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Monday, April 30, 2007

Newfoundland and Labrador - Province Wide Call to Action

UPDATE - May 2, 2007

The protest rally is scheduled for Friday May 11
at 11:00am.

Several high profile members of the public, in discussion with The Newfoundland and Labrador Defense League(nldl.org), the leaders of the major provincial parties, unions, chambers of commerce and community groups have been actively planning a massive non-partisan public protest at the Confederation building in St. John's in the coming days.

According to the organizers, the rally will give the people of Newfoundland and Labrador a chance to show their strong support for the province’s position on equalization.

Recent budget decisions out of Ottawa have the potential to impact Newfoundland and Labrador far into the future. This has galvanized the public and cut across all political and social groups. The current situation, one that places a backdoor cap on the 2005 Atlantic Accord the province fought so hard for, is one that affects every man, woman and child in the province.

Many provincial organizations are already supporting the call to action and the non-partisan approach being taken by the organizers. They are calling on all Newfoundlanders and Labradorians to stand united and strong on this issue and to attend the event if at all possible.

The protest rally is still in the planning stages and a final date has yet to be set, however the expectation is that it will happen on May 4th or 11th. If you would like to help organize the event or are looking for more information you can call: 709–576-2330 or email whittlep@nf.sympatico.ca

As one supporter noted, "By standing shoulder to shoulder as proud Newfoundlanders and Labradorians we hope to send a clear message to Ottawa that the people of this province refuse to sit idly by while our future is stolen from us."

"It's time to stand up and make this the biggest public protest in the history of our province!!!"


Anonymous said...

Artfull Dodger said....

One important thing to consider (for the organizers) of such an event, is the day(s) considered for which it is planned to take place.

May 4th and 11th fall on Fridays. considering that the large majority of those who hold down jobs work mondays through fridays, it stands to reason that holding the event on these dates will not bode well for getting the greatest number in attendance.

Anonymous said...

It's about time someone put this together. The support should be massive.

Harper and his cronies need to be reminded of their betrayal and sell out of Atlantic Canada at every possible opportunity.

In 2004, when he was in Halifax looking for votes he new damn well what the reality was. He knew it when he said:

"... should be able to realize the benefits of the offshore to jump-start its economy just like my province, Alberta, was able to do with petroleum revenues. If Alberta had been subject to these kinds of clawbacks, I tell you it would still be a have-not province today."

Good on you folks and I hope the streets around St. John's are overflowing with supporters!!!

Anonymous said...

VOCM's question of the day 4/23/2007
Do you support plans for a massive rally on Confederation Hill to support the premier in the equalization fight? Why or why not? 80% voted yes!

Anonymous said...

Patriot ,

Keep Us posted Here On the Mainland ,I think that Newfoundlander's and Labradorian's everywere In Canada are watching.

I think that you'll be surprised when you watch the news from mainland canada.


As Always;

Anonymous said...

I'd be shocked if any significant numbers show up. Better hope for a nice day.

Anonymous said...

Could these snarky anonymous posters be either/or a combination of ...WJM, Ed Hollet or Craig Westcott?

Anonymous said...

Anon, May. 02. 2007 8:50 a.m.---- You poor dweeb!! Its none of the above!!! By God, they really piss you off though, eh????!!! Get over it silly person!! People are allowed to make "snarky" comments( interesting word, where did you learn it?? ) aren't they?? Lord knows you make enough of them. No wonder you recoginize one when you see it.!! Or do you need someone to read it to you? You don't appear to be very bright, pity that !!!

Anonymous said...

Anon of May 02, 2007 3:57 PM - Do you think you are the only poster who has a few words in his vocabularly? If you don't mind me saying so, you are the poor dweeb!! If you can't post with anything more meaningful to this blog than you post with, why post at all?

WJM said...

Could these snarky anonymous posters be either/or a combination of ...WJM, Ed Hollet or Craig Westcott?

Enemies of the People all, right?

Can't speak for the other two, but it's not me. Myles, if you would DISALLOW anonymous comments, we wouldn't have this issue, would we?

And hi, Liz!

Anonymous said...

Hi wallace.

WJM said...

Hi Ward!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see a bunch of lazy-ass Newfies get off their butts and head to Conderation building with their pepsis, baseball caps, and cigarettes.

Should make for a good laugh and a good clip for "22 Minutes".

Anonymous said...

Anon of May 07, 2007 9:12 AM

Are you the lazy ass person who is sitting at your desk in Ottawa who from all accounts has already sent out 100 messages from the same Ottawa IPO saying NO to the rally?

What a waste of money?