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Friday, November 23, 2007

Atlantic Accord Deception is Clear

The following appeard in the Nova Scotia Business Journal and is certainly worth a read heading into next week.

Atlantic Accord deception is clear: Casey

Shunned Nova Scotia MP Bill Casey is using first-hand stories and public tapes in hope of showing that Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Finance Minister Jim Flaherty lied about the Atlantic Accord. Casey shared stories with The Daily News on Tuesday that he believes prove the Conservative government was trying to mislead Nova Scotians.

Casey says when controversy over the Atlantic Accord first erupted earlier this year following the Conservative budget, he went to Flaherty and asked to know exactly what had been changed from the original accord. "He looked me in the eye and said, 'Not one comma was changed," said Casey. "He said that to me twice. And I was relieved ... but in the end, that's absolutely not true. I think they thought they could pass one by us without anyone noticing."

The MP also describes going to Harper and presenting him with two legal opinions opposing changes to the accord. "He looked at them, and he took his hand and he pushed them away. He said, 'It doesn't matter what they say, I decide what formally exists.'"

Casey also apologized to Nova Scotians yesterday for initially "going in the wrong direction" after the budget. Casey said he believed what Harper and Flaherty told him, which caused him to initially support the Conservative budget. Casey would later vote against the budget and get booted from the Conservative caucus.

Casey was supposed to see a copy of the new equalization deal on Tuesday, he said, but that appointment was delayed until next week. In the meantime, he expressed concerns the government couldn't be trusted to uphold its agreements.

Casey said he has collected a series of public tapes and quotes of Harper and Flaherty taking positions they would later back away from. He cites a February 2005 Harper speech honouring John Hamm, in which he calls the former premier a "great Canadian and dear friend."

"The ultimate victory in this campaign for fairness will be his greatest legacy," Harper said. "Your federal Conservative party was proud to support John's fight for fairness for Nova Scotia ... every single member of our national caucus supported that fight." And then every single member voted to take the accord away, added Casey.

He also presents a 2005 Flaherty quote saying Nova Scotia is entitled to keep all the "terms, conditions and benefits," of the Atlantic Accord. Casey contends this was deceptive, as the Tories changed how equalization was calculated

Ottawa-based group Democracy Watch also scolded Harper for going against an earlier promise. The group claims Harper broke his commitment to "ensure that party nomination and leadership races are conducted in a fair, transparent, and democratic manner."

Democracy Watch cited Harper's fight with Casey's riding association over its selection of Casey as a candidate as an example of refusing to democratize elections. – The Daily News


Ussr said...

was there any doubt that we were being lied to by the fedreal governement of "Canuckistan"

Mr casey just proved to us again how easy it is for this central "regime type " governement to lie to the people that put them in power.Shame on them for lieing ,shame on us Patriot for allowing this to continue ,"AGAIN"!!!

Glenn said...

Hey Patriot,

been awful quiet around here. Hope everything is well with you and yours.

just thought I'd offer up this gem. Could be argued that the link and post is OT but money is money, whether its equalization, ACOA, grant, subsidy, brown bags, brown envelopes, etcetera.


OTTAWA - A citizens' group says the Conservative government paid out $25 billion in grants, contributions and subsidies during its first fiscal year in office, with the two largest going to a Quebec-based aerospace company.

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation has compiled a list of the top 100 grants and contributions paid out between April 1, 2006, and last March 31.

The group says the 100 largest payments, doled out by 16 different departments and agencies, total $3.3 billion - much of it spent "questionably, inefficiently and, in some cases, outright irresponsibly."

The group says the government's total grant-subsidy budget accounts for just over 11 cents of each tax dollar spent.

The two largest handouts went to Quebec-based Pratt and Whitney Canada, the first for $213 million and second for $137 million.

Other notable examples of what the taxpayers' group called "corporate welfare" include $47.5 million to Quebec's Mont Tremblant ski resort, $27 million for a soccer stadium in Toronto and $19.1 million for Alcan.

The group says $9 billion a year is funnelled to native bands "despite the lack of accountability to Canadian taxpayers."

It points out that the auditor general is not allowed to scrutinize payments to aboriginal groups.

And it says most cities can only dream of the federal money given to Toronto - besides the soccer stadium, payments include $25 million to the Toronto International Film Festival, more than $24 million to the Toronto Waterfront Revitalization, $21 million to the Toronto Harbourfront Centre and $18 million to the Greater Toronto Airports Authority.

Here are the Top 25 recipients of federal grants, contributions and subsidies paid during the Conservative government's first fiscal year in office (province, recipient, amount), as compiled by the Canadian Taxpayers' Federation and released Monday:

1. Quebec, Pratt and Whitney Canada Corp., $213 million

2. Quebec, Pratt and Whitney Canada Corp., $137 million

3. British Columbia, Vancouver Olympic Organizing Committee, $124 million

4. Ontario, Canarie Inc., $120 million

5. Ontario, Canadian Television Fund, $120 million

6. Washington, D.C., World Bank, $115 million

7. Ontario, National Association of Friendship Centres, $77 million

8. Ontario, Canadian Red Cross Society, $70 million

9. Quebec, Cree Regional Authority, $70 million

10. Alberta, Blood Band, $62 million

11. Ontario, Conseil des Ministres de l'Education Canada, $56 million

12. Quebec, Mont Tremblant Resorts and Co. Ltd., $48 million

13. Quebec, Quebec government, $44 million

14. New York, UN Population Fund, $44 million

15. Quebec, Development and Peace, $42 million

16. Manitoba, Manitoba Floodway Authority, $42 million

17. British Columbia, Nisga'a Nation, $42 million

18. Quebec, Societe du 400e Anniversaire de Quebec, $40,000

19. Manitoba, Norway House Cree Nation, $39 million

20. Saskatchewan, Peter Ballantyne Cree Nation, $36 million

21. Saskatchewan, Lac La Ronge Band, $36 million

22. New Brunswick, Atlantic Wallboard Ltd., $35 million

23. Quebec, Mohawk Council of Kahnawake, $35 million

24. Ontario, National Association of Friendship Centres, $34 million

25. British Columbia, Nuu-Cha-Nulth Tribal Council, $32 million.


The federation's complete list of 100 recipients can be found at http://www.taxpayer.com/pdf/Top100.pdf.


pink white and green said...

Harper is coming to town. I hope you guys are organizing a demonstration or a rally.

Please post details here, so we can spread the word.

Patriot said...

Hi Glenn,

Thanks for the concern, and yes, things have been a little quiet. Everything is fine but I just have so many irons in the fire it's hard to find time to write. Not to worry though, I'm not going anywhere, (too many people would be too happy if I did ;-)