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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Comments, T-Shirts and Fine Dining

Last evening I was sitting down to a big piece of seal flipper pie and (just to tick off as many people as possible) a nice bowl of rabbit soup, when I began thinking long and hard about the Web Talk site. My first thought, and one I’ve expressed before, was that the greatest value of this site is not my commentaries themselves, but the dialogue that results from them. In a nutshell, the site’s success lies squarely at the feet of Web Talk’s readers and contributors.

In this light, I would like to thank all of you for stopping in and reading the commentaries, especially those (on either side of any issue) who have entered the debate and made your views known. My only wish is that more of you out there took the time to share your thoughts.

Although the comments area is very active, my site statistics tell me that on average less than 5% of those visiting actually respond on a topic. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the fact that the other 95% are taking the time to stop by, but I ask that when you read something that strikes a chord with you please don’t be shy about getting your two cents in.

Another thought that came to me, while cutting my second piece of pie, was the content contained in the commentaries over last few months. There have been occasions in the past when I have re- published the articles of other writers (with their permission of course). Lately however most of the content has been mine alone. As much as I love hearing myself talk I would also like to hear what you folks have to say.

Some of the people who provide comments at Web Talk have very interesting perspectives on the Newfoundland and Labrador experience, however their ideas are often lost among the sea of comments we receive. There is no shortage of topics to discuss in this province and because your ideas are so important I would like to extend an open offer to all of you.

If you would like to write a commentary, or have an idea that you would like to see discussed on Web Talk, simply contact me directly at higginsmyles@yahoo.cawith the details. Over the next week or so I’ll read your emails and anyone who has an article published, or who provides a topic that forms the basis of a commentary, will receive a FREE Web Talk (pro-sealing) T-Shirt. It’s as simple as that.

Come of folks, this is your site as well as mine.

Before I close I just wanted to bring up a couple of “housekeeping” items.

First, as I said I appreciate all the comments the site receives but unfortunately I am unable to respond directly to as many of them as I’d like. This fact is one unfortunate side effect of the success the site is seeing. Each comment posted comes directly to my inbox however sometimes the volume is such that I can only find the time to review a small number of them before moving on. Again, I apologize for not responding to each of you personally but I’m sure from what I read that both sides of every issue are being addressed.

Secondly, the first supply of seal flippers arrived in St. John’s yesterday morning. For those interested, they are now available for sale downtown on Harbour drive. By the way, there is a great recipe available in our Fishing and Sealing Links that tastes fantastic. Bon Appetite.

Thirdly, if the Costco demonstration goes ahead on Saturday morning (and I believe it will), I hope those people who are in the area will find some time to stop by. If you do, don’t forget to say hello and take a look at our Web Talk (pro-sealing) T-Shirts at the same time. I will have a few shirts available for sale (at cost) if you are interested. The idea is to spread the word, not make money. I wouldn’t want to be accused by anybody, as I have been in the past, of having financial motives for my support of the harvest.

Finally, on a sad note, it was recently announced that the Independent, a local weekly paper, is closing its doors for good. The paper, known for its strong pro-Provincial stand, will be sorely missed by many. Every time we lose a powerful voice like the Independent it is a loss that we all share together. I have had a few opportunities to converse with some of the staff at the Independent in the past, including Managing Editor Ryan Cleary, who's feelings of love for this Province is unquestionable. I wish all of the staff members the best and I hope they find a new and even more powerful voice very soon.

That’s all for now, keep on spreading the word and I hope to see as many of you as possible on Saturday!


Patriot said...

Note: It is now 12:00pm NL time on Wednesday April 5. I would like to apologize to anyone who has tried to contact me in the past hour or so through the email address contained in this article. There was a typo in the address that has now been corrected. If you were trying to contact me prior to this time please do so again using the email link.

Again, my apologies for any inconvenience this might have caused.

BNB said...

Hi Myles. Just a couple things to throw out there. Costco has placed Seal oil back on the shelves in St. John's. It is good to know that Costco has responded to Newfoundlanders, overriding the BS of The Good Shepherd. His hatred against us at least temporarily denounced. Thanks to celebrities in survival suits sealing is stronger than ever:

Despite the believe of some of your infamous posters we are not all about the seal hunt, but this latest little round does illustrate one thing that cannot be taken for granted.

If we get our backs up about something we'll go in swinging.

With regards to The Independant I think there is room for them to emerge from the ashes.


Lady_Celes said...

I am sad to hear that Newfoundland is also loosing their Independent News Voices. The same has happened in New Brunswick and Irving managed to buy out [here] independant news about a year ago and it has never been the same since. The original stories were telling it like it is but now they are full of articles about the stars and advertisements.
We have no independant newspaper anymore and the voice of the people is not being heard.
It was refreshing to find your website and learn a bit of what is happening in Newfoundland. Keep up the good work!

WJM said...

Good riddance to bad Independent rubbish. That "newspaper" never let the facts get in the way of a good old fashioned separatist rant.

NBC06 said...

I'm disappointed to hear about the Independent. It truly had a breath of fresh air about it. I guess we need to put our rose coloured glasses back on to try and get some 'real' news to come out of what is left.

Patriot said...

Hi folks, It looks like the Independent may have a chance at survival yet. The same sort of rallying shown in the offensive against Costco is now being applied to saving that great paper which does so much to share and discuss our reality.

I ask everyone who has an opportunity to buy a copy or subscribe to do so. I also ask anyone who runs a business in this Province to consider buying advertising space.

There isn't a lot of time left to do that since they are at the 11th our but if enough people help out we can keep the paper alive.

(I have no direct connection to the Independent by the way, just a fan of free and open dialogue)