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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

On the Next Episode of Soap...

How well did Brian Mulroney actually know Schreiber?

A letter from Mila Mulroney to Schreiber’s Missus tell us the couples knew each other:

A: very well
B: quite well
C: extremely well
D: all of the above

Did Mulroney really take 300K in bribes and then try to cover it up?

Where did the other 19+ million in fees during he Airbus purchase process actually go, does anyone know?

Did the Privy Council Office really not send Schreiber’s letter t to the PMO, did the PMO really not show it to the PM or did Harper actually see the letter from months ago and bury it?

Mulroney is still a major force in the Conservative party and has advised Harper in recent years. How close are Mulroney and Harper and what does Harper really know about the Airbus scandal?

Will there be a public inquiry and if so, which closets will be opened?

Will this latest government scandal provide the fertilizer needed for Stephane Dion to actually grow a personality?

Will Danny Williams start referring to Steve as Brian II?

Why is Jack Layton acting so holier than thou? Is it because his party is so squeaky clean or simply because the NDP has never been in a position to control any more than a few hundred bucks?

Will Peter McKay, eyeing weakness in the PM challenge his leader for the top job or will he content himself with moving to Saudi Arabia with the harem he's aquired over the years?

If the Conservative government is tarnished by this scandal, with the Liberals already ousted after their own, what will voters do in the next election?

Will Starr tell Brick she’s really his long lost Sister or will Brick leave on his annual religious sabbatical first?

For the answers to these questions and many others be sure to tune in to the next episode of “Banana Republic” now in primetime.

Author's Note: My apologies for that last question, but it's damn confusing to have As the World Turns on the T.V. while writing.


NL-ExPatriate said...

Taking bets Scriber gets extradited.

BNB said...

SOAP - HA now there's a flash from the past. You show your age by that reference, and I guess I do because I got it :)

...And what of former Premier Frank Moores? We haven't seen him since Season 3. Does he return this season to reveal that he has been living on the mainland, has had a sex change and now goes as Franki?

Patriot said...

Good comment BNB and I'm sure you didn't realise, but Frank Moores, (corrupt or not) passed away a few years ago. He definately won't be back for another season of "Banana Republic"

Too bad really, his testimony might have been very helpful.

Patriot said...

By the way NL-Ex, you win the bet.