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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Canadian General Eyes Takeover of Newfoundland & Labrador

These days a persistent and well sourced rumor is making the rounds in Ottawa and appearing in both national and local media. It seems Newfoundland and Labrador’s native son and Canada’s top General, Rick Hillier, may be considering a run at the Premiers chair after he retires.

The general is clearly comfortable traveling in political circles and there’s no doubt he understands how to play the game in Ottawa so it’s not really a stretch when you think about it.
Some might even think a military man is just what we need to whip the province into shape and “go to battle” with Ottawa over our treatment in confederation. I’m not convinced.

The kind of political battles we’re accustomed to seeing in this province will probably be a thing of the past if the General takes command of Canada’s eastern most colonial outpost. While a period of relative peace might be welcomed by some, it won’t come without a price.

It takes a lot of political maneuvering, a great deal of back scratching and an unquestioning loyalty to your superiors to make it to the top military post. Most of all it takes the ability to follow orders, often very distasteful ones, without question. Something Rick Hillier has been trained to do his entire life.

That’s the problem.

It may not be a popular position to take, questioning NL’s number one military man, but if General Hillier becomes Premier will we be trading away a leader the mainland papers have dubbed a “dictator” for one who’s nothing more than a federal “puppet”?

No offense to the General, I respect him immensely and recognize the difficult job he is doing for Canada. I just don’t want him doing that job here.

I don’t doubt his intelligence, his character or his abilities. The problem is that I also don’t question his allegiance to Canada or his loyalty to his political superiors.

I’m not too fond of the ultra right wing zealots holding Parliament Hill hostage these days. I also don’t like the idea of a former military leader ruling Newfoundland and Labrador. Call me crazy but when you add the two together it leaves the door open for some pretty strange situations.

We all know that in Canada doing what’s best for the Country often means making decisions that can damage Newfoundland and Labrador. You only have to look at the recent battle over equalization to see that, or maybe you’d rather look back to the upper Churchill contract, the collapse of the cod fishery or the removal of the railway.

Ask yourself, if General Hillier was the top man in the Province today would he take on Ottawa over their new un-equalization plan or would he support them? The plan hurts our province severely but it provides new benefits to the two most populated parts of Canada, Ontario and Quebec. Rightly or wrongly by federal logic that makes it the best thing for the Nation. If there is one thing a man like General Hillier will defend to the death it’s doing what he believes is best for Canada.

With all due respect to the General, do we really want a Premier whose life has been dedicated to taking orders from behind closed doors in Ottawa.


Artfull Dodger said...

We need not be looking for larger than life figures for our premier, we simply need a competent person with very good managerial skills who can make the difficult decisions, as well as put the best and most effective cabinet to work for the province.

The real power for getting positive things done for the province within Canada lies with our federal members, this is where we are seriously lacking.

Anonymous said...

We need politicians who are going to care about what has happened to the province in the past, the lack of industry, lack of Federal jobs, the demise of the Fishery, and the fact that our natural resources have all gone out of here to be processed some place else. Not only do the present, and the future matter but the neglects of the past also have to be addressed. If a person comes forth to run and all that he/she has in mind is his/her personal ambition, we don't need them since they are not worth their weight in salt. We want somebody now at the helm, who is not looking, at getting this province on par with the rest of the Canadian provinces. And that kind of dedication requires a person who is going to put the province first. We have never had that type of person in 58 years, either provincially or federally. That is the reason for the mess we are in.

If we have nobody to lobby on our behalf because it might be bad for the personal well being of the person, well then nothing will ever change. Lobbbying and lobbying long and hard for the province is what is required from a politician. I am putting a lot of faith in Premier Williams, but I am starting to feel a little disillusioned because I cannot see anything concrete, except, of course, the payment for the Atlantic Accord, and I do know he has been quite voiciferous over Prime Minister's Harper reneging over the promise of excluding the non-renewable resources in the equilization formula. I thank him for that, but I am very disappointed in the Fishery and the sharing of custodial management with the Federal Government issue that was also promised us, of which we have not heard one word. That is disturbing.

The person I described above who does not possess the "me syndrome" has not arrived in my view plain as yet and I am feeling very helpless about that feeling; and if the person doesn't appear very soon, I think we are doomed. We need somebody with a lot of fervor and the only thing on that person's mind is getting the province ahead, and that means keeping our resources at home to be utilized here to create industry and jobs here, and, of course, getting our fair share from the Federal Government of the high-paying Federal Regional Offices, Military bases, etc., no different that what the other provinces are the beneficiary of.

Wince said...

The master plan is almost complete! With Newfoundlander's having infiltrated the Federalist Armed Forces in such great numbers, all Dear Leader Hillier will have to do is say the code word and Newfoundland's take over of Canada will be complete!

Then we shall bring the Wolf to heel Brothers and Sisters!


f*ck canada said...

As much as I'd like to believe Wince's theory, I'm inclined to agree with Patriot's position. Hillier has spent his career as a loyal servant of Canada and he'd continue to do so if he ever became premier. Hillier as premier would be the final nail in NL's existence.

Anonymous said...

"We are not enemies, but friends. We must not be enemies. Though passion may have strained it must not break our bonds of affection. The mystic chords of memory, stretching from every battlefield and patriot grave to every living heart and hearthstone all over this broad land, will yet swell the chorus of the Union, when again touched, as surely they will be, by the better angels of our nature."
-Abraham Lincoln

Anonymous said...

Anyone, who has been tainted by a Patronage Postion in any govenment level, I would never want to see that person come to power. And since General Hillier has been tainted by the Federal Government by accepting a Federal Appointment to the Armed Forces, I think his allegiance would probably have to be shared between his Provincial Government and the Federal Government which bestowed upon him such a prestigious position.

This is too bad for General Hillier because if he has the yen to become Premier of this province, I think now that it has been severely tainted by the acceptance of that Federal position.

I would rather see any person taking over the Premiership of this province to be unencumbered, with not having such an onerous burden of having to serve two masters. I sincerely hope that he does not take it upon himself to seek a political position in this province as Premier, even though, in his present portfolio, I have much respect for General Rick Hillier, but that would end should he ever become Premier, since my opinion is as I said above one cannot serve two masters.

Anonymous said...

Hillier - this is a joke right?

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha a ah ahha ha ha - I cant stop!!!

Just what the province needs .A Puppet Premeir.So they can continue to steal what we have."Stupid Newfie", naw we see that coming.

WJM said...

getting our fair share from the Federal Government of the high-paying Federal Regional Offices, Military bases, etc., no different that what the other provinces are the beneficiary of.

What is our share currently?

What's unfair about it?

What would be a "fair share"?

Anonymous said...

Ah shaddup wally ya windbag. All you do in here is throw up a bombardment of questions to try and cut the thread apart.

Federalist ass kissers like you are the Newfoundland and labrador equivilent's of "Uncle Tom's".

WJM said...

All you do in here is throw up a bombardment of questions to try and cut the thread apart.

No, I "throw up a bombardment of questions" to try and get to the heart of an issue, or to debunk a myth.

You can't answer. Maybe someone else can: What is our share of federal employment etc., currently? What's unfair about it? What would be a "fair share"?


wally for PM said...

How is the weather in Ottawa wally?

simple simpleton said...

WJM, or Wally as you call him, asked a pretty simple question. I would assume some of you simple people might be able to offer up a simple answer. Simple.

But you don't.


And that's the real "nail in NL's coffin" to borrow someone else's line. The nail in NL's coffin is a bunch of lazy good-for-nothing wankers who have nothing better to do with their time than complain, and the fact that they're slowly becoming Newfoundland's most noticeable dempgraphic, while its smart educated hard-working people move away.


Ray Guy said...

Welcome Back "Eric Sorenson ",

you still have that contract from the feds I see .So how much are they paying you ,you filthy piece of shit.
Its the scum of the earth like you, you piece of filth that has turned thease people into what you see before you.And yet ,you turn it back on them because they wont leave the land that they love.

So much for your Charter of Rights and Freedoms .Your Governement is at fault for the cultural genocide that we see befor us today and you want thease people to fall down and wrap themselves in the Flag .A Flag that stands for nothing but the destruction of our home.

I have a big finger on one of my hands standing straight up for you and your country of "Filthy Nazi Whores".Dont tell me Eric what your governement is doing to "Protect" its international borders.

I dont have to prove anything to anybody but myself.How many so called canadain laws has your Government broke following certain ,"Canadain Citizens "around.How many laws have thay broke.

You Canadain PIGs are pure filth.I get Gidy thinking of the day that your country falls to pieces and you are seen for what you truely are.A bunch of Communist Overlords that punish those that do not fall into line.And ,I hope Ontario gets stuck for the bill.Hey ,they are getting the most from Ottawa in the first place right.




ray guy said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Who in the hell is erik sorenson?

Anonymous said...

Used to play defence for the Leafs

Patriot said...

A recent comment from someone calling themself "Ray Guy" has been deleted.

It contained personal contact information for an individual including their address and phone number as well as comments viewed by the owner of this site as potential threats.

A copy has been retained in case future action results from this incident.

Publishing personal contact information or clear threats will not be accepted on this site and if required action will be taken when these events occur.

Wince said...

WJM said...

What is our share currently?

What's unfair about it?

What would be a "fair share"?

The only question here that would have any quantitative (note my use of a big word for Ed's sake) answer is the first one. And all I could reply with is "I don't know", and then some questions of my own:

How do the Feds determine where and how many federal offices they will open in a particular region?

Is there a defined formula based on population or is it determined by which provinces tow the Federal line?

As for the other two, they are too subjective (note another big, nerdy word for Ed's sake). 10 people could give you 10 different answers. And given the audience of this blog, I think you know which way the answers could possibly lean.

Wince said...

simple simpleton said...

while its smart educated hard-working people move away.

Actually, I'm still here. No plans to go anywhere.


Anonymous said...

The problem with "a fair share" is simply that all the Atlantic provinces are seen as a "region" and Halifax as the capital of that region.

No consideration is given to the fact that Newfoundland and Labrador as well as the other Atlantic provinces are separate entities.

Regional offices and military bases, as an example, are not placed where they will be the most strategic but are doled out for political gain.

If they were not placed for political reasons the logical place for east coast military installations (like those in Nova Scotia) would be hundreds of miles further east in NL. The actual eastern border and ocean approach.

Artfull Dodger said...

We in this province have some daunting challenges ahead.

The province has a shrinking population coupled with an aging population.

The province's fishing industry is a shadow of it's former self with res[ect to employment even though it has done well in landed value due to crab and shrimp. Groundfish is no longer king.

The province's petroleum resource will eventually run out and there have been no new discoveries offshore in recent times along with little in the way of further exploration.

The Province's tourism industry on the island is challenged by our link to the mainland and in Labrador by the condition of the TLH.

The province is disadvantaged by the small numbers sent to Ottawa to represent it.

Any future leader taking the helm in this province will need to face these challenges head on. Reliance on mega projects has not been our saviour as witnessed by the outmigration of many of our young people. Any future leader will need to rethink who this province operates. The province has to be open for business (that over used phrase). Any future leader needs to utilize the intellectual resources we have ie university and college grads to retool or refine our economy for a time when natural resources are used up.

Starrigan said...

Welcome back Ottawally, I see you're still that some old, useless, unimaginative, Ottawa boot licking, pinker than spam, tree hugging, mamby pamby, tofu slurping, one trick pony, that you've always been.

Where have you been??? I'm guessing you have had a few little re-programming sessions with your mainland overlords.

Too bad they couldn't help you a$$hole.

Anonymous said...

Starrigan; there was a recent death in WJMs family.

ray guy said...

If I say that Im sorry Myles ,can I come back if I promise not to do it again. :( ,I lost my temper. So I 'm a big enough 'Dick' to step up and say 'sorry'

Besides that my Prof said that he sent you an email explaining everything.

So ,I said that I'm sorry ,can I post again bud!!!!Gee,its not like I erased his hard drive or something.Are you going to shun me ,too.Its bad enough I have to live in Ontario by myself with all thease Mainlanders.Now i can't come here.And ,he did ask for it ,I was only defending myself.So can i come back :( ?????

Anonymous said...

ray guy huh...is that you hollett?

Anonymous said...

Oh Great ,now Im getting insulted by my own.This is getting pure Ghetto!!!!