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Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Ice Man Cometh...

With a Bill sitting on Parliament Hill that supposedly clears up the Atlantic Accord mess, Bill Casey still in the news and a deal done over the Atlantic Accord in Nova Scotia, if you can call a verbal agreement with Stephen Harper a deal, it's more than a little interesting that the PM has found a feeble excuse to pay a visit to good old Newfoundland and Labrador this weekend. I would have thought someone with Harper's team of advisors could have thought of something more believable than visiting Fabian Manning and wishing him well on his nomination papers being signed.

Of course a meeting has been scheduled with Danny Williams but that's not the real reason for the visit (wink, wink).

Could it be that Harper is just trying to head off the next wave of ire from the Premier? I mean he couldn't be worried about another round of bad publicity could he? What with the last round, his handling of Afghanistan, Ottawa's obstructionist stand in climate change and a pending inquiry into Brian Mulroney's business dealings and his knowlege (or lack of knowlege) about them, he must be used to dealing with bad press by now.

Maybe not.

It should be an interesting meeting and an even more interesting few days afterward.



Anonymous said...

Why aren't you planning a rally?

Paul said...

Who says there isn't one planned, and why aren't you planning one Anon?

Starrigan said...

I can't believe Harper is showing his face in NL????
With all the crap swirling around him you would think that last thing he would do is breeze into Danny territory. Maybe he thinks he can show up on the rock and slap Danny around a little bit to show what a big man he is. I'm sure he'll have another thing coming.
All that aside I am very surprised that he would come for a visit, for any reason. Makes me wonder what he has up his sleeve....

Glenn said...

It's time to work on Equalization

Saskatoon Star Phoenix


I guess the only thing that's left is how much and in what form of the estimated 10$ Billion will NL get compensated for?

Anonymous said...

Helping fund: Lower Churchill(without forcing anyone to transport through Quebec), helping finance a fixed link, giving back the 8% stake in Hibernia would all be a great start. NOT GONNA HAPPEN

is ye literate? said...

"giving back" implies it was "taken from"

The 8.5% Hibernia share was purchased with borrowed money by federal taxpayers from a private multinational oil company who backed out of their orignial investement and wanted to sell. Why would we give it back to that company?

Unless you're implying it should be "given back" to the province of Newfoundland who never had it.

If there is any rational explanation for getting that piece of it, why not get the other 91.5% while you're at it? Why not? What's the bloody difference?

There is absolutely no sensible justification for such a thing no matter how many times it is repeated by politicans of every political stripe.

Nuts. The lot of you.