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Monday, February 05, 2007

Anti-Sealing Group Sports Blind Spokesperson

(To all my regular readers. My deepest apologies. You may want to duck for cover for a little while. The crazies will likely be coming out of the woodwork before the day is out but I just couldn't resist the temptation to write the following commentary.)

The other day my eye came across an interesting article in a N.S. based newspaper, the Chronicle Herald. The story was about another recently formed anti-sealing group. The interesting part, at least for me, was that this one is based out of Nova Scotia itself. The idea intrigued me to say the least but it was upon reading the content of the article that my bullshit meter really started ringing off the hook.

The writer seemed to relish the use of such catchy phrases as, “…Commercial sealers will have a new activist group nipping at their heels”. In fact he appeared to have taken like a duck to water with his task of promoting this group rather than in actually writing an article that attempted to report the facts about how misinformed they were. So much for unbiased journalism I guess.

According to the article this new group feels that the recent ruling by the EU not to ban seal products was misinterpreted by “The Newfoundland and federal governments”. The spokesperson said that in addition, her group would like, “…the federal and Newfoundland governments to provide assistance to those people living in outposts who are involved in the commercial sealing industry.” She also said that the group, “…is not against Canada’s northern Inuit population hunting seals, but rather the herds being harvested as a commercial venture.”

Oh my, where do I begin? Probably by informing this person that the term used when referring to small towns along the Newfoundland coast is “Outports”, not “Outposts”. A small and petty point I know but a valid one none the less. It just bugs the crap out of me when these people pretend to know what they’re talking about. It’s like when seal activist and drama queen Rebecca Aldsworth goes on and on about how she knows the truth of sealing because she’s from outport Newfoundland. At least she got the term correct even if she actually grew up and went to school in the heart of St. John’s, a city where she’d have been far more likely to be exposed to the George Street bar scene than an actual seal hunt. But I digress.

On a more serious note, first and foremost it might do this misguided soul a world of good to realize that Nova Scotians also participate in the annual seal hunt, not just Newfoundlanders. Somehow she seems to have missed this fact even while living in their midst. Actually, since she is based out of Nova Scotia, it occurs to me that this might be the best place for her group to start making demands and protesting the issue. Once she’s closed the seal harvest in Nova Scotia then maybe she can consider moving further a field. Her group had better watch out for those pesky Nova Scotia sealers though. I heard one on the radio just the other day complaining that the seal quota for his province was far too low and should be increased.

The next major problem I have is the fact that this group is not opposed to the Inuit hunt, just the commercial one. I wonder, do they actually think that the Inuit dress themselves in seal hides on a regular basis and dance around the ice floes all day long? The fact of the matter is that her supposed support of an Inuit hunt and her damnation of the commercial one is pure hypocrisy. The statement is simply an attempt to ensure that nobody accuses her group of stepping on any sensitive toes when it comes to being politically or culturally correct in her campaign. Here’s news flash lady. There is no such thing as a commercial hunt and an Inuit hunt. They are one in the same. It’s simply a matter of distribution of the resource. For all intents and purposes they are the same hunt.

The Inuit sell their products to the same buyers as everyone else. They don’t hunt a seal and use the hide to spruce up their summer wardrobe or build their humble abodes. They use the money, just like sealers everywhere else, to pay for food, light bills, mortgages, gasoline, auto insurance and a whole host of mundane things. The truth is that if the commercial hunt were stopped and markets were closed the Inuit hunters, just like any other hunter, would be S#@T out of luck. That’s why so many Inuit have supported the commercial hunt in the past. As one goes so goes the other. It doesn’t matter if you are an Anglo Saxon from Nova Scotia, a Quebecois, ticked off Newfoundlander or a northern Inuit.

There are a lot of things that bother me when it comes to these self appointed guardians of the poor beleaguered seal and at the top of that list is how little they actually know about the issue. I’d like to suggest that if this newest group really wants to make a difference they start by becoming informed of the facts. Then if they still feel the way they do now they should try to address the issue right there at home in Nova Scotia before setting their sights farther out to sea.


Artfull Dodger said...

Another group of misinformed well intentioned people jumping on the anti-sealing bandwagon it seems. I beleive I read that they are against the BABY seal hunt, using the word 'baby' I imagine to conjure up visuals of bleating white coats on red stained ice in order to tug at peoples heart strings.

Are they against the harvest of seals or is it the fact that people make money from this venture? They seem to have no problem with indigenous groups killing seals, just crack down on those whities from the 'outposts' from harvesting seals to help bring about a living. They also can't sem to wrap their heads around the notion that indiginous groups harvest seals for the same reason that the 'whities' do.

Something tells me that this Nova Scotia harboured entity has more to do with a drop in their tourism numbers than it does with seals. They can now claim that "it is those heathen Newfoundland & Labradoreans, Magddalen Islanders etc. who club baby whitecoats over the noggin, not us".

kodak said...

This is actually Christmas season for ARA's, i.e., it is the biggest annual fundraiser for many of the animal rights activist groups. The truth and facts regarding the seal hunt is irrelevant for people like Paul Watson of the Sea Shepherd Society, and Ingrid Newkirk of PETA. Watson even admitted years ago, that the image of a baby seal is irresistible. (Here's a part of this interview with Barbara Frum below, and here's the full transcript of that conversation.)
Barbara Frum: Mr. Watson, how easy is it to raise money against the hunt?

Watson: The seal hunt has always turned a profit for the Greenpeace Foundation. And then other organizations like IFAW, API, Fund for Animals, also make a profit off the seal hunt. ...See the thing is the seal is very easy to exploit as an image. We have posters, we have buttons, we have shirts, all of which portray the head of a baby seal with the tears coming out of its eyes. Baby seals are always crying because — its — they're always — the salt tears keep their eyes from freezing. But they have this image — they're baby animals, they're beautiful, and because of that ..

He also said, "for the mass media today, the truth is irrelevant."Much of the media is missing the real story, which is how millions are made from contributions from the public based on outdated information, and misleading images. Images of white coat or references to baby seals will probably continue to be "harvested" as long as the public in general are kept ignorant of the fact that white coats are no longer taken. Some of the so-called investigative type shows in the U.S. should do a story of how people like Watson are raising so much by tricking the public.

Anonymous said...

CBC Radio St. John's had the interview with Paul Watson archived on its site for the longest time. It was sickening to listen to that man lambasting Brian Davies for exploiting the seal to fill his/Davies' organization's coffers with millions from donations. I listened to the interview several times. Mr. Watson said that the seal was an excellent animal to exploit because of the omnipresent tear in its eyes. A natural tear that is always present to protect the seal's eyes from freezing. By the way when Brian Davies retired from his job, guess who grabbed the image of the seal for his organization's poster animal? I think if someone wanted to listen to that interview, CBC St. John's might be only too happy to accommodate you by putting the interview back on its site. After all the time of the year is fast approaching when these seal exploiters will have their hands out again looking for our hard earned money, and it would be a very appropriate time to have that interview available for people to tune in to its contents.

I hope somebody from CBC Radio will read this blog and put the Interview back on the CBC site.

It was the most hypocritical interview that I have ever heard.

kodak said...

Anon, it used to be available last year at this address
http://stjohns.cbc.ca/clips/Stjohns/ram-audio/frum_watson_1978.ram, but it does exist.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys ,

Re: Paul Watson interview .

On this page -- on the sidebar to the right , under "Fishing and Sealing Links" -- Miles has provided a link to The Seal Fishery . Com

On his sight Mike has added a new "Audio Visual" section . There , you will find the Paul Watson interview , as well as other taped and radio interviews and a group of videos -- well worth checking out .... good stuff !

Later .

jerry .

Anonymous said...


Jeez Myles ,

Sorry about spelling your name wrong in the post above ( I know better ) .

I guess its too early in the morning for me -- gotta get a coffee !

jerry .

Anonymous said...

Hi Jerry

Who is Mike and where exactly can I find this speech? Also is it the speech that CBC Radio, St. John's had archived on its site? Please give me the exact address to find Mike's site. Thanks

Let us expose the hypocrisy of this anti-sealing group, who cares nothing about animals that barbarized more barbaricaly than the seal.

ISDABY said...


see this website...its the FAQ of the new antisealing group...same old lies adn BS.

its like 'wheres waldo' when looking for the misinformation...its there for the reading. Have some fun with this!!

maybe contact them and challenge their BS and lies.

its the same stuff that HSUS and SSCS use. Crap!

Anonymous said...

Score one for the good guys:


CHARLOTTETOWN (CP) — A prominent opponent of the annual East Coast seal hunt has been fined $3,000 for getting too close to hunters.

Paul Watson, leader of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, was fined Monday in Charlottetown.

He was charged two years ago with not having a permit to observe the hunt on the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

Watson, who plans to appeal his conviction, has been ordered to stay away from the hunt for the next two years.

Anonymous said...

Forgot to mention:

Eleven other members of the Sea Shepherd Conservaton Society were fined $1,000 each for the same incident.

Anonymous said...


from jerry :

Sorry people .

When I said this site I meant the blog page you are reading right now ... Web Talk - Newfoundland and Labrador . Myles (Higgins) has already provided a link to The Seal Fishery . Com .

However , before I cause anymore confusion , here is the link and the actual web address :

.... http://www.thesealfishery.com/

When you get to the above site check out the Audio Visual section . And , yep , its the infamous interview with Paul Watson , as mentioned earlier !

"Who is Mike" ? .... Mike is the owner/operator of The Seal Fishery site !

In my opinion its worth checking out !

Later .

jerry .


Anonymous said...


Oops .

When I wrote the comment above I left out an " = " sign when I applied the link tags for the Seal Fishery site .

While the link I posted won't work , the address is correct .

Unfortunately , there is no way for me to correct the error !

Later .

jerry .


Anonymous said...

wow, this one's pretty quiet..the usual AR wingnuts must be busy somewhere's else...or maybe Paul Watson wasn't mentioned...seems thats a trigger to wake up the flakes!

Anonymous said...

It is awfully quiet. I guess all the seal huggers forget about the issue between May and February. It's only when the activist groups kick up the media in their annual fund raising blitz that the general population jumps onboard.

I guess as much as they scream and yell, the issue isn't really on their minds most of the year.

Anonymous said...

"Yes" I'm also wondering where is Ms. Rebecca Sorenson aka Aldsworth?

Anonymous said...

I am against the seal hunt.
I am against the brutality of killing seals or any other animal just for fur and fashion.

I am against the suffering of animals.

The seal hunt will end when people realize that fur is cruel.

Unfortunately, that doesn't depend on the seal hunters or seal hunt supporters. It is a matter of educating the public about how that piece of fur came into their closets.


Patriot said...


Thanks for your comments. Just to clarify your stand, would you be against the seal hunt if it was not simply for fur and fashion but if the meat and other materials (oils, etc.) were commercially used?

Also, are you against the killing of cows (for example) where the meat is sold and the hides are used for leather products?

I just want to determine if your stand against the hunt is because the full animal is not utilized, because you do not support the use of any animal for any reason or because you see seals as somehow on a different level than other animals.

Thank-you again for your comments.

Anonymous said...


I would still be against the seal hunt if the entire animal would be used.(Without getting into the argument of clubbing animals to death)
I am against the seal hunt because seals are WILD animals.

The cows and other farm animals are bred for human use. Wild animals are not.


Patriot said...

Thanks Pat and believe me I don't want to argue the pros and cons with you either. I appreciate your comments on many issues and respect your right to feel the way you do on this one even though I may disagree with you.

I simply appreciated your civilized way of commenting (unlike many who respond to this issue) and was simply trying to clearly understand your point of view.

It follows I suppose, since you are against wild animals being hunted, that you are likely against other forms of hunting as well (moose, caribou, deer, etc.) is this the case? Again, not argueing but simply trying to understand the point of view you are coming from.


Anonymous said...

No, Patriot , it does not follow that I am against the hunting of moose, caribou, etc.
In my opinion, it is fair to hunt moose or caribou if you are going to eat the meat and use the hide, etc.
But in the case of the seals, they are killed only for their pelts.

The fact that wild animals are killed only for fur and by extreme brutal methods makes it unacceptable, in my opinion.


Anonymous said...

Sorry Patriot but I won't be so kind.

Sorry Pat but your a moron.

Your stand is that you are against the hunt because of the method used and utilization factors.

It might interest you to know that multiple studies performed by US research companies found the hakapik to be quite humane. Not to mention the common sense factor which would dictate those who have common sense to make the grand leap of deduction that being creamed in the head with the equivalent of a sledgehammer would do the job quite efficiently. This being said, most seals from the gulf and front hunts combined are shot. However I realize for the those lacking in common sense that a hole magically appearing on an animal when it is shot is more optically acceptable than an animal being whacked over the head. Just remember it isn't bad just because its ugly.

In regards to utilization, when you compare the amount of the animal utilized in a seal in relation to its overall weight to that of any other slaughtered animal you would find that the percentages are roughly the same. In many cases the flippers are taken with the pelt and blubber leaving the carcass which is mostly bone with a little meat.

Patriot said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Patriot said...

Thanks once again Pat. I always like to know where people stand when they are willing to discuss an issue without resorting to name calling, threats, etc.

I guess we will have to agree to disagree on this issue. From my perspective there is no difference in hunting seals or moose. One may be cuter looking than the other but that's where it ends and to me the cuteness factor is not a reason to decide which should live and which should die. If that were the case we could just line up all animals and kill the ugly ones.

Here is my opinion on the topic of utilization if you are interested:

As for only the pelts being used, this is a red herring spread by ARA groups. In reality pelts, blubber (attached to the pelts) and meat is used. As the previous anon pointed out (not quite as kindly as I am trying to do), essentially the percentage of seal used is similar to that of other animals.

I know some will argue that only 30 or 40 thousand seal flippers out of the 300 + thousand seals are actually brought to market and used as a food source (I don't personally believe those numbers but even supposing they are accurate) there is a reason for it and it isn't because they are not of value.

The reason is that various ARA groups over the years have essentially destroyed the market for these items and cut off the ability of hunters to access them. Now they say that becuase the animal is not used for food it should not be hunted. It's a catch 22 that has been forced on the hunt by ARAs who have their own agenda.

Anonymous said...

in this modern economy, wether its used for fur or food should be put into perspective.

Fur is sold for money (oh my gosh!!!!) , which buys food (and pays bills, etc). SO, indirecly it is a food hunt.

Anonymous said...

Ryan Seacrest hosts American top 40 weekly, recently one of your very favorite Canadian bands who support the seal cull, was to be in the number 9 spot, not only did he refuse to play the song, but he told America why. Ryan Seacrest gets higher ratings than any other personality, not only that but the following week the song did not hit the top 1000. Now, those who did not know this was still going on have been told. So honestly folks arguing on a blog about a seal cull that is doomed one way or another, is a huge waste of time, the outcome will still be the same. Global Warming, public pressure. The seal will either go the way of the cod and other species in the area or the way of the whales and other species "protected" from the savage people who slaughter them for gain. Either way it is, we told you so, I just hope we will not be able to add the word AGAIN to the end of the I told you so, and the seal wind up the way of the cod.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the "seal huggers" are out doing some meaningful work instead of sitting on this sad little blog like the rest of you( and me.)

This has nothing to do with the seal hunt anyway. This has everything to do with anybody daring to say anything negative about Newfieland.

Anonymous said...

Anon of February 09, 2007 9:45 PM The only thing the seal huggers are doing is "They are out there assuring that thier campaign is going well so that their coffers will be filled with another $100 million dollars. Nothing to do with cruelty to animals but more to do with making 'easy money' for their personal bank accounts.

Anonymous said...


I posted a story below from the Business Section of the Telegram concerning the likely drop of seal pelts because of the warm weather in key markets and because of the warm weather fur is not required to ward off the cold.

Just sit back now and wait for the anti-sealers to announce a Victory and take the credit for their campaigns being the cause of the drop in seal pelt prices. You can be assured though that these anti-sealers are so astute with their collection plate that they will not drop below the $100 million dollar mark in their campaign.

By the way Patriot your arsenal of ammunition against the ARG contained within this blog is a great site for your viewers to visit. It will sure give one an insight into the hypocrisy of the anti-sealers who collect millions on the lies they spread.

Seal pelt prices likely to drop
Local firm blames warm weather in key markets

The Telegram

A recent drop in mink prices will likely result in a subsequent decline in demand for other furs, including seal pelts, a local tannery operator is warning.

Dion Dakins, sales and marketing manager for Atlantic Marine Products, said only half of the 4.4 million minks offered at a recent auction in Copenhagen sold.

The price, he said, was down 25 per cent compared to last year.

Ranched mink is the "gold standard" of the fur industry, Dakins noted.

That means the price of other furs, such as seal, will likely plunge as well.

"If I had to buy seals three weeks ago, I would have given you one price," Dakins said.

"If I had to buy seals today, I would certainly be quoting you a much, much, much lower price than last year's, because we can't sell the product. If I was going to quote you seals in six weeks, I really don't know."

None of the 3,500 seal pelts offered in Copenhagen sold.

This week, Atlantic Marine Products sold only 600 of the 10,000 seal pelts the company offered at North American auctions.

Dakins blamed the weather in the key markets of China and Russia as the problem.

A cold winter in 2005-06 helped spike seal pelt prices up to $105 - roughly 60 per cent higher than the year before.

Those furs are now on the shelf, but aren't selling because of this year's mild weather, Dakins said.

"The fashion of fur is still extremely strong, but functionally this year there's no demand for fur. It's too warm. You can't wear a sealskin jacket at plus-5 C - you'll cook."

Dakins said he expects anti-sealing groups to claim any price drop is a result of their campaigns. He disagreed.” They have had no impact on this pricing whatsoever."

Atlantic Marine Products is one of the Barry Group of Cos.

Atlantic Marine processes roughly half the seals taken in the annual Canadian harvest, Dakins said.

The company employs 45 people year-round in Catalina, plus another 12 full time at a second tannery in Corner Brook.

In addition to pelts, the company produces omega-3 oil products.


Anonymous said...

In addition to pelts, the company produces omega-3 oil products..........????

Loaded with all types of toxins. Some attributed to Depleted Uranium dumping left over from plutonium manufacturing since it was originally mined until today. Dumped by Canada (and others), but Canada is the worlds largest supplier of Uranium in the world, to many countries (remember the nuclear reactor to India?) this plutonium for weapons and munitions since the world wars even until today the uranium can be traced back to Canada..... the depleted stuff that isn't used has to be discarded any-ol-where I suppose!

oh yummy, seal oil anyone?

Anonymous said...

I find it amusing that you can make such claims since there have never been tests done on toxin levels found in harp seals.

I guess you believed the whole mercury scare as well. You may find this interesting,

Anonymous said...

PCB content: 3 types registered between 0.27 ppm and 1.18 ppm. Arsenic: 1.2 ppm

Trace amounts of boron (7.3 ppm), calcium (9.9 ppm) and sodium (10 ppm) were also present.

Compliments of Dr Ho., honestly they have been tested by others as well, but here is a name YOU will trust...


hmmm seal are not fish that is an oxymoron.

Oh by the way google has great articles on Toxins found in fur seal, including the Harp...so to say that the test have never been done is either ignorance of the issue on your part or an attempt to discredit comment without fact. They also have great articles on mercury poisons and their effects, scientific articles, newspapers included, very interesting.

Flaxseed contains plenty of Omega 3 without the toxins and without the destruction of one of the worlds last remaining marine mammal predators/species. Easy choice for me.

BTW: as long as you find this amusing, I can also assume you could really care less.

Anonymous said...


oooops I forgot to give you one link to a Canadian cbc article, it is from 2004 as things get worse until 2007 and beyond. There are so many you will have no trouble finding these and recent ones on your own I am sure. :)