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Saturday, March 21, 2009

One Man's Traitor is Another's Patriot

The Mast Head of the Web Talk – Newfoundland and Labrador quotes American writer, George William Curtis, immortal words, "A man's country is not an area of land, mountains, rivers, and woods, but a principle. Patriotism is loyalty to that principle."

Regular readers of Web Talk will know that my online “handle” is Patriot. Perhaps it may be pretentious on my part to refer to myself in this way but I believe it to be true.

I am a Patriot to Newfoundland and Labrador if not to Canada.

On the other hand, rather than being viewed as a patriot, over the past several years I’ve all too often been branded by some “anonymous” federalists as a traitor. The term has been used to describe others who support and defend our homeland.

Over time such comments have given me pause for reflection and much soul searching as I’m sure it has for others. I’m happy to say that on my part those moments of self doubt have long since passed.

The reason is simple.

History is written by the victors, not the vanquished.

Take the example of the American Revolution. During that turbulent period Ben Franklin is quoted as saying, “We must hang together or we will surely hang separately”.

Today nobody questions the fact that Franklin, Jefferson and the like were indeed great American patriots, the fathers of their Nation even, not that I would put myself in their league, but the point is this: Why does history remember them the way it does?

Simply put, it’s because they won their struggle for freedom and dignity.

Had they lost the revolution and had America remained under the control of England those same men who are viewed as Patriots today would now be viewed as traitors. They would have been tried for treason and been executed, as Ben Franklin clearly understood.

Those same federalists who so often try to weaken the resolve of those among us yearning for a better future for Newfoundland and Labrador, whether inside or outside of Canada, use words like “crackpot”, “tin hat brigade” or the like to attack our beliefs.

They say we have no chance of making a difference and should “stop whining”.

They may honestly believe this. I don’t.

I don’t see speaking out as “whining”, far from it.

I see it as educating the masses.

I see it as ensuring that our concerns are not brushed silently under the Canadian carpet.

I see it as a necessary step, a first one perhaps, but a necessary step to a brighter future for our people.

Some time ago I read a novel, the title of which I no longer recall and is of no importance, but I do recall one particular passage from it. It describes the thoughts of an individual near the end of his days and goes something like this.

“…A tear formed in his eye. So many people counting on us but we failed. Yet did we fail?”

“Is it failure if you plant a seed which others nurture? Is it failure to have begun a thing which had daunted the best and bravest for decades? Is it failure to have called the attention of all humanity to the plight of your people?”

No, I don’t believe it is.

As Newfoundlanders and Labradorians there are lessons in those words and in the history of the American Revolution.

Failure only comes with never having tried in the first place.

The only difference between a Patriot and a traitor is their level of success.


The Public Eye said...

It may take a generation or so, but those "Patriots" who championed the independence of our Province will be regarded as visionaries and pioneers by their countrymen. Walking among us, or perhaps waiting to be born, are the Founding Fathers of a hopeful new nation, needing their guidance to cast off the colonialist handcuffs of Confederation.

Anonymous said...

The Heathen

De heathen back dey 'pon de wall!
De heathen back, yeah, 'pon de wall!

Rise up fallen fighters;
Rise and take your stance again.
'Tis he who fight and run away
Live to fight another day.
With de heathen back dey 'pon de wall!
De heathen back, yeah, 'pon de wall!
De heathen back dey 'pon de wall!
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As a man sow, shall he reap
And I know that talk is cheap.
But the hotter the battle
A the sweeter Jah victory.
With de heathen back dey 'pon de wall!
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De heathen back, yeah, 'pon de wall!
De heathen back dey 'pon de wall!
De heathen back, yeah, 'pon de wall!

Rise up, fallen fighters:
Rise and take your stance again.
'Tis he who fight and run away
Live to fight another day.
De heathen back dey 'pon de wall!
De heathen back, yeah, 'pon de wall!

De heathen back dey 'pon de wall!
De heathen back, yeah, 'pon de wall!

If a tiny island in the carribean can reach out and struggle for Independence, can we not do the same.

Patriot, some say it's an impossible task, how then did Jamicia come unto itself and find nationhood.

When you are told you cannot do something for so long you believe it.We must continue to say to ourselves that self-determination cannot be stopped.That we will achieve nationhood again.

No,we are not a small municapality Mr Smallwood, but a distinct nation unto ourselves.

Winston Smith said...

So you're advocating violent revolution?

Much of history is, indeed, written by the winners, in this case the Hollywood fantasy starring Mel Gibson.

The real American Revolution was more like a protracted civil war than anything else.

By the way, who is going to play the role of France in your war? The Patriots didn't exactly win on their own.

Thanks for your post: it makes me understand more fully why Danny Williams uses the term "traitor" when attacking his critics.

Patriot said...

To Winston,

No, I am not, "advocating violent revolution" but John Kennedy once said, "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable."

It's people like yourself who, whether you know it or not, are the ones who are promoting revolution over reform.

Thanks for your "federalist" comment. In other words, thanks for proving my point.

Winston Smith said...

If you're saying that Newfoundlanders should follow the model of the American Revolutionaries, I fail to see how you can deny advocating violent revolution.

People died. You might want to look it up.

Ussr said...


The separatists of Canada are fun to remember
Monday, February 2nd, 2009 at 1:50 am

Inspired by Gilles Duceppe’s return to sovereigntist rhetoric, I spent the day thinking about the remarkably Canadian phenomenon of “separatism”. Did you know that separatists are alive and well in every province in the nation?

“The East”

Next to Quebec and Alberta, Atlantic Canada has the highest level of support for an autonomous region, just 4 percentage points behind Alberta. (There’s also discussion on Canada Free Press, for what it’s worth.) Atlantic Canada enjoys some province-specific separation movements, as well. Read on …

Newfoundland and Labrador

The Newfoundland and Labrador Defense League is Canada’s only internationally-focused separation movement, promoting the province around the globe. They appear to be out of touch with the 81 others who do not appreciate being called “minoot” and have started a petition to separate Labrador from Newfoundland.

Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia is home to Canada’s first separatists, who started it all at the time of Confederation. More recently, a Cape Breton separation movement started brewing, hoping to separate the island from the rest of the province.


scratch a liar, find a thief !!!

For Shame Winston !!!

The Public Eye said...

To "Winston Smith":

Happily, a "violent" revolution will not be necessary. Can you imagine the optics of a Canadian Prime Minister sending in the troops to - de facto - invade Newfoundland and Labrador? No Canadian Prime Minister would dare try it. To paraphrase a great '60s battle cry, the whole world would be watching.

Also happily, the real job of the Patriots is not to engage in violence, but rather education and (what I would like to see more of) civil disobedience. If we lay the groundwork now, a generation from now secession will indeed be a respectable option - and, increasingly, an overwhelmingly necessary one. As long as Newfoundland and Labrador does not threaten outright "violent revolution" against its colonialist oppressor, but instead makes it clear it simply wants OUT, we will have all the advantages in the world. Indeed, if we start laying the groundwork now, we should one day be able to win a referendum. Under the Clarity Act, our imperial overlords would have no choice but to respect a Yes vote. If they didn't, and did resort to sending in the troops, that in itself would send a powerful message to the rest of the world about the nature of "democracy" in Canada.

He doesn't know it, but Danny Williams - who, I know, is no separatist - is playing a vital function here. He had to learn the hard way what Stephen Harper thinks of our province, but, once he learned the lesson, he has decided to fight back. By implication, of course, he has forced Harper - and the entire apparatus of the Conservative government - to retaliate against us. Although the next little while will be painful for those of us who love this province, anyone who is paying attention will now be able to see the true nature of our role in Confederation, of what the dominion REALLY thinks of us. It is a disgusting lesson for some of us to have to endure, but one that is needed to illustrate certain realities. For this reason, Danny Williams and Stephen Harper, in their own ways, are doing the most among all of us to promote separation as a long-term political option.

Anonymous said...

It is always interesting that these memebers of the gully hopper brigade of federal apologists comment on these blogs yet they either do not have a comment section on their blog or run it like the Kremlin. Democracy run amok.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Anonymous, I agree with you.

No comments at all or they run it like the Kremlin so the guy who writes the blog has to approve the comment before it gets posted.

Starrigan said...

I agree fully with "The Public Eye" that Harper and Williams are helping our journey toward separation. We all know how Harper feels about NL, sad part is he can't put that hatred aside like other politicians. Other PM's would throw us a bone every now and then, (just to keep the dog quiet) but not Harper he's taken away the dog dish altogether and left us to forage on our own. Danny on the other hand will not be pushed around or lied to by anybody. Thank god he has the balls to stand up to Harpo. The actions of both of these men are helping to galvanize the nationalistic spirit in NL and that makes me very happy. I'm not sure if Harper just plain hates NL or if it some kind of racist intolerance. It may be that he's just jealous of Danny.

Anonymous said...

Maybe we should join forces with the rest of Atlantic "Canada" better yet the "The Atlantic Republic of America" or ARA, Sorry had to do it, and start our own Country.

The funny thing about all this is you have the East fighting the West and the West hating the East, when both sides should realize that it's the Middle, "ONT & QUE", that we all should be joining together to stand up to.

Seems to me that's what all Governments do, protect ONT and QUE first then give the scraps to the rest of the country, and get us fighting each other over them.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 8:36. You posted:

"No comments at all or they run it like the Kremlin so the guy who writes the blog has to approve the comment before it gets posted."

How is that different from this blog?

Interesting title for the post btw.

I am a pound Canadian and even prouder Newfoundlander. Does that make me a treacherous patriot or a patriotic traitor?

Anonymous said...

The Globe and Mail, National Post and CBC sites, and many of the blogs out there, all resort to approving commentaries before they print commentaries which they have submitted to their articles as well. It is a practise which is sorely needed.

I agree with that practise, there has to be some type of monitoring put in place or anything can be written.

What is approved on this blog, especially as it relates to the province of Newfoundland and Labrador's treatment by Ottawa is absolutely correct, especially the fact that the province of Newfoundland and Labrador was ignored by Ottawa and NL's natural resource base was utilized by Ottawa for the benefit of creating economies for the other provinces. Ottawa's policies towards the province of NL is the sole reason it failed to thrive in an era where the World's economies were going gangbusters, and given the fact that our province had a well endowed natural resource base and a well endowed prime geographic location. It was no reason for the province of Newfoundland and Labrador not having a gangbuster economy as well.

Much more could be written but hasn't been written as of yet, especially on the policy of toeing the party line for Ottawa which caught our Federal politicians in a web of deceit towards their own province.

It will all come out eventually. It will be written in history.

The funny thing about it isthat there are many ex-politiicans out there who are still active and who can change their legacy, by fessing up to the truth.

Are they going to do it? We will wait and see. If they don't all the good words which were written about them will be erased by the deceitfulness they allowed themselves to be engulfed in which saw their province go down in history in the old economy which just sputtered to an end, as a province which was unable to get upon its own feet. How could it when it and its natural resource base was captured by Ottawa, which because of the lack of having created an economy, therefore made its prime geographic location a mute point?

Myles you as a blogger is not the only one who takes the precaution of monitoring the contents received, most do. You are in good company.

Patriot said...

Hey, I have no problem with the fact that I review comments before posting them and do not publish everything that comes in. In fact if you look at the comments entry area you'll see that I provide notice to those posting that I do excactly that.

If you could see some of the comments that come in and which I do not post you would understand why.

If you want some examples of the kind of verbal attacks, language and so on that comes in just take a look at the comments from the first year or so of the site before I instituted this policy.

The site was not used by some to discuss the issues but to attack those who wanted to. Not anymore.

NL-ExPatriate said...

Provincial EQUALITY or EXIT!

There really isn't an alternative or option.

And no federal political party have a province separate. Only a provincial political party can call a referendum.


Ussr said...

Well Patriot I have to say that some of the responses you have received here from some of your readers are really surprising. To see people that have the same mind set is really comforting to me as a person. Why one might ask.
Living away from my culture really gives me a greater sense of what we actually are. The more I read from people, such as the Public Eye and Starrigan, I receive such great relief and satisfaction. It allows me to see that I am not alone in how I feel towards Canada. Out of respect to you, Myles, and your readers I will watch my vocabulary, so I do not turn your blog into something that people would not want to read.

I do think what you are doing here is absolutely fantastic for our people and our culture. I myself believe that everything in life can be overcome with education and awareness. As the public eye has pointed out so well, when you inform people of the injustices that have been laid upon them, and show them the wrongs that have been done to them, results and altitudes start to change.

The best examples have been given to us, from Mr. Harper. This man has shown us exactly how Canada sees us. More importantly this is how they see us in western Canada. As a bunch of backward people that only want welfare cheque and some rum to tide us over till we have to go back to the crab plant to get our ten stamps for next year.
Not one issue that was of concern to Newfoundland and Labrador was addressed by this Government. We have representation in Ottawa from a mainlander. Mr. MacKay. The actions that have been taken by Mr. Harper in regards to equalization are great. Yes, they have cost us 1.6 Billion dollars, but what have we gained from this besides an empty wallet. We have a far greater sense of how we are constantly beaten down by Ottawa. This is absolutely fantastic. This shows us how our resources are being stolen.

What created this awareness for me came from my profession Patriot. Being an accredited professional in my field and my education has given me the ability to see and read what the average person cannot. I have extended a personal invitation to those that have questioned my abilities and skills, and have even offered this material to them for their personal reading pleasure.
I believe you may remember when Mr. E. Sorenson had a great deal to say to Mrs. Sue Kelland Dyer, Patriot. The only problem I have Patriot is the law itself. I unfortunately I cannot change the privacy laws here in Canada. It I ever get the chance to mail this information to someone like Ryan Cleary over at VOCM, I would be sharing the truth, but I would also be opening myself up to several lawsuits. This is the dilemma I face. What some MPs send in their email would make most Newfoundlanders sick to their stomach. Such as Ottawa spending federal tax dollars to create unrest in Labrador.

Which brings me back to my point? How can Canadians be so unaware of what their Government is doing? Some may have seen George Bush, receive a very unpleasant welcome in Calgary last week. Little do those people know that their government has done far worse than any American government has? How can you believe in a government that spy’s on its citizens the way in which Canada does?

If something is so corrupt and evil, its greatest enemy is time. Time, it just does not heal wounds but it also exposes the truth. And, the truth is just something I feel, the average Newfoundlander and Labradorean is not ready for.
Unlike you Patriot, these feelings I have for Canada, cannot go away until the injustice and the wrongs that have been done to the people of my province have been made right. I cannot force myself to forgive what they have done. You say that you believe the motto you use for web talk.

"A man's country is not an area of land, mountains, rivers, and woods, but a principle. Patriotism is loyalty to that principle." ~George William Curtis

How can anyone just walk away from the injustice that has been done to every out port in Newfoundland and Labrador? How can I forgive when the country I am suppose to love, when it does not enforce the law of the land for one province, but then enforces the law for the other allowing for the continued rape of a peoples natural resources. How can I forgive when a contract is made, then changed so the other partner can grab more money for itself, and then demean and belittle the smaller partner so he doesn’t say squat. How can I say that I love something that has destroyed everything that is closest to my heart?

Because they say it’s wrong, we must agree.

The only thing I hope for this country Patriot, is that it gets back what it has sent out, three times fold. May it rot in spades?

“Republic Of “

PS, of sorts.EX-pat, as the other provinces get more seats in Ottawa our voice becomes smaller and smaller. Soon our desire for "EQUALITY" will lead us to our freedom. There is no such thing as eqaulity in this country. If I may borrow a phrase from a Philadelphia Lawyer, it's time. The "Jigg'in" must stop.

twjtNL said...

USSR: Extremely well said. You are never alone, my friend.

When I come on this blog and read the stories and comments, I feel an overwhelming sense of peace and war at the same time.

Peace, to know that there are many of us who come together (thanks to you Myles) with the same desires, dreams and goals... and war, when I see the utter foolishness and injustice that is taking place against our people and culture.

We are NEVER alone in this fight. Our day will come.

Anonymous said...

Great article Myles.

I know in the past at least, a lot of the naysayers who used words like "traitor" around here were staunch federal Liberal hacks and supporters. Federalists all the way.

Those hired guns must be spinning today after Iggy's speech in Quebec.

Here's a quote. I assume the same goes for NL. Where does this leave the naysayers I wonder?

""What I'm saying to Quebecers is you don't have to choose. You can be Québécois first, Canadian second, Canadian first, Québécois second – it's up to you,I will not impose identity choices on my fellow citizens. I leave those citizens the choice of their ultimate allegiances."

Anonymous said...


Now Canada can see what it does to Newfoundland and Labrador. Doesn't feel nice does it.

Starrigan said...

USSR if you have some information or demeaning emails from MP's I'm sure it can be "leaked" to people like Ryan Cleary. I for one would love to see what those racists are saying about NL's and I'm sure I'm not alone. We need to get that information into the hands of the people.
I live in New Brunswick and I can tell you when I first moved here I was absolutely amazed at how little the people here knew about NL. It was just as well I was in northern BC. Our people need to know that we are not on anybody's radar, not Ottawa, not Saint John NB, not Montreal, NL just doesn't mean anything to anybody. If anyone back home thinks for one second that there's support or empathy for NL, then you're dead wrong. The feds and their media shrills have done an a superb job of brainwashing the rest of Canada. No matter where you go in this country there is an underlying belief that NL is just a bunch of whiny welfare collecting complainers. Not only that, they have no interest in listening to the issues that affect NL. That kind of discussion just leads to off colour jokes and insults. It's really sickening. Bottom line is, we are on our own. Don't expect any assistance from the rest of Canada, it's not going to happen. Don't expect any sympathy, there's none there. We need to internalize as a people, we need to promote our old symbols and independent spirit. Someone mentioned in an earlier post about planting seeds. That is what we need to do. We need to start calling in to the talk shows and plant seeds. Those seeds then need to be watered and tended to. We need to send people to Ottawa that are there to represent the wants of the people of NL. Not the butt kissing, bow down to the party, mamby pamby, useless boneheads that we continue to ship off to Ottawa. You can only be shocked so many times at their level of betrayal before you have to say to yourself what's the point.
I'm very sure that the people of NL would seek their own nation if they fully realized how their "place" is perceived by the rest of Canada. The majority of the province is on the island and that has served the feds well, you might say they have a captive audience. We're isolated and it's very easy for them to demonize us. But then again it's also very easy for us to galvanize as a people. It's the old two edge sword but I think our side is sharper Mr. Harper.

Patriot said...

To one particular comment contributor who wrote me over night about about our offshore oil oil an who is invlolved in it's managmenent/production:

Thanks for the comment but you are mistaken when it comes to the point you base your comment on.

I realize from reading what you wrote that you are sincere in what you said but your facts are not correct on your major premise of ownership which has led to a number of innaccuracies throuout.

I decided not to publish it for that reason (and that reason only). I still have it available so I'll leave it up to you. If you want it published just let me know but I thought I'd give you a heads up that you should check into it further.

If you would like more information simply email me at:



Anonymous said...

Patriot: Thanks for your astuteness, it goes to show that you are not about to have your site infiltrated by inaccurate information, even though it was from the lack of the correct information.

Keep up the great work Sir, the job that you are doing will be forever appreciated by the electorate of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Always be alert!

Patriot said...

The link sent by Anonymous 10:13 shows a disgusting display of uncaring ignorance by the people at FOX.

I have my share of problems with Canada but it is the sort of disgusting thing I would never publicize on its own.

Under the context it was sent in however I believe it is a valuable tool to prove a point.

The feelings most Canadians will feel when they see that video, for one brief moment, will indeed allow them to feel what Newfoundlanders and Labradorians are forced to live with day in day out and year after year. Everytime we are called "Newfies", "Welfare Bums", "Stupid Newfies" and other terms used agains us.

I much as I dislike posting the link I believe that in this context it has value. I only hope the message gets through.

Anonymous said...

Over at the Bond Papers, the usual suspects are having a grand time in the sandbox attacking anyone who questions that Newfoundland has not been treated first class for 60 years. Anyone with a functioning set of eyes and brains would be able to differentiate between being a well respected member of a country versus being sent to the other room for a timeout for 60 years. But then again these are the same fellows that like to label people who love Newfoundland as members of a tin foil hat brigade. I think these people are wearing saran wrap hats and the oxygen is definitely not getting in and their ideals are just as transparent and thin. But hey maybe I am wrong and I should invest in some Alcan..lol

Anonymous said...

I wonder where the money is coming from to support the Blogs which oppose those of us who are trying to get the truth out there.

The people running those entities have been sucking of governments’ teats forever, we know their names and we know the names of the fathers of some of them who came before.

These people don’t know how else to make a living, other than to bring the majority of the people of their province down. They are akin to the people whose families have been forever on the social welfare system; except for one thing they most generally have a bit more education, which they do not use wisely, but instead put it to corrupt use.

Are the Federal Government and Industries paying them? We don’t know for sure, but it sure appears that way. But whoever is paying them they need to be named and brought to task for their corrupt way of making a living. I can't believe that people would sell their souls to have a high paying job while bringing the whole province down economically to its knees? Is it not shocking to see what some people will do to make an easy living?

They have to be named and scorned publicly for pulling the wool over the ordinary people's eyes. Their actions need to be identified.

Imagine those of us out there who are trying to educate our people of the unfair way that Newfoundlanders and Labradorians have been treated in the Canadian Federation, and then have to fight an uphill battle from those same Newfoundlanders and Labradorians who I am speaking of here, and who are, no doubt, paid highly for their audacious opposition, merely to pull the wood over their fellow Newfoundlanders and Labradorians'eyes.

The fact that Newfoundland and Labrador has no appreciable economy here was, by reason of design, that despite our well endowed natural resource base and prime geographic location, our resources were targeted to be sent off to other locations to create economies in other parts of Canada which did not have any resources. These people whom I am speaking of here sent up the smoke screens to allow it to happen.

Our politicians will have to pay for this whether they do it while they are in existence or not, they will one day be named in the history of Newfoundland and Labrador, with a list of the good or bad which they did.

While they are alive and kicking THEY CAN denounce what has happened or else when they are gone, no doubt, their names will NOT be spoken of kindly posthumously.

They have the time to redeem themselves while they are here and set matters straight, but if not the history book which will be written WILL NOT speak of them kindly.

Mr. and Mrs. Politician or ex Politician, you better speak up now before it is too late and your name will be forever blackened by that which you did not do but could have, given the well endowed natural resource base which you had to work with.

The abundance of natural resources which the province of Newfoundland and Labrador held within its bosom, which fuelled the engines of the other provinces of Canada’s economy, was kept below the radar scene for 60 years, but I can tell you that Ryan Cleary’s Night Line show has been abuzz for 3 months and it is ratcheted up a notch every night, last night was incredible. The people are coming on line and the Rhythm is there and eventually the Ottawa Government will have to meet with the Newfoundland and Labrador peoples’ representative the Newfoundland and Labrador Government under Premier Williams. There are many questions to be answered and we are not stopping short of an answer.

Anonymous said...

I would love to see Lieutenant Govenor of Newfoundland and Labrador, John Crosbie throw of the ceremonial robes of the Lieutenant Governor's role and speak out against the unfairness which has been perpetrated against his and our province by the Mother Government Ottawa.

He just has to pick one beef and that could be the Atlantic Accord which has been decimated, he was one of the principals of that Accord and Ottawa has sucked the life blood completely out of it.

Anonymous said...

"I wonder where the money is coming from to support the Blogs which oppose those of us who are trying to get the truth out there."

well its easy too se that the Bond Papers is supported thru the Globe and Mail. Very easy to figure that out.

Patriot said...

Tonight an anonymous comment was sent in that makes some direct accusations about certain potentially illegal acts within government.

I still have the comment on file but since whoever sent it in admitted that the information provided was told to them by another party I've chosen not to publish it.

If the person who sent this in would like to email me directly with proof of their claims I'll do my best to follow up and verify it but until that time the comment will not be put out for public consumption.

I have no problem with presenting government misdeeds but at this point it's just hearsay as far as I can tell.

If it truly is more than that and can be verified you can get in touch with me at higginsmyles@yahoo.ca


Anonymous said...

So how come you won't publish this stuff about government because it's hearsay but you'll publish other stuff which is hearsay?

Patriot said...

To Anon 1:58 AM,

I won't publish it because it makes accusations that include illegal activities including blackmail that is said to be ongoing. There is a difference between comments that refer to widely accepted situations, comments that say things like "I believe..." or "I suspect..." and those which make direct accusations of ongoing illegal activity.

Enough said on that.

Patriot said...

I get a kick out of these Anons who keep trying to "change the channel" on this topic.

Since I mentioned the unsubstantiated allegations that I refused to print I've had a swell (or is it swill) of posts demanding to know why I get to see it and everyone else doesn't. One even had the nerve to say that I have people here making accusations like that (even though they don't even know what "that" is) and that I'm OK with it.

Great way to pull the thread off topic. Here is my last statement on the matter.

I see them because I moderate the comments exactly because of reasons like the one I outlined. No, I don't like people on the site making those allegations (unless they can back them up) which is why it was not printed.

Now let's move on and no, and no, I won't be posting any comments asking me about the comment in question and I won't be answering any more questions about it. If the person who sent it in wants to reach out and provide some backup to his/her words I might change my mind. I still have the commment and am waiting for to do just that. Until then it's a dead subject.