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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Big Brother is Watching

UPDATE: 10:41 PM - A vote on the budget implementation bill was held in the House of Commons this evening. All 6 Newfoundland and Labrador MPs, Judy Foote, Todd Russell, Gerry Byrne, Sibon Coady, Scott Andrews and Scott Simms, voted in favor of the bill in a complete reversal of the publicity stunt they pulled on the Province during Tuesday's vote.

It's a done deal.

We've done it again folks. We've elected a pack of wolves in sheeps clothing. Once again we have been sold out.

As a friend of mine is fond of saying: The true definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome.


I guess now that the six gutless wonders this Province sent to Ottawa are planning to vote for the budget implementation bill, and side with Ottawa instead of their people, all of us "good little newfies" are just expected to get back in line and shut up as well.

After all, big brother is watching so I guess we should be worried eh?

If you don't think so here's all the proof anyone should need.

The following entry is in the statistics log for this blog site.

Date: 25th February 2009

Time: 15:02:43

Length of stay: 1 hour 34 mins 39 secs

Returning Visits: 255

Location: Ottawa, Ontario

Entry Point: parl153.parl.gc.ca ( Parliamentary Server

You know it really makes me sick that the only time Ottawa ever notices anyone or anything in this Province is when we speak out about their constant abuse.

This federation my friends is nothing but a sorry joke.


Anonymous said...

Last visit an hour and thirty minutes lone. 255 return visits. I see the eyes and ears of ottawa are busy these days. How much of NLs tax dollars are going to pay these guys for listening in and monitoring public dialog like this I wonder.

Maybe that's what they needed the 1.6 billion for. to keep an eye on us

Cracked said...

Get this - Dalton McGuinty's brother (the Liberal MP) was on NewsNet this evening talking about the federal auditor generals report.

The report said the auditor couldn't find any evidence that about 1.5 billion dollars of federal money that was intended for green initiatives was even used or if it was used, where it was used or if it was effective.

McGuinty had the nerve to say, "that's a lot of money, can you imagine what we could do with 1.5 billion dollars?"

Yeah man, can you imagine what NL could have done if we hand't had the same amount stolen from us with your support you A$$hole!

Ussr said...

and you wonder why i just got pissed off and got a VPN, and Proxy to Boot, lol !!!

It's not that I'm afraid to tell them what I think ,rather they keep knocking out my services. Now thats a bother, lol !!!

Keep the faith Brothers and Sisters.

"Republic Of "

janfromthebruce said...

On the brighter side, your only NDP MP, Jack Harris stood up for NF. No wonder he won in a landslide. You need a few more NDPers willing to standup. Vote for Ryan next time.

Oemissions said...

Isn't this a case of pulling down the pants and flashing a bum at your constituency?

Greg said...

"... and side with Ottawa instead of their people ..."

Hey now, there are some people living in Ottawa too, not just politicians. Some of us are stuck in O'Connor the Torturer's riding to boot. Sigh.

Steve said...

They proved themselves. Iggy's way. And you are correct in calling them gutless wonders. How about jellyfish?

Starrigan said...

So now that we know that they are listening, we should also understand that they are starting to realize there is some kind of threat, undercurrent, maybe some serious feelings of rebellion in the people of Newfoundland and Labrador. (and growing) The sentiment in the province is turning a little anti confederation. About time says I. How many times do you need to get kicked in the teeth before you get pissed off enough to do something about it? Then again, what to do? What's the "magic formula"? What's the checklist we need to complete? We need some sober thought as to shaping our future. Who will do that? Who really has the balls and the ability to take this on? How do we organize ourselves? Until we can answer all of those questions and more. We are dead in the water, no direction, no leadership, no clear goals.
I would say "God guard thee", but I really don't think we need to sit by and some how hope that God will do something for us, we're on our own lads.
What to do indeed ...

Oemissions said...

I saw the Coalition as a way to bypass all the stupid political party crap and leader stuff. We would be focusing on issues and solutions and inviting all concerned groups and individuals to discuss possible action . A democratic THINK and DISCUSS TANK.The only head of the party who doesnot fluff up his feathers is really, Duceppe.
This fear of the GG calling an election again was unfounded. The Liberals are just playing their cards now, at the expense to ALL of Canada.

NL-ExPatriate said...

It's the system not the country.

There is still the senate.

Doesn't have to come back for third reading after the senate approves it?

Your senators are

bakerg@sen.parl.gc.ca, cochre@sen.parl.gc.ca, cookj@sen.parl.gc.ca, fureyg@sen.parl.gc.ca, rompkw@sen.parl.gc.ca, ManniF@sen.parl.gc.ca

Oh if you wish to drop Senator Duffy a note here is his email.


Inform him that for all of Mr Smallwoods enthusiasm and mistakes the Upper Churchill wasn't one of them. It was a conflict of interest which all of the national PROXY parties of the Upper/Lower canada majority were complicit with. Further to that the Supreme Kangaroo Court of kanukistan true to form with 3 judges from ON 3 from QU and 3 from the other provinces upheld the conflict of interest.

Incidentally NL has never had a SCC judge in it's 60 years in this phony federation.



NL-ExPatriate said...

NTV is holding a poll

Do you think our NL MP"S did enough to protect NL's interests in voting against the budget once?
Yes? or NO?