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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Loyola Hearn & John Crosbie - A World Apart Politically

Recently former federal fisheries minister, John Crosbie, has, believe it or not, been the voice of reason in the equalization battle between Ottawa and Newfoundland and Labrador. He has asked both parties in the dispute to find a way past the current impasse and resolve the issue. Not bad advice and if anyone is questioning Mr. Crosbie’s motives, an article written by him in this weekend’s Independent should put those questions to rest.

In case you missed it, it’s a great article. Here are a few excerpts:

“Is the future of NL one of prosperity and self-reliance achievable within Canada today or not? Can the present pattern of confrontational federalism be changed and improved upon? Is the Government of Canada going to continue to be the beneficiary of 75-80 cents on every dollar of government royalties and taxation revenues generated by existing oil projects in NL or not?”

“How can we expect to build a long term sustainable and growing economy as predicted by both levels of government during the long negotiations over the Atlantic Accord when the “principal beneficiary” of its only foreseeable non-sustainable natural resource revenue is Canada?”

“We were told that after we became a “have” province, the sharing of benefits with other Canadians was to start. But that sharing of benefits started long before NL became a “have” province because of the unfair application of the equalization program, which has prevented the achievement of the objectives and purpose of the accord.”

“…the economic and fiscal disparities among the 10 provinces and three territories are an ever increasing threat to our political, social and economic survival as a nation. We are all citizens of the same nation. How can our country permit provinces such as NL and Nova Scotia not to receive the benefits from their own depleting resources while most other provinces were given the right to their natural resources by Canada and so prosper as they receive and enjoy the benefits...”

“…With the apparent change to the commitments made by Stephen Harper… the stage is set for the next battle to erupt over the Atlantic Accord. It is 10 years since first oil was produced at Hibernia. How many more decades must pass before a lasting settlement is reached to this bitter and disruptive national unity issue?”

Well said John. I’d also add that the province has a limited number of decades left before the oil is gone. This is why the people of NL are so determined to find a solution to the problem sooner rather than later.

The article by John Crosbie is an informative, interesting one that’s well worth the read if you get the chance.

Also interesting, but quite sad, is the clear difference in attitude between Canada’s former fisheries minister, John Crosbie, and its current one, Loyola Hearn.

While Mr. Crosbie is standing firmly behind his province, in another article in the same edition of the Indy, Loyola Hearn responds to calls for the province to vote against the Conservative’s in the next federal election by saying, “It’s extremely important for our province to be represented around the cabinet table in Ottawa. If not, who’s going to look after us?”

Interesting point Loyola. I mean where would we be on Custodial Management and the Atlantic Accord if you weren't at the cabinet table?

Here’s a news flash for you Loyola, Newfoundland and Labrador can look after itself without keeping you gainfully (or otherwise) employed. We don’t need you or anyone else in Ottawa to “look after us”. All we need, and are fighting for, is to have the federal government treat us fairly and to stop tying our hands behind our backs at every turn.


I think he's senile said...

How the hell is Canada the principal beneficiary of Newfoundland's offshore oil industry? How?

Mike said...

Could it be because clawing back 80 cents on the dollar through equalization means that the province is really only seeing 20% of the value of the offshore entering the province? If there was no offshore at all we would still see 80% of what we are getting now.

I'd prefer to listen to one of the people who helped negotiate the atlantic accord than some anon.

yes senile said...

80 cents do not get clawed back on the dollar. Offshore royalties in NL and NS are treated MORE favourably than any other resource revenues in ANY other province.

Anonymous said...

I guess you're right senile. The former federal minister of fisheries and of finance doesn't know what he's talking about but you do. What are your credentials by the way?

Ussr said...

"Is the future of NL one of prosperity and self-reliance achievable within Canada today or not?"

Just wanted to say Myles that you have done alot better.Not to say that the article is bad it's just the topic.And,I would like to state that it's a pretty shabby topic for the Independant to be writting about as well!!!

Really,if you have to look at the first question stated by Mr Crosbie.Please,for the ill-informed.Canada hasn't kept a promise since they broke Term 29!!!

To hear Mr Crosbie say such non-sence only makes him look like an idiot ,I'm sorry.But,what has canda done but take,take,and take somemore.For people to sit back and say that canada has done anything for Newfoundland and Labrador really doesn't kow what they are talking about.End of story!!!

Anonymous said...

First NL and NS

Then Saskatchewan

Now the North West Territories.

It looks like a coalition of the willing (except for Rodney Mac) are lining up to take a bite out of Harper.

YELLOWKNIFE -- Another premier may be going to Ottawa with boxing gloves on.

Floyd Roland, 46, the newly chosen leader of the Northwest Territories, says it's time the federal government took seriously the North's desire to control and benefit from its own resources.

"I believe we do need to take a stronger approach as we see development happening in the Northwest Territories," he said yesterday after being chosen. "And I really believe that northerners need to benefit from the development of the resources here in the North."

In his first statement after the vote, Mr. Roland said a prime goal of his government will be to win province-like powers over the territory's natural resources - currently managed by Ottawa, which also collects the royalties. He said he'll take some inspiration from the no-prisoners style of Newfoundland Premier Danny Williams.

senile AND illiterate said...

"The former federal minister of fisheries and of finance doesn't know what he's talking about but you do."

He's lying.

The deal he purportedly negotiated in 1986 (Pat Carney says otherwise) has in clear and no uncertain terms, a set of "offset provisions".

They are there in black and white.

They are written in plain language.

Offset provisions were set in the agreement to allow NL to keep its revenues, shielding them from "clawback", or more accurately, providing additional payments to offset the perceived decline of Equalization entitlements.

The federal government not only respected this provision, but they actually sweetened it twice, first by giving NL the 70% generic offset in years that it was better, and secondly by giving NL the ability to choose retroactively which formula or offset to choose.

Of course, you people are too stupid to actually read anything. So is John Crosbie.

And if you don't believe this, check the second paragraph of the document that Danny Williams signed in 2005. It recognizes, under his signature that the federal government lived up to this, and that NL had always received 100% of its royalties. Again don't believe me. Maybe I'm just a former public servant who had to write the damn thing, or maybe I'm an economist who wrote a thesis on it, or maybe I'm a provincial government employee, or maybe I'm a bum on the street. It really doesn't matter who or what I am. Just read the darn agreements for yourself.

John Crosbie's revisionist history, as a means of trying to preserve his "legacy" is laughable. Next thing he'll be calling himself a cod conservationist. Sheesh.

Go to the 1986 Accord and find the offset provision. It's all there.

Of course, wasn't John Crosbie the guy telling us all to vote for Stephen Harper in 2004 and 2006?

Crosbie is further up Harper's ass than Loyola is.

Starrigan said...

"Who will look after us?"

It absolutely blows my mind that a politian from NL would say something so condescending. But then again I shouldn't be surprised given his track record. That whole attitude has to be stamped out of the minds of NL's. It's a Joey throwback that we can do without. NL was dragged into this federation and has been sucked dry ever since. Just like the colonies were by Britain.
I'm a big fan of Dannys independent attitude. Hopefully in the next few years people of NL will start to realize that they need out of this confederation before we're left with nothing. Opportunity is knocking and we as a people had better smarten up and take advantage while we can. Because I'm damn sure that Canada is not "looking after us".

Anonymous said...

Starrigan said: "Canada is not "looking after us".

To that I'll add, "Nor do we want them to".

We were here for hundreds of years before entering confederation and we'll be here long after this joke of a country falls apart under its own corruption and crapulence.

NL-ExPatriate said...

The economic development agreement called the Atlantic Accord has a clause in it which states that any changes to the D-Equalization formula will be added to not and or.

That's not what the CRAP parties promise was the CRAP party promised to basically give every province what Alberta was afforded back when equalization was originally implemented. His promise to not include 100% of non-renewable resource in the equalization formula is basically living up top one of the founding principles of this god forsaken federation that the provinces Own Control and are to be the primary beneficiaries of it's own resources.

You might want to go back and reread that document and the CRAP parties response to the NL provincial elected representative.

If what you say is true why hasn't Mr Casey been allowed back into the cabinet? Because Get even Steven knows the game and by stealing from the colonies and giving to the empire he will gain favor in his never ending quest from the PM's office to get a majority.