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Friday, February 23, 2007

Air Canada: Canada's Spoiled and Greedy Airline

This past week the airport authority at St. John’s international airport officially announced that Astraeus airlines will now be serving the province with regularly scheduled flights to Gatwick England year round. Earlier this year Air Canada cancelled its regular daily flights between Newfoundland and England in an attempt to appease Halifax bound passengers who were displeased with the need to pass through customs here on the island.

Although the route was profitable for Air Canada, even after many public displays of anger and in spite of local business leaders, government and concerned groups explaining the financial and personal impacts of such a move, Canada’s major airline refused to maintain the flights, a connection that predated Confederation and even Air Canada itself.

The impact was not only felt by passengers regularly using this route but by local business as well, including the local oil industry. In an industry where any delay can cost millions of dollars, a quick turnaround on the shipment of parts and custom materials is essential. With a flight time of approximately six hours, the non-stop flight now in place makes the UK easily accessible once again.

St. John’s Mayor Andy Wells noted that the arrival of Astraeus was a great thing, however he cautioned the public to make sure they choose the new airline whenever doing business in the UK. This comment was likely in response to the fact that Air Canada itself has decided to offer a limited number of flights to the UK during the off season and more regular flights in the summer months, likely in an effort to undercut Astraeus business.

It appears that Canada’s airline is caught in a bit of a conundrum. It doesn’t really want the business on the Newfoundland to UK route but also doesn’t want anyone else to have it either. Welcome to the warped world of Air Canada, Canada’s Spoiled and Greedy Airline.

I'd like to second the sentiments of Mayor Wells (something I never thought I'd do) and even take it a step futher by asking everyone who intends to fly to the UK to use Astraeus rather than Air Canada. I'd also suggest that anyone flying anywhere else consider the option of using another carrier. Why should anyone support an airline that has arbitrarily decided that Halifax bound passengers are more important than those here?


Anonymous said...

Artfull dodger ...said

I anxiously await WJM's response to your remarks Patriot, it should be the usual doozy.


Artfull Dodger

Anonymous said...

I wonder when "Mr Bi-Polar" is going to show up and start his rant.C'mon WJM,,Air Canada needs to be drfended.

WJM said...

I wonder when "Mr Bi-Polar"

Miles: I do not appreciate you allowing such a comment to stand.

is going to show up and start his rant.C'mon WJM,,Air Canada needs to be drfended.

Against what?

I know this is hard for Newfoundland nationalists to understand, but most of the world operates under a free-market system.

Air Canada doesn't want to fly from St. John's to London? Fine by me.

Astraeus does? Fine by me, too.

Neither company owes anything to anyone.

And after having had several nasty Air Canada experiences over the years, I avoid flying them between any origin and destination where I have the choice. Free market. I can do that.

Anonymous said...

I've never heard of this Astreus airline and don't plan to check it out over the Atlantic. Air Canada still has my business.

Just because this place (NL) doesn't have a sensible business bone in its collective body, doesn't mean we have to boycott everybody who makes a decision you don't like.

Grow up.

Anonymous said...

Mr WJM ,if it please's you ,Sir ,I will re-tract my comment and apologies.But ,in fair defence of myself ,Sir.If you wish to make such comments on my province and ,or align youeself wih the scum of the earth ,such as this http://www.thiscanada.com/2007/02/21/sheep/,then ,Sir ,good advice would be to "Put-Up or,Shut-Up"your "Rants" and "Inuwendo's" have gone far worse out of scope and range then on your pathetic rag of a blog.But,you seek weakness in those you condem .You truely are a small person ,Sir.
OH and by the way keep up the good work on your Blog "Mr Newfounland and Labrador"There are a great deal of Ex-Patriot Newfounlnader's and Labradians in Ontartio that belive in what you are doing is right for our people .God Bless .

Anonymous said...

Look at it this way: With both Astreous and Air Canada, there will be competition. And that is a good thing for NLers.


Anonymous said...


Look at it this way: With both Astraeus and Air Canada, there will be competition. And that is a good thing for NLs.


WJM said...

If you wish to make such comments on my province and ,or align youeself wih the scum of the earth

I haven't aligned myself with anyone, let alone "scum of the earth"!

have gone far worse out of scope and range then on your pathetic rag of a blog.

My pathetic rag of a blog at labradore.blogspot.com? That's labradore.blogspot.com. If you don't like labradore.blogspot.com, why do you keep reading labradore.blogspot.com?

That's labradore.blogspot.com.

Anonymous said...

You know it's miracle that any outside businesses even operate in Newfoundland. The way you people expect business to fall in line at your bidding is astounding. Whether it's the oil industry, airline industry, or the fish plant companies....no one can run a normal operation in this place. If your expectations were somewhat reasonable that would be fine. I'm not saying let people run over you. But you consistently show a stubborness and ignorance of the real world. COMPANIES ARE IN BUSINESS TO MAKE MONEY! If they don't make a profit---they go somewhere else. It's not about how many jobs they owe you, or outrageous royalties, or "not playing nice". THE WORLD IS NOT TRYING TO RIP YOU OFF! You're just not that important.

It's time for NL'ers to grow up and realize that companies and government are not your parents. It's not up to them to clothe you and feed you and tuck you in at night. The rest of the country (excluding the Maritimes) knows this and acts accordingly.
Canada is tired of supporting you. Please.......you're the oldest place in North America....act your age.
Oh, I know that a bunch of you will get indignant and write me back. Oh well.

Anonymous said...

Airlines move into and out of markets all the time. It's the nature of the business to put the aircraft where they will make the most profit. Westjet does it. Air Canada does it.

Why the moral outrage? I don't think airlines should subsidize your travel, nor should they subsidize mine. Get used to it.

Stephen said...

I would have liked to have seen RyanAir introduce a flight to St. John's. They offer super cheap flights and create tourism markets as a result. It'd be a great thing to have more Europeans checking the province out and an airline like RyanAir laregly makes its business by selling uncommon routes.