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Friday, September 05, 2008

Tory Pre-Election Spending Spree

And so the great Canadian tradition of vote buying begins again, part of our shame based heritage...

Tories slammed for $8.8-billion pre-election spending splurge.

Associated Press - OTTAWA

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation says the Harper government's pre-election spending is out of this world.

The group says the Conservatives have doled out a whopping $8.8 billion since June - including a $2,000 grant to commemorate a UFO sighting.

Federation director John Williamson says there have been almost 300 pre-election commitments, adding up to about $94 million a day, or almost $4 million every hour.

Williamson says the spending binge is exactly the kind of pre-election splurge Prime Minister Stephen Harper criticized the Liberals for in the run-up to the 2006 federal election.

Among the big-ticket Tory commitments: $1.1 billion for a so-called "road map for linguistic duality;" $350,000 for an ice cream company in Prince Edward Island; and $297,000 for a ski club in Newfoundland. (Web Talk note: Let's not forget the bailout of the Ontario Ford plant, something Harpo said he wouldn't do)

Canada's faltering economy seems likely to be a dominant issue in a federal election campaign that's to begin Sunday, and Williamson says Ottawa should be showing the same spending restraint as Canadian families.


Anonymous said...

New poll shows Danny Williams is as popular as ever (pretty good for, as Loyola Hearn said today, "A dictator".).

Here are the numbers:

The latest Corporate Research Associates survey says 78% of decided voters back the PCs, while 14 percent prefer the Liberals. 7% support the NDP. The numbers are in line with the last survey.

Danny Williams' personal popularity is at 77 percent

86 percent of those surveyed say they are satisfied with the performance of the provincial government

The survey was conducted from August 12 to August 30th and are accurate to within +3.5 percentage points in 95 out of 100 samples.

Not the kind of numbers Fabian Manning and any other Con running in NL are happy about seeing I'll bet.

Election time is back to school time for the Conservatives. Time to learn their ABC's

The Lone Sailor said...

8.8 billion dollars!!! It's ridiculous. But what are we gonna do about it...nothing. This has always gone on in politics. Use the hard earned money of the citizens to buy their way back into the government seat. It's sickening, but that's our "honourable members" doing what they do best. Question : Are there any in the provincial and federal governments that deserve that term, "honourable"?