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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Say NO to sale of NB Power

New Brunswick citizens have been promised that they will save $1,400 over 5 yrs/household - that amounts to $1400/60 months = $23/month. NB industries (ie: Irving / McCain) on the other hand will get an immediate 30 percent reduction in power rates, but new industries will have pay market rates, reducing their ability to compete against existing industries and those in Quebec.

The Conservation Council of New Brunswick is which is reponsible for the enactment of the the Clean Water Act to guarantee safe drinking water, legal requirement for NB Power to supply 10% of its electricity from renewable sources, and creation of New Brunswick's energy efficiency agency agrees NB Power should not be sold.

This is one public corporation buying out another, so why doesnt the agreement allow New Brunswickers to pay the same rate, for the same electricity, as Quebec clients will. Instead New Brunswick rates will be frozen at 60 per cent higher for the next 5 years and then continue to increase.

The 2006 New Brunswick Liberal platform stated that NB Power will remain in public hands, but the Liberals are arguing they must break their promise because they couldn't foresee the debt situation at NB Power. They should admit they didn't perform due diligence before releasing the Charter for Change. NB Power's debt was known to be a problem in 2006.

Hydro Quebec has signed only a memorandum of understanding with NB Power. It is necessary that it passed by the House and the contract must be signed before March 31, 2010.

New Brunswickers need to contact their local MLA and everyone who is against this terrible situation needs to voice their opinion to their Federal Member of Parliament as soon as possible.

Contact informtion for Members of Parliament can be found in the links section at the left side of this web page.

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Moncton Blogger said...

Yes I agree! Say no the the sale of NB Power! After what Newfoundland went through with their experience with Hydro-Quebec you'd think that other provinces would learn from others mistakes and even after Newfoundland premier contacted Shawn Graham to warn him.

For everyone in New Brunswick that does not support the sale of Nb Power voice your opinion.

There is a rally going on Tuesday Nov. 17th from 12 noon till 4pm outside the Legislature in Fredericton. The more people that show up the stronger the message we'll send to Shawn Graham.

Hope everyone that doesn't agree with this is able to show up. If not we'll all pay down the road 5 years from now, I guarrantee it!

Show your support.

Watch CTV news tomorrow night at 6pm as it will be on air of the protest in Fredericton.


Moncton Blogger