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Friday, March 11, 2005

Discussion Paper by Roland Card

At the bottom of this post you will find a link to a discussion paper by Mr. Roland Card. I have re-published it here with the kind permission of Mr. Card.

The link itself will direct you to a copy of the paper which exists on the NL and Labrador First web site. This is where I originally became familiar with the paper and the link was setup in this way because I do not currently have an area to upload such documents.

The use of this link does not indicate that either Mr. Card or myself have any direct affiliation with the NL and Labrador First party, Mr. Card is not a member but has allowed the party to publish his paper for the reasons stated in their preamble introduction. The link itself is simply a way to access the document.

Although the document was written a couple of years ago, it is apparent to anyone who reads it, that our situation hasn't changed to any real degree. Please take some time to review the paper and I think you will agree that we need to remain focused on the job at hand, banding together to ensure that the mistakes of the past are not repeated and that the future becomes brighter.

Mr Card would like to express the following related to his paper:

"The following paper "Discussion Paper - Newfoundland and Labrador Economy" was researched and written by Roland Card between February 2002 and February 2003. While the provincial and federal political scene has changed since his writing, his views on the attitude of the Ottawa bureaucracy towards this province, and the economic development issues facing the province and their proposed solutions are still very valid. Except for the recent Atlantic Accord changes (where, if approved by parliament, we will get to keep what was ours already) there is no evidence other pressing resource development issues such as the fisheries will be addressed in any meaningful way. In fact there is much evidence to the contrary e.g. the 2005 federal budget cuts to DFO science in the region. Mr. Card is a native Newfoundlander originally from Herring Neck on the provinces Northeast Coast. He now lives in St. John's having retired in 2002 following a successful career in telecommunications engineering, marketing and sales within the province. He was a member of The Telegram Community Editorial Board for 2004, and is a founding Advisory and Corporate board member of FIN (Fisheries Institute for North Atlantic Islands Inc.)."

"This paper cannot be reproduced, retransmitted or used in any way without the written consent of the author. Mr. Card can be reached at cards@nf.sympatico.ca"

...best of luck with your site.


Rolly Card



Susan S. said...

Mr Card,

I just read your paper and I'd like to say thank-you for putting things so clearly into perspective. I have felt that we needed to make some big changes in our dealings with Ottawa for quite some time, but you have clearly identified some things that I hadn't even thought of. Great work!!!

Thanks also to Patriot for posting the link and to the NL and Labrador first party for carrying it.

Danny H. said...

Great Paper!!! Come on Newfoundland, lets get some of the recommendations in this document moving. The time has come!!!