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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

NL First Now an Official Federal Party

The following press release was issued by the Newfoundland and Labrador First Party today. Congrats to all. It's nice to see the guys in the party standing up and giving voters a real alternative to a nationally controlled party.

News Release - NL First Party - 2007-12-19

New Newfoundland & Labrador Federal Party Formed

St. John's - Elections Canada has recently confirmed that the Newfoundlandand Labrador First Party, led by former PC Cabinet Minster Tom Hickey, is eligible to be registered as a Federal Party.

With the completion of some ongoing paperwork, and the nomination of one or more candidates for the impending federal election, the party will meet all the criteria for full registration.

The NL First Party (http://www.nlfirst.ca/) will be fielding a full slate for the next federal election.

The party is pleased to welcome applications from anyone who would like to represent Newfoundland and Labrador interests first in Canada's next Parliament.

Interested persons can contact the party by e-mail at info.nlf.ca or call Tom @ 709-726-5327.

Tom is more than willing to discuss with any perspective candidate or voter the party's commitment to presenting a united front to the Federal Government and the people of Canada on issues of extreme importance to Newfoundland and Labrador's future.

Only the Newfoundland and Labrador First Party can obtain a Fair Deal from Ottawa. We cannot count on any of the old line federal parties.

In the next federal election voters can now cast their vote for Newfoundlandand and Labrador First rather than "Anybody But Conservative".

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Anonymous said...

It's amazing that this hasn't appeared in any local press - none that I was able to locate anyway.

Then again, NL First, didn't even bother to update their website to reflect the development, but that's an old story with NL First.

mollie said...

This will make the next federal election very interesting. I wonder how many votes NLF will get or whether they might even have a chance at a seat, maybe Avalon?

rant said...

Finally,a chance for the people of Newfoundland and Labrador to help themselves.

I think the present attitude in Newfoundland and Labrador is way past due.This attitude that our father's and mother's had about Canada has cost us dearly.It's time to think of home now and how we can make our province better for our children and thier children.

God know's that if I could vote in the province I would be gladly giving my vote to the NLFirst Party .Go gett'em boy's.

time for a change said...

"rant" - you must be a crackpot.

Our parents and grandparents built schools, hospitals, roads, communities, and an economy out of next to nothing. Nothing - of course, except for a boatload of money from "upalong". There was no help from that crowd in St. John's, the same crowd who would force their parents and grandparents to live like beggars. How any thinking person to subscribe to such foolishness is beyond me.

As for the questions of why the media hasn't picked up on this, I'm more curious to know why the NLFirst party hasn't even put it on on their own website. Are they lazy or stupid or both?

This is the crowd going to get us a fair deal from Ottawa? The crowd that takes 12 months to fill in a form and three more to announce it on their own website? You're going to get us a fair deal from Ottawa?

Good luck.

While you're at it, why not get your hero Danny to call a referendum? Let's rumble b'ys in girls. We beat ye once and we'll beat ye again.

And, why would anyone who is so proud strong and determined need more money from Ottawa anyway?

That's so 1970s...