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Friday, March 30, 2007

Taking Stephen Harper to School - or - David Meets Goliath

Over the past week there's been much said about the new federal budget and the near violent reaction of some Canadian Premier’s to it, most notably that of Newfoundland and Labrador Premier Danny Williams.

Stephen Harper and his cronies, yes men like Hearn, McKay and Flaherty, appear to be spending much of their time these days feigning shock and amazement at, what they seem to feel, are unprovoked attacks. Personally I'm not so sure what we're all seeing is really an act at all. What I mean is it’s possible, just possible mind you, that these guys truly are at a loss to understand all the fuss.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean to say they can’t understand why some Province's are so upset, the reason for that's as obvious as the Republican play book sticking out of the PM’s back pocket. No, what I’m saying is that the conservative brain trust may actually not comprehend why so many quiet and unassuming people have suddenly decided to lash out during Stephen Harper's watch. I mean it’s not like they’ve never been screwed over by the federal government before right, so why this uncharacteristic reaction?

The conservatives can’t seem to understand why so many Premiers have suddenly gone on the attack over the federal budget or something as dry and boring as the equalization formula. Worse yet, why would so many voters stand behind them. While one Premier is taking out nation wide ads calling Harper a liar, another is using words like betrayal and a third is planning to take the federal government to court over the whole affair. Why, Harper must be asking himself, have the people of these puny little hick provinces suddenly dared to attack their great and wonderful Overlord?

Far be it from me to get all preachy and biblical, believe me, but perhaps if Stephen Harper and his axis of evil doers have ever read any Christian literature they may want to think about those teachings at this moment in history. If they did they may realize that the reason for their sudden shift in reality is not that complex.

For decades the people of Canada’s forgotten provinces, especially those in Atlantic Canada and most of all in Newfoundland and Labrador, have been known as “easy to handle” and of “no real concern”. All a PM had to do was royally shaft them and then throw a few pieces of silver their way in the form of grants, EI or some other form of government largesse. Suddenly, BOOM, “Bob’s your uncle and where do I mark my X?”

I suspect the easy going ways exhibited by the fine folks of Atlantic Canada might have stemmed from many years of a solid religious education and an ingrained sense of duty. Likely it can be traced directly back to the biblical teaching that, “The meek shall inherit the earth”. How else can you explain decades of quiet acceptance while insults and deprivations are continuously heaped on such a quiet and friendly people?

For years “turn the other cheek” was the favored approach of the down trodden in Canada and it played like a charm on Parliament Hill. On the government side of the equation, as long as vote rich Ontario and Quebec were satisfied, and the rest of the nation suffered on in silence, life was good. Unfortunately the reality of life on the fringes of Confederation was, and is, not so good.

Times have changed however and unfortunately, for Stephen Harper anyway, these same people who were once willing to suffer the slings and arrows of the entire nation have finally decided to cast aside their old ways in favor of a new, albeit still Christian approach. Their new approach is one that allows them to forego the stoic and quiet suffering of the past while still keeping their spiritual values firmly anchored to the shores of their hearts. It consists of casting aside the idea that, “The meek shall inherit the earth”, in favor of a much more direct, “The Lord helps those who help themselves.”

It’s really quite simple when you think about it.

All I can say is may God himself (or herself) help all those poor lost souls who plan to run for the conservative party in Atlantic Canada when the next election rolls around because nobody else will.


A simple fisherman with long hair, beard and sandals said...


Anonymous said...

An emloyee of DOF or Hearn is already lined up to run in Burin, St. Georges.

The conservatives will no doubt be providing more from the same quality stock.

Then, there appears to be no shortage of disgruntled Oil Industry lobbyists to choose from either.

Step right up folks. Get your candidacy papers here !!!!!!!

Avalon Voter said...

In the context of this article and as far as Hearn, Manning and Doyle go the term "Judas" might be the most appropriate.

Quote from Manning in response to a question in the House of Commons yesterday:

"Premier Williams doesn't share our commitment to a strong economy and wants to pick a fight instead," said Fabian Manning - a Tory backbencher for Avalon

You may disagree with Williams approach Fabian but only a liar would say we didn't get shafted on the promise your lord and master made.

See you next electon

Anonymous said...

Everyone knows why the NL, NS and Sask premiers are up in arms about the new equalization formular but what I can't understand is why the other 7 premiers and the territorial leaders aren't.

In case you didn't catch it with all this talk of resource revenues going on here's another little plum to chew on from the new forumula. The Feds are now (in a round about way) in the property tax business.

Here's why:

When working out equalization payments, property values within a province will now be a part of the formula to determine levels of transfer. In short, what that means is that even if the economy of a province slumps, but property values take their time decreasing, those inflated housing and land prices will affect the amount of transfers a province qualifies for.

The Conservative shit for brains David Emerson demonstrated that, not only is he a political piece of pond-scum, but he doesn't have a clue how property taxation actually works.

Emerson had the gaul to say the new formula for sharing wealth with "have-not" provinces is based on firm principles.

"Everybody in the world knows that high real estate prices translate into de facto wealth, which is taxed by local governments..." So I don't know why that wouldn't be part of the calculation."


That illuminates the unbelievable stupidity of David Emerson. Property taxes are based on the value of the property alright, but the levy is based on a mill rate. If the actual tax levy rose with the value of the property nobody would be able to afford the taxes and local government would be swimming in surplus cash.

There is a process which clearly escapes the self-absorbed minds of David Emerson, Steve Harper and Jim Flaherty. All property is assessed for value, local government sets a budget, the amount of money required is determined, the mill rate is set and taxes are paid based on both the property value and the mill rate.

Anyone that says that your property values are in direct relation of your ability to pay doesn't frankly know a lot about what they're talking about, BC premier Gordon Campbell said last week.

"The fact of the matter is, property values in British Columbia went up by about 24 per cent last year. Peoples' ability to pay taxes did not go up by 24 per cent last year."

Something to think about folks because with all the picturesque scenery and the essentially crime free society we have in NL its a real magnet for retirees ( a major contributor to the increase in property values here over the past few years).

Everyone across the Country better watch out because "Harper times are hard times."

Anonymous said...

"All I can say is may God himself (or herself) help all those poor lost souls who plan to run for the conservative party in Atlantic Canada when the next election rolls around because nobody else will."

I will. I like Harper's Budget. It's fair to the whole country.
Oh yeah......NL wants more than everyone one else. I Forgot.

Anonymous said...

A quote from Meeker on Media:

"Well, here’s the thing. The Hebron project was not a giveaway. It was, in fact, a tremendously good deal no matter how you look at it. Had it proceeded, we would not be worrying today about sheltering our transfer payments from our earned income. The day would be fast approaching when we could stand on our own bloody feet and say to hell with handouts from Canada.

The full details of the tentative deal were not released publicly, but we do know that Hebron would have been worth about $10 billion in royalties and taxes to provincial coffers, at an oil price of $50 per barrel. We know that prices will likely average higher, thus increasing provincial revenue by another billion or two. And this doesn’t include the $5 billion investment in construction and $6 billion to drill the development wells, which would have created thousands of jobs, stimulated business growth and sustained industry momentum. This in turn would fuel further exploration and possible new discoveries.

Had it proceeded, Hebron would have given us the capacity to pay down – totally eliminate – our provincial debt of $12 billion, the highest per capita debt in the country. Provincial budgets would no longer be saddled with those enormous debt servicing charges. Think about that: a single project would have made us a ‘have’ province.

How many people are aware of this? How many reporters are even aware of this? I don’t expect media to be cheerleaders for Premier Williams or the oil companies. But I would like to see them dig a little deeper, ask tough questions and insist on real answers.

There is a lot of heat right now, but very little light.

And there is so much at stake..."

It's very true!!
If NL hadn't royally screwed up Hebron with all the stupid "No more give-aways" crap, then equalization wouldn't be an issue because YOU WOULDN'T BE NEEDING IT!

You made your beds........now lie in them.

Anonymous said...

The above Anonymous is right---you people are so afraid and paranoid of "bad deals" that you wouldn't know a good one if it bit you in the ass.

Time to grow up a bit and do SOMETHING right.

Anonymous said...

"Yes" and every bad deal that bit us in the ASS was a deal that was orchestrated in Canada by Ottawa. The time is here, indeed, for us to stand up and take notice. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Anon of April 01, 2007 11:23 AM THAT IS the prime reason you noticed, we are trying to do something right, if you would let us alone and do the right thing. But can't you see we are thrashing it out on the blogs and you people keep INTERVENING? Please stop it, we will make the IMPORTANT decisions on our own.

Anonymous said...

What do you mean by "you people"?? I can't speak for the other anonymous but I am a Newfoundlander also and it tears me appart to see you seperatists and Williams-lovers destroying our province.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
What do you mean by "you people"?? I can't speak for the other anonymous but I am a Newfoundlander also and it tears me appart to see you seperatists and Williams-lovers destroying our province.

April 01, 2007 12:29 PM

Then leave ,like Ottawa has made thousands of us do.Newfoundlander ,that post didn't even come form the Island,want the "PROOF",check the Logging records in your cache ,idiot.???Why are all thease Lobbyist in this Forum now I wonder.

Patriot ,Ottawa is so worried about the separtion movement in Newfoundland ,and Labrador ,that they have assigned to you ,your very own fan Club.I know that Sue couldn't help us,anymore.I pray to God that you can keep a strong voice .Great work on the article ,keep it up .

Anonymous said...

Anon of April 01, 2007 12:29 PM

People like you pose the biggest problem around here, those Newfoundlanders and Labradorians who are only too willing to sell their souls, to reap the benefits for themselves and forget about the masses of us. That is called the "me syndrome" and it is the reason we are so poorly off here in this province.

Please read the wonderful letter in today's Sunday Telegam by Dr. Ganguly. In this letter our dear Doctor describes the exploitation of this province's resources by outsiders for a few crumbs, instead of this province being the primary beneficiary of its resources, some other place always has been for the most part. IT IS A MUST READ. I am appealing to all other citizens, who were not born here but who live here amongst us and who consider themselves to be Newfoundlanders and Labradorians to do the same. I appreciated Dr. Ganguly's letter more than I can express, but if we are to get the province on the path to prosperity with our wonderful resource base, all Newfoundlanders and Labradorians, who live here and serve here, should join hands and voices to make it happen.

Dr. Ganguly very keenly saw that there are lobbyists and spin doctors, who are operating out there, who are doing what they have always done in times when we have been trying to move forward, the lobbyists and spin doctors are now calling the Media and using the blogs to discredit our Premier.

Any person who is not lobbying for an equity in our resources has one thing and one thing only in mind and that is his/her own financial well-being, not the well-being of the whole province and its inhabitants.


We here in Newfoundland and Labrador are trying to make things as good as possible for our citizens, all of them, not just ME! And once we are on our feet, so too can we help the World's population. Wouldn't it be nice to see a donation to some part of the World that states, Made In Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. That would be Wonderful! But in the meantime I wish the whole World a speedy process into having thier own wonderful economies. The best thought to me is to see the Whole World being on par. God Willing!

Anonymous said...

People like you pose the biggest problem around here, those Newfoundlanders and Labradorians who are only too willing to sell their souls, to reap the benefits for themselves and forget about the masses of us

"Sorry ,I never made the choice to leave my people."
That was made for me.There are things that I like to do,in life,like "EAT",and live in a house.Instead of under a warf.
Sorry, I was thiking of "MYSELF"

(Even though the warf sounds like Heaven,compared to racist canada)

Soon ,I will be able to return home ,once my situation is sorted out.With a note,"NO HELP FROM CANADA"And ,I hope to bring a buissness with me.But,that has no debate in the fact of how screwed Newfoundand and Labrador is ,in this thing called "Confederation"

Maybe ,if you had some time to look at the situation from the out-side in you would be able to see it with differant eye's.

The rest of the world can see what Newfoundland and Labrador has to offer the world ,and so can I .You have one thing that I do not have.And that is Faith in a system that is racist and un-fair.
Like the old man said " Do as i say ,and not as I do ,and you will be the better Man for it"

Show me ,please,how your faith in canada has made my familys home a better place to live .Maybe it's time for peope like you to wake -up and relise that you can't keep "GIVING",because my friend your the one that needs the help.Not the world.Your on the verge of "Extinction",maybe you should relise that befor you go the way of the "The Beothuk."

The Nationalists were right in 1949,and they right now.

As Always,Lost-In-Excile

Anonymous said...

Um.......I'm looking out my window and I see Cabot Tower on Signal Hill.

Yeah, I'm definitely in Newfoundland.

Sorry Patriot, no fan club. Just an idiot ranting a few posts back.

Anonymous said...

I'm from the dark abyss of Sedna's anus which those who fear angels dare not look.

Anonymous said...

To the last two posters: I think you are both crazy specimens of today's society.

Anonymous said...

Equalization is nothing more than a federally imposed welfare wall designed to keep the colonies down.

Anonymous said...

Anon of April 02, 2007 9:31 AM

Equalization is just that.

Had Newfoundland and Labrador had the right to the quotas of fish of its appendage, namely the Grand Banks of Newfoundland nursery, what we could have reaped from that renewable resource would have been enough to have kept this province going with a half million inhabitants. If a province like Newfoundland and Labrador had received support from Ottawa to run a corridor across Quebec to wield that wonderful Upper Churchill Hydroelectric Energy 40 years ago, this province would be well off now, since Quebec gets $1 billion dollars per year from that resource. Then, of course, there were the Minerals that have been exported out of here for processing to other locations, and now the Oil. If we had politicians with enought 'due diligence', we could have been the richest piece of real estate in the World.

"Yes" indeed, I am sure if this equalization formula wasn't there Newfoundland and Labrador's politicians would have used more 'due diligence' and seen to it that this province’s resources were delved out more astutely. I blame the politicians. They made their escape by giving away our resources under the guise the 'equilization program' was there, but of course they did what Ottawa wanted them to do.

The province of Newfoundland and Labrador, does not get the credit on Canada's balance sheet for those resources, some other province does. The only figure we are credited with is the personal and corporate income taxes which are remitted to Ottawa. If all the monies from those great resources showed up on Newfoundland and Labrador's side of the Balance Sheet computed in Ottawa, well then we would have been paying into the equalization program forever, and instead of receiving equalization, we would have had the honorable distinction of being a contributor instead of a taker.

"Yes" indeed if that bloody program wasn't there, our politicians would have used a lot more 'DUE DILIGENCE'. Politicians do what is best for themselves and their careers and, of course, their pocket books. Our politicians toed the party line for Ottawa knowing full well that the people of this province would not die of starvation for awhile, but they would run up a huge debt, and they knew they, the politicians, would not be accused of 'starvation genocide'. You can bet your bottom dollar those bloody politicians won't be looking for a dollar to look after them in their old age. It is a sad state of affairs what happened here in this province, a province with so many resources, a province that ended up on the equalization program instead of being a contributor to that same program. There is no doubt about it, the province of Newfoundland and Labrador ended up on the wrong column of the Ottawa Balance Sheet.

Anonymous said...

This GREAT LETTER supporting Newfoundland and Labrador's stand appeared in The Sunday Telegram, it was written by an esteemed Doctor who has practiced in Newfoundland and Labrador for many years. I think it is a must read for everyone. I would like to Thank Dr. Ganguly from the bottom of my heart for his stand.


We should all jump on the bandwagon

The federal budget has been presented and passed. According to many, justice has finally prevailed and, according to others, the country has been divided between "have" (voter power) and "have not" provinces.

For Newfoundland and Labrador, I notice, to my dismay, how a misinformation campaign coupled with fear-mongering is creeping into our psyche. There are fears about the loss of possible instant benefits, like the Lower Churchill project, which has been suggested may not materialize unless Premier Danny Williams shuts up and learns how to negotiate with federal politicians and bureaucrats.

Unfortunately, there is some evidence they may be having some success in sowing the seed of fear amongst some residents of this province against the premier's tough stand.

For a moment, allow me to side with the folks who disagree with our premier and address Williams' lack of diplomatic skill in dealing with the federal government, and in particular, Paul Martin and Stephen Harper.

During Martin's era, there were similar threats and initial success in fear-mongering, as many pundits came out of the woodwork and criticized the Premier for his "touch" (but "just") stand, pressuring him to accept "crumbs" and daring him not wish for the whole loaf.

We all remember how the battle ended. What was most amazing was how all the critics suddenly disappeared and most joined with pride to compliment the premier on having had the combination of guts and negotiating skill to bring in what rightfully belongs to the people of this province. How much we all love a winner.

Williams, unfortunately but rightfully, had to take another tough stand to help the people of this province, current residents and the generations to come. Sadly, when a province is not a big player, standing up for its rights equates to being viewed as a troublemaker versus being a team player in the federation.

With the current prime minister, the past repeats itself yet again. The misinformation campaign is in full gear, hoping to stir up anti-Williams lobby groups. As a result, these lobbyists may garner the support of some well-tended folks who may not understand the complexity of such a deal, a deal which may be shrouded with much creative accounting.

Let us now look objectively at the premier's negotiating skill, or lack thereof. Throughout his term in office, Williams successfully negotiated a tremendous deal with Martin. Neither Martin nor his office ever complained about the premier being difficult, until the election was over and they tried to renege on the deal that the prime minister had made with our premier.

This time around, the premier and his team worked diligently to keep the deal he was assured of by Harper but, instead, we observe another "here we go again" campaign by the forces trying to discredit our premier.

The truth is, successive prime ministers have misled our premier by not honouring the deal made prior to the last federal election. This is not a wish list but a negotiated, agreed-upon deal, between our premier and the prime minister of Canada who is entrusted with the highest political office in the country.

I strongly agree with the premier that our province's "trust" has been betrayed.

I understand and respect people who do not like confrontation. Unfortunately, if you do not stand up for your "just" right, you do not get far in the real world. We hear many voices advising the premier to change his "attitude" and get some "crumbs" now, and that is the wrong advice.

History has shown how this province has been exploited for years. Many previous premiers,who were not labelled "confrontational"
tried to better this province, but were unsuccessful in signing any respectable deal with either the federal government and/multinational corporations.

Williams took stock of our historical score card and quickly realized that to achieve a different outcome, he had to adopt a different strategy. We, the electorate, gave him that mandate. The difference between the delivery of results by this premier and the lack of results by previous premiers has been in the execution.

I strongly believe we should stand with our premier and further empower him to protect the interest of our province, a province with a long and proud history, a province whose exploitation should end with the term of this current administration.

We must not be misled or intimidated by any contrary-minded interest groups. The time is now right to join our voices to give credit and support to the premier for his total commitment for the future of the people of this province.

Dr. P.K. Ganguly
St. John’s


Mike P said...

Just as a clarification for the Anon of April 02, 2007 9:31 AM

I agree with you 100% however just for clarification purposes, we all pay into equalization, not just "Have" provinces.

In reality no province pay's into the system. The money comes from the taxes of every Canadian and every business. It's a common misconception that some province's pay in while others receive but in reality the money is tax payer's money regardless of where they live.

The only difference is that some provinces receive equalization funding while others don't.

That said, we are still being screwed over this deal. Everyone is talking about how strong the economy here is and how we should be happy to move off of equalization but these are non-renewable resources and if we don't keep every cent now to grow our economy and pay down debt where will we be when the oil runs out? I dread to think about it.

Anonymous said...

Every economy that is built on oil and gas has a non-renewable resource to deal with....not just you.

You have to consider all the secondary and tertiary industries that go along with oil and that is what you begin to build your economy with.

God, get a brain.

Anonymous said...

"We must not be misled or intimidated by any contrary-minded interest groups. The time is now right to join our voices to give credit and support to the premier for his total commitment for the future of the people of this province."

Dr. P.K. Ganguly
St. John’s

Holy crap.......what a brown-noser.

Anonymous said...

In times such as these when we have a strong person like Premier Danny Williams running our government, who recognizes how the province of Newfoundland and Labrador has been neglected by Ottawa, and who is willing to take on the fight that needs to be fought and try to straighten things out in this province, you will get those creeps called lobbyists coming out of the woodwork and try to mislead or intimidate the general population in this province into submission. These lobbyists are paid by the some interest group or another, they could be Government paid or Industry paid, who knows since thats a big secret, but these people are so malicious, they will do anything to get their point across and have a win for their Mafia bosses. Such people care about nobody but themselves, since they suffer from the "me syndrome" not unlike Big Oil, or any other big business interest that they could be representing, also such people wield so much power that they are ruthless in their endeavour, not unlike some politicians.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the message Dr. Ganguly conveyed in his letter to the Sunday Telegram.

I have never seen Newfoundland and Labrador's situation outlined so informatively as how Dr. Ganguly expressed it in his letter. God Bless Dr. Ganguly for doing so.

Anonymous said...

Another way the province of Newfoundland and Labrador is shafted with its resources, is its clean Hydroelectricity Energy that is produced in this province garners Kyoto points but the province of Newfoundland and Labrador is not the recipient of either the marketing of the Energy or the Kyoto points, Quebec reaps the benefits of being the primary beneficiary of the Energy to the tune of $1 Billion plus per year plus it gets to utilize the Kyoto points that result from that wonderful clean industry.

Also while the province of Newfoundland and Labrador produces Nickel, Cobalt, Copper, and other metals and Oil which are refined in places like Sudbury, Ontario, Thompson, Manitoba, Sept Iles, Quebec and the Oil is refined in places like Halifax, Nova Scotia and Saint John, New Brunswick and these resources are used in the manufacturing industry across Canada and North America, but GUESS WHAT, the province of Newfoundland and Labrador benefits from very little manufacturing from the use of these ores, if any, but since Weather Systems flow from West to East, the province is the recipient of the pollutants from the manufacturing industries that are operating from this provinces resources. When precipitation falls on this province it falls in the form of Acid Rain.

To sum up, the resources are exploited in this province, they are refined elsewhere, any Koyoto points that result from the resources go elsewhere other than Newfoundland and Labrador, but we are on the receiving end of all of the pollution, Acid Rain. That is another way we have been shafted by the exploiters.

God Bless Premier Danny Williams and I do hope that he will be steadfast with his campaign against Ottawa, and that Ottawa will see the Light of Day and decide to do something about the inequities that exist between this province and the other provinces of Canada.

Anonymous said...

Yes, and there really are "boogey-men" around every corner.

Can you say "paranoid"??

Believe me.......Ottawa wouldn't waste the man-power on NL.

Anonymous said...

I must say with all the exploitation of Newfoundland and Labrador's resources, Newfoundlanders and Labradorians do have a beef with Ottawa. How could Ottawa allow it to happen? It is a travesty of justice!

Anonymous said...

I would say that there are many Canadians who haven't one iota of knowledge that such an inequity exists in Canada. I do believe that because, Canadians are supposed to be people with good hearts. And if Canadians knew such an inequity existed and didn't speak out about it, well then that would negate the idea that Canadians are nice people. I would hazard a guess that 90 per cent of Canadians outside of the province of Newfoundland and Labrador do not know how this province's resources were exploited, or the fact that we are void of Federal Regional Offices, Military bases and all the other goodies the other provinces enjoy that are placed in those provinces with Federal Government monies. At least I will give them the benefit of the doubt.

I do hope that Premier Danny Williams assigns someone in one of his Government Departments the task of compiling all of our resources that have gone out of this province to provide economies for other provinces in this Nation. That should be the first step in apprising Canadians of what has gone on here and that should highlight the inequity. Also do a comparison of Federal Regional Offices, Military Bases and other infrastructue placed by Ottawa in the other provinces and list what has been placed in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador by Ottawa. Please do the comparisons Premier Williams and present them to Canadians. We won't need to wage an eternal campaign that will get us nowhere. Canadians need to know "Where is the Beef? Let us show it to them by doing some accounting of what has really gone on. And, "oh yes", try to place a dollar figure on the package!

Premier Williams I am behind you all the way, but your job will be made easier by doing the accounting. God Bless!

Anonymous said...

"Why, Harper must be asking himself, have the people of these puny little hick provinces suddenly dared to attack their great and wonderful Overlord?"

I think you must have Harper confused with Williams.......the Great and Glorious Leader who's re-designing licence plates while NL sinks ever lower into oblivion.

Anonymous said...

Premier Williams has a "just cause". He has been elected to do what should have been done 58 years ago. He was elected to "toe the line" for Newfoundland and Labrador, not the rest of Canada and Ottawa.

For the best part of 500 years we were free, we didn't have many material things, but we were rich in community and resources. We always had a fish to put on our table back then, a cow, pig and sheep in the field, and we grew our own vegetables, so we were never hungry. We lived better then, than we do now. Now our natural resources have been exploited by Canada for the past 50 years and we are much poorer than what we were when we became part of Canada.

When we think back to what we had, it is very disheartening.

And no doubt, after the War we would have done no differently than any other country had done, we would have zoomed ahead under our own steam. But we became a captured society at the very time we could have done it on our own. The past 60 years is when, it seems, every other country pulled up their bootstraps and parachuted into the 20th and 21st Centuries. Ireland did it without resources and we surely could have with so many resources.

I am sure if Canada didn't have its design on us, the United States, which had thousands of military personnel stationed here during the Second World War and for 30 years after, would have been delighted to have such a strategic location, as Newfoundland and Labrador. For Newfoundland and Labrador, luck was not on her side, when the time rolled around that it was on our side, we were a captured society. It ws too late.

Anonymous said...

Ar eyou making up your own history now??

You people were destitute, diseased, starving, filthy, and un-educated.

Your welcome for bringing you into the modern world.

Anonymous said...

Clearly there is a bigoted attitude towards the people of this province, negative posts such as that one above indicate this.

Anonymous said...

Anon of April 04, 2007 9:39 AM: You are a disgusting specimen of a human being.

We always, had enough to eat. Unlike the prairies where they were so unfortunate to have had their soil blown away during the 1930s which casued the Great Depression, we didn't have our Atlantic Ocean suffer the same fate, nor did the soil that we grew our vegetables in blow away, and we had enough land to raise our single, cow, pig and sheep each year. I might add also our community was a sharing community, but I don't think that was any different than the Prairie communites.

Because the Atlantic Ocean didn't evaporate there was always a fish to be had to put on our plates, and we even sent salted fish to the Prairies to help see them through. And, I might add, I am only too happy that we could have done that for the Prairies. I wouldn't call them the derogatory names that you called us because they were so unfortunate. I am not vindictive like that, nor do I think anybody from this province is, towards people who were so unfortunate for having that misfortune befall them, like the praries did.

As for communicable diseases, not many parts of the world escaped that scourge, we included.

In the 1930s Bowater’s International of London, England operated out of my community providing pulp wood for pulp and paper operations all over the world. Bowater’s operated there until the 1960s when a devastating fire hit the forest of the area. Our community and many others around us were fortunate to have had work all the year around.

Unlike what you stated in your post, we didn't welcome you Canadians bringing us into the modern world, we are still very sorry we lost our country and our resources to Canada. Canada hindered our process right down through history and grab us at the time when the whole world was forging ahead, because after the Second World War was over, everything was in full swing and the whole Western World took off like a house on fire. It would have been no different for us given the resources that were contained within our borders and in the sea around us.

The United States of America would have loved to been the recipient of Newfoundland and Labrador, but if England had allowed its hands to be soiled with that dirty laundry, what do you think Canada would have done? England certainly wouldn't have the friendship that it enjoys with Canada today. Do you think so? Can you imagine England and Canada allowing the territory of Newfoundland and Labrador to have gone to the United States of America? What a kafuffle that would have been!

I would like to apprise you of the fact that thousand and thousands of Americans were here stationed on American Military Bases long before we came into your World and if anybody is to get the thanksfor welcoming us to the Modern World, it would be the United States of America. We have very fond memories of the USA, many more than we will ever have for Canada.

Anonymous said...

ANON of April 04, 2007 9:39 AM:
You who said "Your welcome for bringing you into the modern world."

Believe me anon Canada cannot be given any credit for propelling the province of Newfoundland and Labrador into Modernity, an argument can be made that Canada sent us back into the middle Ages. The United States with the arrival of its thousands and thousands of military personnel brought us into the 20th Century; we are still not into the 21st Century with our infrastructure, if you compare the province with the rest of Canada.

When our province was a Dominion on its own, we negotiated Free Trade arrangements with Washington; do you know what the country of Canada did to those trade agreements? I can tell you anon what Canada did, Canada sent a delegation to England and had those agreements dissolved. Anon if you would call such an adverse movement on Canada’s part as being 'Forward or Modern, a movment that was perpetrated on a struggling and poor country, yet a country with many resources, well then you my fellow poster haven't arrived into the age of Modernity. Now maybe it is time that I stop conversing with such an uneducated poster who, as of yet, hasn't arrived out of the middle Ages herself/himself?

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry.......have you arrived in "modernity" yet??

Didn't think so.

Anonymous said...

With a lying and cheating Parliament under which we are ruled, nor will we ever, since they have a history of taking our money and our resources and leaving us in the lurch.

We are in Modernity when it comes to knowing what has happened to us, but with regard to infrastructure and economies resulting from our resources, it might never arrive, because we have no control over anything we own,and under the Canadian Parliamentary System. It belongs to Mother Ottawa and the rest of her charges. That was seen to before we got Provincial status. We became captives under a bunch of lying cheats.

You are the scum of the Earth!

Anonymous said...

"Yes" a lying, cheating mother of TEN who oversees that ONE of the children, who was well endowed with natural resources gets its resources taken away by mother and distributed to the other Nine. The child who was deprived of its natural endowments will never attain the level of infrastructure to see it reach the level of modernity that the other NINE children reached, because the mother padded their coffers with handouts of monies earned from the robbed child's resources, while the robbed child gets only a small percentage of what the others recieved. And the fact that all children are under the mother's wings and guided by her decisions, how does the one who was robbed and only given a small per centage of what the other NINE children received ever reach parity or equality or in order to become modernized?

Anonymous said...

"Yes" and add 58 years of accrued interest to what this child has lost and get the multiplying effect.

Imagine having those resources working for us, not the other NINE children for the past 58 years! What an economy this child would have had? And to conclude what a dysfunctional federation this child is living under? It is time the mechanism had an overhaul.