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Monday, August 20, 2007

Water, Water Everywhere - But for How Long?

Today we once again find Loyola Hearn travelling around the province with cash in hand, hoping to buy back voters with money taken out of their pockets in the most recent federal budget.

Hearn’s approach to pork barrel politics is nothing new under the sun but today’s announcement is one that’s interesting for its timing if nothing else.

Steve Harper, George Bush and Mexican president Calderon are meeting on Quebec this week to secretly discuss ways of intertwining the three nations as never before. Knowing this, Hearn’s latest attempt at politicking might be considered as more than the usual run of the mill vote buying scheme we’ve all become accustomed to.

This week’s government payoff consists of $516 thousand dollars in funding supposedly to help the agriculture industry in the province. The funding is being offered as a way to help the industry determine exactly how much available water there is in the province. As one report noted, “In many areas of the province, the size of water areas is unknown”.

On the surface this might seem quite benign but when you consider that Newfoundland and Labrador is often used as a “laboratory” for hair brained schemes before they are tried on people across Canada and that the three amigos are believed to be discussing the trading away of Canada’s valuable fresh water resources to a parched U.S. and Mexico, it isn’t difficult to imagine a sinister side to Hearn’s agenda (even it he isn’t personally aware of it).

In his public address Hearn said this new funding would “help ensure the long term use of these resources”. He didn’t say by whom.


touton said...

Conspiracy theories abound but like somone once said, "when everyone is out to get you paranoia is just good thinking".

I doubt Hearn is trusted enough inside the Harper camp to even have a clue about something as underhanded as this but it wouldn't surprise me if Harper has something like it in mind.

Blogerwoman said...

If Ottawa adds bulk fresh water to the Free Trade debacle, then that will be the last BLOW that CAN BE DEALT to the province of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Ussr said...

I really dont think Blogerwoman,that the feds will make any move involving Newfoundland and Labrador .That would spark something that I feel all canadains do not wish to talk about right now,and that is National Unity.The Tinder Box in Newfoundland and Labrador is bone dry right now,and any spark coming from Ottawa towards the Province would be seen thru-out Canada as a direct attack towards Williams and his Province.

I believe that the correct term we are looking for is "Let sleeping Dogs Lie" .Or is it "Lay".

If Harper has any common sence at all,which is very scarce to say the least on mainland canada,he will acknowledge the fact Premier Danny Williams is seen as Captain Newfoundland in this Province and back off.

I think Alberta had such a Premier at one time Patriot .What was his name again ,OH YES,Ralph Klein.Ever hear of him.I think Ottawa is starting to learn that what can happen in the west ,can also happen in the east.God Help Us All,each and everyone!!!!

Starrigan said...

I thought they had already determined that water was a resource and not a commodity. The real warning lights should start flashing when Harper starts talking about changing that around. In the meantime that $516,000 to NL to help the agriculture industry? That's just plain weird, but if you associate with determining exactly how much available water we have, then it makes perfect sense.

Wince said...

The timing of Hearn's announcement coinciding with the Quebec meetings is quite a coincidence and fodder for conspiracy theorists everywhere!

It does raise more questions than answers which is what a good conspiracy is all about, however I don't think that is is any secret that fresh water is one of two things the US is eyeballing here in Canada, so the "by whom" will the water be used is self evident.