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Monday, September 24, 2007

How Will You Vote in The Next Federal Election?

Speculation is already starting that Canada could be into another federal election before Christmas. The Bloc has presented the Harper government with several non-negotiable demands they want addressed in the October throne speech.

The Liberals are facing a situation where they may either have to go to an election, in order to force all their troops to fall in line behind Dion, or head into another leadership convention.

The NDP already see themselves in a position to pick up some seats thanks the the momentum the gained in a recent Quebec by-election.

Stephen Harper appears to be willing to take on the opposition parties thanks to largely consistent, if not stellar, polling numbers.

The Greens don't have a say in an election call but their new found popularity and the Canada's inaction on the environment means they must be factored into any election strategy.

If an election is called, the Question facting Newfoundland and Labrador voters is which party should they support.

All of federal parties govern by playing the numbers game, caving in to the area of the Country where they want more seats, rather than doing what's best for the public in various parts of this diverse nation. Usually this practice leaves smaller provinces like NL to fend for themselves while desperately trying to fight off federal legislation that will actually harm the them.

Deciding who to vote for is a complex issue.

Just by examining the track records of recent governments (let's put a boat load of historical grievances aside for a moment), you have to ask yourself, should I vote for the party that tried to screw us on the Atlantic Accord but didn't get away with it, the party that succeeded in screwing us on the Atlantic Accord or the ones that never had a chance to screw us?

Or is there another option?

Maybe when this election rolls around we should put aside all the past actions of the various parties and simply focus on their philosophies, political leanings and so on.

Rather than try to outline these in words, perhaps the following versions of the Canadian Flag (as sent to me by a regular visitor to Web Talk) say it better. As someone once said, "A picture is worth a thousand words".

Green Party Flag:

NDP Flag:

Liberal Flag:

Conservative Flag:

It paints a pretty scary picture doesn't it? But who knows, perhaps this time around there may be another option to consider.

The NL-First Party Flag:


Anonymous said...

Sadly to say, but non of the mainstream parties resonate with me.

The conservatives are clearly sucking up to quebec for votes. The idea of the conservatives with a majority government also makes me nervous.

The Liberals have Dion as leader (weak) and the fact also that he is so bent on kyoto that he could ruin the country.

The NDP are to far left for my tastes.

The greens are to dam green.

If we had a N&L block to vote for I would consider voting for them, but of course we don't have an N&L Block.

I think i'll stay home.

Anonymous said...

There is a Newfoundland and Labrador Bloc party, NL-First. They are considering running candidates in the next federal election.

WJM said...


I think the "Liberal Flag" is also the Conservative one these days, though.

And you may have missed the significance of the "green" in "Green Party", that's the Marijuana Party or Bloc Pot flag!

Stephen said...

I think the "Liberal Flag" is also the Conservative one these days, though.

I bet you're still Federal Liberal party-loyal though. Explain to me how one can be a rabid party loyalist regardless of the actual policies and essence of a party - where's the sense or the democracy in that?.

WJM said...

I don't have anything to explain to you. What in the "essence" causes you a problem?

Patriot said...

No personal attacks folks. If you want to carry on a debate (Not just questions for the sake of asking them) and if you want to avoid comments of a personal nature, I'll put them up here, otherwise (as I just did with one) they will be declined.

Ussr said...

"No personal attacks folks" - Myles.That last flag .For the NLFirst Party,wasn't that a little personal,C'mon!!!

Patriot said...

absolutely not. I was making a comment about the political parties, not individuals. The merits, or lack of merits, of any political party are always fair game.

Ussr said...

OK ,true enough !!!