anon of December 16, 2006 1:09 AM. It is in the last sentence you wrote """What the sealing community doesn't get is that its every other nation on Earth sitting on the bowl"". The sentence does not make much sense but the word 'its" should have been "it's', a contraction for it is. By the way Anon people who live in glass houses should not throw stones. Plus your language is filthy and your composition doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

I do not like getting down to this level but I wanted to rebut your post to show you that you are not perfect as well. Please stop using derogatory words in your post from now on; there is absolutely no need, since there are many words that can be substituted for any word that appears in the dictionary.

But I guess that is what happens to anemones when they see they are losing, they retort to low down postings.

We are aware of the SCAMMERS here in Newfoundland and Labrador and from now on we will be rebutting what is being said.

Anonymous said...

December 16, 2006 1:09 AM Anon,

The WWF sponsored the 2005 IVWG report to find out the state of the seal hunt, ie. Is it humane. Do you see the WWF protesting the hunt? No Do you see the IUCN protesting the hunt? No In fact, do you see either of these well respected international animal WELFARE groups lobbying the Canadian government to stop the hunt? NO. In this one could easily deduce that they find the Canadian seal hunt, as it stands, as a humane conservation minded hunt.

You discredit yourself by flagrantly using propaganda techniques. Most of you posts are just that, one propaganda technique after another. You demonize all Newfoundlanders ans Labradoreans by saying we are all barbaric seal hunters. This propaganda technique has been used quite extensively throughout history, most notably by the Nazi’s in the 30’s and 40’s. In this one groups will dehumanize another group in an attempt to make the mass populous look at them as subhuman so they will more readily take action against them. In relation to your remarks and those like you, Newfoundlanders are neither barbaric, perverted, blood thirsty etc etc. Neither are all Newfoundlanders and Labradoreans seal hunters/fisherman. While you know this is not true, this is the impression you like to foster because you wish to dehumanize the area rather than a segment of the population.

You mention boycotts and bans in a classic use of the bandwagon propaganda technique. In this you create a “We’re winning” style argument which appeals to the part of human nature which wants to be on the winning side. You also do this in your last statement when you make it seem the whole world is against the seal hunt when in fact there are more nations which do not push for a ban then do. If you consider yourself to be so intelligent then you must realize the minimal effect a bunch of restaurants will have on seafood imports into the US. These are not major purchasers and will thus have little effect on the seafood industry, especially the vegetarian restaurants in the list. Lets just say for a moment that the boycott actually managed to get a major importer onboard, do you think Canada could not sell top quality seafood to other countries? I would like to see how far the protest side gets using the tactics they do in say….China.

If you like I can lay out why people should not trust either the HSUS (you need to add “of the United States” to your reference so people do not confuse this with the actual Humane Society), IFAW and the SSCS. Even though they may be non-profit organizations they are very very far from non-salary which, in regards to the HSUS and IFAW pay out in huge amounts. The SSCS just doesn’t seem to have the same level of support or funds but still manages to pay Watson a decent salary.

In closing, your hateful rhetoric rally takes away from any points you are trying to make. In fact, you come across as totally untrustworthy because of this so anything you might have said seems to be nothing but an extension of your hate.

Anonymous said...

Anon of December 16, 9:43 AM - Excellent post, we need more reinforcements like you to stop this propaganda campaign being waged by the so called bleeding hearts of the scamming animals rights groups. The psychological campaigns that have been waged against the poor people of Newfoundland and Labrador for 30 years or more have to be stopped. It is sickening to know the depths that some people will go to, to destroy a group of hard working people trying to eke out a living. The sole purpose of those scammers is to bring easy money to their own bank accounts; the campaigns are not waged for the welfare of the seal. If animal rights were their prime purpose, they would select animals that go through much more torture and barbaric treatment, for instance the ducks, geese and calves which are reared for the production of speciality meats.

Anonymous said...

Knock it off. The only propaganda here is from Myles.

"Once again we find ourselves treated to another slanted, narrow minded and painfully misinformed article from the brain trust at the Globe and Mail. Adding his name to the ever growing list of columnists with one lonely brain cell..."

Narrow minded et al is in the eye of the beholder, but when Myles begins a column by insulting a more respected journalist than, it's clear that he is simply on another Goebbels kick.

"In the article, the title of which contains the words: Hatred and confrontation on the blood-stained Ice floes,"

Sealers hate observers, as demonstrated by their flinging seal guts and physically assaulting them, and the floes are stained with blood.

This is not bias. It is fact, and also good writing -- two thing Myles cannot appreciate.

"Groups dedicated to animal “protection” include the World Wildlife Fund, the SPCA and a handful of others, who, by the way, are not protesting the seal harvest".

I love this. The only groups "protecting" animals are the ones watching them die.


"Canadian seal products are sold in various places around the world but very rarely, if ever, in the countries she’s talking with."

Flat out lie. Countries like Norway by seal pelts and sell them on to other countries. Statistics show that the overwhelming majority of finished seal products are sold in Europe.

This is why Myles is published in a half assed local only Newfie rednecks and activists read, and Morris is published in the most respected and well read paper in Canada.

And its why nobody outside of Newfoundland has any doubt that those inside of Newfoundland truly are prisoners of the World's Most Scenic Welfare Ghetto."

Anonymous said...

And not even that scenic either.....you can only look at so many boats and shacks before going mad.

Anonymous said...

We Thank God for Myles! Myles, through this blog, gives us the tool we need to expose the forerunners of the scamming industry, the so called animal rights groups. Thank you Myles, we will do everything possible to completely expose those scammers to the world.

Anonymous said...

"Sealers hate observers,"

Actually no....sealers have worked with true observers and have in many cases brought them out to the hunt. They dislike protestors which is what Aldworth and Watson are. Protestors should not be given observer permits.

I love this. The only groups "protecting" animals are the ones watching them die.

What you should love more is the animal rights ideal. If a species was to come down with a disease which humans could cure, animal rights advocates would rather see them become extinct then see humans meddle. The WWF, IUCN and other animal WELFARE groups are concerned with ensuring the health of species populations and if they are to be used as a resource then the killing/slaughtering/culling is done in a humane fashion. That was a pretty pathetic attempt to discredit these organizations.


Very appropriate coming from you it would seem.

"Flat out lie. Countries like Norway by seal pelts and sell them on to other countries. Statistics show that the overwhelming majority of finished seal products are sold in Europe."

Do you have a link where I can see this information? Not necessarily saying it is not true but I would like to see it for myself.

Anonymous said...

HEIL HITLER your group are the ones perpetrating the scam on the world concernig the seal hunt. You are collecting millions of dollars for animal rights and the seals see no benefit out of it whatsoever. Neither do the truly tortured animals of the world ducks, geese and calves produced for specialty meats. Stop your whining for the hard earned dollars of unsuspecting donors. The only work you perform is the whining you do so that the dollars keep rolling in from the campaign you roll out every year.

Anonymous said...

There is a link someone else posted from an article about seal pelt sales in Great Britian in this thread. Scroll up.

Since Industry Canada shows not a single seal pelt from Canada to a British processor, yet the article also says the majority of seal pelts sold in Britain come from Canada, it makes sense to anyone outside Atlantic Canada that British furriers are buying their Canadian seal pelts from someone Canada is selling them too.

And here's the thing. Myles knows that the majority of seal pelts end up in Europe. He knows that Norway and Greenland have no domestic need for 350,000 pelts every year. He knows they're being processed and sold to furriers elsewhere. Yet he writes -- "The reason she’s (Aldworth) gained some support in Europe is quite simple. Canadian seal products are sold in various places around the world but very rarely, if ever, in the countries she’s talking with."

This is a flat out lie assholes like Myles use to claim that the opposition to the seal hunt is having no effect -- the same way he says "many of the restaurants she listed were vegetarian establishments" ignoring the fact that 99% of them are not, there is nothing wrong with a vegetarian establishment showing their support and ignoring the fact that Canadian seafood sales to the USA are down $300 million since the boycott began.

Look what happened when the EP acted. Loyola Hearn, a seal hunt supporter said it was irrelevant, and the Milne, also a seal hunt supporter came out and called Hearn ignorant and incompetent for thinking it so.

But Hearn is from Newfoundland. This is the way Newfoundlanders behave in this argument. Lie and dismiis, and accuse everybody else of propaganda.

Myles doesn't even bother. He just flat out lies, make shit up like the Alaskan Seal Hunt is bigger and Seal Fur is modeled on USA runways and then counts on his loyal readers to be too stupid or lazy to find out the truth.

Which is why he writes for "alternative" papers and Morris writes for the Globe and Mail.

Anonymous said...

Your propaganda campaign is to keep the donors money flowing.

Anonymous said...

Couldn' find the link above. Not saying there isn't one but the only links I found were for information on the lower churchill. Took a look around on the industry canada website and could not find the information you mentioned there. Again, not saying it isn't there. If you could post specific links it would be appreciated.

Seems to me that Myles has only made the one mistake in regards to seal hunt information. He seemed to hit the nail on teh head witht he financial expose of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, a story any journalist would be proud to put their name on.

Anonymous said...

Anon who said this: "But Hearn is from Newfoundland. This is the way Newfoundlanders behave in this argument. Lie and dismiis, and accuse everybody else of propaganda".

My dear poster: Newfoundlanders and Labradorians have been lied to since we been in this place. But let me tell you, we have been the most trusting souls that there are on this planet, not only trusting gentle and kind, that is well documented. The reason we have been lied to so often, by your anti-sealing group and everyone else is because of that trusting nature. If we had been less trusting, we would have figured out your motives a long time ago, and we could have acted on the lies and deceit that were perpetrated on this province. If we had figured out what was really happening here, we would not be in the state we are in here in this province at this moment. Newfoundland and Labrador was well endowed with many natural resources, but we allowed everything to migrate west of here to create vibrant economies in other places with No Thanks from the beneficiaries other than a slap in the face and being told we have to go west to work with our resources in other places.

Anon I don't know where you are writing from, it could be anywhere in this world, but if it is the United States, you have the most people incarcerated for crimes than anywhere else in the world. Human beings are suffering greatly from the most horrific crimes, but I hear very few people speaking up. Canada is well up there in the statistics of deceit and crime as well.

Human beings are murdered every second but I do not seem to hear you people worrying your little brains about that, but since the seal campaign brings $100 million dollars to your coffers every year, that is a big advent for you; and you people will do everrything possible to see that money flows into your coffers and will bring down group of people who are trying to make an honest living to the lowest common denominator. I don't understand if you care about the welfare of animals, why you don't focus your energies on animals that are truly tortured and barbarized, the ducks, geese and calves that are reared for the specialty meats of 'foie gras' and 'veal'. But really it is all a scam , your focus is not on torture and barbaric acts perpetrated on animals, you sole focus is the money that you bring into your campaign by focusing on one cute animal called the seal.

Anonymous said...

I feel I must say, that many of the comments posted related to this particular thread and as pertain to other topics here, to be disappointing.

There are a few posters who feel it is fine to malign an entire group of people, namely those who hail from the province of Newfoundland and Labrador, as lazy, bloodthirsty, corrupt and any other negative adjective that comes to mind, based simply on the fact that they feel their point is the correct opinion, and that any dissenting opinion from a person of this province must be countered with insults. The fact is, once you feel a need to use insults to back up your point, you've lost the argument!

It is clear that there are some strong advocates for the animal rights groups posting here. these people will never see the other side of the argument, that is clear. I myself have struggled with the hunt, but I remove the emotional aspect of the killing of animals and the fact that we use products derived from animals in our daily lives, and it is then clear to me that as long as the harvest of animals is done in a humane manner, then there is no reason not to have a sustainable harvest of seals.

I read that a poster to this thread is not from here originally, that this person feels that the Newfoundland & Labrador society is the most corrupt he/she has encountered (paraphrasing). Admittidly, no society is 100% lilly white and without shady characters, but to characterize the people of this province in the manner that he/she did was over the top by a large margin.

Its unfortunate that there are people out there who dislike people from this province, but of course there are bitter people out there who dislike us for any number of reasons, its just unfortunate put aside their hatred or dislike for a moment and try to argue a point in a civil manner.

Artfull Dodger

Anonymous said...

Artful Dodger

Thanks for your comments.

Anonymous said...

No Canadian Seafood to be Served at Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville Cafes Until Seal Hunt is Stopped, Says Musician

December 18, 2006

WASHINGTON —Margaritaville Cafés, restaurants owned by Jimmy Buffett, will no longer serve Canadian seafood until Canada ends its annual slaughter of seals, according to a statement issued by the world-famous musician, who signed on to The Humane Society of the United States' Protect Seals seafood boycott in September. The HSUS launched the seafood boycott in March 2005 and asks consumers and restaurateurs to avoid Canadian seafood as a way of ending the annual seal hunt.

"Margaritaville Cafes will not be purchasing or serving Canadian seafood products until the Canadian government ends the commercial seal hunt permanently," says Jimmy Buffett in his statement. "I do not look at this as one nation telling another how to best manage its affairs. I view it as an effort to make humans more humane in the way they manage the planet. We do not own the earth. We are landlords and we simply need to do a better job, for all creatures on this earth."

The HSUS' Protect Seals Campaign aims to end the Canadian commercial seal hunt, the largest slaughter of marine mammals on the planet. Seal hunting is an off-season activity conducted by commercial fishermen from Canada's East Coast. This year the Canadian government allowed fishermen to club and shoot more than 350,000 seals for their fur and 97 percent were pups just days or weeks of age. By boycotting Canadian seafood, The HSUS hopes to stop the seal hunt. The boycott will stop when the seal hunt ends. Over 1,000 restaurants and other seafood businesses and over 330,000 individuals have also pledged support for the boycott.

"The Humane Society of the United States is gratified to have the support of Jimmy Buffett," said Pat Ragan, director of The HSUS' ProtectSeals Campaign. "He has done so much for the marine mammals of the planet."

"The seal hunt is certainly an emotionally charged issue, but my experiences over the years have taught me that real progress in this effort needs to move past emotions and towards solutions that can work for people on both sides of this issue," Buffett continues. "I would hope that this could be the case with the seal pup hunt. In the meantime, the one thing we can do is to make people aware of the problem."

To read the entire text of Jimmy Buffett's letter, and for more information on The HSUS' Protect Seals campaign, visit www.protectseals.org.


The Humane Society of the United States is the nation's largest animal protection organization with nearly 10 million members and constituents. The HSUS is a mainstream voice for animals, with active programs in companion animals, disaster preparedness and response, wildlife and habitat protection, marine mammals, animals in research, equine protection and farm animal welfare. The HSUS protects all animals through education, investigation, litigation, legislation, advocacy and field work. The nonprofit organization is based in Washington and has field representatives and offices across the country.

Anonymous said...

How can you prove the Seafood served in Jimmy's Restaurant is not from Canada. It is so easy to say that to placate you people, but who can tell? Who is testing for DNA on the crab legs, shrimp, cod, etc. to see if it comes from Canadian waters. Come on you gals and guys be sensible. You sound like you don't have one brain cell left.

Anonymous said...

Another reason to despise country music!

Anonymous said...

Country of orign labeling is the law in the U.S. No control is ever 100% accurate. However, the #'s show the boycott is working.

Anonymous said...

Not according to a representative of the American Seafood Association who visited Newfoundland and Labrador last week and stated the boycott wasn't working, instead fish sales were down because of the high Canadian dollar.

Anonymous said...

Read how the high Canadian dollar affects our fish sales. This is just one article of many that one can find on the internet. While the high Canadian dollar is excellent for our Imports, it is devastating for our Exports, like fish. That is the reason for the low fish sales in the United States. Americans simply cannot afford to buy the fish the way they use to. THOSE ANTI-SEAL CAMPAIGN SCAMMERS WANT US TO BELIEVE THAT THEIR SCAM BOYCOTT IS WORKING, the slow sales of fish in the United States has NOTHING AT ALL TO DO WITH THE BOYCOTT, but instead all to do with the high Canadian dollar.

Information Bulletin
Exchange Rate Impacts Canadian Exporters
Why can’t the Corporation raise prices to our
FFMC is attempting to raise prices wherever
possible, in an attempt to recover these losses.
However, with a generally soft economy in the
United States right now, that is not always possible.
Raising the price on some products would simply
mean that some customers would reduce their
orders or stop buying altogether.
Can Freshwater Fish increase sales in Canada,
Europe and other markets?
FFMC is working to increases sales in alternative
markets where there is a demand for our fish.
There is some potential in these markets.
However, the United States remains our largest and
most profitable market.
You have all seen the headlines about how the recent
and massive changes in the relative value of the
Canadian vs. US dollar have hurt the Canadian
manufacturing and exporting sectors. Freshwater Fish
Marketing Corporation, as an exporter with a large
interest in the US market, is not immune to these
economic conditions.
Many people view a stronger Canadian dollar as a
good thing. This is true if you buy American products
or travel to the US. However, a strong Canadian dollar
is a major problem for exporters like FFMC.
For example, this time last year a pound of fish
product that sold into the American market for $1.00
US was equal to $1.58 in Canadian funds. Today, that
same pound still sells for $1.00 US but now it is only
worth $1.31 Canadian. That is a drop of 27 cents per
pound or 17%, even though the American customer is
paying the same price!
FFMC sells a lot of your fish into the United States.
Last year (2002-03) Freshwater’s sales totalled $65.7
million. Of this total, two-thirds ($44 million) was
generated in the US. If we sell the same volume at the
same prices, with the current exchange rates the impact
would be over $7 million dollars less to pay fishers.
The exchange rate began to change rapidly in March
2003. Over the last eight months, Freshwater Fish
Marketing Corporation has been able to protect fishers
from any direct impact on their incomes. However, it
now appears that this problem is not temporary or
short-term and unfortunately, commercial fishers are
now facing the same problems as other exporters. It
stands to reason that if FFMC is receiving less revenue
for fish, those who receive all of the income earned by
the Corporation will eventually feel the effects.
Impact on Commercial Fishing
Value of US dollar in Canadian dollars over past 12 months
The Effect of Exchange Rate on Winter Prices
Reduced 10%.
FFMC is currently researching markets outside the
US and Canada for different product forms. The
price of roe will remain at $2.00/kg, since 100% of
these sales are in Canada and the exchange rate is
having no effect.
Reduced 10%.
All mullet products are sold into the US. However,
an increasing proportion of sales is fresh product.
We are confident that these products can be moved
into fresh markets at reasonable prices and allow us
to maintain good business relations and cash flow
throughout the 3rd and 4th quarters of the fiscal year.
Pickerel and Sauger
All size grades:
Reduced 5%.
Strong demand in regional US markets is allowing
FFMC to raise prices in order to offset the decline
in revenue.
Reduced 15%.
All perch products are sold into the US (including
those being sold to other processors). Over the last
two years, the Lake Erie fishery has increased its
supply into the market. Frozen inventories from
perch are also increasing.
You are not alone. Manufacturing and exporting
companies across Canada are experiencing the same
decline in revenues.
Unfortunately, it is inevitable that fish prices must
reflect the changes in the exchange rate. The amount
any one size or species is affected depends on the
varying conditions for that product. However, no
decrease will be more than 15% lower than last
year’s winter prices.
Here is how each major category of fish is affected.
(Detailed price lists are available from FFMC agents
or the website: www.freshwaterfish.com).
Export Whitefish
Small size grade - premium and standard lakes:
Reduced 15%.
All sales of this size grade are into the US. There is a
poor demand for this product and the market will not
support a price increase. Frozen inventory is rising.
Export Whitefish
Medium size grade - premium lakes:
Large and jumbo size grade - premium and standard
Reduced 10%.
We are confident that this fish can be moved into
fresh sales at reasonable prices, allowing us to
maintain good business relations with fresh fish
customers while maintaining cash flow during the 3rd
and 4th quarters.
Export Whitefish
Medium size grade, standard lakes:
Reduced 15%.
US demand for this size is sluggish due to generally
poor economic conditions. European demand is poor
due to a large supply of cheap rainbow trout and
salmon on the market. Poor demand will not support
a price increase and inventories are building.
Other Dressed and Other Headless Dressed
Reduced 15%.
All of this is sold into the US. Poor demand does not
support a price increase and frozen inventory is
Northern Pike
Reduced 15%.
Soft market in France will not support a price
increase. Inventories are building.
Dollar soars, Bay Street sags
“A slew of major companies, including
Alcan, Abitibi-Consolidated and Potash
Corp., reported yesterday that the
dollar’s surge is taking a toll on their
Adapted from the article: “Dollar soars, Bay St. sags”
by Martin Stinson appearing in The Globe and Mail
Thursday October 23, 2003- page A1.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter whether it is 2003 or 2006, the article states that the high Canadian dollar has a adverse affect on the amount of seafood sold into the United States marketplace. When fish prices are high, the consumption of fish is down. It is one of the laws of economics, it applies to every commodity that is sold in the world.

Anonymous said...

All one has to do is type ""low fish exports /high Canadian dollar 2005"" into ones browser and there are numerous articles detailing the adverse effect the high Canadian dollar has on FISH EXPORTS from Newfoundland and Labrador. If you want more items just fiddle around with the words you input into your browser and there will be more articles than you care to read.

You anti-seal campaign scammers, do not try to dupe us anymore, please. We now know very well how and why your operation has been so successful in scamming donors hard earned money from them. Hopefully we will be able to get the message across to these donors in the not too distant future and your campaign funds will dry up completely. It is too easy money for you people with too little work, so I know you will try your darndest to keep your job that requires so little effort. Matter of fact, all one needs to be able to make a living from this type of work, is possess one lonely brain cell and be corrupt. Please stop inflicting scams on people.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely clueless.

Anonymous said...

Clueless only because we have figured out your scam. Knowledge is a wonderful thing.

Anonymous said...

Anon, you, who posted at December 21, 2006 2:27 PM and made the statement 'Absolutely clueless" - it is you Anon who would prefer that we were clueless. When we tell you the real truth as to why seafood sales are down in the United States is solely because of the high Canadian dollar, which makes Canadian seafood too expensive for the palates of the ordinary American, you become very agitated and angry because it dismisses your theory that it is because of the anti-seal boycott. The truth of the matter is that the Canadian Dollar has been soaring for the past 3 years against the American dollar, known widely throughout the world as 'the dollar', it is THE currency by which most other currencies are evaluated.

I have read fifty or more postings on the internet from the Provinces and Corporations that detail why Canadian exports are suffering. I could post some of them here on Myles' blog but I will not encumber his blog with so much print, but instead tell the readers to play around a little on their internet with the words "high Canadian dollar and its detrimental effects on Canadian exports" and they will come up with more information than is required. The United States is Canada's largest trading nation and when our loonie gains strength against "the dollar' exports from the provinces have to suffer the consequences. By the way Anon you come across as being a very bigoted person, with not much caring for your fellow humans. Grow a heart my dear fellow poster, you will fare much better in this world if you do. Hate is a terrible thing.

Anonymous said...

"Hate is a terrible thing"

Indifference is worse.

I am against the seal hunt.
THE SEAL HUNT... not against the Newfoundlanders who kill seals.
These people just don't have a better option.


Anonymous said...

David - I concur, if these two young people are an item, what is the matter with that? I wish them all the best in life, love and careers.

Rex demonstrates so much love and care for his province, who can fault him for that? I am as thrilled as if he were my son.

So please Anon if you can't say something nice and respectful, keep your thoughts to yourself, especially disrespectful thoughts that concern two beautiful young people who are trying to make it in this beautiful, but sometimes no so nice World when it comes to people. Thanks Rex for coming out and stating your feelings for this province. We love you for it.

Anonymous said...

Pat--there is always another option. What about the option Cathy Kangas gave them?

Anonymous said...

Would you give up part of your income forever if someone gave you one years worth? Keep in mind that if you took said offer you would definitely have to sell your home and move.

Also, what Kangas offered ended up being half of what sealers made the next year so maybe I should have asked if you would give up part of your income forever for half of what you would make in a year.

Bottom line people, this is the use of a renewable resource. Period. The only discussion should be to make sure scientific monitoring is accurate, enough research is being done and humane killing is being practiced within a reasonable range of proficiency.

If you are going to get rid of the hunt on some moral basis then get rid of any use of animals where they are being killed. To say that the hunt is different from the slaughter of cows or pigs is ridiculous. One is for meat the other for fur but both are for profit and income for those who participate in either industry. When you break any industry down, income and profit are at the root of all. Its all about people making a living and the hunt is no different.

Look at any hunting in North America. In many cases more animals are being killed per year but not a peep about it even though there are far less regulations and far less enforcement officers for any other hunting. What we should be talking about here is the staggering level of hypocrisy which surrounds this issue. Why is the seal hunt under such a large microscope while other mass slaughtering of animals never makes the last page of the paper let alone the front page?

The circus that surrounds this issue is beyond pathetic, beyond ridiculous and should make one question the level of thier own intelligence when they can be roped in by the propaganda which is flogged by the animal rights/protest groups involved.

Happy new year!! March madness approaches.

ME said...


Hows about using this forum to express some of these opinions, Good banter in here. I expect some names and perosnalities are familar with the board.