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Monday, September 24, 2007

There's a New Crime Boss In Town.

The scandal ridden Liberal party of Canada is trying to rebuild it’s image by suddenly re-branding itself into a bastion of propriety.

Since being unceremoniously booted from office in the last federal election they have been desperately trying to shake off their image of corruption and entitlement by moving from being the “Librano’s” to becoming Canada’s version of the “Justice League”

Today the Liberal Party went on the offensive with their Conservative counterparts by releasing the names of 129 candidates and official agents implicated in court documents as participating in an apparent scheme to violate spending limits and pad candidates' rebates in the 2006 federal election.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has refused to release the names and instead has chosen to challenge Elections Canada in court over the investigation. A challenge that would cost the taxpayers a fortune in legal costs, in addition to the funds allegedly stolen from taxpayers by the Conservative party.

According to Federal Court documents the Conservatives allegedly funnelled over $1 million in national advertising expenditures through at least 66 of their candidates campaigns. These funds were then signed off by their official agents.

According to a Liberal press release today, the implications of the scam are two-fold.

First, if properly accounted for as part of the Conservative Party's national campaign, then the current government exceeded the $18 million national spending limit and broke the law in getting elected in 2006.

Second, scores of Conservative candidates claimed reimbursement of 60 per cent of the money at issue, money that Elections Canada ruled them ineligible to receive. If these allegations are proven, this would amount to election fraud. A complete list of the Candidates, Ridings and dollar amounts, as released today, can be viewed at:



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You are off topic and off message, Patriot.

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Patriot said...

Explain. Why would I be of message or off topic by pointing out the total lack of reason behind supporting any national party in the Canadian federal system? That is the point and the topic.

Ussr said...

September 25, 2007 8:09 AM - "wierd"