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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Put Newfoundland and Labrador First

Unfortunately this was sent to me anomously, but never the less I love it when one of our readers decides to get a little creative, especially with a political statement. Enjoy.

Parties now vie for your votes once again,
Under the guise of having a plan,
They say that your future will not be the same;

NDP, Liberal, Green or a Tory,
Election time it’s all the same story;
With promises swirling and lies in the spin,
Four years of power they all hope to win;

Ontario and Quebec consider their prize,
Under which party the best future lies;
Newfoundland and Labrador looks on in despair,
Damned by them all why should we care;

Liars and cheaters will answer the call,
All bloated and bought off they campaign in the fall;
No matter who wins our future’s the same,
Democratic injustice is Canada’s game;

After ballots are counted and they’ve all filled their cup,
Nothing will change it will still be corrupt;
Dion and Harper, Layton and May,
Laugh at our dreams of a bright coming day;

All that they want is to capture our vote,
But when it comes to our future please make a note;
Regardless which party the people elect,
All power will flow to Ontario and Quebec;

Don’t for a minute fall prey to their kind,
Or believe they will govern with our interests in mind;

Remember the past and the future is clear,
Forget what they tell you don't lend them your ear,
It’s all just more bullshit, disdain and dispair;

Remember the promises broken in past,
Stand up and fight back or the die will be cast;
Turn your back on them all as a part of our past;


NL-ExPatriate said...

Wow that is good. I wish I had come up with that one.

Any chance we at the NL-FIRST party could get permission to use it?

Anonymous said...


Patriot said...

Hi NL-Ex,

It was sent anomously so I don't see why there would be a problem.

Anonymous said...

Hey great poem to get a point across, how might i go about using it here in his little town to get a point to an uncaring population??