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Friday, September 14, 2007

AG Releases Report on Constituency Spending

Well folks, the Auditor General's Report is out and it's an eye opener to say the least. In all honesty there is just too much greed, incompetency and stupidity identified in the report to even comment on.

A copy of the completed report (with all its gory details) can be found at the following URL for anyone who is curious how there MHA performed during their time in office.

Before reading it you might want to take a few deep breaths and a gravol or two.

For those who don't have the intestinal fortitude, just think Hockey Tickets, Booze, Artwork, Lottery Tickets, Perfume and Underwear. Enough said.



Ussr said...

and shit hits the fan about the Provinces Champion.Premeir Danny Williams "UN-COVERS" further corruption left over by Lberial thieves and canadain sympathizers!!!

"OFF WITH THIER HEADS" ,as Sue would say !!!

Long Live "The RePUBLIC"!!!!

Ussr said...

PS,.........Patriot, thier cheep too,look at what they spent on system hardware.!!!!



AG said...

Yes thankfully Danny cleaned it up. In fact, on his watch the average amounts of "unaccounted gifts" were on average at their very highest:

2001 - $36,875
2002 - $50,253
2003 - $87,966
2004 - $23,991
2005 - $41,276

Yes b'y he cleaned it up some good.

Patriot said...

Hi Ag, by the way, 2001, 2002 and part of 2003 were before the current government took office. Also, the numbers you quoted from 2003, 2004 and 2005 are all before the current government brought the AG back into examine the books and before the clean up started.

Nice try at revising history.

WJM said...

The clean-up?

Nine of the ten MHAs who put the largest amount of their "allowances" towards "donations" were Tories.

Six of them were elected on Danny's coat-tails in 2003.

Danny himself scores third on the list of MHAs doling out the most expense-account "donations" per year, and that's not including the "donations" he makes from his salary.

As they say, "nice try at revising history".

Anonymous said...

An who spent the biggest amounts in wine and art? Liberal I bet.

Who spent the most on perfume, lottery tickets, etc.

Trying to make this a partisan issue is BS. It's a mark on individuals in all parties.

Anonymous said...

When I hear/read from partisan slimeballs who try to paint "a particular party" as being the predominant force in this debacle, it is all I can do not to puke.

As I see it, ALL parties were in on this and all have played a part in betraying the provinces people. The WJM's, Holletts and Lono's of the world would have us believe it is all William's doing, and frankly that is pure partisan bullshit.

I believe all who are guilty should pay back every red cent with interest. For example, Loyola Sullivan wasn't interested in cutting those owing a long defunct school tax any slack, so pay back that which you owe Mr. Sullivan, and you too Mr. Dicks and all the other self entitled buggers.

WJM said...

Anonymous, have you actually read my blog?

I'd post a link to it, but, you're not allowed.