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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Paul Martin, King of Canada, Strikes Again

How can we all tell a federal election is in the offing?

Some might say it’s because there are a couple of non-confidence votes coming up in the house next month.

They’d be wrong.

Others might refer to the fact that Paul Martin promised an election within 30 days of the release of the Gomery report.

They’d be wrong.

Yes, both are true, but the most accurate way to tell is to look around you and notice exactly how Liberal MPs are responding to Canadian issues and using tax dollars.

Three weeks ago nobody, including the Deputy Prime Minister Ann McClellan, would even entertain the idea of doing anything for the Portnoy family in Newfoundland who want a review of a federal deportation order.

Today, she has agreed to review the case.

Just prior to the last election the Liberal government promised to put the future of the Labrador air base at 5 Wing Goose on the top of their agenda. Since then nothing of any significance has been done. No commitments have been made and nobody was talking.

Suddenly, the Deputy Prime Minister has plans to visit the base and examine the possibilities for saving it.

Just a few weeks ago John Efford said he would not be running in the next election for health reasons. (Even though most people know it’s because he has screwed the people of the province so many times that his chances of winning are slimmer than supermodel Kate Moss.) Then he said he might. Then he said he wouldn’t. Then he said he might. After that I don’t know what he said because I felt like I was watching a tennis ball going back and forth and my neck got really stiff.

Now I can only assume he is planning to run or at the very least hopes to save the district for the Liberals. Not because of anything he said (you can’t believe him anyway), but because today he announced $1 million dollars for job creation projects in his riding.

Add to all of this the fact that just yesterday Ralph Goodale announced some relaxation in employment insurance qualification rules and Paul Martin is talking tough with the U.S. over softwood lumber and you have the definite, undeniable evidence you need that an election is very close. Hell, Martin is posturing so much with our friends down south that if I didn’t know him I’d think he was actually a leader.

I remember the massive spending spree the Liberals went on just prior to a big non-confidence vote in the last session of the House. If you don’t recall, all you have to do is refer to the article “Liberal Election Give Away Watch”, in our May archive. I shudder to think how many votes these guys will buy with our own tax dollars this time around.

Keep your eyes and ears open folks. It looks like the pre-election piggy bank is starting to crack open and only King Martin himself knows just how big that crack will get.


BNB said...

You can smell it in the air can't you. It smells like money and BS. We'll be hearing more and more from the old familiar faces, Siobahn Coady et al. Perhaps with the old 80's song "Don't you, forget about me..." Come to think of it wasn't that group called "Simple Minds?" Sort of appropriate maybe.

So do we trade the dog for the cat? Who knows, sort of like buying garden supplies, only when you get to the cash do you realize you've just spent good money for S%%*.

I'm with you - shake the change out while they're distracted.

ISDABY said...

I was thinking the same thing when Martin 'seemed' to have found a set re; softwood lumber...

not a big fan of the Liberals, but the 'other' crowd (Tories) scare the crap out of me...not sure if I want my kids invading foreign countries to 'improve' trade with the US!

MrChills said...

I could not agree with ISDABY more. As much as our current regim makes me ill, I only see things a hell of a lot worse with the Tories in control.

Bottom line, Canadian politics are a joke

Anonymous said...

I think it's time you paid attention. The Conservatives are "over-playing" the corruption angle just to anger you and you are letting yourself be manipulated. Mr. Harper visited my county a couple of weeks ago - wouldn't answer any questions - just drilled on an on about corruption - so when is "Harper" going to respond to questions when asked - never. By the way, he only visited my community because the representative for the Conservatives here was a former "Alliance member". This speaks volumes. And, you don't think Harper is making campaign promises - I suggest you do some research on the man and his history of views and comments and if you don't find it frightening you just aren't comprehending - better the devil you know than the devil you don't. Don't trust a wolf in sheeps clothing.

Anonymous said...

i do hope we can get another minority government.seems to work better!