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Friday, April 22, 2005

Dead Man Walking

Hi folks. Well I guess we all saw the great Paul Martin clawing at the edge of the lifeboat and desperately trying to stay afloat last night. That display had to be one of the most pathetic things I have ever seen. Stand back folks, Dead Man Walking.

I can just imagine how this is going to play in media around the world. Can you say Banana Republic?

It’s little wonder we are in the state we are in, not just here in NL, but throughout the country. With the collapse of the PC party, after the Mulroney era, the Liberals have had free reign and have turned the country into their own private dictatorship. I mean really, where has the competition been?

With the PC’s out of the running, who could provide a challenge? Not the NDP, they don’t have enough support throughout the country, but most especially in the center of power, central Canada. The Bloc are a Quebec only party and thank the lord for that. No, the Liberals have had a free ride for quite a while and that my friends, is the crux of the problem.

The saying goes that “Absolute power corrupts absolutely”. We are seeing the proof of that in the past few weeks. These guys have been in power so long, with no end in sight, that they have found all the loop holes, setup the scams and become a party of con men and thieves. Little wonder that nothing gets done for the people who need it.

Has it gotten to the point where we have to bribe our Federal officials when we want something done? Maybe we need to slip the Fisheries Minister 50K to get some support in protecting our fish from foreign vessels. Perhaps we should offer Paul Martin’s wife a trip to the Bahamas in exchange for him pulling the offshore accord deal out of the budget bill. Better yet, why don’t we take a 100 million out of the offshore deal money and feed it directly back to the Liberal party so they can see their way clear to helping us get a power corridor through Quebec. (that is, if it ever gets passed and if the Liberals can hang on to power a while longer) What the hell, the people of Quebec are never going to vote Liberal again any way.

I have always had a sore spot when it comes to politicians. I’ve never trusted them and never respected them, with a few exceptions, and this just proves the point. When the chips are down and the money is rolling in, anything and anyone is for sale. The only difference now is that we know the price.


Jerry K. said...

I see the Liberals are dangling the Atlantic Accord carrot in front of our noses again. Now we are being told that if we don't vote Liberal in the upcoming election then we may not get the 2billion. Bull!!!

Listen, to all you Liberal nominees out there I just want to say, if it means that we never get another cent it wouldn't matter to me. I am still not going to vote red!!!

You can only tease a hungry dog so long before he bites. This election you will realize exactly what that means.

Looking for work said...

To Mr. Paul Martin,

I've got about 5K in the bank. Its yours. All I want is a senate seat.

Give me a call.