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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Top 10 Post Election Harper Comments

Top ten comments made by Stephen Harper to his staff in the week since the federal election.

10 "Get me the details behind the Dion 5 point plan I crapped all over during the election. That thing sounds pretty good."

9 "Hey, a new report says Ontario has the best transit system in Canada and Newfoundland has the worst. Make sure we get more federal funding into the Ontario transit system as soon as possible folks."

8 "Now that we’ve been elected again, can we spend another eighteen months calling ourselves “Canada’s new government” like we did last time?"

7 "I don’t care what I said about deficits. The election is over isn’t it?"

6 "So, any good ideas on how we can buy some votes in Quebec this time around?"

5 "I just got a letter of congratulations from Danny Williams. Can someone please file it under F&*K YOU for me?"

4 "Find out who the next Liberal leader will be and start putting together the attack ads now so we can start the character assassination at least a year before the next election."

3 "Someone start working on the weakest links inside the other parties. I want a dozen potential floor crossers in my office by Monday morning."

2 "Someone get Ryan Sparrow on the line and tell that little spin jockey to get back to work. The coast is clear."

1 "Oh man, I can’t believe they fell for it a second time."

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