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Friday, October 31, 2008

Harper Gets a "Two'fer"

There is no way to sugar coat it, no chance of doing anything but calling it like it is. Stephen Harper has decided to send a clear message to the voters of Newfoundland and Labrador that he is not pleased with the province and he's done it by putting his most prominent rival, Peter MacKay, on the hot spot.

We all know there’s no love lost between Danny Williams and Stephen “Steve” Harper, that’s a given.

Clearly if the PM wanted to bury the hatchet he could have named his newest PEI MP to the job of dealing with the Newfoundland and Labrador file, in addition her new fisheries portfolio. It seems however that a fresh new beginning is not on the agenda, but what the hell, who can blame him.

I personally voted anti-Conservative in the last election but I'm willing to live with the outcome. Bring it on.

Personal perspectives aside, when it comes to Stephen Harper, love him or hate him nobody has ever accused the man of being stupid.

Remember that the Conservative party was formed from the merger of the old Alliance and PC parties, thanks to then PC leader Peter MacKay.

Fast forward a few years and Stephen Harper may be the PM, he may also be the party leader, but he knows damn well that half of his caucus are former MacKay supporters and one mistake can end his career in a flash.

This isn’t news. It’s the reason why the PM named MacKay to the out-post of Foreign Affairs last time around and followed that up with the lead role on Defense, two positions that would assuredly keep his top contender out of the Country as much as humanly possible, the latter position guaranteed as well that MacKay would be on the firing line for anyone opposed to the war in Afghanistan.

Kudo's to Mr. Harper for keeping his enemies away from the fortress but this time around he's really out done himself.

This time around Harper managed to get himself a “twofer”.

Not only did he slap Danny Williams in the face by putting the Newfoundland and Labrador file in the hands of the very man who called the premier a “Mad Hatter” the day after the election, but by assigning MacKay to the Defense role once again, he knows full well that the job will put MacKay in the crosshairs of the provincial government and the people of Newfoundland and Labrador

During the 2006 (that's right, 2006) election campaign, while trolling for votes in Newfoundland and Labrador, Mr. Harper spelled out in his campaign literature (and in a letter to the Premier of the province) that the future of the armed forces base at 5 Wing Goose Bay would be guaranteed. He told anyone who would listen that a rapid response battalion would be posted at the base if he were elected. Considering that the Conservatives have yet to live up to that promise after having led the government for more than two years and after winning another election, I suspect that naming Peter MacKay to the Newfoundland and Labrador file as well as to the role of Defense Minster is no accident on the part of the PM.

Likely the Goose Bay situation will make MacKay’s life a living hell right up until the moment the next writ is dropped.

A point will come when the Minister will have to answer the hard questions on theis issue that he and his boss have tried so hard to dodge up to this point.

I have to say, I’m not a big fan of Stephen Harper but I'll give the guy credit on this one. Two birds with one stone.

Well played.

Well played indeed.

Unfortunately with the PM is working so hard to take his anger out on the province and make Peter MacKay's political life as tough as possible it doesn't bode well for the people of Goose Bay or the possiblity that Mr. Harper will keep his election promise.


Glenn said...

"I have to say, I’m not a big fan of Stephen Harper but I'll give the guy credit on this one. Two birds with one stone."

This is like the understatement of the year. Your hatred and contempt of SH borders on the Bush Derangement Syndome prevalent by "progressives"in the US.

I'm sure if Harper had appointed Shea as minister responsible for NL you would have been criticising that move as well.

Seriously though Myles, can't you see the method behind the ABC madness from the Preem? The only one left to represent the province to the feds is Danny. He gets to take all the credit for the good that will accrue from the feds and criticise the bad placing it at the feet of Harper with a "see I told you so!"

No middle person.

No intermediary for the media to go to for a quote.

The only one who will be contacted for an update on federal-provincial relations is Danny and from there we have to choose whether he is lying or telling the truth. What a megalomaniac!

And you can find no fault with this man.


Patriot said...

Interesting perspective Glenn and there may be some merit to your comment. I'd prefer you didn't put words in my mouth however saying I can find no wrong with Williams. You can read back over some of my previous posts and I'm sure you'll see that the truth is far different than you've stated.

That aside however, thanks for the comment and the perspective.

Glenn said...

Point taken Myles. Apologies for my over-zealousness. Just goes to show how we doth sometimes stroke too wide a brush.

Patriot said...

Hyperbole happens. Point taken Glenn.

Anonymous said...


If you dont mind Myles I was going to put web talk forward.

Anonymous said...


Harper is a snake. And ,like you said Patriot,they cannot blame Newfoundland and Labrador for what happens to the country.

The rest of canada is going to find out what kind of liar this man really is. I dont think we shall hear to much grumbling about ABC after this fight gets into gear.

Patriot said...

Thanks Anonymous 9:36 am.

Feel free to put Web Talk forward. I appreciate the support however I doubt the concerns expressed in our little corner of the world will have much of a shot but you never know.

Thanks again everyone for the great comments on this topic and others.