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Friday, March 18, 2005

Newfoundland and Labrador's Most Unwanted

Loyola Hearn John Efford

Tied at Number 1 Loyola Hearn and John Efford.

Loyola Hearn who sold Out Newfoundland and Labrador over Equalization, Ferry Services, 5 Wing Goose, Gander Airport, Custodial Managment of Fish Stocks and much, much more. All to protect his cushy cabinet position in Ottawa.
Reward for ensuring he loses in the next federal election - A chance for a future in our province.

John Efford who sold out Newfoundland and Labrador over the Atlantic Accord by pressuring the province to accept a deal that would see benefits capped based on Ontario's financial position. All for his cushy cabinent position in Ottawa. His attempts failed and John Efford retired in disgrace.
No Reward offered - Effords' reputation and future have already been destroyed and he has retired in disgrace.

Public Enemy Number 3 - Rebecca Aldsworth claims to be from a small town in Newfoundland however research disputes this claim. Each year she attempts to demonize the people of the province by promoting the seal hunt and those who take part in it as cruel, inhuman barbarians. Ms. Aldsworth does this while working for an organization (HSUS) that raises millions more on the seal hunt each year from donations than any sealer has ever made in a lifetime.
Reward for discrediting and exposing Rebecca's lies - The ability to hold your head up high and say once and for all, "The seal hunt is not inhumane and it is sustainable."

Public Enemy Number 4 - Paul Watson, who refers to himself as the "Shepherd". Watson views himself as somewhat of a pirate of the high seas who, like Rebecca Aldsworth (public enemy # 3) likes to demonize the people of Newfoundland and Labrador while getting richer (and apparently fatter) from the donations he gathers by attacking the Atlantic Seal Hunt. Watson is also known for using his ship to ram fishing vessels. One such incident this year resulted in a major oil slick that threatened the pristine waters of the Antartic and the resident population of penguins there.
Cash reward offered to anyone who assists in the arrest and conviction of Paul Watson in a Canadian court for his acts of piracy and eco-terrorism.

Public Enemy Number 5 - Margaret Wente, columnist for the Globe and Mail. Ms. Wente likes to attack the province of Newfoundland and Labrador when ever she is at a loss for something to write about. Her verbal attacks serve no purpose other than to fill the pages of the Globe and Mail, sell a few papers to the Ottawa elite and ensure a steady paycheck for Ms. Wente.
No Reward offered - She just isn't worth the time it takes to respond to her bigoted, central Canadian view of this province.