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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Harper Consumates Love Affair with U.S.

In the 1940s most Newfoundlanders pondered their political future. At the time talk turned to independence, becoming Canada’s tenth Province or even becoming an American state. By April of 1949 the die had been cast. Confederation with Canada was officially announced in newspaper headlines around the world and it looked like the end of the story. Now it looks as if those headlines were just another sign post in our long and tumultuous history.

Today, after nearly sixty years of Confederation, it seems like we may finally be inching ever closer to leaving Canadian control. I’m not talking about independence I’m referring instead to a far less appealing possibility, falling under total U.S. control.

During his recent visit to Newfoundland and Labrador Prime Minister Stephen Harper showed everyone exactly which relationship was the most important in Ottawa. The relationship between Canada and the U.S. or the one between Canada and Newfoundland and Labrador, the winner wasn’t Newfoundland and Labrador.

At the time of the PM’s visit Premier Williams had just raised the stakes in oil development negotiations with U.S. based Exxon Mobile. Days before he had threatened to table “fallow field” legislation if Exxon didn’t move on developing the Hebron Ben Nevis oil field. The legislation would force any oil company who is sitting on a major find to develop the resource within a specified time or lose their rights to it. Some have called the move heroic, others foolhardy and still others question the legal implications of the move.

At a press conference in the Province last week a reporter asked the PM if he would support such a move by Williams. Harper’s response managed to sellout the Province, tow the line for U.S. oil interests and kick the legs out from under Premier Williams all in one fell swoop.

You went three for three, on that one Steve.

It wouldn’t have taken much for Harper to morally support Williams’ efforts, at least publicly and he could have dodged any serious repercussions from south of the border at the same time. He didn’t. Instead the PM made a point of saying that the legislation might put the government at financial risk and that negotiation was the best course of action going forward. Thanks for the help there Steve old buddy.

I think a more supportive response to the question might have gone something like, “I’m not fully aware of all the details in this situation but I’ll be more than happy to discuss it with the Premier if he is interested in moving in that direction.” See, I’m not even a politician and certainly not a lawyer, but even I can see that a response like that is just fuzzy enough to do the job. It wouldn’t obligate the PM to anything specific, it would show the public he is open minded on the matter and it would allow the Premier to maintain a strong stance with Exxon.

Why is the idea of fallow field legislation so out to lunch anyway? Alberta did it years ago. Is fifteen or twenty years of idleness not reason enough to consider a resource abandoned? It is in Alberta, in fact some leases out that way expire in only a tenth of the time if not developed. Yes, NAFTA might cause some legal problems, but then again that obstacle shouldn’t be insurmountable. By carefully crafting legislation to avoid the legal pitfalls and perhaps even starting the clock today rather than when the lease was originally signed, I’m sure an answer could be found. Besides, since when has the U.S. abided by NAFTA regulations.

I mean who in their right mind, other than the previous provincial leaders in this Province, would even consider signing over all rights to billions of dollars worth of oil and gas reserves to companies that might never develop them? Who gives up their rights to resources so an oil company can warehouse it for decades, even centuries if they choose to, without having an escape clause?

I have to wonder what the PM possibly hoped to gain in under cutting the Province’s stance, other than placating George Bush’s oil buddies of course? So, as I started out by saying, I guess we are slowing moving from Canadian to U.S. control in this part of the Dominion. Newfoundland and Labrador has now become a land where U.S. corporations have more power than our elected provincial leaders and more backbone than our federal ones. Welcome to the new world order, Stephen Harper style. The rest of the Country had better stand up and take notice because they can’t be far behind.

I guess in Harper’s world Canadian interests take a back seat to U.S. interests. I just hope that between visits to Mexico with his buddy George Dubbya and using our soldiers to backfill for U.S. troops in Afghanistan Harper also found the time to wash his naughty bits before bending over that $70 barrel of oil for Exxon’s CEO. On the up side, at least Newfoundlanders have the benefit of knowing that our PM has had done to him what Ottawa has been doing to this Province for decades.


Anonymous said...

Great article!!!

Only one comment. I think that it isn't NL that's going to be the 51st state, it's Canada itself.

With Harper aligning himself so closely with the U.S. we as a people have pretty much given control of our government to President Bush.

Anonymous said...

Why is it OK for Alberta but out of the question for NL?

NL-ExPatriate said...

If Harper isn't willing to even entertain the FALLOW FIELD proposal of his partner in the offshore oil maybe he should give up any controlling interest in Hebron Ben-Nevis.

It's pretty obvious that big oil wants the price of gas to go to a dollar a litre and stay there. How do you accomplish that without having a sound basis to argue the point By conditioning, Media manipulation, and controlling the supply and demand.

I'm willing to bet your gonna see gas go to 2 dollars a litre this summer between the hurricane season, Global conflicts in oil producing regions like Iran, Iraq etc. Exxon/Mobiles AKA ESSO's unwillingness to deal with Venezuelas demands of 60% controlling interest while the rest of the companies have agreed and Exxon/Mobile (ESSO) demands for 500 million in tax concessions from NL to develop the Hebron Ben-Never project while the rest of the partners were in agreement.
I also think Exxon/Mobile has alot of equity tied up in the tar sands and if Hebron Ben-Never were to come on stream that wuld put a dent in that initiative.

There is also the arguement that this is just another form of protectionism for the US economy. Or one could argue it is a Kyoto initiative.

No matter what your arguement we are being used. There is no other explanation for a company that made 36 billion last year and is paying it's retiring CEO almost 500 000 000 Million as a retirement package to put of the development of Hebron Ben-Never project than alterior motives.

Dam shoulda made this into a blog. Sorry for the long comment.

Patriot said...

Good points NL. I find it funny as well that while they wanted 500 million in tax breaks to make the project feasible they are giving roughly the same amount to one of their employees as a golden handshake.

Really tells me how critical that amount was to them. More likely it was intentionally put into the negotiation because they knew NL wouldn't accept it and in that way they could shelve the project and not take the blame for the move.

I believe that at some time after the negotiations started they wanted to shelve them for some reason, perhaps to invest in something else, and this was just a slick way to pull that off.

Glenn in GP said...

So Exxon-Mobil's failure to link a deal with NL is Harpers fault now is it. I see, maybe during the next election you guys can elect all 7 seats Liberal than, that'll show em. You are starting to sound like a moonbat bush hater. What a load of crap. Don't try to mobilize the general populace to boycott Imperial oil right across the country. Instead, blame Harper, Bush and babble on about Canada becoming the 51st state. Amazing how one can lose so much respect for someone through an article as I have right now for you Myles.

Why don't you guys go down to the local ESSO stations and ridicule those that fill up their gas tanks with Esso gas. Oh yah, I forgot, that would involve you guys actually having to get off your sorry asses and doing something. Best to act like a victim and wait for someone else to do the heavy lifting. What a pathetic bunch YOU Newfoundlanders have become. Always whining and complaining to no end. Harper comes to NL and announces plans for 5 wing and reinstates the weather station in constituencies that elected Liberal members and not even a thank-you. Instead you heap more criticism upon him and them commit the ultimate betrayal by calling him a Bush wannabe, whatever.

You guys can call me whatever you want since your opinion means little to me and I won't be returning to read any more of this woe is me verbal diarrhea. This site is for losers and apparently there is no shortage down your way. Losers!

Anonymous said...

Harper has made such claims in the past, Canada being a welfare state compared to America. If you expected any thing more from him, well, I will assume you are let down. On the other hand, do not worry, he is a big fat joke in the world stage, even if Canadian's can not see it. Soon, he will return to you tail between legs with any request you desire, in an effort to fill to the rim his chance to gain your full respect, oh, and of course your vote.

If Mr. Harper believes for one minute what Canadian news reports on American's or how they feel towards him, he is clearly in the dark. He is an ant desperate to become one of "them" big boys, one can only hope he sees that he is in danger of being squashed. The world only looks past him, they never really see him. What does he have to offer? I think the world is fed up with Canada's desire to lay down in fear, rather than stand up in the world against terror, one day when you see the side of 9-11 the Americans did, and the side of terror the world has seen, and see that it is a holy war, that is here to stay. If there ever is such a time that you step out of your own little world, without knowledge and with extreme hatred of the countries you are no better than, over looking your own cruelties to your own people and wildlife, no respect or honor, even to yourselves, pretending different and constantly stabbing your friend in the back with ugly words, you can only hope the world will soon forget, Canada's questionable, only when it suits them friendship, in your time of need and come to your aid.

If my unit was ever called to defend such "friends" as you have been, I will only remember my friend to the North from a long time ago. The Canada of today is only a friend of herself. Degradations towards Americans and others such as yours, have been watched closely on the world stage for far too long, do not hold your breath, most of us will just sit it out and see how you fair on your own. The better bet for you would be to cling to countries such as Iran and others a like for help, after all, you show the same hatred as they. The question, is it for the same reason? Do you hate our saviour as they do, claiming he is a lie, and their prophet should rule with a sword? Or is it that you hate because it is your way of life? As a die hard American, I keep hearing we are all sick of it. So continue your hatred and words of anger, pretending to be better than you are, your no fault attitude spills over to extremes, we do hear you, even if you think that we do not, and we will remember this at a time when you wish we would not.

Patriot said...

First, to the most recent ANON post: I think it's time you took a couple of more pills, stopped whipping yourself with your flag and closed your bible for a few minutes so you can rest. Other than that, no comment.

To Glenn in GP: It's time you realized that even though Harper was elected by Canadians he can also be kicked out by them in the next election. It's time you got your head out of his ass and saw what was really in front of you.

Why should he be thanked for putting a small force in Labrador to cover the entire eastern border?

And by the way, if you could get over the Harper hero worship for a few minutes and re-read the article you would see that I don't blame him for the failure of negotiations, just for being too inbred to realize that you don't need to make the kind of statement he did in the press. It might play well down south but it lets provincial premiers across the country know that if it comes to a choice between working with them and supporting U.S. interests they they will be the losers.

Makes for a great working relationship huh?

So come on Glenn, stop letting Harper do to you what Exxon did to him when he bent over.

Anonymous said...

I hope you guys are liking the floods? Hope that they will continue to make your life

pleasant and that you will spend tons of money saving yourselves from the drownings

you all deserve. We are not weeping a bit. At least then the world would be safe

from bellows of tears and your constant whining about everything. Judging from all

the post on this blog, one word describes them all, contradictory and WAH momma WAH!

I guess the news post was truthful, the more you pout and whine the more free money the

government gives you.

And to anons post, in our politically correct world we can not say "Holy War". But in secret,

the Islamic's are with two agendas pushing mohammedism and martyrship, based on the oldest writings

ever found in the dead sea, and their statements as early as yesterday, but the fools never see the truth.

Do not worry about Patriot we all know he is a very lost and self centered boy. We just had

to get used to it and accept the fact, we must ignore him or die laughing. Oh and by and by, maybe

you should open your Bible, silly boy, prayers seem to be helping to give you a bit of grief back,

that you have given the world and your own. :) :) :) ;)Do not worry the worlds prayers for you will

continue in hopes that you only get what you deserve. In return we hope for the same for ourselves, just

to make it fair and all.

Go ahead do the very bright thing, spend millions on another election while you have people in your country

living in third world conditions, why not, maybe next time you can get it right? Why not break the world record,

most elections for Prime Minister in two years. LMBO.

Every time I come to this blog, I have to laugh. It is so unreal to imagine people in the world today are still

like this. Lost is a very good word.

MrChills said...

I hope you guys are liking the floods? Hope that they will continue to make your life pleasant and that you will spend tons of money saving yourselves from the drownings you all deserve. We are not weeping a bit

You have very brave words from a person who chooses to keep himself anonymous. Who is this “We” that you speak of?

The rest of what you have written is more or less indecipherable; I hope English is your second language? I am guessing though you are some sort of a Mahometan? What other low lives on this planet turn everything into some religious bullshit and wish death upon so many people.

Do us all a favor and crawl back into the hole you came out of.

BNB said...

The "We" he speaks of is the guy in the room across the hall and the twenty three characters that collectively make up the two of them. Twenty three personalities and only one laptop. It gets busy at times. It's in the common room guarded by the lovely nurse Ruthy with the hairy upper lip.

Come on down to room 111B. We can talk about how screwed up everyone else is. I'll make pancakes.

malibu said...

LOL ewww pancakes

Vive La Republic de Terra Neuve!

Long may the PWG Fly!

Anonymous said...

The we is me and about 30 other guys in my barrick, we think you and your blog is a big joke. Were you joking? Probably the ones on down the street from us feel it too. We are about sick of your spitting in our American direction, while wallowing without a clue in your own $%^&. We did not cause your problems, in fact if it were not for us and our businesses your unemployment rate across your country would sure be higher and some crazy Islamifast crazy would have done invaded and taken over, but they too afraid of your so called American friends, you know the ones you blast for no reason all the time. Why not take a chill on us guys? While you sit there and cry for your momma, we are actually doing something. What a joke you guys are. When you guys finally figure out your the problem with your whole country maybe you will shut your crying faces and do something for yourselves, na, I doubt it. It is easier to cry to your big bad American A$$ kissing PM and get your free money than actually get up and do something useful. That is what the rest of your own say about you, soldiers and all, after reading your tearful blogs I guess we can call it the Newfoundland gospel, or sure. You started this bull with your screw America this and that, so live with what ever happens from it, or shut your traps. When you say we kill inocent life in Iraq we hear what you say, you denounce us for being there and make the soldiers of yours that have died, worthless, because they died for nothing. GET this they are dying so YOU can be safe, you and your family. So are we, whether you believe it or not. So keep your opinions on us to yourselves until you go out there with the heros from your own and ours also. Babies.

NL-ExPatriate said...

HMM Anon is baiting for a fight. A real instigator. Where did he read between the lines to come up with all of this stuff?

Newfoundland and Labrador is probably the most American friendly province in all of Canada.

Barking up the wrong tree there Anon.

BNB said...

100% agreed NL-Expatriate. We have always honoured our soldiers who have contributed above and beyond. I am proud of them. Some are posting to this blog.

Don't make assumptions.

As for the US leader and our leader - we have every right to question them, that's part of the freedom we enjoy, and I am well aware of the cost of that freedom.

Patriot said...

I suspect the Anon is nothing more than a teen with an atti"dude" problem. I seriously doubt he is in any barracks. If he is he sure has a lot of time on his hands because he's been lurking around here for quite a while. He must also have a fixation on NL since he even knows the weather situtation on a regular basis. Hmmmmmmmmm.

Seriously, we all know there is nothing wrong with working closely with any reasonable country, but I don't believe any of us think our country should just blindly follow the direction of our neighbor down south.

I wonder what the poster's reaction would be if George Dubbya simply followed the dictates of his a country with more military economic power than the U.S., China for example.

Lady_Celes said...

I'm pretty sure that it was Mulroney, another Conservative PM who gave us Free Trade with USA. I protested against that thinking it was a bad deal but now I am not so sure. It now appears that piece by piece Canada is being sold. We can sell to USA or someone else if we choose and it is the other choices that scare me. I don't like the deals with China, India and others over-seas. If we have to sell then I hope that USA is buying.

About the military and the USA bashing my thoughts are that there is likely a great difference between what Canada says they are doing in public and what they are actually doing to support the war against terrorism.

It would not be strategic for Canada to appear too friendly with USA because that would put us more at risk for a 911 attack so it is better that we work quietly or in secret. I bet there are numerous projects between Canadian companies and scientists and their American counterparts. I bet we are supporting the war against terrorism beyond measure behind the scenes and someday maybe it will be okay to tell the people just how much we are involved in this effort.

Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world, a moderate view is a wonderful religion but there are extremists in all views. They are a dangerous group and they must be stopped.

I worry about the inequality, racial discrimination, high violent crime rates, third world poverty for some and great riches for others in USA too but I hope that they will become a bit more Canadianized when it comes to social programs and justice for all.

Anonymous said...

(Lady-Celes) Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world.

There are up to 12 times more muhommedanisms than protestant christians in the world today.

In the seventh century it swept the Eastern world like a huge tidal wave. Taking almost the whole world.
In ad 732 Charles Martel from france met mohammeds army and defeated them. They are said to be the locust
of Arabia and the fifth biblical trumpet. The Arabs are the last remaining biblical enemy. (except for those converts to christianity)

I think that Anon was drunk, so I will refrain from even chatting with him. As far as Canadian American differences I think they are fewer than most pretend. Squabbling at times, but when in need I know I would jump and help Canada in any time of crisis and probably vise versa.

Lady celes----

It would not be strategic for Canada to appear too friendly with USA because that would put us more at risk for a 911 attack so it is better that we work quietly or in secret. I bet there are numerous projects between Canadian companies and scientists and their American counterparts. I bet we are supporting the war against terrorism beyond measure behind the scenes and someday maybe it will be okay to tell the people just how much we are involved in this effort.

It is not too strategic to speak out against the new leader in Islamic faith either. So like it or not when Canada's PM blasted Iran for comments on Israel and Stephen Harpers removing aid for Hamas, you got on board. Which I consider a very good thing.

The Iranian President, Mahmoud Amedinejad didn't even attempt any facade of a veiled threat to Israel. In his speech he said, "Like it or not, the Zionist regime is heading toward annihilation. The Zionist regime is a rotten, dried tree that will be eliminated by one storm".

"Iran’s madman “president” Ahmadinejad now seems to believe he is the Mahdi, the “divinely guided one” who will lead Islam to triumph over the infidel: (christians and Jew along with muslims who believe mohammed was not a prophet, but a madman)

Some of his own people are afraid he will do something to try and intentionally usher in the "messiah". Which does not necessarily mean he himself has to shoot first, but envoke others to do so.

In reading the Dead sea scrolls, the sect Yihad is revealed. (or Jihad if you did not see the parallel), These are the oldest writings found. Even though a majority of the Old Testament is found in tact, they have an added twist with additionl writings about a great teacher. They claim to be Gods warriors, in fighting infidelities and they also have a section that tells how they will implement "A return to the law" for the ushering in of the true messiah.

Which brings us to the New Testament and Pauls speech about "No return to the Law" in a warning of future times.

For all of you religious persons.....:)

He also talks about the one world kingdom, which will be the new Rome. The Un was initiated by the Pope, it has a world court and has a contract for all members named the Rome Statute of The International Criminal Court, it has a Canadian judge that is of European decent. All countries are radified except for Israel and the US.

As you know the supreme court in any country is the most powerful body of the country in question. A world court now is the most powerful of all courts for those countries signed and radified. 198 last count, which is the world in all actuality. With the exception again of Israel and US. What it all means?

NUTJOB...We could say he is equal to a modern day Hitler.

In a speech, Dr. Hassan Abbasi, head of the Centre for Doctrinal Strategic Studies in the Revolutionary Guards, said “We are ready to attack American and British sensitive points if they attack Iran’s nuclear facilities. Some of them are quite close to the border with Iraq.” He went on to say that 29 targets had already been identified in the West. Later in his speech, the deranged lunatic continued “pay close attention to wily England” and later he added “Britain’s demise is on our agenda.”

In a surreal recruiting drive, more lunatics lined up to volunteer for the murder squads. On their 'application' they had to give proof of their address, show their birth certificate and tick a box to show their preference as to whether they would like to attack a British or American target, or targets in Israel or Iraq. All this coming on the heels of the chief rubber room candidate, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's speech about Iran being a new Middle Eastern superpower and promising the "annihilation" of Israel.

The Sunday Times claims that Western intelligence documents show that the Revolutionary Guards are tasked with a secret nuclear weapons program with the aim of evading IAEA inspectors. Sources inside Iran indicate that the revolutionary guard is building underground sites that can be operated in the event that Iran's known nuclear facilities are destroyed. These underground facilities are said to include nuclear factories and weapons stores.

I noticed that some on this Blog has mentioned a holy war. To them (Islam) it is, and to the west, we can see only with their past and their ancient writings what we are up against. It is not a joke, these people believe it is their duty from God to "make" people see the true light.

All oil platforms are in danger. If your country supplies oil and is not with hamas or Iran. Canada has many terrorist organizations outlawed as does America. That makes a pretty loud statement, we are against you, if you ask me.

The only thing I think the Governmnet in Canada should do a better job of, is informing Canadians of the danger. There has been past threats that most Canadians did not know about, to their own soil. My husband is Canadian and it is hard for the both of us at times to watch as both countries pretend to dis-like one another. I guess a lot of soldiers do not want to feel they went to war for nothing and that their friends died for nothing. Sometimes even if it is just for them, we have to stand behind them, even if we do not believe in war. How do we prevent it though? I mean in todays crazy world where people want to cut our hands off and force us to follow mohammed and live by the laws of the old testament for their own good and control? That is the question. What if we sit back and wait on them, would we be worse off? I do not have the answers and I probably never will. I just know that times are getting weird and Canada and America will need to stand strong together. All that bickering about all things we do not agree on needs to end. Because frankly, neither of us are perfect in the shoes we wear.

I worry about the inequality, racial discrimination, high violent crime rates, third world poverty for some and great riches for others in USA too but I hope that they will become a bit more Canadianized when it comes to social programs and justice for all.

As you say this you seem to be forgeting your aboriginal conditions all over are far worse than Americas conditions. Have you ever been to New Orleans? It is far richer than northern areas and even southern areas of Aboriginal communities in Canada. You do not have a true clue about welfare and the American communities that live on it. Until you live there and can truly understand, we do not have third world conditions in America, to say that is not factually true. We have poverty, but please remind me of a time when people had to be moved after they were being poisoned for months by their own water supplies, after the Government ignored them? (not due to any kind of natural disaster, just plain neglect) Do you not hear the Aboriginals crying for help? When you make these claims against America?

Sorry about the long post, your blog comes up in a search of your province.

You also have violent crime, per capita it is reaching US proportions in inter cities.

Racial discrimination?

You can not possibly understand. Here your media has even shown how discriminate people are against even Newfoundlanders in special reports. You do not live together in communities, in most of Canada different races, Chinese, Canadians, Pakistanians, etc segregate themselves. We could assume this is also racial prejudice.

A lot of our racial problems are now mexican and black in inter citie youth, turf wars. Some hold grudges for a past that is long gone. But in truth, colored people get more assistance from welfare by 24 times. They are more prone to VD, and having multiple children from multiple men, I am not prejudice, but these are the facts. If you notice they are killing each other in Toronto as they have been for years in Atlanta and other places. So would we then assume colored people are prejudice against themselves?

Our minority is now Majority in most states 54% of new hires must be of minority origin. As your population grows you are seeing problems in Government health care..doctors leaving, can not get the health care needed...etc...in truth it is not easy to manage this many people. In America our Idea of poverty and yours are two very different numbers, but third world conditions? Pre Katrina even New Orleans residents will tell you how wonderful it was living on the Mississippi for free coming mostly from tax money. The water was clean, air conditioned etc...remember that what went wrong with Katrina can happen anywhere at anytime. If the pictures after Katrina is where you get you third world opinions, then you are very wrong. we do not allow people to live that way, we have by laws protecting neighboring communities from it. In America if you want to work you can, if you want a good life it is yours, just work for it, some do not want to. Just ask the Mexicans who want to work, if it is not true of America. Jobs everywhere for anyone that wants them. If you are poor in America you choose it. And the one that choose it are getting to be more and more every day. Who knows why? Laziness?

All I am saying lady is that neither countries practice anything, but fame in government today, all governments do it. The Canada of today is changing rapidly as the USA of today is. We all look pretty rotten by yesterdays standards.

The homeless people as you know choose this life, and what can we truly do? And we are more a like than any wants to admit, maybe that is why the bickering?

Jess, Georgia

NL-ExPatriate said...

I refuse to read Anon comments anymore.

Here is an interesting report on the Hebron Ben-Never project. The graphs and diagrams are very telling.


Support ESSO-n/Mobile make another 36 000 000 000 Billion this year buy ESSO gas.

Anonymous said...

Lady cel..you stated above

I worry about the inequality, racial discrimination, high violent crime rates, third world poverty for some and great riches for others in USA too but I hope that they will become a bit more Canadianized when it comes to social programs and justice for all.

You are seriously brainwashed or just out and out ignorant.

Americans unlike us have a means for all to supprot themselves and better themselves at anytime they wish.

We on the other hand allow our Aboriginals to become sick by the very water they drink, let us not forget our recent outbreak
of TB in Aboriginal communities. When making statements against the USA make sure you have our record correct. America does not take
the Native Americans and shove them to unknown, unwanted areas just to be done with them. They do not force them to live in swallows
as we do those whom were here first. TB and mercury poisons, bacterial meningitis, is very common in third world societies, who has
seen all three in recent months? Canada not America. Oh but the Stephen Harpers of Canada are in a shape such as those infected with these
deadly illnesses, that is right, I forgot. Canadians unlike the Americans live humble lives all with mutual funds for survival?

Justice for all? That is funny a Canadian mother is blaming a law that was written for Megan, a girl killed by a child molester,
to use as the cause in her sons death. "If it was not for the sexual offender list, my son would still be alive," is what she stated.

Well I state, "If the law had come into effect much sooner, little girls like Megan would still be alive." Her son is dead because he was a murderer and a suicidal maniac. To think that we care more for the life of one like that, than the little girls needing protection in this world.
This is a gross misconception of justice. Also to think that their is a force of police big enough to prevent the murder of our children, in the event a convicted child molester moves in across the street from you with a right to keep his conviction private, is laughable. All I have to say is good luck for justice when we see the carla's of Canada free to do whatever they want. Justice for all? "JOKE"

Anonymous said...

too friendly with USA because that would put us more at risk for a 911 attack so it is better that we work quietly or in secret

Thanks for the reminder of what kind of cowards we really are, after this comment I hang my head in shame. You do not really believe this do you? OMG

Yep, that's my Canada, ignore it and poof, it will all go away, just pretend and it will not really be there. I am so very proud.

Lady_Celes said...

I agree Canada, USA and Mexico need to stand together and I'm very proud of the Canadian peacemakers and military operations throughout the world. I'm sure that each level of participation is decided by the government including what gets published in the media.

I won't bother with the religious lesson but it was interesting to read, thanks. I wouldn't suggest trying to argue aboriginal rights with me. There is no point, one of my own ancestors was Mi'kmaw and so are my neighbours, rural communities are very closely connected to Native Nations.

We suffer all the same social problems and also have issues with water quality. We suffer all the same economic problems as a result of government policies that favour big business corporations.

In times of boom we worked for the same corporations and in hard times we supported each other after the owners went back to wherever they came from. I won't believe their propaganda anymore! Our neighbours are not the enemy and I support the rights of aboriginal people.

As far as social differences with USA, we have many, you can believe it or not, I know it is true.

Anonymous said...

Yes Americans integrate and segregate and Canadians segregate and integrate, read the Canadian report from cbc on this, showing a fear for the future in this area. I guess I would have to admit the people from Newfoundland are integrated more than the rest of Canada truly is. For the most part Chinese live seperate, Pakistanians, Italians etc.

I am very upset over Aboriginal conditions in Canada, it is the most shameful, shameful thing and makes me so darn angry. I am not saying America is without faults, because I could get on that. Truthfully, it does not help canada though. My husband is Canadian, born in Labrador and we seperate our time here and there. I love both countries. At times I am ashamed of Canada and others at America. Social differences does not make us all that different. Different is a word that requires more than just social issues as a factor. I just hate it so bad when there is so much bickering, because I feel caught so much in the middle. It makes it hard for an American in love with a Canadian, if you can understand.
We just all need to make a change stand up for one another and get it through our brains the bickering is getting way too ugly at times.

I just wish I could shake us all into a reality check. It gets frustrating. When you can not make everything right.

Jess, Georgia

Lady_Celes said...

Thie differences that bother me are mostly in the justice system. Too many people end up in prison. There is still a death penalty in some states. They have a serious lack of gun control laws and I don't like their health care system. Like Canada, they have their own "have not" states and I think there is great inequality between the different states.
I feel both countries could do a lot more towards settling aboriginal rights issues and compensating people who were abused by bad systems such as slavery and the Indian Act.

Anonymous said...

Harper won't support Williams on Hebron because Harper realizes what a cracked nut Williams is. Take on Exxon?? Grow up Danny....the province may think you a champion but the rest of the country knows that you're a power-hungry, attention-seeking moron.

I agree with Glen's comments from above.