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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

McGuinty: Do as I Say, Not as I Do

This week Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty is once again hitting up the federal government for increased funding in his province.

A few months ago McGuinty made no bones about his feelings when it came to resource dependent provinces like Newfoundland and Labrador retaining 100% of non-renewable resource revenues. A plan that would have seen the cash strapped and debt ridden province take in about $1 billion over the next decade and drastically improved its financial position.

According to McGuinty the concept was nothing more than another taxpayer funded handout and he wouldn’t stand for it.

Today, in a clear case of “do as I say and not as I do”, Dalton McGuinty is telling the federal government his province wants $2.85-billion in funding NOW to help the struggling manufacturing sector (with over $650 million to go directly into the auto industry) and improve Ontario’s unemployment rate, a rate that must be terrifying to the premier as it hovers at about half that of Newfoundland and Labrador.

He also would like Ottawa to lower the number of insurable weeks necessary to collect EI in Ontario.

Mr. McGuinty’s only explanation for this latest round of begging is to say, “It worked in the past”.

During Paul Martin’s reign McGuinty convinced Ottawa to increase funding for immigrants in Ontario from $819 per person to just over $3,800 and in the last budget he convinced Stephen Harper to provide additional funding for everything from health care to post secondary education. Now he wants billions more in funding.

The sad thing is that he’ll probably succeed, even after destroying the economic ambitions of Atlantic Canada. With a federal election coming sometime in the next 2 years, and Harper dead in the polls, there’s little doubt the PM will pander to vote rich Ontario as a matter of course.

It’s not that there’s anything inherently wrong with helping to curb unemployment in Ontario or anywhere else but for the Ontario premier to demand billions of dollars while other provinces are far worse off and after ensuring that those provinces would lose out on their resource revenues is almost as low as any man can sink. I say “almost” because I’m convinced we’ll see McGuinty’s level far exceeded by the generosity Stephen Harper will soon display to him.

It begs the question: If allowing poorer provinces with truly high unemployment to use their own resource revenues is a hand out, what is it when a rich province with lower unemployment expects the Canadian taxpayers to cut them a cheque every time they turn around?

Since hearing about McGuinty’s latest round of begging I’ve been trying to come up with a solution to Ontario’s problem that will save taxpayer’s like myself a ton of money. I think I found it.

With all due respect to the people of Ontario, when Newfoundlanders and Labradorians dare to speak about high unemployment the average Ontarian responds by brushing it off as “East Coast Whining.” Their typical response is to say, “Hey, if you really want a job why don’t you move to Alberta, there’s plenty of work there.”

Maybe that’s the solution is for Ontario as well. Perhaps McGuinty should give up his attitude of, “Do as I say and not as I do” and listen to Newfoundlanders like myself who are saying, “do as I say and as I do.”

Fort Mac can use a large influx of Ontario Labour just as well as workers from Atlantic Canada.

Alberta will provide an opportunity to put those unemployed Ontarians back to work without costing taxpayer’s a dime.

It’s a sound solution, and besides, I’d hate to see the people of Ontario cause a drain on the system by becoming too dependent on welfare and EI.


R. Raleigh said...

Hmm...a provincial premier putting the interests of his province first and foremost without any consideration to hypocrisy or logical consistency...

This is an astounding new development.

Anonymous said...

"Do as I say don't do as I do"

Like Danny Williams telling people not to vote for Stephen Harper despite his voting for him twice.

Anonymous said...

Williams voted for a conservative member before the promise was broken, like a lot of people or no conservative reps would be in there from NL. Next election different story.

As for a premier being an A-hole, they all are, so what's your point other than the truth hurts.

Let NL ask Ottawa for billions to help the unemployed and see how fast the door is shut and the mainland media makes it look like welfare. Let Ontario do it and it's only right, right?

Like the man said, there's lots of work in Alberta if they want it, it's good enough for NLers it's good enough for people at the center of the universe.

calvin said...

I must say Patriot,excellent excellent excellent article!If newfoundlanders and labradorians can move away from there homes and familys ,why cant the same thing be done for those of us in Ontario.Fair is fair is fair.

There is just one litle problem though.The federal party that shows that kind of attuide towards ceneral Canada will be spelling the death of thier Party.So can anybody here tell me what exactly Harper is going to do.He's going to give them what they want to keep himself in power and the rest of us can just choke on it if we dont like it .

Isn't Confederation with thease people just wonderful.

Starrigan said...

Excuse me while I puke.

Anonymous said...

If there's no work is getting hard to find in Ontario the unemployed need to move to where they can find work. Just because you've lived in a place for a long time you shouldn't expect anyone to take care of you. Get off your lazy butts and go to Alberta.

Boy, it felt good to say that!!!!

Starrigan said...

Exactly, look at those lazy Ontario bums sitting around waiting for government handouts.
Talk about a culture of defeat!!!

A real patriot said...

Starrigan , how do we tell puke from your usual comments?

And while we are at it, why is the nldl website run out of Windsor ontario by a guy who has advice on why not to "fuck fat chicks"?

Is his sexist commentary normal for nldl?

Patriot said...

Correction: The NLDL website was setup by a member in Ontario (it has members around the world) but it is actually administered and maintained by a person in Newfoundland.

Whether the person who set it up is a sexist or not I can't say and I wouldn't defend it but I'm sure if you scratch the surface of a lot of male political types in our province or elsewhere you'll find sexist leanings. Does anyone remember: "pour me another tequila Sheila, lay down and love me again"

a real patriot said...

So how come when I check here it tells me the URL is still registered to the guy in Ontario who runs this blog with its 10 things he'd like women to do in bed?

Patriot said...

Still registered to him but not directly run by him. As I said, he's a member. As a small organization NLDL has a lot of its members take on things they are willing to help out with. This particular individual was willing to setup the site and register it (including paying for it). Since he is a NLer living away that wasn't an issue.

His personal life is his own concern, not mine.

As I said, the content, look, feel and administration is done here. If you've got a problem with that then it's your problem to deal with.

Starrigan said...

My my "a real patriot" seems to have lots of time on his hands. Does someone pay you to dig up dirt, or are you just being an a$$hole. I thought we were rid of them for awhile.

Anonymous said...

Starrigan you never left so that means the biggest asshole is always here.

NL-ExPatriate said...

LOL oh that hurt's LMFAO.

Systemically flawed is what this federation is. It was created from a colonialist system and Ontario has found ways of improving and refining that colonialist imperial empire to their betterment all along the way. If it doesn't suit Ontario just redesign the system to better Ontario. Not like itès hard with 106 seats out of 308 with no equality anywhere in the system.

Ontario was no bigger than PEI before 1867 when they legislated themselves half the country. My stomach was sick the entire time I was driving through the Imperial Empire and it took me three days to get out of that god forsaken hell hole.

The canadian version of the book "confessions of an Economic Hit man is our constitution. Everybody knows the federation is systemically flawed. Thats what MeechLake and the CharlotteTown accords were about but the overload provinces wouldnèt have anything to do with correcting what will be the demise of this country because itès all about them.

Seeing as Harper broke his promise to the people of NL, NS, SK on the premise that the premiers couldnèt come to an agreement maybe if the majority of the premiers come to an agreement to amend the constitution to include a triple E senate and have one Supreme Court canada judge from each province and territory he would agree.

Ahh but there is the rub in order to change the systemically flawed system there has to be total agreement and ONéQU will never relinquish their empirical status.

So since it has already be tried what the hell are we doing beating around the bush lets just leave. Were all big boys and girls shit or get of the pot is what I say.

Anonymous said...


Population of Ontario in 1871 was 1,620,851. Population of P. E. I. was 94,021.

calvin said...

Ex-Pat ,Im with you ,Sir!!!Time to just get off the Arse and get her go'in east B'ye .Heres One Newfoundlander that would vote "Republic Of".

Its just time to relise that we made a mistake in 49.Time to say Bye-Bye!!!

A real patriot said...

Sp when does ex-pat quit his job in Canada and come back, without his pension from the oppressor?

Ex-pat looks like a pretty big hypocrit

Starrigan said...

I'm with Calvin, show me where to mark my X

a real patriot said...

So when are you coming home, starrigan and quitting your job on the mainland?

talk is cheap. Let's see you put your money where your mouth is.

calvin said...

So when are you coming home, starrigan and quitting your job on the mainland? - personally ,Im in my second year of my Five Year Plan to return to Newfoundland and Labrador!!!!And ,counting the Days,lol.

calvin said...

and I do plan on returning with some "JOBS"!!!!!!