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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Message to EU - Stop the Slaughter of Baby Animals

Day after day, week after week, month after month and year after year millions upon millions of innocent lambs like the one pictured here are mercilessly slaughtered around the European Union and elsewhere in the world.

In places like Scotland, Australia, the Netherlands and even in Great Britain these poor defenseless animals are regularly massacred, their blood running into the earth, simply to satisfy the gastronomic yearnings of people around the world.

Every year the EU rakes in hundreds of millions of dollars from this barbaric practice.

When will it stop?

An upcoming Parliamentary vote to ban Harp Seal imports into the EU may finally provide an opportunity to end the barbaric slaughter of these defenseless baby lambs once and for all. It may also provide animal rights groups with the means to limit exports of meat from cattle, geese, ducks, goats and any other species a caring nation may wish to prevent EU member nations from freely exporting.

If the vote to ban seal products passes the EU Parliament the government of Canada intends to fight the legislation at the World Trade Organization (WTO).
The Canadian government contends that banning a product for importation simply because it is deemed by EU members as having been produced “inappropriately” in their eyes is a clear violation of WTO trade practices.

The EU legislation is the first time any WTO member has attempted to block trade using such a method.

If the WTO supports the EU ban on seal products it will set a precedent that will allow any nation to ban products it deem as being “unsavory” in the way it was produced or which violates the sensibilities of its people with regard to animal rights. This includes lamb and other products exported from the EU itself.
Due to the nature of farming in various parts of the EU these poor lambs are not always killed humanely or consistently. Often individual farmers are left to perform the horrible act by cutting an animals throat, prodding it in the head with high powered electrodes or heaven only knows how they may decide to do it.
Although many of the nations involved have regulations in place in an effort to make the process more humane, the laws are ineffective and all but impossible to enforce. Too few inspectors and too little concern is given to enforcing those laws with any kind of consistency across such a large and multi-national area.
Often the lambs suffer immensely and nobody is there to hear them scream.

As animal rights advocates around the world await the decision of both the EU Parliament and potentially the WTO afterward, the thought that is likely on their minds, or should be, is how quickly the horrible practice of slaughtering baby lambs can be put to an end.


Anonymous said...

The sooner the better for me that the seal hunt comes to an end. Then the pseudo-Animal Rights Group will have no way of scamming the 'unaware public' out of the few precious dollars they have to look after their families.

What animal will,the so called Animal Right's group use then to replace the image of the seal on their annual poster in their quest to collect the hundreds of millions of dollars it collects annually from the ill informed donors who they suck into their ponzi scheme web every year?

Paul Watson onced referred to the image of the seal, as being ideal, since it has an omnipresent tear in it eyes which tugs at the heartstrings of the unsuspecting donors; and he said as a result of that natural tear people donate in the millions of dollars.

I also can't wait then to see all the other animal slaughters, which are equally as cruel, come to a screeching end, or will they?

Where will the so called Animal Right's group find another cute animal's image to bring the other slaughters to an end? If such a image is out there, why are they not alternativing it with the image of the seal?

For sure they will have a much harder job dealing with the organized beef, lamb and pork industries, if they wish to save the cows, lambs and piglets?

I think the only industry that they will be successful in ending is going to be the seal.

Once they have that accomplished, it will be interesting to see if they will go after the European Union to stop them from fishing in our offshore waters, now that there will be extra pressure on the same fish bio mass from the extra seals which will be left in that eco-system?

Yes, will the European Union countries be ready to give up the quotas of fish they depend on annually to feed themselves, so that the extra 250,000 seals can eat

After the seal hunt has ended, it will be interesting times indeed?

Ussr said...

Bravo Bravo Bravo, great story Patrioit.

Great article my man. The fact that these countries are putting pressure on us in regards to this industry because they deem it to be brutal is somewhat laughable. These are people that have been brainwashed by animal rights extremists (Terrorists).

A good question was put forward by Anon April 15, 2009 4:02 PM, were will they get their money now that they can’t beat up on us.
Look at the Bloody murders in the E.U, killing poor defenseless little baby lambs.

What kind of human being can kill a poor defenseless cute and cuddly sweet animal like this? This is nothing but cold blooded murder of a defenseless animal that has done nothing wrong. How can you place this poor animal in a pen? Forcing it to live in captivity, and then cut its throat in cold blood when you feel that you can make a profit on its dead rotting flesh.
Appalling is all I can say. Why can’t we all be vegans?

" Republic Of "

Ussr said...

Newfoundland Should Get Out of Canada If Things Remain The Same!

By Clinton P. Desveaux

For 55 years Newfoundland has been waiting on the promise that being a Canadian province would offer amazing opportunities. Well amazing opportunities have happened all right, amazing in the sense that Newfoundland and Labrador is sort of a giant steamship slowly sinking under the weight of an iceberg called Canada!

The funny thing about Newfoundlanders and Labradoreans however is that unlike Québécois, or Albertan’s who will never send Liberals to Ottawa again to represent them in front of the people of Canada; the folks on “the rock” lack the inner fortitude to tell folks like Byrne and Efford to make up their minds. Hey Efford, Matthews, and Byrne are you Newfoundlanders and Labradoreans first, or just a bunch of pathetic Ottawa trained seals that jump whenever Liberals says ‘Now’?

What kind of people would allow themselves to be fooled into signing deals like the Upper Church Hills Falls Hydro Electric Project? Billions of dollars leave Newfoundland and Labrador while the rest of Canada sits back and laughs…Oh it’s okay next time Newfoundland and Labrador will not get screwed over…yeah right…

I have lived all over Canada, and yet no region or people that I’m aware of continue to get rotted yoghurt force fed to it from the rest of Canada. These folks are amazing; to think they remain loyal to not only Canada but also the Liberal Party of Canada, WOW!

One of the more funny stories to come about in Newfoundland is that they actually convince themselves into thinking that only Canada knows how to best manage their own fishery.

This is of course is the very same Canada governed by Liberals which murdered one of the greatest fisheries this planet has ever seen, and all for pure crass political reasons, yet the good people in Newfoundland and Labrador keep voting Liberal, talk about stupid…

Hey to the guys and gals who remain on the rock, you know your population is slowly going the way of the dinosaur right? In case anyone doesn’t know what I’m referring to let me be perfectly clear, all trends point to eventual extinction. Keep voting Liberal, after all Canada knows best.

What was really funny for me was that Newfoundland and Labrador finally had a chance to generate some real money, and what happens at the very last minute? Canada steps in and tells you ‘sorry we are not going to let you sell your own fresh water, after all Canada knows best’; what made this so funny however was that these people kept voting Liberal, amazing stuff really! They had a water bottling plant and shipping port ready to go but Maude Barlow and her ilk stepped in and the Liberals slapped Newfoundland across the face!

Now Newfoundlanders and Labradoreans are once again going to get screwed blued and tattooed by Canada’s Liberal Party over offshore oil and gas development; here is a prediction, you folks are so gutless on the rock that your going to actually vote Liberal again when the next election happens… Imagine for every dollar of cash that the oil and gas brings in to Newfoundland and Labrador, they only get to keep 20 cents of it, the other 80 cents all go to Ottawa, the capital of Canada.

You see the promise that being a Canadian province would offer amazing opportunities has indeed come true, its come true for the Liberal Party of Canada and Ottawa. Newfoundland on the other hand has had the life sucked out of it. Canada has been the kind of friend to Newfoundland that everyone wants in a friend…the kind of friend, which acts like a constant poke in the eye!

If things remain the same, and they will indeed, Newfoundland and Labrador should take down the Maple Leaf and separate, unless of course you want to simply keep voting Liberal…

I think it says something that does tie into your story.

we are watching the death of our culture, and no one seems to care.Are we really doing something about that or are we just watching it die.As the world tells us how to eat, what to drink, and what we can use to make a comforatble life for ourselves, we throw away our traditions and way of life for more false promises.

This is coming from a country that has industrialized our food supply and created such deadly plagues as the H5N bird virus, and salmonella contamination of meat and poultry.But, because they say this is how we should be feeding ourselves we give in and fall to thier will yet again.

Well, at least the seals where free range and disease free.can you say the same that for that lamb chop you had for dinner tonight.


YUCK !!!

" Republic Of "

Patriot said...

Interesting article USSR except for the clearly anti-Liberal bias. It matters not if it's Liberal, Conservative or NDP, federal parties are federal parties and they all treat NL the same way.

Ussr said...

True Patriot,.................your kinda preaching to the converted here.I thought the story made great referance to how Ottawa ,regardless of the party in power, always trys to tell us how to live our lives.

Yet,thru thier way of thinking they have killed off thousands of differant species of animals and differant wildlife.Has caused the destruction of the worlds greatest fishery,and hasn't even tryed to undue the damage it has caused to that area.And has even helped invent some of the deadliest diseases known to human kind, such as the H5N bird virus.Which in fact has now been linked to the Industrialization of our food supply.

Yet, we still listen and follow Ottawa.Incredible if you ask me.

" Republic Of "

Anonymous said...

PS,...............time to get at her again buddy.Start up that keyboard.I just wanted to say Patriot that the pictures make a nice addition to the Blog.Keep them coming.

Say " Hi " To Sue for me if you run into her by chance. Cheers.

Patriot said...

To anon 8:26,

Not to worry there will be new articles soon. I'm quite busy at present and things have had to be put on hold for a little while but I'll be back soon.


Anonymous said...

Patriot you wrote "Day after day, week after week, month after month and year after year millions upon millions of innocent lambs like the one pictured here are mercilessly slaughtered around the European Union and elsewhere in the world.

In places like Scotland, Australia, the Netherlands and even in Great Britain these poor defenseless animals are regularly massacred, their blood running into the earth, simply to satisfy the gastronomic yearnings of people around the world.

Every year the EU rakes in hundreds of millions of dollars from this barbaric practice".


"When will it stop"?

Patriot those atrocities committed on animals in the countries you named will never get the attention that the seal harvest has received in Newfoundland and Labrador, nor will they stop.

The reason for that Patriot is simply because the industries of the countries listed are fiercely protected not only by their GOVERNMENTS but by the SLAUGHTERHOUSE MANAGEMENT. The pseudo-Animal Rights Group WOULD NOT BE ALLOWED in the countries you mentioned, much less than within a 30 feet range of where the slaughtering takes place.

Becoming part of Canada placed the province of Newfoundland and Labrador into a straight jacket. When our province became part of Canada, it not only lost all of its say over its natural resource base but it lost its say over everything else. We were not only unable to build an economy here from our own natural resource base, but our resources were pilfered for the benefit of creating economies in the sister provinces.

We soon found out after becoming the 10th province of Canada in 1949that we were a captured territory without any say over our destiny.

We can see cleary now, after 60 years, why Ottawa dreamt of our territory for 60 years. It was, of course, the need to acquire our territory so Canada could acquire the whole of the Northern part of North America from East to West, a vast amount of the Atlantic Ocean and one of the greatest natural resource bases in the whole world.

Is it any wonder that Canada became the top Nation in the World for 7 straight years consecutively? Can you see the reason why Canada increased immigration so significantly back in the 1970s to the present day? Of course, it had all to do with the fact it had the natural resource base under control to grow a great Manufacturing Center in Central Canada and it needed labourers to help build that Manufacturing Center. With the lost of their natural resource base, Newfoundlanders and Labradorians were forced to emigrate to the Manufacturing centers in Central Canada to work their resources, as well.

The province of Newfoundland and Labrador main resource, "fish quotas" came in quite handy as the enabler to conduct International Trade for its manufactured goods, while its energy, minerals and oil were utilized as raw material for the manufacturing industry and to keep smelters and refineries going in the provinces which needed the raw resources to keep their smelters and refineries percolating.

Mr Maranatha said...

I have never had a Seal Burger.. or a Seal Steak for that matter... But the thought of a nice juicy lamb haunch rubbed with olive oil and a little rosemary... maybe some curry spice as well... and rock salt... Hmmmmm you folks have done made me hungry... Lamb... I think that is definitely whats for dinner!!!