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Monday, August 22, 2005

Two Magical Strands - By Anonymous

Boy, Some great comments and musings have been coming our way lately.

Hot on the heals of a great commentary sent in by Gordon (see previous article) we have one that is a little more poetic and philosophical in nature. Unfortunately the author did not leave his or her name but never the less I ask you to take a minute to read the piece. Its time well spent.


Each year in the dead of winter in a small outport, or a mine, or a post, or a town, the ghosts of yesterdays Newfoundland gather together. You might see them in a winter fog, chilling to the bone and the heart. You might think it would be frightening to behold, but it isn’t. For they come together not to haunt, but to hope, not to frighten but to foretell, and not to look back, but to look foreward.

With their eyes changing color like the northern lights of Labrador, they gather to splice and twine the past together. They knit and darn, pulling pieces of valor, and fame, discarding infamy and greed and fashioning a single cable of the history and heart of the people.

You can see the French, the Irish, the English , the Native peoples and even German and Dutch criss crossing through the threads of the strands. You could see the long strands of the Micmac, the Inuit, the Metis, the Innu, and even the Beothuk. Where one strand ends, another is woven to it, bringing the years together in a single cable of incredible strength and flexibility.

They’ve been braiding the rope not for five years or even for five decades but for five centuries, adding in strands as new heros are born. Pulling out wayward threads as the children leave. The rope is thinner today than it was long ago. But what remains is strengthened by the twining, the weaving and the flexing.

As they reach todays ending, the ghosts will look back at the length of the coil, checking it for weakness or loose ends. Just as they have for each year going back the centuries, they’ll search for the two magical strands

What are these magic strands. One is the person who will not only tighten the coil at last, but will allow the rope to be lashed to the rock and the big land and pull them together.

The other is the strand that will tie the groups together into a single people.

When will be the year the ghosts complete their tasks?

1 comment:

NL-ExPatriate said...

Lovely piece very sentimental!

But if we are to get any justice in this place we call Canada it's going to take more than sentiments, feelings, good intentions and all of that other stuff that won't stand up in a court of law.

It's going to take all of the above backed up by facts and figures. And most of all the support of the people in backing our leaders! Whether they are in politics or just laymen.

I'd even have to say that our political and judicial system is biased (with partizan appointments the rule of the day) and an outside body is required to get a unbiased ruling. The only outside agency of this magnitude I can think of is the UN.

NL will never get a supreme court appointment, because NL's are to patriotic to even be considered. According to the Suppreme courts selection criteria!

NL's ethics and morals will never be properly represented because of these selection criteria.