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Monday, May 12, 2008

The Truth is...

With the news that Newfoundland and Labrador will soon be moving away from equalization while Ontario will be moving toward a “have not” position, much has been said by government and the media alike on the subject.

Over the past week it seems, to this observer, as if the objective has not been to clearly discuss Ontario’s woes or even to congratulate Newfoundland and Labrador for its success. The objective of some seems instead to be an offensive against Newfoundland and Labrador by turning what should have been a good news story into some sort of blight.

During this time Newfoundland and Labrador has been called the “poor cousin” of Confederation. It’s been pounded home time and time again how Newfoundland and Labrador has “never been off of equalization since it joined Canada”. It’s been called a place that, “wants to have its cake and eat it too”. It’s been said that “Newfoundland and Labrador is the place to go if you want to see your (Ontario) tax dollars at work” and Newfoundland and Labrador’s Premier was even asked by one political reporter if he was willing to give up some oil wealth to help Ontario out of its troubles.

None of this was done with tongue firmly planted in cheek. In fact, for the most part, the tone was far darker than anything publicly said about Newfoundland and Labrador in recent memory.

Unfortunately, through it all, the true story of Newfoundland and Labrador’s existence and its first tentative steps toward so called “Have” status were, not even once, put before the people of Canada in an honest way.

The truth is: At the time Newfoundland and Labrador entered Canada in 1949 its total debt was about $100 million dollars. After 59 years of Confederation that debt mushroomed to over $11 billion dollars, the highest per capita debt in Canada. This is what happens when, as my dear Mother says, “you have to borrow money to pay the light bills and put food on the table”.

The truth is: For centuries the historic ocean trade routes between North America and Europe saw thousands of ships travel the eastern seaboard and fill the harbours of Newfoundland and Labrador, as well as the Maritime provinces. That isn’t the case any more. In an effort to centralize industry and grow the mega economies of Ontario & Quebec the Federal Government used the tax dollars of all Canadians, including those in Atlantic Canada, to construct the St. Lawrence Seaway, essentially killing commercial traffic flow into Atlantic ports.

The truth is: When Newfoundland and Labrador entered Canada it boasted the world’s most prolific fishing resource off its shores. It was a fishery envied around the world. Upon entering Confederation this fishery fell under the control and management of Ottawa. By 1992 this fishery had been mismanaged into collapse and overnight more than 40,000 people lost their livelihoods. The impact to Newfoundland and Labrador’s small population was the equivalent to Ontario losing one million jobs in the blink of an eye.

The truth is: In the 1960’s Newfoundland and Labrador began development of the Upper Churchill Hydro Electric project. At the time it was the biggest project of its kind in North America. The Province of Quebec refused to let Newfoundland and Labrador wheel electricity across its borders at market rates and although the federal government had the authority to force the issue it did not. As a result Quebec now makes billions directly from the Newfoundland and Labrador resource and billions more through the industries it attracted. The owners of that power, Newfoundland and Labrador, can barely afford to keep the turbines spinning. This situation will continue to exist for another 33 years.

The truth is: Even though most of the oil and gas discovered off its shores would never have fallen inside Canadian jurisdiction had Newfoundland and Labrador not entered into Confederation in 1949, the federal government never the less has control of those resources, not the province. The way the federal government views the subject, in Canada oil on land belongs to the province, oil under the water belongs to Ottawa.

The truth is: When Newfoundland and Labrador petitioned the federal government for the right to force oil companies to develop major finds, rather than sitting on them as a “nest egg”, Ottawa refused to stand up for Newfoundland and Labrador. This is why today if a company in Alberta does not develop a discovery within 5 years they lose control of it to the Province. In Newfoundland and Labrador an oil company can sit on a discovery forever, never produce a drop, and prevent anyone else from accessing that find.

The truth is: Although the original 1985 Atlantic Accord supposedly ensured that Newfoundland and Labrador would receive the full benefits of oil resources, it wasn’t until an update to the contract in 2005 that the spirit of the deal was actually fulfilled and a fairer sharing of revenues was delivered.

The truth is: After disputing the value of the 1985 Accord for 20 years and after fiercely battling the Federal Liberal Government for months Newfoundland and Labrador finally got the changes it wanted with the signing of the 2005 update to the Atlantic Accord contract. A little more than a year later the Federal Conservative Government, without consulting the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador, unilaterally changed that contract denying Newfoundland and Labrador, according to independent economic estimates, of $10 billion dollars in potential revenue.

The truth is: The list of ways Newfoundland and Labrador has been impeded in improving its economic situation is a lengthy one, with many other examples similar to those identified here.

The truth is: In spite of those roadblocks Newfoundland and Labrador is finally beginning to see some small signs of progress. That progress is not due to the benevolence of the Canadian government. It is because the people who have clung to Newfoundland and Labrador’s rocky coastline for centuries simply refused to give up in the face of adversity.

The truth is: Today Quebec continues to make billions from the Upper Churchill power plant in Labrador. Ottawa still refuses to force oil companies to stop sitting on massive reserves. 16 years after the cod fishery collapsed the fish stocks still have not recovered, yet Ottawa continues to turn a blind eye to foreign fishing fleets raping the spawning grounds off Newfoundland and Labrador.


The Truth is: In spite of it all, Newfoundland and Labrador is paying down its debt, to the tune of nearly 1.5 billion over the past couple of years.

Newfoundland and Labrador has finally recorded multi-year surpluses in its provincial budgets.

Newfoundland and Labrador has reached a point where it requires only $18 million dollars in federal equalization payments this year and will move off equalization completely next year.

The truth is: While the unemployment rate in Newfoundland and Labrador is still more than double the national average it is at least moving in the right direction and is currently at a 25 year low.

That’s the truth.

Now imagine for a moment what Newfoundland and Labrador might have accomplished if it had been given half a chance.


Anonymous said...

Myles - One doesn't need much of an imagination to have known what should have been done with the assets you just described.

Of course we should have been one of the most industralized parts of the world given the ready supply of natural resources which included coveted hydroelectric energy and being located on the Trans Atlantic Trade routes.

Yes, it should have been a cinch to have created a mega power and the most industralized nation on the face of the earth with those assets and such a great geographic location.

Just think Japan and what transpired there after the Second World War. Japan had been bombed into oblivion, it possessed very few resources and isolation but yet it grew into one of the G7 Nations.

It is heartbreaking how history unfolded for Newfoundland and Labrador.

Calvin said...

The truth Is: If we had not joined Confederation in 1949 that Oil would belong totally to Newfoundland and Labrador.

The truth Is: If we had not been black mailed by the British Governement and the Liberial Party of Canada ,those Trade Routes Myles ,would be a far bit more expensive then what they would have been.

The truth Is: If Newfoundland and Labrador did not enter Confederation we would have had American help and the IMF to build the ChurchHill.Forceing Quebec thru economics and American trade to allow America the power it so badly wanted.

The truth Is: If Newfoundland and Labrador had not entered into Confederation we would still have control over our continental shelf.Saving thousands of displaced people the indignity of accepting values they do not believe in or accept rammed down thier throat.

The truth Is: If Newfoundland and Labrador had not entered into confederation with Canada we would have a trans Labrador Highway System.( And,Condo's in Cartwright)

The truth Is: Newfoundland and Labrador had a North American Trade agreement with the U.S .(Who ran and bitched to Mother England.)

The truth Is patriot ,that this so called deal between to nations was more like a date rape.And,we as big brother had our hands and legs tied as we watched our land raped by a Government that wanted nothing more then thier wartime debt paid off.from Term29 to the Atlantic Accord.

By the way Patriot ,thease so called canadain types continually say how much this country has given to Newfoundland and Labrador.They do not see what they were given because anything stolen simply has no value on it.Easy come easy go as they say.This totally explains canadain mentality towards the province and the resources it has raped.I prey that God may forgive them someday.Because I cannot.

Anonymous said...

Myles - another apology about to be mouthed by the Federal Government for an incident which happened 94 years ago to a group of East Indians from Asia. Read below an excerpt from the article which appears in today's Globe and Mail.

My question Myles is: WHEN is the apology going to be forthcoming to Newfoundland and Labrador by Ottawa over the economic destitution and resulting out-migration it caused in the province simply because of the economic structure that was imposed on the province of Newfoundland and Labrador? Especially what ocurred as a result of the loss to Newfoundland and Labrador for 72 years one of its main resources, the Upper Churchill Hydro electric energy project which Ottawa was too much of a coward to oversee, so that things were done properly and if not to have stopped the process.

Then there were the loss of many other of its natural resources fish, minerals and oil for processing, smelting and refining, simply because the structure was
such that existing Canadian smelters and refineries got preference.

I think an apology is in order, after all Ottawa promised us that we would be an equal entity in the Canadian Confederation?

Below is the title of the article which appears in today's Globe and Mail.

Ottawa ready to apologize for Komagata Maru incident

From Tuesday's Globe and Mail

May 13, 2008 at 4:34 AM EDT

Anonymous said...

Most NL'ers feel this way, I would say upwards of 70-80%. Why not just leave and form your own country? The 20-30% that don't feel this way will leave for the mainland. Maybe those ex-pats who come here and on other forums will return to the island to help build the nation of NL, or maybe they won't. Than you can build the kind of country that you want and so desire.

Really, what are you waiting for? After having moved back to NL last summer I am now moving back to AB. It has nothing to do with not wanting to live in NL, more to do with the opportunity I have been presented with elsewhere and quality of life I want for my family. NL is a far different place than it was 20 years ago and will be an even far different place 20 years in the future.

I am not goading here. I am being sincere. The rest of Canada has its own issues and problems. No one really cares what happens on the rock, they are concerned about their own problems and can you really blame them? I have no doubt that there will be difficult times ahead for an independant country like NL but what is the alternative? Life on the rock has always been hard, whether it was when it was a colony, responsible govt. or as a province in the confederation of Canada.

You have Danny Williams, Randy Simms, the oil and gas, the fishery is rebounding, abundant fresh water and hydro electricity potential and all the other answers, so what's the hold up? Canada doesn't care about your pithy problems, they have their own pithy issues, that's a fact. Just like those in St. John's don't really give a damn about the outport rural areas of the island and Labrador, that's a fact. The areas with the highest populations get to make the decisions for everyone else, it's called majority rules. It is what it is.

Accept it for what it is or do something about it. All the whining in the world, all the facts that you present aren't going to change how it is.

For things to change, you have to change. The opportunity for change is now, I wish you all the best of luck in whatever path you choose but for the love of God stop complaining. It is falling on deaf ears, really. Your time and energy wil be better spent in more positive way.


Anonymous said...

Glenn said we should stop whining and do something about it. I agree something needs to be done but I disagree with the "Whining" comment.

It may be a matter of perception, but I don't see what happens here, on open line programs or in editorials as whining. I see it as spreading the message and getting the truth out to those who will never get it through corporate media.

The best way to ensure that a group of people are not outcast, forgotten or abused is to ensure that those who are in control see them as real people with real issues needing to be addressed.

That's not whining, it's one prong of a multi-pronged approach to change.

Anonymous said...

It's whining when you are doing it with the expectations that there is an audience outside of the converted who are interested in hearing it. Expecting a government to apologize for a self perceived wrongdoing and going on about it when they don't or won't is whining.

To you and others who believe in your position it's music to your ears. To the outside world it sounds like someone is playing a violin, hence the term whining.

This doesn't mean you don't have a point or your beef isn't a legimate one. It's just that the rest of the country has the mute button turned on because they have their own gripes that are just as legimate to them as yours are to you.

Time to start looking after yourselves even if that means taking a serious and HONEST look at going it alone.

Good Luck.


Anonymous said...

Who would have built the Trans-Labrador Highway? Certainly not Newfoundlanders. The past 59 years proves that.

Starrigan said...

There's definitely a nugget of truth in what Glen is saying. I've always said we should forget about the wrongs of the past and move on. Not that the past is not important, God knows we've been screwed every way imaginable. That's the kind of thing we can point to as examples of why we should move ahead. It's why we should go on our own. We need to plant the seed of separation and the water it with the wrongs of the past.
Glen is right, there will never be an apology from Ottawa on anything that ever happened down our way. It's just pissin' in the wind. We need to direct our energy elsewhere. Danny has the right idea. We have to become masters of our own house, work towards getting ourselves in good shape. We have an opportunity and I think he is making the best of it. We can't just up and leave right now. There's time to pay down the debt, build infrastructure, attract industry, develop the lower Churchill, and so on. All the while we should keep our eyes on the prize, a separate NL. The day will come when we're sittin' pretty and leaving Canada will be a given.
We just have to keep watering that seed.

Anonymous said...

Anon asked, "who would have built the trans Labrador Highway..." The answer is nobody, not the feds either.

Just drive over what's called a highway and you'll know the truth.

The feds are sucking us dry. Always have and always will.

Anonymous said...

The sad fact is that other provinces got the cream of Newfoundland and Labrador's resource, since they created the major economies from them.

Why when those natural resources were signed away did we not get enough remuneration from them to have compensated, for the fact that the province would be left with the responsibility of not being able to create a meaningful economy itself and therefore not be able to build any infrastructure as a result of no money to do so? How INEPT were the people who were signing away our natural resources? Did those responsible pad their own pockets and kept their mouths shut all the while leaving the ordinary Newfoundlander and Labradorian in the dark? As Newfoundlanders and Labradorians we would have wanted the most from our resources so that we could have kept our heads above water and taken care of what needed to be taken care of. We were shafted by those who pretended to be taking care of us.

It seems that every contract which got signed on our natural resources became a destructive one and some place else became the beneficiary.

That is quite obvious since we neither have industry here nor infrastructure, as a result very few people are employed in Newfoundland and Labrador, and we have no money to build infrastructure.

Who is responsible for these past mistakes and who is going to fix it?

I write this with the hope that somebody is reading it and recognizes that there were many mistakes made and yet I see nobody stepping up to the plate to accept responsibility or make an apology.

We see the positive footprints of economies formed in other provinces of Canada which became the beneficiary of our resources, but nobody seems to have any respect for the province of Newfoundland and Labrador which was instrumental in giving them the economies.

I am sick of being scorned in this province, when the ordinary person had no say into where our resources ended up. I speak for myself and I am sure many others. I would not have wanted our resources to have gone anywhere but to have stayed in our province to have been processed, refined and smelted so as to have given us a robust economy.

I would rather have sent off the equalization monies and to have been credited in that column of the ledger, instead of having to be debited with receiving the equalization monies here. It is really an UNFAIR situation to have found ourselves.

And Glenn, I also agree with most of what you had to say, but if Ottawa can TODAY offer an apology to a group from India who tried to claim refugee status here 94 years ago, it can also grant an apology to the province of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Anonymous said...

Indeed there is a nugget in what Glenn is saying but he's still off base on the "whining".

This not about talking on and on over the past. The stuff Myles wrote about can all be addressed today and are still going on.

They should not be left behind and forgotten.

Upper Churchill must still be addressed by our people. Either through some workaround with Lower Churchill or by taking the newest evidence to court and fighting a contract signed under duress (with a board member who had a conflict of interest and inside information).

The fishery and foriegn overfishing can still be addressed to rebuild the stocks.

Fallow field can and should be enacted.

The Atlantic Accord should be reset to what it was intended to be.

These are not the "past". They are ongoing events that Ottawa and our provincial politicians alike need to be reminded of on a daily basis.

To say it's ancient history is BS so whining about it is useless is a copout.

Anonymous said...

I agree, this isn't old stuff it's still active and something needs to be done about it. If we just say, "what the hell, what's done is done" then they win and we will be crapped on forever!

I'll tell you something else that's not old and needs to be addressed.

Even though we have nearly all of the east coast along Newfoundland and Labrador, there is almost no miliary presence. Not so out west.

Harper promised to station a batallion at Goose Bay and other response equipment. This week he announced 30 billion for the military but not one mention of doing anything for Goose Bay.

When he was asked about it Loyola Hearn tried to say it would be easier to do if Todd Russell, the Liberal MP from Labrador, would work with the government.

Give me a break. I don't like Todd Russell any more than I like Loyola Hearn but to blame an opposition MP for the government's inaction on this is pure politics at its worst.

Ottawa is screwing NL again and most people are too blind to see it.

Keep reminding them and never give up!!!!

Calvin said...

If its the Newfoundland and Labrador Party,or the NLFirst Party ,or someother political force the messege must be sent to Ottawa.Not St John's.

Danny Williams is one man .It takes more then one man to win a war.When we stop looking at it as a war,then we have truely lost.

Look at the influx of people returning to Saskatchewan.Need I say anymore.Its time to send our own to the fight ,and show them what the term " Fighting Newfoundlander and Labradorian",really means.

PS,Glen isn't this the third or fourth time you've " GONE " to Alberta.

Anonymous said...

Second time Calvin. Spent 10 years permanently there and tried to transition by commuting to and fro the past year. Was waiting on a certain "project" to start up that would have allowed for me to transfer permanently to the rock, was in tight with an engineering firm, but that looks at least 3-4 years off now. But as one door closed in NL 3 more opened in AB. It is what it is, why fight it? It'll happen when the time is right. I'll still be keeping my boat and motor in NL. Just in case I want to go on a fishing trip.

Thanks for your concern though. (Tougue planted firmly in cheek.)

Also Calvin, my many friends who have moved back to SK are doing so because the "new" gov there opened up its doors to big oil and the evil capitalist investors. Brad Wall ran on a platform of hope whereas Calvert ran on a platform of fear. Too bad for Lorne, worked for Danny though. For every Ying there is a Yang I always say. SK softened its tone and the investor class is listening and obliging.

Also, to clarify my earlier post about whining. Awhile back there was a spread in the G&M about Danny Williams which talked about Danny the man, the lawyer and the politician. In it he described the times he met with Harper and presented que cards and piecharts showing the amounts of money NL has generated through Churchill compared to Quebec , the amount of money broken down from offshre oil with respect to NL's share, Canada's share and the oil companies' share etc. That weekend I travelled across the country and on three different flights talked to 7 passengers, mostly from On, who all said the same thing. For the first time they all said they understood NL's angst. They all said that when they read the article and the "facts" were presented without all the background noise they went away with a diferent view of NL. They all asked the same question, "Why isn't this story told THIS WAY more often? Why all the chest thumping?" The question I get asked alot is why are you guys (Newfoundlanders) so angry?

That's my point. We have to begin using our wit, charm and sincerity more often. When you see the premier next time on TV, look at his body language. He looks like he's itching for a fight. He grinds his jowls and makes animated gestures with his arms and hands. His tone is sharp and forceful. It's aggressive behaviour that forces his audience to get their guard up. They aren't receptive or open to the message because they are in a defensive position. It works well in a courthouse where that environment breeds such behaviour (Hi Mark, can you read this?) and amonst the local yokels, but can only carry you so long in the public arena which is highly scrutinized.

When it comes to wittyness, charm, one-up-manship and salt of the earth qualities, we have it in spades or by the boatlaod if you will. It flows easily from us and we don't have to fake it or put on airs. That is not the same as letting people walk all over you. I doubt that tact will be tried by outsiders now that they have seen the last 5 years in action. When people from away compliment us they say things like "easy going, hard working, give you the shirt off their backs, kind, charitable and make you feel like one of their own." We are an endearing people.(I almost used race instead of people but don't want to offend some of my Liberal acquaintances/adversaries.)

The best thing that can come out of the Cameron inquiry, besides apologizing to the victims and ensuring that this doesn't never happen again, is that the Premier might soften up a bit and learn a little humility. Danny could do a lot more if he showed his human side more often. (Coincidentally, that's Harper's biggest knock against him, he's cold, shrewd and impersonable) Right now the preem isn't handling things well and it shows. One can see the increasing number of negative comments directed his way by those who could be called anything but fair weather friends.

That's what I was getting at with my earlier rant on whining. Time to switch gears people. Stop demanding and start smothering with kindness, stop being angry. Or move on. Hope I cleared that up.


babe in boyland said...

the truth is: the rich resources of the inuit and innu were stolen by the people who became known as labradoreans, to create economies for themselves. the rich resources and even the lives of the beothuk were stolen by the people who became known as newfoundlanders, to create economies for themselves. "sow the wind and reap the whirlwind."

calvin said...

Well Glenn, you will have to excuse my long delay I guess to your post .I will honestly say that I looked at what you have said with an open mind and a clear heart. There are a few things in your post Glenn that still do baffle me. And, you’re going to have to excuse my bluntness to this, but that’s the way I’m made I guess

(Sorry about your cheek).

“When you see the premier next time on TV, look at his body language. He looks like he's itching for a fight. He grinds his jowls and makes animated gestures with his arms and hands. His tone is sharp and forceful. It's aggressive behavior that forces his audience to get their guard up. They aren't receptive or open to the message because they are in a defensive position. “

You had mentioned the Premier of the Province, Danny Williams, has some draw backs. I really hate how I keep coming back to the Premiers defense but unfortunately I have no choice seeing how many Ex-Pats have forgotten a great deal of their history. I think that the said “ aggressive behavior “ Glenn comes from 59 years of continues lie’s from the Federal Government of Canada .Now I’m not putting this totally on your conservative party plate but, facts are facts ,and Harper turned out to be a liar. Glenn that’s on paper, so the conversation with those facts is none debatable.

The history of the province constantly shows how the province has been used and abused by those at the federal level of government. An example I hate coming back to is the dreaded Churchill contract. They blamed Smallwood, saying that it was a deal between two Provinces .End of story. Now we have the Atlantic Accord Glenn. Will Canada now say the same thing there? I guess what I’m trying to get at is the fact that if this was any other province in Canada (especially Quebec) do you think that this would even be tolerated by the people of that province.

(Insert chest thumping here)

I think we hold different views on what has transpired in Saskawean Glenn. My take on what has happened there is that the fair people of that province have had enough, and now they relies the same as what the people of Quebec have. Get as much representation in Ottawa as you can for your province or else. Harper has clearly shown that he can and will buy votes, but enough about George Bush Jr.

I, being a former member of the Conservative Party of Canada can simply agree with those in my homeland .Two things must happen. Confederation with Canada must be renegotiated or we must have a strong sincere look at independence. I believe Glenn that Mr. Grimes has approached the feds on debate to re-open the terms of union. Look how good that went over.

All in all Glenn being as nice as we have been for the last 59 years has gotten us no were. And, I’m sorry to say that if we were misguided enough to go down that road again I believe that we would get the same results. For me what it all comes down to Glenn is the lack of representation in Ottawa we truly have .2.2% of the federal house has meant and always will mean that Newfoundland and Labrador will never and always will be raped by Canada. It’s called “taxation without representation” .So, on the next flight you have, and I hope it’s a safe one; maybe you can use your salt to show a more realistic picture of what a Federal Government can do to its own people. Maybe then they can understand why these so called Canadians, want to leave this so called “Great Country “

PS, Glenn you should be a little bit relaxed with Myles. At least the majority of the folks that read web-talk still hold faith in this country.OH, and my apology’s for the cheek .I hope it feels better soon.

NL-ExPatriate said...

You know I'm getting sick and tired of trying to point out the forest for the trees to you guys.

It is the political system!

That is to say no national party or it's representative will ever defend or promote NL above Ontario and Quebec just because of the numbers involved and that is the political system we have gotten ourselves into.

If you want an easy to use phrase it is basically "Democratic Discrimination against the minority provinces by the national parties!"

You have no one to blame but yourself for continuing to vote for and elect a national party representative MP no matter what national party they are all the same they all have the same party line due to our systemically flawed political system of " doing whats in the best interest of the majority" and because our centralized population with 6% living on 2% of our landmass between Quebec and Windsor. Now you might ask what came first the centralized population or the national party policies of vote buying which caused the nations population to become centralized in two provinces? Chicken or Egg?

You might be forgiven for continuing to elect national party representatives MP's because until now we have never had a choice and the insanity of doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result was the only choice we had.

Just ask yourself this what national party or national party representative MP will ever stand up in the House of Commons and demand that Quebec allow a national energy corridor. None Quebec has 75 seats and is forever threatening separation and no national party leader wants to be known as the leader who allowed Quebec to separate so we will always play second fiddle and get the shitty end of the stick as long as we continue to send national party representatives to Ottawa to represent our morals values ethics standards and concerns.

So stop blaming th national party representatives that you have elected and continue to elect because you and you alone are responsible for electing them over and over and expecting a different result. Insanity!

Hope springs eternal in a democracy because you feel you have a choice and you are involved with your vote but unfortunately for us and all of the minority provinces in this federation electing a national party representative MP with our current political system is HOPELESS!

So stop blaming Efford and Hearne or any of our other national party representatives you have elected and start working towards changing the systemically flawed political system.


It's time for a real change!

Vernacular Song said...

Well what can one say after that.Thank you NL-Expatraite for spelling it out for us once again.Now for the important part.

Will Newfoundlander's and Labradorians's finally listen.


MrChills said...

Great read Myles, it really hits the point home in black and white.

Anonymous said...

NL First will never amount to anything. What have they done in FOUR years? They can't even update their website or get on the radio or anything. They ran in one election and got 32 votes. They haven't vied for any other election or by-election and probably never will. A total bunch of angry, bigotted washouts. We definitely need a new party that will aggressively defend NL's interests in Ottawa but NL First isn't it - they're as full of BS as the all of the other federal parties.