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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Tory MP Norm Doyle May Vote Against Own Govt.

The following appeared today in the Nova Scotia paper, The Chronicle Herald. It’s well worth the read.

If the statement from government is accurate, next week they intend to debate the budget implementation bill. The timing couldn’t be better for the big unity rally happening on Confederation Hill at noon tomorrow.

I look forward to seeing as many of you over there as possible to help send a clear message to Ottawa and apply even more pressure on our MPs. It seems they may still need an extra nudge in the right direction.


OTTAWA — Newfoundland Tory MP Norm Doyle wouldn’t say Wednesday whether he will vote for his own government’s budget, which suggests he may be heeding pressure from his home province to oppose the federal Tories on the offshore accords.

"No comments on the budget at this time," Mr. Doyle said after question period Wednesday.

"You can do whatever stories you want on it, but I have no comments. If you’re relating it to offshore revenues and that kind of thing and equalization, I’ve got no comment to make right now."

The National Post recently reported that East Coast MPs were threatening to vote against the budget, a reflection of widespread anger in Nova Scotia and Newfoundland, where many provincial Tories believe the feds have broken the Atlantic accords.

The other backbench Tories from the two provinces — Bill Casey, Gerald Keddy and Fabian Manning — have said they plan to vote for the budget. The Prime Minister’s Office has told all of them not to discuss the issue with the national media, sources say.

Mr. Doyle has announced he is not planning to run in the next election, which would make it easier for him to defy Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

Mr. Doyle’s refusal to comment suggests he’s having a hard time with his own government’s position, which is very unpopular in Newfoundland, Liberal MP Scott Simms said.

"I’m sure he’s frustrated," Mr. Simms said. "At this point, he must be. He’s always been someone who likes to stand up for his province, so I’m sure this must be a troubling time for him."

Last year, Mr. Simms voted with the opposition against his own government when then-prime minister Paul Martin appeared to be dragging his feet in keeping an election promise to negotiate the offshore accords. He said he would like to see Mr. Doyle take a similar stand now.

"I hope that he does vote against it, to send a message," Mr. Simms said. "I think it’s a great message to send."

The Tories seem to have been trying to delay an embarrassing vote on the budget, says Liberal House leader Ralph Goodale.

The government’s budget implementation act disappeared suddenly from the government’s agenda on April 26, Mr. Goodale said Wednesday.

"For all of April, it was the single leading item on the government’s agenda, just day after day, until we got to two weeks ago," he said. "Then all of a sudden, all the financial information just disappeared."

Mr. Goodale, who helped negotiate the offshore accords as Liberal finance minister, says that, historically, governments always debate budget legislation at this time of year.

"You just clear the decks," he said.

A spokesman for government House leader Peter Van Loan said the government will bring forward budget legislation next week.

"Last week was dedicated to criminal justice matters," he said. "This week is dedicated to democratic reform. Next week will be dedicated to strengthening our economy. We’re doing theme weeks. I don’t know what Goodale’s talking about."

Mr. Goodale said the parliamentary schedule shows the Tories are avoiding a showdown on the deal Mr. Martin signed with John Hamm and Danny Williams.

"The subsequent prime minister is doing his damnedest to weasel out and his own Newfoundland MPs are calling him to account," Mr. Goodale said. "That is an interesting phenomenon and it’s probably the primary reason we haven’t seen any budget legislation for the past two weeks."


Anonymous said...

I'll be watching to see how this developes. Doyle is on the way out anyway so I guess he doesn't need to worry about pi$$ing 'Steve' off.

Hearn and Manning are Harper's court jesters and will do his bidding. Come to think of it, they even look like court jesters.

Anonymous said...

Come on, let's put so much public pressure on Loyola that his weasely little head explodes.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if he'll actually vote against them but if he does it will only prove that Hearn, Manning and the rest (Steve included) know they are doing the wrong thing. It will show that it takes somone who is retiring and doesn't have to fear the wrath of Steve to actually do what's right.

Anonymous said...

Do you think any politician will do anything that is going to jeopardize the benefits they will receive should he/she toe the party line? Political Plums are always being dangled in front of their eyes to keep them focused on the party desires. That Tool is a terrible scourge.

If it happens, it will be for the first time here in Newfoundland and Labrador. You should know by now the "Me Syndrome" is very prevalent in that line of work.

Starrigan said...

Sad indeed. It's not the career you would want if you were an honest man.

Anonymous said...

Great Article Patriot.

I want to wish you all the best of luck with the rally tommorow guys.
Please note that those of us that couldn't stay are thinking of you now ,and want to send our total support to our people and our governement.May God Bless and Love you all .We love you Newfoundland and Labrador."Go Give'm Hell"

As Always ,Lost In Excile

Anonymous said...

politics is not the career you would want if you were an honest man? so you're saying all current provincial and federal politicians are not honest? or are you saying that they are in politics against their will?

Starrigan said...

Ahhhh WJM is that you???

or some other a$$hole???

Anonymous said...

Well $tarrigan! If a$$hole means (in your terminology) what you are making it look like, then you $tarrigan, are one in every $en$e of its true meaning, for never have I seen such $hit from anyone!!! To use an old adage " it take$ one to know one eh $tarrigan!! Po$t $omething $en$ible, you pitiful thing, don't let the folk$ who know what they are talking about get to you like that, poor baby! Boy, but they really irk you, eh!!!

WJM said...

Ahhhh WJM is that you???

No, $tarrigan, it i$ not.

Hi, Liz!

Starrigan said...

So Liz is it, wow you are indeed a master of words. I'm impressed. Why don't you and Ottwally and Crazy Eddy go bug Norm, you won't find any converts here. And on your way you may want to enlist the help of Simple Simon and his Mrs. Your energy is only wasted here.

Anonymous said...

Hate to have to tell you this ,Starrigan, you poor thing, but someone has to, I guess. Your energy is wasted as well, because try as you might, you will never get past the posters on this blog who know what they're at.No name-calling, ranting,or whatever low-down methods you use will stop them. Have you not realized that yet? I feel badly for you, I do. Why don't you put your energy to some good use tho'? Try doing some reasearch to enable you to answer some of the questions the folks ask sometimes. You seem somewhat intelligent. I bet you would learn some very interesting thigs!!

Anonymous said...

This quote is great:

"Paul Martin appeared to be dragging his feet in keeping an election promise to negotiate the offshore accords."

It's the first time I have seen anyone actually use those words. And they are absolutely accurate. he promised to NEGOTIATE THE ACCORDS. Which - in retrospect, is EXACTLY what he did - isn't it? The fact that Newfie Napoleon threw a temper tantrum anyway kind of puts it all in perspective, doesn't it?

Anyway, I enjoyed the rally and the scant media coverage. Enough of this little stuff - let's have a referndum. Let's get out. Canada sucks. And besides, Danny has enough money to take care of us. All of us. He's my hero.

Anonymous said...

You people are pathetic! Let Mr Doyle retire with some dignity and respect and don't be such jerks.

How he votes is for him to decide in good conscience, weighing all the facts.Not everything is a statement against Newfoundland. Don't be so paranoid.

How's he supposed to come home to Newfoundland and retire in peace with you losers calling him all manner of names.


(And yes, I'm calling you names so you know how it feels and because you deserve it....see the difference??)

Anonymous said...

Scant media coverage is how the Feds can control how badly they treat the province of Newfoundland and Labrador. They allow our resources to be pilfered for other places, they do not put any infrastructure here, such as Fdederal Regional Offices and Military bases and they control the National Media by not allowing any of our beefs to be aired Nationally.

Wince said...

It seems all I ever post on this comments thing is how you anonymous posters who like to call names are a bunch of cowards, yet here I am again.

If you can't sign your name to the comments then you are a chicken shit and a craven coward. You words are meaningless because you do not even have the back bone to sign your name.

Worthless pieces of trash.

WJM talks all kinds of smack and signs his name to it. For that he gets my respect. For the rest of you, you are less than dirt.

Edward G. Hollett said...

"Scant media coverage is how the Feds can control how badly they treat the province of Newfoundland and Labrador."

Got any proof of this conspiracy, anon, or is this just something you made up for the heck of it?

Anonymous said...

Starrigan--- you were soundly told off on May 10th 07 11;04 p.m. Can,t take it eh???!!! Give up, you may as well. You're not getting anywhere. To use a popular ( and I do admit, unkind!) saying in this province-- You're too "stunned" to keep up with the folks you call "a$$holes" , so you call them names instead. I guess thats all you knew. I suppose your parents tried tho'!!!