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Monday, February 06, 2006

U.S. Supports and Protects Known Terrorist Group

For many of those who contribute to the Sea Shepherd Society, Paul Watson is recognized as a man who cares about nature and has dedicated his life to protecting it. I don’t doubt that there is some truth to that perception, but many others outside his sphere of influence also recognize him as nothing more than a home grown terrorist. Even many of his former friends and activist acquaintances are all too familiar with this reality.

While he is known as much for his own shamelsss self promotion, rhetoric and the questionable pictures or video footage he has presented to a world wide audience, Watson himself is a bit of an enigma. Many wonder, "Who is the real Paul Watson?"

Let's turn the camera around, adjust the lens a little and see if we can bring the man behind the movement into sharper focus.

Watson was born in the 1950’s. At ten years of age, some say he was already exhibiting the signs of a budding terrorist when he shot another child in the rear end. In his early adult years Watson worked for the Canadian Coast Guard and Norwegian and Swedish merchant marines before becoming a full time paid eco-terrorist.

Watson himself cites his own reasons for his leaving Greenpeace in 1977, a group he helped found, the reality is that he was kicked out of their ranks due to his violent tactics and extremist rhetoric. Watson went on to found the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (SSCS) which in essence is nothing more than a pirate organization sailing around the world, terrorizing fishermen while enjoying tax exempt status at home.

Watson, perhaps lost in his own fantasy world where he is a high seas pirate, has been known to wear a long bowie knife and wander the deck of his ship carrying assault weapons such as AK-47s. On several occasions, with no regard for the potential loss of human life, Watson is known to have used his own ship (the bow of which had been filled with concrete and which had sharp metal protrusions referred to as “can openers” welded to the outside) to ram and sink other ships that wouldn’t submit to his demands.

Watson has spent a small amount of time in the jails of several countries including Canada and the Netherlands and was once quoted as saying that doing time in prison “was all a part of the business”. He made that statement just after posting bail and just prior to skipping the country in question in order to avoid actually spending any real time in prison.

Watson is not only a terrorist himself, he has also helped train others, in fact he’s been directly connected with the career start ups of some of the most violent animal-rights activists known around the world.

SHAC terrorists Rodney Coronado and Joshua Harper have both served as crewmembers on Sea Shepherd Society expeditions. Coronado is known as a longtime ringleader of the Animal Liberation Front, a criminal enterprise that the FBI has classified as America’s most dangerous domestic terrorism threat. Harper meanwhile describes his goal in life as “the complete collapse of industrial civilization” and he has said he will happily break laws, and bones, to achieve it. Harper was jailed in 1997 for assaulting a police officer and in 1999 for attacking Native Americans.

Watson’s questionable financial affairs while leading the SSCS have been the topic of several investigations as well as a financial expose by yours truly just last year. Even with a serious cloud hanging over both his financial dealings and his legal standing he has managed to capture control of the Sierra Club, a once respected environmental group, with revenues in excess of $95 million a year. One has to wonder how these funds will now be spent.

I’m sure Mr. Watson will rationalize much of what has been written here. The childlike name calling and blatant lying he uses to respond to anyone who attempts to shine a light of truth on his personality doesn’t bother me in the least. The fact is that I don’t need to embellish or make up stories about Paul Watson and his philosophy in order to show him for what he truly is. His own words do that far better than I or anyone else ever could.

The following are actual quotes from Paul Watson:

“There are 30-million plus species on this planet. They’re all earthlings. They’re all equal. Some are more “equal” than others, I admit: earthworms are far more valuable than people.”
- Paul Watson, “Animal Rights 2002” convention

“There’s nothing wrong with being a terrorist, as long as you win. Then you write the history.” - Sierra Club board member Paul Watson, Animal Rights Convention 2002 , (post 911)

“Animal Liberation Front tactics are going to continue. There’s not a damned thing you can do about it, you’re not going to stop it. So you might as well incorporate it into the movement.” - Paul Watson, “Animal Rights 2002” convention

“If you don’t know an answer, a fact, a statistic, then ... make it up on the spot.”
- Paul Watson, in Earthforce: An Earth Warrior’s Guide to Strategy

“We should never feel like we’re going too far in breaking the law, because whatever laws you break to liberate animals or to protect the environment are very insignificant.”
- Paul Watson, Animal Rights convention (date unavailable)

"I won't give one penny for Katrina relief. I’ll give for the animals but not for relief efforts until the oil companies pony up millions for the destruction caused by global warming."
- Paul Watson, Animal Rights convention 2005 (just prior to this statement tax records show that he accepted a $100,000.00 donation of Exxon-Mobile stock from a contributor making him a shareholder in the biggest oil company North America)

“For those who are interested in tax deduction issue for their contributions, the Katrina Emergency Tax Relief Act…suspends limitations on individual and corporate tax deductions for cash contributions to charitable organizations”
- Watson in an open letter to his contributors, 2005 (even though he was not willing to “give one penny” to Katrina relief, he appears more than happy to exploit the tax laws developed as a result of it.)

"Just because you were born stupid doesn't give you any right to be stupid!"
- Watson yelling at native tribal hunters who would not stop their traditional hunt

“…human numbers must be reduced for there to be any hope of protecting bio-diversity”
- Watson interview - the Vegan Voice

The following are details of some of the illegal acts committed by Paul Watson and Sea Shepherd from 1977 to 1994.

Source: The High North News Extra, no. 7. April 10, 1994

1977: Paul Watson, one of the founder members of Greenpeace, was expelled from the organization after a campaign against sealing during which he threw the sealers’ clubs and skins into the sea. His actions temporarily cost Greenpeace their tax-exemption status in the US.

1979: A Sea Shepherd vessel rams the whaler “Sierra”.

1980: The “Sierra” is sunk in Lisbon harbour with the help of limpet mines. Sea Shepherd claims responsibility.

1981: Sea Shepherd sinks the two whaling vessels, Ibsa I and Ibsa II, in the Spanish harbour of Viga (Sole source Sea Shepherd. This has not been confirmed by any other source).

1986: Sea Shepherd activists shoot at Faroese police with a line rifle and try to sink their rubber dinghies.

1986: Sea Shepherd claims responsibility for the sinking of two whaling vessels in Reykjavik, Iceland.

1988: Paul Watson arrives in Iceland demanding to be held responsible for the sinking of the whaling vessels in Reykjavik in 1986. He is arrested and held for questioning. He realizes that he risks facing several years imprisonment. In a press release from the Icelandic Ministry of Justice it says: “At questioning Paul Watson has admitted that he has given some remarks that connect him with the sabotage, but in spite of this he now claims that he neither took part in the planning nor the execution of the sabotage.”

1991: Mr A. Ferreira, A US crew member on a Mexican fishing vessel, reports … that Sea Shepherd rammed his vessel causing considerable damage. Some of Sea Shepherd’s crew was armed with rifles.

1991: Scott Trimmingham, president of Sea Shepherd quits in protest. “We had rules about not hurting anyone, about not using weapons. I left because those rules and that philosophy seem to be changing,” he said to “Outside” magazine (Sept. 1991).

1992: Sea Shepherd makes unsuccessful attempts at ramming three Costa Rican fishing vessels.
1992: Sea Shepherd makes unsuccessful attempt at scuttling the combined whaling and fishing vessel "Nybr├Žna" at her moorings in the Lofoten Islands.

1993: Paul Watson orders the crew on board the Sea Shepherd vessel “Edward Abbey” (formerly US Navy) to open cannon fire at a Japanese fishing vessel.

1993: Sea Shepherd makes an unsuccessful attempt at scuttling the combined whaling and fishing vessel "Senet" at her moorings in Gressvik.

1993: Sea Shepherd concludes that the organization has sunk 8 ships and rammed and damaged a further 6.

While The United States of America is a country known for condemning terrorism around the world it is also the home base for the Sea Shepherd Society. While the Society travels the world practicing illegal acts of terrorism it also enjoys tax exempt status and is eligible for funding by government agencies within the United States.


Anonymous said...


Your jealousy, envy and small little penis obviously have no sense of shame, common sense or rationality.

Enforcing laws passed by and through international bodies and conventions does not make one a terrorist.

Sinking illegal vessels in accordance with international law does not make you a terrorist.

And making more money, being more famous and having a greater impact on the Earth than some bitter, angry, untalented, ignorant Newfoundland would be Rush Limbaugh doesn't make you a terrorist.

It makes you worthy.


Anonymous said...

Thank You Harry knuckles!

Once again your lack of substance in your post shows how little real reasoning there is behind the $hepard and his sheep.

Anonymous said...

Let me tell you something, Anon...and Myles...

There are men in this world who think nothing of beheading people on video because of what they believe.

There are men in this world who think nothing of carrying bombs onto school busses, into pizzerias and discos and killing innocent women and children.

There are people in this world who cheer the crashing of airplanes into buildings.

There are people in this world who are grateful for the chance to turn their own children into human bombs.

THOSE PEOPLE ARE TERRORISTS you ignorant sycophants.

Terrorist is not a word to use lightly.

To put Sea Shepherd, Paul Watson or Bin'Vlasac into their category is obscene, offensive and indictative of everything that is disreputable about your country -

- a country who thinks the war on terror should be fought against the Sea Shepherd and not Abu Musab Al-Zarquawi.

You, Myles and this whole Rush Limbaugh Eco-terrorism panty wastes are useless pathetic assholes.


Anonymous said...

Myles, Paul has enemies, but baby you ain't one. You don't deserve the honor. You're just another sickly man with a keyboard sitting in an armchair trying to discredit a man you could never be.

Paul actually appreciates challenges from his real enemies because it gives him motivation to continue.

But, you're irrelevant. Stick to your own pampered domestic types, Paul has no time for you.

Patriot said...

To the multiple ANON comments:

1.Sinking ships with actual humans onboard who are at risk of death does not make you a hero and yes. Taking the law into your own hands may not be your definition of a terrorist but at the very least it is the definition of a vigilante. Your call.

2. to the person who said: "Your jealousy, envy and small little penis obviously have no sense of shame, common sense or rationality."

I do not consider myself to be suffering from jealousy, envy or a small penis but regardless of that, even if I did suffer in those ways I doubt that my penis or any other part of me would have a sense of shame, common sense or rationality as you put it. Those are things usually experienced by thinking people, not body parts.

Finally, I don't own a recliner but it sounds like a comfortable place to use the old laptop.

Thanks for the comments folks. Now please return to your fantasy camp and start rubbing fervently against Mr. Watson's leg again.

Anonymous said...

Congrads fellow anonymous bloggers,
Looks like we struck a nerve with the armchair warrior myles! :-)

NL-ExPatriate said...

Great expose Patriot.

Answer me this Anon's what does the

Balance of Nature

mean to you?

and no it doesn't mean Balancing your check book.

Patriot said...

Great Comeback ANON. You must be the brains behind the ANON movement.

If it makes you happy to think you hit some kind of nerve I don't mind. If all it takes is a sarcastic response identifying the idiocy of your comments then enjoy.

If I were you I also wouldn't be so proud as to say: "Congrads fellow anonymous bloggers". There is nothing to be proud of when you make childlike comebacks as an anon user who is afraid to reveal his/her identity.

As a side note, it should be Congrats, not Congrads. Just thought I would enlighten you some more.

Anonymous said...

"1.Sinking ships with actual humans onboard who are at risk of death does not make you a hero and yes. Taking the law into your own hands may not be your definition of a terrorist but at the very least it is the definition of a vigilante. Your call."

Paul has never done that.

Sea Shepherd is not on the USA's list of domestic terrorist organizations, and neither the ALF or ELF has ever been charged under post 9-11 anti-terrorist statutes.

I like to think one of the reasons Mr. Harper beat Martin is because he has the proper perspective on these issues, even if he lacks the balls to do anything.

We can argue int'l law all day long, but the fact is, those same laws are on PAul's side, not yours.

That's not what bothers me, Myles. What bothers me is you equating a threat from Sea Shepherd as equivalent to a threat from Al-Qaeda, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad or Hamas.

That's pretty sick.

And rather indicative of why everything civilized people think of the ignorant, anachronistic buffoonish people of NFLD is absolutely true.


Anonymous said...

Wow! The nerve hit deeper than thought

crazy american said...

Steve here,

To the anon who listed the items regarding ecoterrorism and Sea shepherd, I'd like to make a couple of pieces of information available to you.

Here's a link to a news report of some indictments last month.


I would suggest that
you look at the first paragraph as well as the end of the article which is informative about at least one US Senator's view

Regarding the charge that Watson has never sunk occupied ships, again you are technically correct, hoewever that's because he was unsuccessful not that he did not make an attempt. I am assuming that you were not attempting to make the case that his ineptitude is a viable defense against the charge.

NL-ExPatriate said...

The FBI defines eco-terrorism as

the use or threatened use of violence of a criminal nature against innocent victims or property by an environmentally-oriented, subnational group for environmental-political reasons, or aimed at an audience beyond the target, often of a symbolic nature.


Anonymous said...

With all due respect, Expatriate, Senator James Inhofe is a nut of the highest order, and comparing ELF to Al-Qaeda doesn't even make the top 10 reasons why (death for abortionists, forced sterilization and a pithy little idea about deporting criminals back to Africa would, however, make the top 5).

Sea Shepherd has tried to disable manned vessels. They have never tried to sink one. They have never tried to purposely hurt an individual and have never been convicted of doing so.

The problem here is, anybody who stands up and calls your sick little cultural "tradition" out for being the buffoonish, ignorant barbaric slaughter that it is is labeled "terrorist" or "extremist" by Coastal Rednecks so outside the moral conscience of humanity that the charge rings as ludicrous as it is.

I don't believe that Myles truly considers Paul or SS to be terrorists. He is propagandizing, again. As he is paid to do.

Its a shame that Americans care so little for Newfies, otherwise, it would be amusing to see Bill O'Reilly drag this useless, barely coherent "columinist" onto Fox News and expose him for the ignorant little sham that he is.

Alas, we Americans have bigger fish to fry than Myles Higgins.

Still, to equate the two as equally "terrorist" is an abomination and completely insulting to those who have died at the hands of, and are actively fighting, the real terrorist threat.

Just my opinion


Anonymous said...

I think the motivation here is Myles trying desperately to recover from the scathing Paul gave him in September.

Again, Myles is out of his element here and should return to something more appropriate for his weaker disposition.

See: http://p200.ezboard.com/fecodefense12287frm2.showMessage?topicID=178.topic

Anonymous said...

To the Author;

Upholding international law is not terrorism, and saying something doesn't make it so.

I would ask you to offer proof that the actions you list were illegal, the courts of prosecution and exactly what charges of terrorism were filed against Sea Shephard, and or Paul Watson.

Otherwise, calling Paul a terrorist has as much validity as calling you a Pulitzer Prize Winner.

Anonymous said...

Myles, either you have your head up your ass (likely) or are just plain stupid (even more likely).

You wrote - "While The United States of America is a country known for condemning terrorism around the world it is also the home base for the Sea Shepherd Society. While the Society travels the world practicing illegal acts of terrorism it also enjoys tax exempt status and is eligible for funding by government agencies within the United States."

Terrorism is a crime. In fact, it is a felony. It is a felony in every nation of the western world.

Yet, Sea Shepherd has never - NEVER - been convicted of a felony. ANYWHERE!!!

So - they are not terrorists. Nor are they criminals (IE those convicted of breaking the law).

Which in turn means that you, when using the phrase "illegal acts of terrorism" are either 1) so lazy and completely lacking journlistic integrity and honesty that your every utterance is either pulled off somebody else's website or completely made up in your moronic little head (likely) or 2) a disreputable Newfie shill for barbarians making his coin by out and out lying to an ignorant readership both too syupid to know better and too lazy to fact check. (certain)

All depends on how many IQ points you're willing to admit to

NL-ExPatriate said...

Canadians are fighting the real terrorist threat as well in Afganistan and the three frigates we sent to the gulf to free up american troops and ships while we ensured the embargo was adhered to.

Just because PM Martin was to cowardly to admit it doesn't mean we weren't there.

Maybe if you Americans were so bent on interfering with Canada's economy by supporting Eco Terrorists like $$ $ociety through harbouring them within your borders and aiding in their funding by granting tax exemptions while they travel the world carrying out their vigilanty Terrorist acts outside the law of the land.

None of you Anoyonomous's have yet to respond to my question of what you think the balance of nature means.

By trying to stop the taking of one species thus allowing it to explode out of control you are upsetting the balance of nature.
If man is to harvest wild species it is encumbent upon him to ensure some semblance of balance is maintained.
Check out this video if you think letting seals and sea lions go unchecked is such a good thing.


I have my disagreements with the seal hunt but stopping it all together isn't the answer. The only reason your $hepard wants an all out ban is because he knows it will never come to pass and as such his main fund raiser will never come to an end.

Now if his objecties were reasonable maybe this difference of opinions could be rectified in short order.

Something like only kill the older seals.
Leave no part of the seal on the ice to rot, utilize all of the seal to make fish and animal food.
Set a reasonable TAC such that a reasonable population is maintained.

Anonymous said...

The real war on terror is the war on terrorists everywhere in the world - and not just one land-locked mid-Asian country.

Christ, what part of GLOBAL WAR ON TERROR do you frogs not understand?

And drop the money nonsense. Are you really so freaking stupid that you think the IFAW and SS would rather the seal hunt and whaling et al just go on indefinitely just so they can raise money year after year? What the hell is wrong with you? Where is your conscience and why is it so hard for you to identify it in others?

this is just the redundant jealousy of people like Myles who resent that those who disagree with him make more money.

I've said time and again, if there is so much more money in opposing the seal hunt than participating, it just proves how stupid your fisherman are that they pick the wrong side.

But of course, those who oppose the hunt, who participate in SS and IFAW are not millionaires and are not highly paid, so get off it already. yeah, maybe the CEO makes a lot. Maybe organizations have a lot of assets. Last time I checked, sealing boat skippers weren't doing so bad, either.

those who want to stop the hunt or whaling or animal experimentation or arctic drilling or the war in Iraq are just as committed as anybody with a cause they believe in. To accuse everyone who disagrees with you of blatant commercialism is simply ignorant and stupid.

And typical of the shallow gene pool of Newfoundland.

And the "balance of nature" is irrelevant so get your head out of your ass. Maybe if you stopped trying to "balance" nature you'd still have some cod.


Patriot said...

Ha, ha, ha.

I love this. These anon folks are so wrapped up in their own world they can't even understand what this article is really about.

They continue to harp on the seal hunt, whaling and so on when the article didn't even take a stance one way or another on these points. That is a narrow and convoluted vision for you.

The reality is that the article exposes one person for what he is, it has nothing to do with the eco cause. The piece could just as easily have been written about a corrupt politician or a doctor or your next door neighbour for that matter.

The fact is these folks have somehow mixed up the cause and the man. One has little to do with the other. Although I don't always agree with these activists there are some out there who go about things in a legal and valid way which is valid but Watson isn't one of them.

Remember folks, a man does not make a cause, a cause makes (or in this case doesn't make) the man.

Let's stop confusing the two.

Oh and by the way, using racist terms like "frog" among others doesn't help your cause, it only exposes the lack of understanding and ignorance you have.

Oh by the way, for the totally uneducated anons, Frog is a racist term used against the French, it does not refer to all Canadians or Newfoundlanders for that matter so the user doesn't even have the intelligence to use the term correctly.

Anonymous said...

"The reality is that the article exposes one person for what he is, it has nothing to do with the eco cause. The piece could just as easily have been written about a corrupt politician or a doctor or your next door neighbour for that matter. "

Are you kidding me, Myles?

What is Paul? An activist saluted by many governments, supported by millions and an enemy to some silly cultural barbarians with who you share fealty to ignorance and slaughter.

He is a man respected throughout the civilized world and abhorred throughout the uncivilized world.

And he is a man who, like the overwhelming majority of the civilized world, considers sealers, whalers, polluters, dolphin killers, shark finners, et al, to be the useless, worthless, meaningless scum.

THinking the world would be better off if people like you were dead doesn't make the man a terrorist, Myles.

It simply makes him the majority.

Calling someone a terrorist, well that's a pretty serious charge, that has some clearly defined legal definitions - none of which you have come close to.

If he cared enough he could sue you for slander and libel. And he would win.

It is simply a sign of just how worthless, meaningless and useless you and yours are that he doesn't care enough to try, and the world doesn't care enough to read this worthless dribble.


Patriot said...

Hello Harry,

You raise some interesting points about slander and libel. Perhaps you should ask yourself why he has never sued myself or any of the countless others who have written such articles about him.

My thought is that in order to make such a case you have to prove that the comments/facts offered are lies. He can't do that.

Table Mountains said...

wow myles,you really know how to draw them out of the woodwork! : )

Anonymous said...


Sea Shepherd has never been convicted of a terrorist offense. They have never been charged with a terrorist offense. THey have never even been charged with a felony.

They are also not listed on any FBI watch lists.

THUS - they are not terrorists. Legally, as long as it is agreed that being a terrorist is a bad thing, you are royally guilty of slander and libel.

Even your diminutive Newfie intellect should be able to perform that simple an equation.

So why doesn't he sue you? 1) Your courts have proven to be something less than fair, honest and reasonable in regards to Paul 2) that simple equation IS too complex for a jury of Newfies, Labs and Frogs and 3) I doubt he really gives a damn.

However, YOU should - by extension, under your logic, the cops who seize a drug dealers car, the IRS who seizes a tax delinquent's house, a CPS official who removes a child from an abusive home -

You do understand that those are all terrorists in the Myles Higgins world view.

or do you need me to explain why so you can come up with some other bullshit justification to use in your next column.

Myles, bottom line, if you really consider SS, IFAW, ELF, ALF, WLF or any other environmental group to be "terrorist" than your sense of rationality is beyond perverse - it is clinically insane.


ISDABY said...

"Myles, bottom line, if you really consider SS, IFAW, ELF, ALF, WLF or any other environmental group to be "terrorist" than your sense of rationality is beyond perverse - it is clinically insane. "

Paul Watson uses fear and intimidation to force people to change their behaviour. Does that fit a definition of Terrorism?

IFAW are not terrorists, they are money grubbers with big fat paychecks...

ELF uses terror tactics unless you don't consider gas bombing private companies involved in legal activities to be terrorism.

ALF are terrorists, targeting people who work for organisations they despise, and harassing and intimidating and threatening them. This is by definition 'terrorism'.

Terrorism is not limited to Islamic Jihadism. to claim that it must be that level, bomb belts adn flying into buildings in order to be terrorism is 'stupid', and /or a mere deflection to take pressure off the ecofascists so-accused of terrorism. That would be like saying, someone isn't a seriel killer untill they kill at least a dozen people...or, like being 'a little bit pregnant'.

ISDABY said...

see this link and tell me such activity is not 'terrorism'...instilling fear to change behaviour is terrorism!


ISDABY said...

"Its a shame that Americans care so little for Newfies, otherwise, it would be amusing to see Bill O'Reilly drag this useless, barely coherent "columinist" onto Fox News and expose him for the ignorant little sham that he is. "

hohohhoohhhoooo!! this one is really rich! to reference Bill O'reilly as a journalist, or a debater, or an 'exposure of truth' is like calling Idi Amin a human rights activist. Harry you've outdone yourself!! You need your flippers de-clawed!!LOL!!!

Patriot said...

Geeze Isdaby, for a second there I thought you were calling me insane for considering Watson a terrorist. Not that I haven't been called worse but I didn't expect that from you.

After reading your entire post however I believe you meant to say that anyone who doesn't consider some of these groups terrorists is insane. Is this correct?

(My one feeling was almost hurt you know)

ISDABY said...

Patriot...I think we got our wires crossed, I was responding to Harry's attack on you (last paragraph of his last post) which I quoted in the opening of my first post above. ... sorry for the mix up!

BNB said...

I only ever skim the comments from the Anonymous Sheep - Always the same thing from him/her, insults and big statements, full of contradictions. Insisting Myles as insignificant in PW's mind, yet he did warrant a response from his holiness in September. And if Myles is so insignificant why does Anon spend his days scanning for Myles' posts. Funny ironic person Anon is.

I do get some enjoyment from his/her posts. What I do is write what I think will be Anon's reply and then when he actually posts it I compare it to mine. It is perhaps not at all surprising to the regular posters here that my fake anon post is very, very similar to the actual Anon post.

Sheep are like that - most predictable.

Anyway I very much like to hear from the rest of you, even when I don't always get a chance to chime in. Good work Myles.

Anonymous said...

A 17 year kid steps onto a school bus and blows himself up, killing a dozen children and wounding two dozen more.

An ELF guy spray paints a bunch of suv's.

And ALF guy sets free a bunch of experiment monkeys.

And in the mind of a Newfie, they're equal.

Thing is, the United States does not consider the Sea Shepherd a terrorist organization because they're activities are, in our minds and the mind of international law, inherently legal.

You should also know that while the FBI classifies "domestic terrorism", there is an official list of terrorist organizations and SS, ELF, ALF etc...are not on it.

Because we have seen what terrorism is, and what terrorists do, and we know who to be afraid of.

This pathetic little attempt at comparing Jerry Vlasak to Osama Bin Laden...

...just proves how useless and worthless you newfies truly are.

And also that your pussies.

Just thought I'd throw that in.


Patriot said...

Hi Harry, Great to see you've raised the level of debate once again. You must be one of those over achievers. Creative use of the word pussy as well by the way.

Patriot said...

Bye the way all you Anon's out there (including Harry), you say Watson is not a terrorist so what do you call someone who does the following:

1980: The "Sierra" is sunk in Lisbon harbour with the help of limpet mines. Sea Shepherd claims responsibility.

1986: Sea Shepherd activists shoot at Faroese police with a line rifle and try to sink their rubber dinghies

1986: Sea Shepherd claims responsibility for the sinking of two whaling vessels in Reykjavik, Iceland

1993: Paul Watson orders the crew on board the Sea Shepherd vessel "Edward Abbey" (formerly US Navy) to open cannon fire at a Japanese fishing vessel.

So, what would you call someone like this if you don't call them terrorists?

Obviously you either didn't read the entire article or you have a far different definition of Terrorism than I do. My definition is someone who uses illegal and violent means in an attempt to further their cause. What's yours?

ISDABY said...

this link below shows numerous articles and links re; eco-terrorism in USA and elsewhere and includes actions from ALF and ELF. Who ever said that terrorism must be islamic or genocidal? its simply the act of instilling fear to force people to change their behaviour. These actions are classifiable as terrorism, regardless if they are not 'as bad' as the islamic jihad variety of terror.


Harry is desparate to deflect the charges against these ecofascists.

ISDABY said...

more posted links to examples of eco-terror...ALF included.


Harry is either lying when he says these groups are not terrorists, or he doesn't have a clue what he's talkin aboot!

Patriot said...

Hi Isdaby, sorry about the mixup. I see now that you did indeed quote the previous email at the start of your. I missed that. I guess that shows just how much attention I expend when reading some of those anon posts. (not all but certainly some)

Anonymous said...


What do you call a man in Kevlar, armed with an assault rifle, who kicks down a citizens door, throws that citizen to the floor, slaps cuffs on his hands and drags him off to jail?

You call that man - a Law Enforcement Officer.

You see, its the context of the action that determines its efficacy.

International Law is quite the tricky thing. For an example, a fishing line deployed without identification can be salvaged, and a fishing vessel operating without certification can be sunk. Legally. A vessel engaged in the destruction of endangered species can, legally, be sunk.

There's a reason the Japanese aren't suing SS over the side-swiping - its not illegal.

Now, some of those listed "offenses" occurred in national waterways.

However, any signatory to an international agreement is legally bound by that agreement even in national waters. Therefore, a vessel can legally be sunk in national waters if its existence violates international law.

I know this is very hard for you to understand. After all, as your latest column attests, your are a Newfie and therefore stupid, so I apologize for all the big words.

But this goes back to what I said before - under YOUR definition of terrorism, every law enforcement agency, military unit and endowed NGO is a terrorist organization.

Which is a pretty stupid way of looking at the world.

Don't hate SS because they're smarter than you, make more money than you (which, actually, they probably don't) , are more loved than you and have the law on their side.

Hate them because they're right.


Anonymous said...


As far as I can tell, the only people on the planet "afraid" of the ELF or ALF are the Newfie pussies on this board.

The rest of us have actual enemies.

In America, terrorist is a legal definition, as is terrorist organization. We have an entire spate of laws dedicated just to this one subject. Perhaps you've heard of them?

In Palestine, Hamas is considered a political party and freedom fighters. In America, they're terrorists.

In Canada, Sea Shepherd is apparently considered a terrorist organization. In America, they're considered tax-exempt.

Just because you're a pussy, don't project your cowardice onto others.

Oh, and one more thing...


Is it even remotely possible for your province to combine all seven of its brain cells in order to stay on topic for more than 34 minutes???


ISDABY said...


I wrote about ALF and ELF because you did...

Paul Watson tells lies. One of his favorite lies is that its 'illegal' to photograph seals being killed ,which is not true. Its illegal to approach within 1/2 nautical mile without an Observers Permit. However I wouldn't expect him to ever apply for one because they don't have to give one to somone they suspect would interfere with the hunt...which is his avowed purpose. His crew from 2006 are now embarking on a 21 day weight loss program in a Canadian jail, not for taking pictures of seals being killed but doing so without the necessary permits. Its a distinct 'distinction'...if ya know what I mean.

Anonymous said...

It's LEGAL to take a picture but ILLEGAL to be within 1/2 mile of the sealers...


and since when does a Citizen need a permit to travel on public property?

...answer he doesn't. Judge Orr ruled that a Canadian DOESN'T need a permit to travel in his own country.

Unless another Canadian is less than a half mile away killing seals.

Some distinction.

I hope Myles bought her some KY after that distortion.

Hopefully, one of these days we can send Dick Cheney hunting with you Newfies.

Out on the Front. Where you guys have guns.

And can shoot back.


Anonymous said...

still- its not illegal to take pictures or document the seal hunt. Just ask HSUS and IFAW.

Paul Watson tells lies.

Patriot said...

Harry, I wish I could say that "You sir are one of a kind" but unfortunately there are indeed others like you.

You say that law enforcement officers are the same as Watson but what you are too imbecilic to understand is that law enforcement officers hand cuffing someone is not the same as trying to sink their ship or shooting at someone who is not physically threatening you. (forget the fact that enforcement officers are supposed to enforce the law, not self appointed pirates).

You go on to say that I have admitted the stupidity of Newfoundlanders in another article but this just shows your lack of intelligence. If you haven't heard of the word sarcasm before then you should perhaps look it up. (By the way look up imbecile as well) there is a book out there called a dictionary that might be of interest to you. (Hopefully I don't also need to explain the word "book" to you)

As a side note, I saw an interview with Pamela Anderson last evening on the CBC. She was proudly talking about her relationship with PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) and how she was boycotting KFC because they were cruel to their chickens. What a crock.

The truth is that KFC buys locally produced poultry from suppliers in their local area, they don't even produce them themselves. Nice to know PETA is in such good shape and so on the ball that they have the ultimate dumb blonde working to guide the world in how to think.

Meanwhile back on the ranch Harry is no doubt looking up the word "chicken" to see if it is something NLers club to death.

Ahhh, you are indeed too much Harry. Bring it on genius.

Sealhunt said...


Great Stuff

Anonymous said...


I wonder if you happened to read about the Australian government's seizure of three Indonesian fishing vessels fishing for endangered turtles.

You know what they did?

They scuttled the ship.

You know why?


I don't mind you being disagreeable or even being anti-Sea Shepherd.

What I do mind is your inherent, repetitive laziness that prohibits you from doing the most basic level of research needed to adequately perform your job.

The fact that you have not been fired is astounding.

The fact that your publisher is not flooded with letters correcting your repeated, abusive errors in fact is a stain on the entire provincial education system...proving again...

That Newfies, of which you are one...

Are imbeciles.

See? I looked it up


Anonymous said...

By the way...

...that dumb blond....

Is Canadian.


Anonymous said...

Wow, Pam Anderson's Canadian. That means she must be evil barbaric and inbred. She must be trying to destroy PETA from the inside. I mean she's Canadian, she must be evil.
Lets look at this through "logic".

There are sealers in Newfoundland, Newfoundland is in Canada, Pam Anderson is Canadian (or a dual citizen, who cares) , therefore Newfoundland=Evil=Pam Anderson.
Holy crap, Pam Anderson is the anti-christ.

What a country!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Must be, for an ignorant vonce like you to make that leap in logic.

Myles was using Pam as an example of how stupid animal rights folks are. I was pointing out that he's only pointing out how stupid one Canadian blond animal rights activists are.

Now, if he'd used Paris Hilton, then his point might have been a little more adaptable, but his is a simple mind.

Much like yours.



Anonymous said...

Are you all serious? Did I understand you correctly, Harry? You watch Bill O'Reilly? Now he is an internationally mocked talking head, as are his brainwashed little sheep followers. And yet you defend the seal hunt? And animal rights (do you even know what animal rights are?)? You actually care about endangered species? How about harp seals? They're not even endangered - you just pity the fact that they have to be shot? That makes as much sense as dumb republicans making laws based on what they think Jesus wants. Not to mention feeling more sympathy for a barely living month-old foetus than the millions of people dying from war, famine, and disease.
Or is it just because the big tough American Paul Watson is out there being violent in the name of the environment, and you're thinking "hey he's so tough, I'll support him"? Give me a break.
And while we're on the topic of stupidity in the world, throwing out insults towards an entire province's population is simply illogical. I could, on the basis that the majority of the US voted for George Bush, say that Americans are the dumbest people on the planet, but that would be unfair, and it is clear many Americans are against the "war on terror" bullshit nowadays.
Yeah, those Muslim fundamentalist terrorists are threatening to Canadians too. we get it, they're dangerous. but the more immediate threat to Newfoundland right now are ecoterrorists. They are a physical threat. That is why people aren't allowed close to the seal hunt without a permit - to protect the sealers AND the seals. Those dumb animal rights activists just want to cuddle with the seals, which leads the seals to be abandoned and left to die, not to mention they're terrified. And Paul Watson just wants to harrass the sealers. Whether or not you understand or agree with a Canadian law, it exists for a good reason - get over it.
I've had just about enough of Americans butting into Canadian issues, and then attempting to throw international law, international terrorism, blah blah blah, trying to discredit the issues faced within Canada. Mind your own damn business. If we're talking about international violence committed by Paul Watson, fine! If you think he's right in other cases, great! But his actions in Canada are definitely unwanted and illegal - end of story. Enough with the Newfoundland insults - you're just doing what Paul Watson himself does, which is to very obviously attempt to dehumanize Newfoundland fisherman and hunters (what with words like "barbaric" and "savage"), and to humanize the seals (what with words such as "baby" and "murder"). Newfoundlanders are some of the most intelligent, caring, and ecologically-sensitive and knowledgeable people on earth. If we don't want violent animal rights protestors on our land, we have a right to kick them out, and if they threaten us with violence, we have a right to call them terrorists. End of story.
I would again like to point out that we are talking about Canada, here - the real land of equal opportunity. Not America - the land of equal opportunity when you have enough cash to buy it; and that right there is the only possible explanation of how Paul Watson, a hippie animal rights lunatic, as extremist as Ann Coulter but on the other end of the spectrum, could be admired by Americans - because he's good for the economy and uses hate, not love.
The end.