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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

EU Bans Seals, Ottawa Sits on Fence

In the wake of a vote in the European Parliament the government of Canada has once again proven itself a champion at political doublespeak and dereliction of its duty to Canadian citizens.

This morning the European Parliament voted overwhelmingly in favor of a ban on seal products, a move that has branded Canada internationally as being inhumane to the animals, will see many fishermen suffer financial hardship and may ultimately lead to the further decline or all out extinction of already threatened fish stocks in the region.

In response the Canadian government said it plans to challenge the EU ban at the World Trade Council (WTO). Unfortunately, the government of Canada, while talking tough at home, still plans to move forward on detailed Free Trade negotiations with the European Union.

Starting tomorrow Canadian representatives will be in Prague to begin detailed Free Trade talks with the EU and it has already been decided by the Canadian government that those talks will not include any discussion of the EU ban or its implications for Eastern Canada.

It’s clear from the position being taken by the government of Canada that they have no intention of doing anything beyond paying lip service to the demise of the an industry and a potential death blow to endangered fish stocks should predatory seal populations be allowed to increase unchecked.

By blustering and talking tough at home about a WTO challenge Ottawa hopes to silence those directly impacted by the unfair actions taken in the EU, actions spurred on by misleading anti-sealing propaganda, but on the international stage nothing has changed.

The government of Canada still plans to move forward with Free Trade talks and has no intention of actually standing up to protect Canadians who will not only see an important part of their annual income wiped out in the short term but may well lose their livelihoods completely if increased seal predation causes a further decline in commercial fish stocks.


Ussr said...

YUP, If its one person I want watching out for our concerns regarding any matter, its Steven "the liar" Harper.

As a matter of fact I dont want any mainlander watching our for my home.When will we see that Newfoundland and Labrador simply does not matter to this country called canada, unless of course it wants something, like fishing quotas for european factory freazer trawlers.

We start the ball rolling again ,as Ottawa gives away our natural resources so mainland canada can get some kind of free trade agreement with Europe.On our backs.

Will we ever wake up and ditch this shit hole country we were dragged into.

" Republic Of "

twjtNL said...

"The Harper government says the issue (seal hunt) will not be a subject for discussion during those talks (free trade negotiations)."

My God.... why does that NOT surprise me?? Myles... is there ANYTHING positive that the feds are doing for NL? Now there's a task for you!

I'm here in Edmonton, counting down the days till I come home next year. I feel like a complete foreigner here. My driver's license is the ONLY thing that'll tell you otherwise.

Until Newfoundland & Labrador is treated fairly (which I assume will be never), I have no reason to be a proud Canadian.

Canada is an amazing country to live in and be a part of, in theory... there's no question there. But when our people are treated with inequality and our needs are thrown to the wayside constantly, that gives me no reason to celebrate... only contemplate.

What is keeping us in this country? I'm thoroughly poisoned with this battle we continue to 'fight', and for the people who argue that 'Canada is the best thing to ever happen to NL'... give me a break. NEVER should we give up our fight, but obviously there's other tactics that NEED to be implemented.

Despite the EU Parliament voting in favour of a ban on seal products, is the EU a better choice for NL? From what I could dig up, there's always countries lined up to join with the EU. In the broader scope of things, would this be a viable option?

Anonymous said...

Myles - As much as I don't want to say it, but I have to blame our fishers and sealers for the mess their industries are experiencing.

If they were like the European Union fishers, who blocked the English Channel last month - and have been doing so for years when they don't get their way, their fishery might NEVER have suffered the same demise as they now find their industry suffering.

If one wants to keep his/her livlihood and ,if indeed, the resource is there to support it, but outside interests have their design on it for the facilitation of international trade, well, of course, they have to open their mouths and express their opposition; and if that doesn't work, well then they have to disrupt some system or another, such as the transportation system as the European Union countries fishers did last month. The disruption in Europe cost Millions of Euros to the economy and the fishers have been heard and their problems are being dealt with, and probably, no doubt, there will be a few thousand tons of fish made available to them from our side of the Atlantic Ocean.

Anonymous said...


This guy is so full of S%$# , he wants us to believe that he is going to protect the interst of Atlantic Canada.

This is like a soap opera on steroids.All he wants to do is give the impression that he cares so when he gives away our fish to the E.U he can say that he tryed.

Keep it up Newfoundland and Labrador, soon we can all start a new buissness.

Moving everybody to Ontario and Alberta.

Anonymous said...

twjtNL, I have to say that I feel the same.

I cannot and will not say that I am a " Canadain " until all our people no matter what the region are treated with justice respect and the same common courtesy that every other canadain is given.

Until Ottawa " Formally Apologizes " for the travisty of injustice that was bestowed upon the people of my nation I will never accept the terms of union that has brought my fathers country into this sad state of a federation.

they stole the ChurchHill.They destroyed the fishery, and now they are sucking the oil off the grand banks to benefit canada.

And in the same breath they call us welfare bums as they drive us away from our homes.

Canada simply does not work.It works for Ontario and Quebec.And thats it.