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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Fighting Newfoundlander (& Labradorian) Died in Battle

I’ve often criticized the Province's federal MPs for not having the courage to stand up and make our case to Ottawa, but I’ve come to a realization that it really isn’t them alone at fault.

I’ve begun to realize that the entire Newfoundland and Labrador population is "as gutless as a caplin", including myself I'm sad to say.

I never thought I’d write something like that but I have.

As sad as it makes me feel to put that in print, I’m glad I did.

Perhaps the fighting spirit has been bred out of us over the past few generations.

Perhaps we've become complacent under the “guidance” of our federal political leaders.

Perhaps the real fighting Newfoundlander (& Labradorian) was killed in battle.

Who knows, but whatever the cause it’s no less disheartening to realize that you are a part of the problem.

Where else but in Newfoundland and Labrador would an entire population sit idly by as their livelihoods, their future and their very way of life is under direct attack?

Where else but in Newfoundland and Labrador would people nonchalantly go about their daily routines, largely carefree, while the government of their Country robs them of their future?

No where, that’s where.

No where but in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Sure there are rumblings among some about the injustices we face in Canada.

There are those who can recite a long list of the damages done.

Still others, like yours truly, speak out to anyone who will listen.

Some are quick to contact their MP or the Premier when issues arise.

Others lash out through letters to the editors of their local papers or on call in radio programs.

There are even those who talk of learning political lessons from Quebec, by creating a “bloc NL” to gain some form of influence within Canada.

These actions may make those who undertake them feel a little better in the short term but the one thing they have in common is the fact that they are all just talk and, as the old saying goes, "talk is cheap".

Our fishery has been stolen and destroyed taking our rural way of life with it.

Our oil and gas resources are controlled by Ottawa where someone else has the power to decide (through one means or another) exactly how much money we will or will not see from its exploitation.

Our Upper Churchill hydro resources benefit Quebec instead of us and will continue to do so long after many of us have moved to the other side of the sod.

Our plans for future hydro development in Labrador are hindered and may even be stopped altogether by forces from within Quebec and Ottawa.

Our mineral resources are used to supply mills, smelters and factories in other provinces while we are left to do the hard manual labor of extracting the ore from the earth and shipping it out.

Ottawa continues to pick away at what few federal dollars this place sees in transfer payments and in doing so helps add to the massive provincial debt, extreme unemployment, faltering health care system and crumbling infrastructure we see around us every day.

Perhaps there are indeed lessons to be learned from Quebec and not just political ones.

When Canada planned to support a re-enactment of a major historical battle, which was incidentally lost by the French forces of Quebec, they were told to cancel the event and walk away.

Not because the re-enactment was inaccurate or didn’t reflect a true history of Canada but because some Quebecers did not want to be reminded of that particular aspect of their past.

Threats were made, including mobilizing into the streets and at the event with paint guns, protesters and the like.

Organizers were warned about what would happen to them, on a personal level, if they proceeded.

I have no doubt that had the organizers gone ahead with that event it would not have been a peaceful one and clearly the federal sponsors understood that as well.

They knew Quebecers were willing to do far more than write letters of complaint.

This is a case where the people of Quebec undertook a misguided attempt to bury an aspect of their history.

It's not an act to be proud of for sure, yet Ottawa was quick to respond by cancelling the “offending” event, proving that the federal government knows full well what the people of Quebec are capable of.

Here in Newfoundland and Labrador we are not trying to bury our past, in fact we often celebrate it. What we want to do is ensure that we have a stable and secure future.

If we had any real guts we’d be doing a lot more about protecting our way of life and future than simply complaining.

I'm not here to advocate illegal acts, even though I sometimes wonder if it might be the only solution. What I'm saying is that if we had any guts at all we’d be in the streets in massive numbers here, in Ottawa and all across Canada and we wouldn’t let up until our future looked a hell of a lot brighter than it does right now.


twjtNL said...


What can I say... as much as we all hate to admit it, you speak the truth.

As everyone probably knows, a re-enactment of the Battle of the Plains of Abraham set for Quebec City, was cancelled due to security concerns. The re-enactment was to mark the 250th anniversary of the battle in which the British beat the French for control of what was then called New France.

I can't say for sure if I agree with the fundamentals of it all, because I'm not very familiar. But I can see that since it would be rubbing Quebec's face in the fact that they were beaten... I can understand their frustration with the event.

So because they threatened to cause a ruckus, it was cancelled.

We need to start standing up for ourselves, regardless of opposition. I think most times, we tend to shy away when 'Canadians' say that we're just acting ridiculous.

Here's an interesting article by Clinton P. Desveaux, found on the 'Halifax Live' website. It was written in 2004... but still needs to be taken VERY seriously.


Anonymous said...

Ottawa gave $400 Million dollars to Quebec for this celebration, your Federal Tax dollars and mine, does Quebec now have to give back our Federal Tax Dollars to the Ottawa Government? I do believe those dollars probably could already be in the Quebec Government's possession?

It is shocking the position, we as Newfoundlanders and Labradorians, find outselves in with the Central Government, afterall we didn't decide to adopt them, they dreamt of attaining our land for 80 years when they got us, most likely by crook.

Anonymous said...

Myles I agree. I'm not in NL but if someone wants to get the ball rolling I'll be there in a flash to make a stink, cause a rucus or whatever else has to happen.

Enough is enough!

Anonymous said...

Why is it that Quebec can act in such a contrarian and un-Canadian way after receiving $400 Million dollars for its 400th Celebration of being part of Canada?

Besides those Millions, Quebec gets Billions of Federal Tax Payers dollars in equalization every year, and many other benefits. Quebec was the tope winner in the top 100 Canadian projects which were released in January, Quebec has a number of projects included to the tune of $16 Billion dollars.

Then take into consideration that Quebec gives none of its resources so the other provinces can percolate economically, while the province of Newfoundland and Labrador gives up all of its natural resources so that the other provinces, including Quebec, can keep their economies percolating.

What the HELL is the matter with this country anyway? Why should we stay given the HELLISH way that we are treated by Ottawa anyway, and to add to that we were stolen?

And what did our Federal politicians get from it to keep their mouths shut while all of the abuse was going on?

I blame our Federal politicians over the past 60 years and nobody else. They must have gotten a Hell of a lot of benefits to have allowed it to go on.

Then when we need those ex-Federal Politicans to answer, they are all tied up in Federal Political Appointments where they cannot open their mouths. The Federal Government covers its footsteps all the way.

It is time that we started to name the suspects!

NL-ExPatriate said...

It isn't so much that the fighting NL'ian has died as s/he doesn't have a viable ways and means (vessel)to voice their frustration and concerns.

Until we have a viable alternative option to unite under we will forever be but a voice in the wind.

The best we can hope for in this phony federation as it currently exists is to hold the

balance of power

outside of the National PROXY parties of the Upper/Lower canada majority. Where we are allowed to speak our minds and voice our concerns.

Now as I see this there are only three alternatives at present for trying to get into confederation.

www.nlfirst.ca party

New Democratic Party
that is until they become victim to the system via mouse land and ultimately becoming what they essentially despised.

or Independants.

The Canadian Confederation is nothing short of Democratic Discrimination by all of the national PUPPET parties of the Upper/Lower Canada majority against the minority provinces in there never ending quest for power.

Where is the vision for the majority of the provinces in the Canadian federation? As opposed to what we have now which is a vision for the majority of the population in Upper/Lower Canada By all of the national PROXY parties in there never ending quest for power.

The Canadian confederation is A Tragedy of the commons (minority prov/colonies) at the hands of our Tyranny of the majority (national PROXY parties of the Upper/Lower Canada majority) in there never ending quest for power!

The Canadian Confederation has NO equality between its members and as such is nothing short of Per Capita Colonialism!

To paraphrase President Clinton's campaign manager “It's the political system stupid! “

In the Canadian confederation the national PROXY party minority province MP’s will TOE all of the national PUPPET party lines of the Upper/Lower Canada majority of doing what’s in the best interest of the majority of the population to win or hold onto power.

Then you have to realize we are 1/2 million essentially fighting 20+ million who want to maintain the status quo because it works for them in Upper/Lower canada.

I usually say this to highlight the fact that all other issues and concerns are really nothing but symptoms the real ROOT cause of our woes in confederation is our lack of EQUALITY.

T^hen there is the Secession option but once again there wil be 20-30 million fighting 1/2 million and they hold the purse strings and control most of the executive power s as well as we've seen with the SCC ruling on both the Upper Churchill and our offshore constitutional rights.

So no matter how you look at it it isn't going to be easy and that is if you look past our divisions and Benedict Arnold's within our own midst.

Ultimately it is the system that needs to change and any and all gains outside of equality withing our political system will be for naught!


NL-ExPatriate said...

Oh I forgot to mention separation isn't even an option until ther eis a party that is willing to hold a referendum on it that is in provincial power.

Not sure but you might get away wit ha petition and public outcry demanding a referendum be called by whatever party is in power provincially.

Kinda like what Joey did to get confederation on the ballot after the duly elected commission of representatives rejected it.

Secession, separation, or protectorate all would require a provincial govt that was duly elected to carry it our in power or one that has been forced to follow the will of the people.

There might be another way in going the legal route and showing that our entry into confederation was a sham to begin with or the terms of union were broken hence the contract is broken and we just walk. But these are legal matters and as we all know the SCC is stacked in favor of the Upper/Lower canada majority who don't want to status Quo to change because it works for them.

It would require a world court and a big brother on our side either the EU or the US as a Protectorate.

Personally from all that I have read and researched I think we would be more than justified to just walk.

Expropriate ourselves out of this Per Capita Colonialistic political system if you will.

Good piece on Harper and his Ultra right wing connections.


Just a comment I made elsewhere.
The Bloc has had the moral authority to call a referendum pretty much since their inception but they can't! No federal political party can call a referendum. Only provincial parties can call a referendum and the Party Quebecois PQ was a distant third in Quebec until Harper came on the scene with his continual campaigning. It's called the clarity act.

It's been tried several times and everyone knows exactly what I'm saying is true but because the systemically flawed political system of conflict of interest works for the two principals they don't want it to change.

What do you think Meech Lake and Charlottetown accords were about?

As for NL continually complaining maybe just maybe it is because we have reason to complain and the majority just doesn't listen because it doesn't affect them.

Just take the seal hunt as an example do you really think the majority of canadians support the seal hunt or for that matter even understand it or anything to do with the fishery. I doubt the majority of canadians have ever even seen the ocean seeing as the majority of the population lives in the interior.

As for a solution Equality for all of the members of the federation is the only solution because anything less would only address the symptoms when the real root cause of the woes of NL or for that matter any of the minority provinces in this phoney federation is their lack of equality with the majority provinces and that has led to the Tyranny of the majority by all of the national PROXY governing parties and opposition PROXY parties.

Just ask yourself what do you think the party line of all of the national parties is?

Anonymous said...

First we should ask all living ex-Federal politicians to come forward and explain why our natural resources were dealt out under their political service in the manner which they were, to grow economies in other regions of Canada, while leaving their own province deficient of any appreciable economy.

They have been let off the hook for far too long on that subject, and the time has come for them to fess up. I want to hear them speak for once in their lives about why they carried on politics the way that they did. And why are we, as Newfoundlanders and Labradorians so timid on this subject, the reasons have to be brought out into the open, and it can only be done by getting honest answers from those same politicians who we are speaking about here, who were elected to serve us over the past 60 years. They have gotten off scot-free up to this moment.

Why would they do such a thing? Were there payments? Why do they allow themselves to be tied up with Political Patronage dealt out by a Prime Minister who is anti-Newfoundland and Labrador, so they do not have to open their mouths on what we are now experiencing in our province of Newfoundland and Labrador, which I can only refer to as punishment doled out by the Ottawa Government, which will cost us dearly?

When ex-politicians accept Political Patronage, it is the same as if they were in the Witness Protection Program, such appointments encumbers them as it relates to speaking out on behalf of their province and its people. Once they accept Patronage Appointments their mouths are sealed. It is like being under a bond.

Why do we elect such traitors anyway?

If it isn't bad enough having had our natural resources sent off to other regions of Canada, we then had to deal with the wrath of God from the same unappreciable Canadians who benefitted from the economies created from Newfoundland and Labrador's natural resources and who then turned around and bit us on the hand and called us every horrible name in the book. Then we also have to read their anti-Newfoundland and Labrador commentaries in response to articles in the National Media sanctioned by Ottawa, which lower the peopleof Newfoundland and Labrador's self-esteem to the lowest common denominator.

Then to hear the Central Government last week, through its mouth piece, the Globe and Mail say that it was going to side with the province of Quebec over the the province of Newfoundland and Labrador concerning the new Hydro Development and the decision of the Privy Council of 1927 ruling on the Labrador border, is all the blantant abuse we should need to have lobbed at us. We should say enough is enough, we have to do something about it.

We are not living in a fair and equal country, or why would a country like Canada, which dreamt of attaining Newfoundland and Labrador for 80 years prior to being lucky through hook or by crook, solely for its great geographic location and natural resource base turn around and give us a brutal KICK in the face?

I want answers, do you?