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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Mulroney - Schreiber: With Friends Like This Who Needs Enemas

The headline might make some think of the mess Schreiber is bringing to light and whether or not he was a friend to Mulroney or a curse. Don`t jump to conclusions. From all the testimony so far in Ottawa and especially after today the story is just the opposite.

Personal Opinion Alert: Brian Mulroney is an ASSHOLE!!!

Yes, Schreiber may be a sleazy character who brokerd undercover deals in Ottawa.

Yes, Schreiber may have been the middle man for millions as they passed from multi-national companies to political figures.

Yes, Schreiber may be doing whatever he can to aviod extridition.

That said, former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, after saying he only knew Schreiber in the most limited sense, after he denied taking money from Schreiber and taking 2.1 million from Canadian tax payers, after spending a lot of time with Mr. Schreiber as everyone now kows was a close friend, confidant and business aquaintance, Mulroney has shown his true character by saying in his testimony today that one of the worst things that ever happened to him was being introduced to Mr. Shreiber.

This coming from a man who had Mr. Schreiber to his home. From a man who was more than happy to accept Schreiber`s middle man support when it came to stabbing Joe Clark in the back and taking control of the PC party (with the help of Frank Moores`money laundering) and couldn`t wait to make a cash grab from Mr. Schreiber when he was leaving office.

It`s enough to make a poor little guy like me gag!!!

Schreiber may be a shady figure but Brian Mulroney is below contempt.

With friends like him who needs enemas

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Anonymous said...

Today Mr. Mulroney claimed that he only took cash from Karlheinz Schreiber because that’s how Schreiber wanted to pay him--and that this was a huge mistake. But Mulroney then went on to admit the following:

1) He didn’t deposited the money into any bank account but rather kept the money in cash

2) He didn’t declare the money on his taxes until years later after Schreiber was arrested

3) He didn’t bring the money he received in New York back to Canada thus avoiding declaring it at the border

4) He never sent Schreiber a receipt for the cash or any invoice for services rendered

5) When he finally did pay his taxes, Mulroney didn’t declare a single expense associated with the work he allegedly did for Schreiber (despite that meaning that he would have had to pay tens of thousands of dollars more in taxes)

The decision to deal in cash appears to have been at Mr. Schreiber’s urging, but all of these subsequent actions were taken by Mr. Mulroney of his own accord and all of them had the effect of concealing the money that he received from Schreiber.

Mulroney needs to explain why his own actions--after taking the money from Schreiber--maintained the complete lack of transparency that characterized his decision to accept cash from Schreiber in first place.