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Thursday, March 05, 2009

Of Mice and Men (and Women)

Editor's note: I originally published the following in the June 1, 2007 edition of the "Current Magazine" and a couple of weeks later here on Web Talk.

With the current discussion regarding a "bloc NL" party and what it could mean for the province I thought it might be a good time to republish it, with a few updates, for those who may not have read it the first time around.

Myles Higgins

Of Mice and Men (and Women)

Newfoundland and Labrador, to put it simply, is a bloody mess!

We’re represented by seven puppets in Ottawa.

Our people are second class citizens in Canada and everyone is looking toward the latest provincial savior to guide us into a future that’s a crap shoot.

What can we do?

Here’s a novel idea. Let’s get off our collective butts and fight back for once!

Enough is enough!

Our situation reminds me of the legendary tale of “Mouseland”.

If you’ve never heard of it, Mouseland is a parable once told by Saskatchewan political dynamo and father of universal health care, the late Tommy Douglas.

Mouseland tells of a society of mice who go about their daily routines, working, raising children and so on, just like we do every day.

Every four years or so these mice elect a new goverment to lead them.

The funny thing is, for years they always elected a goverment made up of cats, black cats to be precise.

To paraphrase Mr. Douglas, the black cats made wonderful promises.

One time they promised smaller round mouse holes so cats couldn’t stick their heads in and eat all the little mice.

They delivered, but in doing so they made sure the holes were just big enough so they could still get their paws inside and pull the mice out.

After years of suffering the mice decided it was time for a change so they elected a new government.

They threw the black cats out of office.

This time the little mice elected a government made up entirely of white cats.

The white cats promised to get rid of the round mouse holes that had been causing so much trouble for the helpless mice.

“That’ll fix the problem”, they said.

Once elected the white cats were true to their word. They closed up all the little round mouse holes and built square holes, but the square holes were bigger than the round ones had been so the cats could get their entire heads back inside again.

The moral: Cats, no matter their color, are still cats. They aren’t mice.

It’s not that cats are inherently bad. In fact they actually do good things, for other cats, not for mice.

To paraphrase Mr. Douglas once again, what’s good for a Nation of cats isn’t necessarily good for a Province of mice.

Just as in Mouseland, it’s time we do as Senator Baker suggested and elect 7 independent or Bloc style "mice" and sent them to Ottawa instead of the usual purring gang of red, blue or even orange cats.

I can almost see the usual curmudgeons and party faithful shake their heads and ask, “What in God’s name can 7 independent MPs accomplish in a parliament of 308?”

Don’t listen to them.

Canada is facing a string of minority governments for long time to come.

A bloc of 6 or 7 "mice" who aren’t obligated to toe ANY party line can do a lot in that sort of environment.

They certainly can’t do any worse than our usual 7 (fat) cats.

What do we have to lose?

We gave away the upper Churchill for the benefit of Canada and the glory of another almighty savior, Joey Smallwood.

The fish are gone, the railroad is gone, mills are closing, unemployment is rampant and people are leaving by the plane, bus and boat load.

We have to do something or by the time the oil runs out the locks will already be on the door.

Ben Franklin once said, “Those who give up liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

In 1949 our Nation was sold into confederation for baby bonuses and the old age pension.

According to Ben, we got exactly what we deserved.

It’s time each of us did something to get ourselves out of the mess we’ve fallen, gotten pushed or were forced into, depending on your point of view.

The Ode to Newfoundland contains the line, “Where once they stood we stand”. Sadly the circumstances we find ourselves in today make me realize that most of us don’t stand for much of anything anymore.

Dismiss me as nut, a crackpot or worse, I really don’t care.

I’ve been called far worse, including a Liberal, PC and NDP.

I’d prefer the former names to the latter.

Tommy Douglas noted at the end of Mouseland how one little mouse called on his fellow citizens to stop electing cats. He was dragged away to shut him up.

That prospect doesn't bother me much either. Whether a local lockup or an entire Country, one prison is the same as another, it's just a matter of scale.


WestEast said...

You know it's one thing to talk and say these things on your blog, but how many people read it? The trouble is and has always been most people have know idea what is going on and if they do have a small clue they don't understand it and can't see the rest of the picture.

It's like you said "In 1949 our Nation was sold into confederation for baby bonuses and the old age pension." It's not that they sold the Nation for baby bonuses and old age, it's that the other side didn't give them any other picture. So they didn't know the whole picture, they didn't understand what they were giving up and most people still don't get it or understand.

I had a fight with my brother about upper Churchill, he thinks it's great, that we've gotten lots for it, my brother is very Intelligent and holds a business degree, he just doesn't know about whats going on because it's not put in front of his face.

So has much has we talk about this stuff and wonder why people don't stand up for change it's because most people just don't know. Say what you want about the "mighty savior Joey Smallwood" he did a great job of getting his side out to the people.

What we really need is another "mighty savior Joey Smallwood" fighting for our side, someone that has the strength, will and the ability to ignore the crap storm that's going to be tossed his way. Someone who is willing to get the message out there, it take the information and put it in front... no force it down the throat of everyone else in NL, not just the few people who take the time to look and learn.

But the first step is to get the information out there. Start a small newspaper Myles that you give to everyone in NL for free.

I'd donate money to that.

Patriot said...

Good idea Westend, but unfortunately it's not that simple right now.

Even a small newspaper requires money, people and a lot of time to run.

Like most people I have a full time job (more than full time if you include the large amount of travel)and hardly enough money to finance a paper, even a small one.

That said, I, like you would be more than happy to support one and contribute to its contents.

As for starting one, maybe one day...

In the mean time I'll have to settle for reaching the 3000 or so people per month (and growing) who visit Web Talk, that and my other, less publicized activities with groups and individuals in the Province.

Thanks for the advice and I'll keep it in mind for the future.

Anonymous said...

Patriot, yes indeed, over the past 60 years, every 4 years, 15 times to be exact, we have gone to the polls, we elected a combination of seven BLACK and WHITE cats, who promised us that they would take into consideration the ill treatment the province of Newfoundland and Labrador had received from the Federal Government over the 4 years which had just passed by; (as Senator
George Baker referred to it tonight as the 'stimulation downwards' period), and they promised to fix it.

We gave them a fair amount of time in office, we usually kept them for, at least, two terms or 8 years, thinking that one term was not sufficient, then the 8th year we decided that they were in long enough to have brought about positive economic change, but didn't and we decided we must next elect another combination of BLACK and WHITE cats.

So on the 8th year we trudged off again to the polls and we then elected the new combination of BLACK and WHITE cats and they made the same promise as the BLACK and WHITE cats which had previously been in power, only to find out 8 years down the road after we gave them sufficient time, those BLACK and WHITE cats were no better than the ones which we had previously representing us.

Myles - Why haven't we learned, since we have now performed that ritual of trudging off to the polls 15 times for the Ottawa Federal government over 60 years, each time we were made promises which were never fulfilled. The only thing which happened each term was that the Federal Government managed to extricate another one of our resources from our well endowed natural resource base, but it was not to look after the province of Newfoundland and Labrador’s economy, it, instead, was extricated to be sent off to take care of propping up the economices of the other provinces.

How stunned were Newfoundlanders
and Labradorians to be caught up in that scheme of blackmail for 60 years, myself included, and how inept were our politicians?

We the electorate have to shoulder part of the blame, since we never put any conditions on them, but instead we always put them on auto pilot, thinking that they were honest and that they would be doing what was right and proper. We have found out since that there are very few honest politicians.

At last, Senator George Baker is on the right track. I hope he doesn't drop the ball!

I have heard him a couple of times on the Open Line Shows now and I saw him on both TV supper News Shows tonight and he appears to very focused on the problems which we are facing us in our province at this time.

Please keep up your determination and resolve Senator Baker, since we need someone on our side at the Ottawa level, because the combination of 7 BLACK and WHITE cats who are supposedly representing us in Ottawa at the moment are not going to jeopardize their political future to do anything for us.

By the way Senator Baker, I hope you get some reinforcements from either the ex-politician base or from the present Federal politicians base.

Anonymous said...

WestEnd - Would you please be kind enough to impart your knowledge on me on how you created italics in your commentary?

Ussr said...

Well Patriot my life’s little adventures have brought me to the beautiful city of Cambridge Ontario today. To think that I live in a region that has roughly half the population of Ontario you would think that there would be one mainlander smart enough to re-configure a Cisco Router.

Anyway, on the drive down to this region of this province my fellow co-worker told me that we could have lunch down at Stoyles, a Newfoundland restraint in Cambridge Ontario. It was worth the drive. We finished early so we got to head back to the big bad city early, but before doing so I ran into a small Newfoundland bakery. I thought, hey what the heck, let’s stop in and bug the guy about his torn Newfoundland flag. I had the very pleasant surprise of meeting two of the nicest people I have ever met.
Ross and Linda Hancock just started there bakery a year ago and it hasn’t been easy. They left Newfoundland when the Cod fishery was closed down, and came to Cambridge in order to find work. Ross was basically forced to sell his fishing license back to the federal government, and with nothing else he followed his daughter to the mainland for work. While in Ontario Ross has had some serious health problems. This Monday, the 9th day of March Ross has to go into the Hospital for a triple bypass operation on his heart.

“Damb, fumes from the paint booth” says Ross; this is what killed my lungs and my heart.

This is why Linda had to quite her 9 to 5 and starts her little bakery, Ocean of Dreams, she called it. This was the only way I could still work and still look after Ross. “He can’t go anywhere or do much now” she says, because of his heart.

I told her that she should get a better sign, and a new flag. That will bring the crowd in I told her. The population of Cambridge is half Newfoundland for C@%$# sake; you have to be able to get people in here form back home I told her. When she told me that she didn’t have the money for a new sign out front and a new flag I had to ask why. The shop was full and business didn’t seem to be that bad. She had told me that Ross needed some pretty expensive drugs that weren’t covered by the province. Then I found out that Ross’s medical needs were putting them into finical crisis, and that they are the verge of losing their shop. When I asked her why she wouldn’t ask for help, I got what most people say. “We don’t want to be seen as welfare people” she said. “I would rather do without then have to go on the dole” said Ross.

After hearing this and having a great talk with Linda and Ross, I asked if I could do anything to help. “Yes my son there is something you can do she said. “Take your snowballs and you enjoy them for me she said.
On my way back into the city I had started to read some of the response that had been generated from people across Canada, in regards to Senator G.Bakers out-burst of emotion. Here are some of the responses that newspapers are getting here in Ontario.

1) They are Rich Now

Well all the years they were sucking money in from the transfer payments they were very happy. Now that the shoe is on the other foot oh. Baker gets a real job.

Submitted by Prof1000 at 3:32 PM Wednesday, March 04 2009
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2) Senator Baker

Have we not taken enough of this garbage from Quebec? Now we must put up with it from NL? Have you forgotten the billions and billions of dollars Ontario and Alberta have given you in transfer payments? Make no threats... If you are going then go, and if you do, make sure you take your windbag leader (Williams) with you.

Submitted by toady at 3:04 PM Wednesday, March 04 2009
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3) go ahead make my day

there certainly doesn't seem to be any shortage of greedy, selfish spoiled children in this country, why don't we all separate, or perhaps I could just mail my entire pay cheq directly to Newfoundland & Quebec and eliminate the middle man

Submitted by hockeye at 2:57 PM Wednesday, March 04 2009
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4) Will anyone care?

I love Newfoundlanders and they are an important part of the country. However, I think they are forgetting for how many years and decades they were recipients of Federal welfare payments from Ottawa (paid for by Ontario). Now that they have found some oil and are starting to make some money they are all of a sudden starting to talk smack. Newfoundland has a population and economy smaller than Mississauga, and many of their citizens work in other parts of Canada. None of those workers would be permitted to work in the rest of Canada and take the jobs of Canadians. When their economy collapses again they will have no federal largesse to count on either. Be very careful what you wish for.

Submitted by ChesterM at 2:49 PM Wednesday, March 04 2009
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5) Bye

Newfoundland has cost the rest of the country hundreds of billions (and government jobs) since it joined confederation and so the benefits to NFLD of joining has greatly outweighted any negatives. They voted to join and they can vote to leave if they wish. Great people and a very nice province though so it would be the rest of Canada's loss but to complain about the amount of money they are getting doesn't resonate with mainlanders!

Submitted by Marching On at 3:55 PM Wednesday, March 04 2009
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What's so wrong with that?

6) by John Bark
Mar 04 2009
10:20 PM
I have no problem with Newfieland leaving Canada. However the oil fields are in Canadian waters, and will remain ours.

Maybe the Newfies could join Quebec. That would be a marriage made in Heaven.

John Bark, Vancouver

7) by Willy18
Mar 05 2009
9:01 AM
It’s time to stop these threats of separation in order to get more money. Cut the rope that holds Newfoundland to Canada and let them drift. The US and England didn’t want them so England forced them onto the rest of Canada. They did the same to the rest of Canada with Quebec. Now look at the problems we have. Thanks England!!

Reading all this, and trying to take it all in I finally broke. I have never done this. My colleague has never seen me emotional before. I don’t think that I have ever cried since my Nan passed away almost nine years ago. What I see Patriot and what is being put into the newspapers here in Canada, are two totally different things.

As far as I’m concerned, Canada can burn in Hell for all I care. Seeing this today and having to digest what Canada thinks of us, has made me come to the conclusion that Canada is nothing but a farce. It is a lie compounded by evil men to obtain a goal that only the rich have a right to or a say in.

Tomorrow, I’m taking the day off and I’m going to Cambridge again. This time, a friend is making me a sign for their store, and I’m going to buy a couple of flags. The flags are going to be a little different too. They won’t be the Pratt flag of today, but the Green, White and Pink of tomorrow. I say it’s something that Canada should start to get use to anyway.

Senator Baker, Premier Williams, or is there not one Righteous man amongst us. Your people need you now. What is happening to Linda and Ross Mitchell is a travesty of inequality that has not happened yesterday, but something that continues today.

It’s time for Newfoundlanders and Labradoreans to have a place in this world. It’s time for someone to lead us out of the desert and into the Promised Land. It’s time for our displaced nation to come home and have a home to go too.

It’s time to Free Newfoundland and Labrador.

“Republic Of”

Patriot said...

To Ussr:

When people like yourself speak and act, not because it's what they're expected to do, but from the heart, anything is possible.

Keep the faith.

Also, to the anon who has decided to haunt this site the past few days and who I've not posted a single comment from (you know who you are)all I can say is this:

No, I'm not afraid of publishing what you have to say but I decided a long time ago not to give an audience to those who have nothing more to add to the debate other than verbal assaults against me, the site, the readers and my province.

If that's what you want to do there are plenty of alternatives. Why don't you visit the Globe or the Natioanl Post. I'm sure they'll be happy to post your vile and ignorant comments (minus the off colour language of course)


Chrystal Ocean said...

Patriot, this Vancouver Islander feels similar sentiments and recently expressed the wish to see VI go it alone.

Given what you describe, I can see a Bloc NL party being the way to go, at least for the time being. And no, not because I want Canada to be rid of NL, but because I respect the right of NLers to determine their own destiny.

Whether NL is being treated fairly isn't so much the issue either but whether the people of NL perceive themselves to be unfairly treated. Their perception matters more from the province-eye view, regardless of the perception of people in the rest of Canada.

We've seen evidence in recent years of how effective Independents can be. Chuck Cadman and Bill Casey immediately come to mind. Having seven of them, all from NL province, would have to make more of a difference than seven sheep who are obedient to a party whose interests lie elsewhere.

WestEast said...

you know what would be really interesting? If someone could find out how many smelters, refiners and any other secondary processors run off Newfoundland and Labrador Metel/Ore, Oil etc... in the rest of canada, how many jobs do they supply etc...!

I mean come on we supply half of canada's(theif's) iron ore 57%. This must be a lot of Secondary jobs for the places with the Smelter's.

Knowledge is Power!

Anonymous said...

Myles - Have you read the editorial in today’s local Newspaper?

It is deriding Senator Baker for taking a stance on his abhorrence of the treatment that the Federal Government has meted on in their last two budgets on our beautiful and well endowed resource rich province, which never seems to get ahead despite its abundance of natural resource wealth, which by the way has all found its way to enhance the economies of the rest of Canada.

Today’s editorial in our local newspaper is not too happy that Senator Baker has taken that stance and whoever wrote the editorial is letting the daily newspaper’s readers know in no uncertain terms.

I find it shocking that a local daily newspaper would even have such an editorial printed in its paper given the way the province of Newfoundland and Labrador has been treated in Canada. That newspaper knows, as well as its readers that we have been shafted economically because of the way that Ottawa has treated our province.

Are they so inept that they think Newfoundlanders and Labradorians cannot think for themselves?

For the first 50 years the electorate of Newfoundland and Labrador believed that they were ruled by honest politicians. Myles - But since the people of NL have figured out, through the dim of the smoke screens put up by Ottawa, that given their well-endowed natural resource base, and their prime strategic geographic location situated on 17,000 kms of the Atlantic Ocean trade routes their province should have evolved into something more spectacular economically than it did.

Also they have seen that their natural resources have been sent off to the other provinces to maintain and grow economies.

For instance their HYDROELECTRIC ENERGY was shipped off to Quebec, and Quebec's revenue from that resource is $2 Billion per year, while their province is scheduled to go in the hole, their FISH RESOURCE is enhancing the economies of 20 countries of the world, compliments of Ottawa. The other provinces' economies have expanded greatly on the meting out of that fish resource by Ottawa, as well because of the International trade which has been generated. They have seen their OIL RESOURCE augmenting the Ottawa Treasury with Billions of dollars over the past 12 years and enhancing two Atlantic provinces economies through the refining of that sweet crude, and then there was the largest body of NICKEL ORE in the world, which was developed to breathe life into two Central Canadian smelters, Sudbury, Ontario and Thompson, Manitoba.

Where in the hell does our local daily paper have the audacity to print an editorial like that about one of our Senators, who is finally irate enough that the government which he has worked for so many years, would allow something like that to happen to a province which has contributed so much to the Canadian economic mosaic over the past 60 years.

Senator Baker, I want to tell you to overlook the critics since it is better late than never that you took care of this matter. So please, Sir, keep your focus at this critical time in our history on what you have set out to do.

I remember times before when you attempted to tell the world, but those Newfoundlanders and Labradorians who were doing well themselves made remarks no different than what this person in our local newspaper today is making, and you retracted, but please Sir do not retract this time, it will no only be detrimental to you, but to your province as well.

Very few, but some Newfoundlanders and Labradorians have become rich because of the economic set up which has destroyed the province of Newfoundland and Labrador’s chance to have become the richest provincial economy in the Nation. Of course, we also know much wealth was generated in other parts of Canada because of that structure, as well.

We are not going to let them have any further say, Senator Baker, and we need your help to halt that corruption right now. It is needs to be stopped. The news media in this province were complicit in that regard as well.

I want to say that we have got a winner in Ryan Cleary’s show on VOCM radio, our great moderator is not about to see his province shafted longer, and I can see a big change in our people’s mentality even in the month since he took over the reigns at VOCM Nightline. People are not afraid to call his show and give their truthful opinions and they have taken to his show in a big way.

I respect you immensely Ryan, please keep up the great work.

Ryan I hope that your Sunday Night program will talk about the editorial in today’s local paper. I hope the editorial will be front and center on your show on Sunday night. How convenient of our local newspaper to put that Editorial into today’s, Friday’s newspaper, when you do not have a show tonight? Ryan please do not let them off without bringing up that editorial in your preamble. I see it as anti-Newfoundland and Labrador.

It is time that our local newspaper got the message it cannot go on with viewpoint that it has been espousing for all these years, which is one of the reasons the people of our province never got the real picture of what really was happening. Smoke screens were continuously being thrown out there by them.

It is time that the message of the abuse of the province of Newfoundland and Labrador by the Federal Government was put out there for all to see and that a fix was put in place for the province of Newfoundland and Labrador and its beautiful, gentle people.

We deserve a lot more respect and a much better economy than we have received from our natural resource base and the strategic location which we brought into Canada, a place which Ottawa dreamt of for 80 years before our entry.

Stephen said...

Hi all, I really enjoy reading the articles and comments here. I recently moved back to NL from the US. I have always felt that we would be better off as an independent country then a part of a country that doesn't respect us.

I too see that most of the people that I talk to here in NL really don't know the facts. They seem to have bought into the lies that Canada has fed us. It is time for someone to educate the people; if they knew what the facts are, about how much canada has benefited from us, instead of hearing how much Canada has supposedly given us at the expense of other canadians, I think the vast majority of NLers would be outraged at the way we've been treated.

I would definitely support a newspaper of sorts that would educate the people. Even something as simple as a small, one time flyer would go a long way.

Every time I think about how we are treated by canada it makes my blood boil. But I feel helpless because there doesn't seem to be much I can do to change things.


Anonymous said...

I am delighted that Senator Baker has taken on Ottawa for its shocking treatment of our province, and I am delighted that he has pointed out that the province of Newfoundland and Labrador contributes several times the GDP per capita as do the other provinces.

But if I could get Senator Baker's attention, (I prefer I ge it through this blogsite) I would like to tell him to go further and name the natural resources which are exported from the province of Newfoundland and Labrador to the other provinces of Canada, primarily for the purpose of building economies elsewhere, something his own province is sorely lacking in. Those natural resources are worth several Billion dollars per year collectively to the Canadian provinces which are the beneficiaries.

1. Hydroelectric Energy - $2 Billion in revenue for Quebec.

2. Fish quotas - No doubt very valuable, when you consider they have been utilized to garner International Trade for the Manufacturing and Agriculture Sectors of central Canada.

I saw a report on National TV last evening where the Wheat Board of Canada announced Wheat sales last year were valued at $7.7 Billion dollars to Canada.

3. Mineral of all types. Iron ore which has been utilized in the Auto Industry; and as in the case of the Nickel Ore, it was developed solely to keep 2 central Canadian smelters from dying. Those smelters were in Sudbury, Ontario and Thompson, Manitoba.

4. The Oil resource has been a boon to the Ottawa Treasury, there have been Billions of dollars garnered from that industry over the past 12 years for Ottawa’s use. It was also a boon for two refineries in Atlantic Canada, Imperial Oil of Halifax, Nova Scotia and Irving of Saint John, New Brunswick.

If those resources were calculated for the total revenue they bring into the economies, which they service directly and indirectly, they would, no doubt, total probably $10 Billion dollars or more annually.

If Senator Baker could name and quote the value of the raw natural resources which are listed above, which come from the province of Newfoundland and Labrador's resource base and which are exported and utilized to run economies in the other provinces, he could get a clearer picture out to the Canadian population of what our province really contributes to Canada and what those resources are worth, rather than simply quoting the GDP.

Of course, I would like him to quote both.

While he is at it he can also state that the province of Newfoundland and Labrador does not have any of the Federal infrastructure placed here by Ottawa, such as Federal Regional Offices, Military bases, etc. which exist in the other provinces and add greatly to their economies.

The Public Eye said...

It will be a great day when the local functionaries and hack politicians realize Newfoundland and Labrador has nothing to gain from being part of this grand swindle called "Confederation" and this province goes it alone. Whatever you think of Danny Williams, it has been his efforts that have done much to stoke a spirit of nationalism in the land. However, even if George Baker is simply reflecting pre-existing popular sentiment, he does much through his words to legitimize the cause of Free Newfoundland and Labrador.

I'm no Marxist, but a paraphrased version of Papa's words would be appropriate here: Newfoundlanders unite! You have nothing to lose but your chains!

Ussr said...

Republican Song

I was born on a St. John's street,
Where all my hopes could meet defeat,
And the goals of all my friends was work in Canada;
But soon there'll come a day,
When the young will want to stay,
And learn again to rule their native land.

So, hear me Newfoundland,
It's time to make the last demand,
Gather strength against the force that will surround you;
For the wolf is at your door,
And you've kissed the mainland whore,
The time has come at last to make a stand.
We've sold our souls away,
And the price we've had to pay,

It's not too late to change the sheets we've slept in;
Though our sins have left their stain,
Now, there's nothing left to gain,
My father's pride I cannot yet betray.
We've sold our souls away,
And the tolls are still not paid,
Our children face a life of grim corruption;

So hang our heads in shame,
'Cause we have ourselves to blame,
And hearken to this call for revolution.

####.... Séan McCann and Bob Hal

"I would definitely support a newspaper of sorts that would educate the people. Even something as simple as a small - "

March 06, 2009 8:24 PM,

Well I don’t know if I would go that far Myles, but I do know one thing. We are defiantly going to have to take We Talk off of blogger. We should be setting you up in your own little domain, with your own Servers. Have you talked to someone about LEGAL MATTERS and your writings Myles?

OH Lenovo has a Great Sale on Blade Servers Myles. We don’t have to worry about security and hook’ in her up I could help out, and you could call the boys over. WHACK’er OFF in a Day my Son, 


Anonymous said...

Patriot - I see that the Federal Government doesn't only have control over the minds of our 7 MPs and 6 Senators, but it also has control over the mind of Rex Murphy, who happens to have the power of the pen at the Globe and Mail and power of the microphone at CBC TV.

Rex, who I think is the best journalist in the whole of Canada, showed off his true colours this weekend in his Globe and Mail Column. I was shocked!

If any other province in Canada had being suffering the same ill treatment from the Ottawa Government, as has the province of Newfoundland and Labrador, over the past 60 years, Rex Murphy would have donated several of his Sunday afternoon Cross Country Check-up shows to the cause. Not once has he devoted a show to the province of Newfoundland and Labrador on how badly our province has been treated by Ottawa.

I am sure Rex Murphy is astute enough to have noticed how Newfoundland and Labrador's natural resource base has been exploited without creating a hint of an economy in our own province.

He surely must have heard that the provisions of the Atlantic Accord have been whittled away to where the Accord is probably worthless at the moment. Prime Minister Harper had cut more than $2.5 Billion dollars worth of revenue from our Atlantic Accord payments over the past two Federal Budgets , monies our Premier was counting on to run our province and which belongs to us.

I thought Canada held the belief that a Contract is a Contract is a Contract. Why then did it take away provisions from the Atlantic Accord, a Contract which was signed between Ottawa and the province of Newfoundland and Labrador?

At the moment I do not look at Rex as a true Newfoundlander and Labradorian. I cannot believe that Rex would allow such abuses to occur, without even a whisper on his popular Cross Country Check-up Radio show. I am shocked with his lack of interest in getting the message out there on what is happening to his province.

Rex knows full well that if the same abuses were perpetrated on any of the other provinces by Ottawa, he would have at least assigned an episode on his Cross Country Check-up Show to the cause.

This is much more than a conflict between Prime Minister Harper and Premier Williams as Rex Murphy likes to think. If it were just that, why would P.M. Harper penalize our province and its people in a monetary way, for their two opposing personalities and take away monies owed to our province under the Atlantic Accord for the welfare of the province and its people?

It is still not too late for Rex Murphy to redeem himself in my eyes, all he has to do is to devote a Cross Country Check-up Show on the topic to show his concern for the abuses, which have been perpetrated on his province.

Oh, by the way, the same fate happened to our Actors, every one of them, as he/she matured into an aspiring actor, was captured by Ottawa and put under the umbrella of the CBC in Halifax. (The CBC =Ottawa) I guess Actors are activists by nature, and that was to shut them up, just in case, they decided to talk about the abuses which were perpetrated on their province.

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I watched CTV TV last evening and this morning and I saw a crazy piece of news comedy, that is what I will call it for the sake of this commentary.

Craig Oliver held the CTV microphone, and as conveniently apppointed Senator Mike Duffy waddled or sidled into the corridors of Parliament, he was asked to comment on Senator George Bakers' desire to have a Bloc NL created.

Mike Duffy commented on what he thought of Senator George Bakers views on that aspect. Mike Duffy make an off the cuff remark, not exactly his words, but something to the effect I don't know what is happening to them down there, is there something they are putting in the water or is hair colour going through his brain? Any way they were making fun of Senator George Baker's efforts.

They interviewed 3 people in the Streets of St. John's, and I am pretty sure that they were implants because all three of them said the province of Newfoundland and Labrador was doing well and its people are happy.

I wonder where were all three of these people for the last number of years and why did they not notice what we have lost from our natural resource base for the benefit of the other provinces? Also, why have they NOT noticed what we didn't get from the Federal infrastructure give aways over the past 60 years, those goodies which the other provinces have received which gave them a wonderful economy while their province suffered anamecially without any appreciable economy, despite its well endowed natural resource base and great strategic geographic location.

The type of article, of which I am speaking of here, is the type of smoke screens which have been sent up throughout the years by the National News Media on behalf of the Federal Government, which have set our province of Newfoundland and Lab rador back 60 years and have divorced it and its people from their natural resource base. by Ottawa doling out our resources for the benefit of the other provinces.

They have gotten of with the destruction of a province's ability to have grown into a province with the greatest economy in Canada.

Please Senator Baker,if you let articles such as the one I saw repeated last night and this morning , over and over on CTV sway your resolve to do something about the treatment of our province by the Federal Government, well then in my eyes you will be no better than those who foisted our chances of creating a vibrant economy here in the first place.

At the moment Senator Baker you are my hero and the hero of a lot of Newfoundlanders and Labradorians, please don't take your focus of what you set out to do, please see it through for once in your life. Please - Do not drop the ball on your purpose for being in the lime light in the first place! It will look very bad on you, and you will be the one who will have to wear it for the rest of your life.

Sir, if you continue to the end you will be all the better for it, no matter, what happens.