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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

The Anti-Easter Bunny

Happy Easter everyone. I hope you all enjoyed the holiday weekend and have had your share of bunny treats by now.

You know, there are some who say that for every ying there is a yang and for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Opposites exist everywhere. Afterall how could heaven exist if there was no hell. No good without evil and no up without a down. The Easter Bunny is no exception.

Yes, the Easter Bunny has his opposite too, and I think I've discovered who it is. As this happy little bunny hops around the globe hiding chocolate eggs for the little ones to find, so to has Prime Minister Martin trotted around the globe for years hiding his own little eggs.

For years he has hid his ships from Canadian Taxes by using flags of convenience. Robbing the Canadian public of the funds this tax revenue would have provided. Good luck finding one of his ships.

He has been playing the hide and seek game so long that he's become an expert at it. "Now you see the Offshore Revenue deal, now you don't". "Hey, I'm in Washington, oh wait, no I'm not, I'm in Spain, oh no I'm not, I'm......"

Like the Easter Bunny, Mr Martin promises lovely treats to one and all. All you have to do is find them. His latest trick, hiding the offshore deal inside Bill C-43, which also contains items related to the Kyoto accord. Neet little trick Paul.

You see, Paul knows the opposition parties will take issue with Kyoto. This is just his latest version of hide the chocolate. The way he sees it, if a member is behind the Atlantic Accord changes then they have to vote for his Kyoto plan. If they are against Kyoto, then they can be portrayed as picking on poor little NL.

Come on Paul, fun is fun but Easter is over, time to step up to the plate and take off the....., what's the opposite of bunny ears? Devil horns maybe? What ever it is, take it off. Table a separate piece of legislation. Oh, and bye the way, just so you know, NLers aren't stupid enough to believe that anyone who votes against this legislation is really against the Accord deal. Don't think it for a minute. Blame goes where blame is due and you might just realize that in the election that follows if this does'nt pass the house. Hell, we might even elect Stephen Harper, the anti-Chri.... Oops, I mean, well you know what I mean.

Yes, this guy is living his roll as the anti-Easter Bunny to the extreme. He's even found a way to hide a whole cabinet minister. Tracking down John Effort is like a cruel game of Where's Waldo. Now you see him, now you don't. Is that him over there? Naw, oh wait, I think is see his size 9 sticking out of Paul's a@@.

It's only when there's bad news to be delivered that the Liberals see fit to roll John out and pull the string in his back that makes him speak. "Take da deal, ya wunt get a betta one bye", "Da resach station is movin ta mun bye, das it" or how about, "Da cod is got ta be listed as endangawed, me buddies in ottawer said so".

Where are you now John? What are you going to say about this latest action by your buddies in Cabinet? "Well bye, Mistah Martin told me dat dis is de way it gotta be. E's a goo.........(Just a second, I think Paul needs to pull the string again, John will be right back).

I could be wrong about Paul Martin hiding our Atlantic Accord egg for the shear evil, anti- bunny fun of it. I always try to give people the benefit of the doubt, but with this guy it's getting tougher and tougher. I think maybe he just doesn't have the money. Afterall, Bombardier will need another cash infusion soon and there is only so much to go around. Then I think, no, he IS the anti-bunny. There is too much evidence.

Yes, opposites are a part of nature and even the Easter Bunny has to have his alter ego. I just wish he didn't always have to keep hiding NL's eggs.



Ticked in the tickle said...

I wish I had a rabbit licence!

Ticked in the tickle said...

I wish I had a rabbit licence!

Lillian Fortune said...

I think Paul Martin should be ashamed of himself and his side kick John Efford should be doubly ashamed.

I read a comment from Mr. Efford in a paper yesterday where he basically said that the public should talk to their conservative MP to ensure that the bill passes. He said if it doesn't then it is in the hands of the Conservatives, not the Liberals.

I would just like to say to John, how dumb do you think we are? I doubt the bill will be defeated, but if it is, it is on your head and the head of the Liberals in general. If you hadn't played a political game by lumping this legislation in with the Kyoto agreement and other controversial legislation, it would have passed easily.

Do you really think we are dumb enough to blame this on anyone but the Liberals? Wake up John and get your head out of the sand.

NL-ExPatriate said...

Who knows maybe one day his ships will be flying the Green White and Pink, if he doesn't smarten up as Canada's Prime Minister. LOL