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Monday, March 03, 2008

Stephen Harper Directly Implicated in Bribery Allegation

Political corruption at the highest levels of Canada’s government appears to be happening with frightening regularity these days.

While the Country has borne witness over the past several months to the spectacle of the Mulroney scandal and the reasons behind the former PM’s acceptance of a quarter of a million dollars in cash from a known arms dealer, the quest for the title of “most corrupt” in the Nation’s capitol goes on.

After the Liberal sponsorship scandal the newly minted Conservative party of Canada, under leader Stephen Harper, sailed to an election victory on a promise to clean up government once and for all. A new era of “accountability” was the clarion call that led the Conservatives to the seat of power in Ottawa.

Now, more than two years later very little has changed and it’s business as usual up on the hill.

The people of Canada find themselves with an accountability act that is little more than a watered down perversion of its original promise. The Conservative government has yet to implement all of the actions set out in its own legislation. The PMO has made it standard practice to scapegoat government employees for any and all failures in its own administration and allegations of bribery, by none other than Prime Minister Stephen Harper himself, are now beginning to surface.

In a recently released biography of late federal MP Chuck Cadman, an independent in the House of Commons, his widow alleges the Conservative party leadership offered Mr. Cadman a $1 million dollar life insurance policy shortly before his death. The offer was made on the condition that he vote with the Conservative party and help them topple the sitting government in what can arguabley be described as an illegal and underhanded bloodless coup, Canadian style.

Cadman's widow and daughter both say that two Conservative representatives made a $1-million life insurance offer to the dying MP, who was suffering from terminal cancer at the time, in return for his support on a May 2005 confidence motion.

To set the stage, at the time of the vote on implementation of the federal budget, Mr. Cadman had been ill for some time and was a mere weeks away from death. The Liberal government of Paul Martin was a beaten and battered shadow of its former self after the sponsorship debacle had nearly played itself out. Hanging in the balance were, among other things, the survival of the Liberal government and the long awaited implementation of the hard fought Atlantic Accord contracts between Ottawa, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland & Labrador, contracts that would later be unilaterally undermined by the Harper government after taking office.

Sadly Mr. Cadman died of cancer two months after the critical vote, a vote in which he refused to side with the Conservative party.

In not supporting the Conservative cause Mr. Cadman’s lone vote allowed the bill to pass, the government of the day survived, for a short time at least, and the Atlantic Accord contracts become a reality.

Now, his widow, Dona Cadman, a Conservative candidate herself, claims that shortly before his death her husband told her and her daughter that he had been approached by members of the opposition Conservative party with the offer to buy his vote in Parliament.

Dona Cadman has since told reporters that her husband was livid at the offer.

While the Conservative leadership has been busy of late trying to diffuse and refute the claims, saying they are nothing more than hearsay since Mr. Cadman is not around to speak on the matter himself, on Friday a three-year-old radio interview surfaced that lends a great deal of credibility to the Cadman family's claims.

In a June of 2005 interview with radio station CKNW, Mr. Cadman himself told the Globe and Mail's Dan Cook that the Tories did, in fact, make him financial offers days before the crucial vote.

"There was certainly some, you know, some offers made and some things along those lines about not opposing me and helping out with the finances of the campaign and that sort of thing…”

Another tape, released Thursday, clearly indicates that Prime Minister Stephen Harper, leader of the official opposition at the time, not only knew of the offer to the ailing Cadman but that he supported the buying of a Parliamentary vote, an act that is a direct violation of Canadian law.

Author Tom Zytaruk has released a 2:37 second taped interview with Harper made in September 2005. On the recording, Harper confirms that party officials made a financial appeal to Cadman.

The RCMP are now investigating the allegations but if the decades old Mulroney-Schreiber affair is any indication, no political figure will ever be charged in the case, least of all the Prime Minister himself.


Mike said...

The Globe and Mail is reporting today:

Prime Minister Stephen Harper...filing a notice of libel suit against Liberal Leader Stéphane Dion and two other top members of his caucus.

Court documents obtained by CTV and The Globe and Mail say two articles published on the Liberal website were “devastatingly defamatory.”

The notice of libel...takes on the Opposition for saying that Mr. Harper knew Conservative party officials attempted to bribe Mr. Cadman...

I wonder if those papers were filed with the court before the tape was released in which Harper admitted he knew that party officials had approached Cadman?

If not, the guy's got some balls to admit he knew and then file a suit for libel claiming he didn't know.

Calvin said...

Simply put Patriot .A new breed of liar's has now been caught .Why do people have no faith in the federal system.Because ,everytime the people turn around they know that thier governement really isn't thier's.Thease liars and thiefs are just the same as the one's we voted out the last time .

Can we blame Quebec for voting in a separtist government at each and every election.At least they get something from that government.

This version of government has to be changed for the sake of what is left to this country called canada.If not I fear there will be nothing left to save but a group of whining self serving arrogant hypocrytes that have nothing but power and control on thier minds.Which is basically what we have here now .

Lets do what they have done in Quebec ,and Saskatchewan.Why do we have to always be the last to learn everything the hard way .

Now is the time for change !!!

http://www.nlfirst.ca !!!

NL-ExPatriate said...

Isn't there something about a death bed confession that makes it admissible in court?

NL-ExPatriate said...

Calvin don't believe the spin and mis information concerning the Bloc being a separatist party.

It is physically impossible for the Bloc to be a separatist party. No national party can call a referendum. The Bloc is only there to protect the interests of Quebecers and that is all they are able to do in the HOC.

You hear more issues from the BQ that from any of the other national parties. The only concern of the national parties is to get elected and they do that by tailoring their policies and agendas towards the more populace majority provinces to the detriment of the minority provinces. Democratic Discrimination by the national parties. By electing provincial federal parties we will get away from the partisan politics and start addressing some of the issues of the minority provinces and maybe just maybe develop a vision for the country as opposed to what we have now which is a vision by the national parties to win the next election.

If they were truly a separatist party they have had the moral authority to separate for along time because they have had well over 51% of their available 75 MP's elected into the HOC for some time now.

A referendum can only be called by a provincial party and in Quebecs case that would be the Party Quebecois which is the third party in their provincial legislature.

Calvin said...

As Always ,nl-expat your explanation and version of how things work in Canadain Politics
is as close to reality and thruth as your going to get .

My only question is will we as a nation now see this as a whole.Can we rise to the occasion and send a party to Ottawa that will have the best Intersts of the province at heart.

The lies deception and treachery that is the main body politic,cannot ,has not ,and will not do for us what needs to be done to for Newfoundland and Labrador.

Why will the premeirs Office not come forward and endorse a party that will make this happen."ABC" I fear has fallen short.