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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Watch Your Back Gerry

Great news today:

Minister Hearn announces federal investments in northern peninsula and Corner Brook area

OTTAWA, Ontario— The Honourable Loyola Hearn announced that the Government of Canada will provide funding to help individuals in the northern peninsula and Corner Brook area gain work experience, explore career options, and find work.

Over $700,000 in funding for projects is provided through three programs.

Under the Employment Assistance Services program:

the Humber Community YMCA in Corner Brook will receive $284,072;
the Emerald Business Employment Corporation in Baie Verte will receive $137,377;
the Green Bay Community Employment Corporation in Springdale will receive $84,307; and
the Supported Employment Deer Lake Extended Regions will receive $53,084.

Through the Job Creation Partnership program:

the Town of Cow Head will receive $22,200;
the Springdale Heritage Society will receive $12,000; and
the Aurora Nordic Ski Club in St. Anthony will receive $11,723.

Through the Self-Employment Assistance program:

the Emerald Business Development Corporation in Baie Verte will receive $84,049; and
the Nortip Development Corporation in Plum Point will receive $49,512 in funding.

Personally,I'm not sure how to take this latest vote buying scheme.

Notice if you will that all the spending is in and around Liberal Gerry Byrne's district. Hmmmm...

Gerry is basically nothing more than a "player" so no love lost there, but never the less, it's interesting to see how much attention the district is getting from the Conservative/Reform/Alliance, PC (CRAP) party.

Things that make you go Hmmmmmm.....


NL-ExPatriate said...

Note there is nothing in there that will actually create opportunity in NL. It is all just a retraining scheme to get people to move out.

Outmigration is only a symptom the real cause of outmigration is the lack of opportunity.

cal said...

OH God ,the conservatives are playing suck-up.

They have to keep every seat they have plus get more for that majority government they want so bad.

Just wondering Myles,do you still think thy are going to get that majority they want so bad.

Ussr said...

DoGMa on both accounts!!!

All I have to say on this topic patriot is Vernacular Song.A soft stance with canada will not work.58 years and the destruction of the Cod fishery ,the loss of control being dealt to us in regards to our natural resources,and the constant thieft being carried out by Ottawa shows how we are doomed in confederation.

Butterfly kisses and hooking arms so we can sing we are the world isnt going to give us what we need to be self sufficant.No matter what Danny says .

See the coming battles Myles.


It was over befor we started !!!Good Luck boys !!!

Anonymous said...

You're over-reacting.

I'm not sure there's anything political here other than the press release. Federal departments process these kind of applications on a yearly basis without political direction whatsoever. Politicians just like having their names in the media when the money is announced so that it looks like they "delivered" something.

Ussr said...

Well anon November 19, 2007 4:00 PM,I dont understand how you have evaluated the situation or how you have come to the conclusion you have ,but I see it as another extreme failure of confederation.

An inverstment of this magnatuide by canadas poorest province would in my opinoin force Newfoundland and Labrador to sell power south of the border rather then east-west because of this investment.

So in my train of thought I see this as a treat to unity and a strong canada.By not allowing Ontario to buy this power we are only tearing at the federal fabric.

"A 2003 blackout in Ontario and eight U.S. states pushed the potential of the lower Churchill into the international spotlight. Both Ontario and Quebec are facing serious future power shortages. In its Jan. 16 issue, The Independent discovered New York’s power authority was still interested in transmitting lower Churchill energy through an Atlantic grid — bypassing Quebec.

-- In a Feb. 6 Independent article, Natural Resources minister John Efford said the federal government wouldn’t step in to help the province push a power corridor through Quebec. Hydro Quebec’s current transmission lines that run into the U.S. are said to be at maximum capacity. The cost to construct another line is thought to be $1.7 billion."

Calvin said...

November 19, 2007 4:00 PM,i would like to say that this article from the Independant in St Johns has a bad note to it .


I think getting rid of road blocks like this would help.Also ,if you wish to talk about economic opportunity.How many wind farms can you create in this part of the world.And,for what price.Newfoundland and Labrador has a beautiful future if Canada allows it into confederation.

Anonymous said...

you idiots - what does Churchill Falls have to do with anything in this post? The article you wrote about had to do with the federal government funding piddly announcements in one riding.

You are such a bunch of paranoid freaks. Why don't you get the hell out of Canada? Go on, have a silly referendum and march yourself right of your silly plank.

Separate. Go on b'ys, stop talking and start doing. get out of yer mudders' basements, save up your cheques and start a movement.

NL-ExPatriate said...

Why should we have to separate?

I would rather stay and reform this systemically flawed democratic federation.

Lets start with supporting the
http://www.nlfirst.ca/ party and from there forming a federation party consisting of 10 equal partners one for each member of this so called federation each with one vote to determine national policy that does what's in the "best interest of the federation" as a whole versus what we have now where the three national parties do what's in their own best interest of getting elected and in doing so because of our systemically flawed democracy doing what's in the "best interest of the majority of canadians" 60% of which live along the Saint Lawrence corridor between Windsor and Quebec.

Nowhere in this so called federation is there equal representation for the members. Not in the HOC which I can understand but the senate which is nothing more than an extension of the the HOC and the national parties and their National party line of doing what's in their own best interest of getting elected by extension doing what's in the best interest of the majority of canadians.

Where is the minority rights for the smaller provinces?

Not in the Supreme court of canada which is supposed to represent the morals, ethics, values and standards of all canadians not just the majority who live in Ontario and Quebec comprising a total of 6 out of 9.

ussr said...

Its all about re-action Myles!!!

ussr said...

How do you tick off a Newfoundlander? Call him a Newfie
Charles Mandel , CanWest News Service
Published: Sunday, October 14, 2007
ST. JOHN'S, N.L. -- Despite their growing economy and cosmopolitan capital, Newfoundlanders are still saddled with the epithet Newfie -- and they don't like it one bit. A growing number of the islanders believe it's time that condescending image was put to rest.
"It's not political correctness. It's just not a term most Newfoundlanders find pleasant to hear," said Bill Rowe. Over a beer in the ornate Narrows Lounge at the Fairmount Hotel -- which most St. Johners still call by its old name, The Newfoundland Hotel -- the columnist for The Telegram in St. John's outlines why he felt moved to write not one, not two, but three pieces recently on the subject of the word Newfie.
In the last few months, both The Washington Post and the Quebec-based news magazine L'actualite have tossed off the insult without recognizing it as such. A travel writer in the Washington Post wrote without any sense of irony: "Newfies are generous, hospitable, fun-loving . . .," while L'actualite published a piece on the booming provincial offshore oil business titled The Revenge of the Newfies?

Rowe shakes his head at the folly. "Most people consider it to be not as offensive as many racial or ethnic jokes, but it's irritating. I just find it stupid."
Rowe has every right to criticize the term. He's not some Johnny-come-lately on the Avalon Peninsula. Newfoundland-born, Rowe served as a minister in Joey Smallwood's cabinet, was Liberal leader provincially for a period of time, and went to Ottawa in 2004 as Premier Danny Williams' adviser on the Atlantic Accord. Besides his Telegram column these days, Rowe also hosts a call-in show for VOCM radio.
He says the debate doesn't just interest Newfoundlanders at home, but engages islanders who have moved away to Alberta, Ontario and elsewhere. Nor is Rowe alone in his opinion. His columns sparked dozens of letters, many of them wondering what the fuss was all about. One reader said he came from Cape Breton and identified himself as a "Caper," using the word to describe who he is and where he's from.
Another wanted to know, "Why are Canadians the language police of the world?"
But for every Newfoundlander who suggests the term is harmless there is another who vigorously disagrees.
"It sounds condescending and it always has," said Ron Rompkey, an English professor at Memorial University in St. John's.
Rompkey said the term and the associated Newfie jokes arise from people who somehow consider themselves more superior or privileged and who invent a group they can look down upon.
And of course it is easy to find the ubiquitous Facebook groups, in this case ranging from The Newfie Facebook Population (with more than 19,000 members) to the group, Help Get Rid of the Word Newfie (182 members).
The word originates with American soldiers in the Second World War, Rowe said. He suggests they used the phrase Newfyjohn to distinguish communications from the St. John's base to those from Saint John, N.B. The soldiers also referred to the single-gauge railway on the island as the "Newfie Bullet,'' because of its slow speed.
But at the website Argentia.org (Argentia being one of the areas where the Americans were stationed on the island during the war), darker motives are ascribed to the word. The site argues that Americans used the phrase Newfyjohn as shorthand for St. John's where many soldiers had contracted sexually transmitted diseases from the bordellos.
Now, however, with Williams returned to power and moving ahead with his ambitious energy agenda, many believe the term will vanish as the province continues on the road to prosperity. Rompkey said because of oil income, Newfoundland is no longer viewed as just a fishing colony. "It's partly a matter of respect."

Thought you might enjoy the read

Calvin said...

1)you idiots - what does Churchill Falls have to do with anything in this post?

2)The article you wrote about had to do with the federal government funding piddly announcements in one riding

If i may Patriot ,i believe the current topic of conversion slightly changed some what when NL-ExPatriate said ,and if i may quote him here " Outmigration is only a symptom the real cause of outmigration is the lack of opportunity"

Being angery and wanting to rant is totally acceptable.Spilling your guts ,for say,is good mental health.

As a matter of fact many times i myself have been encouraged by those that moderate this blog to "feel free to exspress your feeling".Which i have done.

Becoming up-set and trying to force an issuse out of this topic like "have a silly referendum and march yourself right of your silly plank" doesn't benefit anybody and breaks down the topic being discussed at hand.

I will state this though ,because you sound like a concerned citizen that loves this country called Canada.Until you know what your country has done to this province since your country has taken over its rights ,then i think you would use a differant tone.may I recoomend some extra reading for you.


From Friday's Globe and Mail

June 29, 2007 at 6:29 AM EDT

"Canadians and their governments do bear significant responsibility for siphoning off Newfoundland's wealth. Federal and provincial governments have refused either to recognize or help solve the province's economic and demographic crisis, and have offered no clear vision or assistance to address these problems. It seems that Canadians simply do not know, or care, that this 500-year-old civilization is disappearing."

But,anon,November 22, 2007 1:01 PM.We should just leave.It's people like you that have created the situation this country finds itself in.Newfoundlander's and labradorians should just pack thier bags and move to Toronto and Fort Mac.

Nice way to treat your fellow canadains .