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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Public Manipulation and the Government of Canada

Manipulation of the public, rather than running the nation, has been the main job of politicians in Canada throughout history.

From a Newfoundland and Labrador perspective, perhaps one of the best examples of this was the defeat of the Meech Lake Accord a number of years back. If you ask almost anyone in Canada how the Accord died most will tell you it was defeated by Newfoundland and Labrador premier, Clyde Wells.

Not true.

It wasn’t defeated by Clyde Wells or the people of Newfoundland and Labrador. In reality Wells planned to hold a vote in the Legislature which would almost assuredly have defeated it, but that vote never happened.

Elijah Harper, an NDP backbencher in the Winnipeg legislature, caused the deal to fail in that province and as a result there was no reason to hold the vote in NL.

So why does nearly everyone believe NL killed Meech?

Because it’s what the federal Conservative government, under Brian Mulroney wanted them to believe. That was the spin they put on it and, assisted by corporate mainstream media outlets it worked like a charm.

They blamed Newfoundland and Labrador because, as one honest columnist put it, "it was more politically acceptable to lash out at Newfoundland than to do it to an aboriginal politician".

This was a clear cut case of political manipulation to manufacture a more palatable version of history. It’s not an isolated incident.History is full of such manipulations by political leaders and parties in this Country.

Public manipulation happens every day but most of the time it's so subtle nobody even notices.

Ask yourself, why would politicians, who are certainly not shy about speaking in public, even bother to have “media experts”, or as they are often called, “Spin Doctors” on staff? I mean if they truly were as “honorable” as their title implies what would be the need?

The simple answer is to spin the story in a favorable light so they can make a kick in the stones sound like a pat on the back.

One of the most enduring and widespread of manipulations is, and has been, perpetrated as a matter of course by every federal member since the formation of Canada itself.

Without fail voters are encouraged to believe that they elect a federal member to represent them, their riding and their province in Ottawa.

Not so.

This may be the intent of the voters and it’s what politicians want you to believe, but that doesn’t make it true.

The truth is, when elected, these men and women do not represent voter’s interests in Ottawa. They represent Ottawa’s interests to the voters.

Many of them miss votes in the house, don’t stand up in support of the moral and social conscience of their constituents nearly all refuse to lock horns with members of their party on issues important to their constituents.

They feed from the public trough, follow the herd and have the audacity to visit their home provinces so they can more directly manipulate the unwashed masses by handing out paving contracts or arts funding while explaining why the decision they just allowed to happen was for the best.

Though by no means alone, perhaps two of the best examples of this are the misrepresentations of Conservative Loyola Hearn and Liberal John Efford, during his time in Ottawa.

Both of these men (and I use the term "men" very loosely) backed their respective parties over the people who counted on them and both did it over the same issue, the Atlantic Accord.

Closer to home, regular readers of my articles often witness the type of manipulation I’m speaking of in the comments of people like Wallace Mclean (WJM) who, unless his occupation has changed very recently, works for federal MP Todd Russell. A fact he has never admitted to on the site but one he also refused to refute, even after being given 3 separate opportunities to do so immediately prior to the release of this article.

I have to say though I think the Honorable Todd Russell should be careful since Wallace's statements, in my opinion, may be federalist in nature as intended but more often than not seem to help shore up the Conservative government rather than making a case for Mr. Russell's Liberal party, but I digress.

The same sort of manipulation happens with other’s who haunt this site on a regular basis as well. Not all of them are paid directly by any political party of course, but you can bet your bottom dollar there are connections that can be made.

When it comes to manipulating the public no issue, or public comment, is too big or too small for the spin doctors to address.

Whether it’s convincing the nation that while raking in multi-billion dollar surpluses the federal government can’t afford to cut taxes or spend more on social programs, or claiming that not one comma of the Atlantic Accord was affected by the recent budget, public manipulation is a full time job and these guys are good what they do.

It’s a wonder our politicians have time to fully imbed one lie in the public consciousness before moving on to the next. Imagine what they could accomplish if they only used their power for good instead of evil.

Regardless of it all I just love the Canadian democratic system don’t you? It’s a model for the entire world to emulate. At least that’s what I’ve been told.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely right!

It's amazing how fast and effectively the powers of the political orthodoxy manage to flood the airwaves with their established speaking notes and talking points.

Every day VOCM becomes just another mouthpeice for the Premier's office and the cabinet.

Voice of the Common Man? Hoooey! It's Voice of the Cabinet Member!

It's that kind of governmental squashing of the voice of the people we need to guard against.

God Guard Thee Newfoundland and the voices of it's sons and daughters! And protect us from those who want to silence us!

And while we are at it, keep on guard for their stealth websites and blogs.

Ed Hollett said...

Pretty interesting you took a long rambling post to get around to a poke at Wally.

Maybe there is manipulation but it might not be the one you wrote about. Maybe you are actually part of the propoganda effort along with some of your anonymous friends on behalf of one political party or another.

I already dissected one huge manipulation operation. Maybe some of the anony-slaggers here know about that one:

Playing the numbers

Anonymous said...

Yes of course, Danny and his PC's run the media, Why didn't I figure that out sooner.

You need to re-adjust your tin foil hat Mr. Hollett.

Patriot said...

Check all you want Ed, I've got nothing to hide and no party affiliations, payments, or anything to gain other than a stronger NL. Can you say the same in all honesty?

(And you can't accuse me of not letting people know who I am either can you? No anon postings for me)

Go ahead. Check on it.

Anonymous said...

No No No. . .

The FEDS run the media. . that's what the CRTC is for.

Right, Patriot? Do I have it right?

Ed Hollett said...

Yes I can and I have.

You and your friends persist in attempts to attack me personally rather than deal with the issue.

The facts don't matter for you and your associates. They never have.

Anonymous said...

Let's stay on topic here. . .

Is the media controlled by Danny? or by the Feds?

Which is it!???!?!?!

Patriot said...

who's attacking who Ed?

I simply asked a question, can you say the same. You are the one who said in reference to me, and I quote "Maybe you are actually part of the propoganda effort..."

Like twisting the truth much Ed?

Like I've said before, my time is too valuable to waste on you. But apparently your time is worth spending on this site. Hmmmmmmm

What does your "consulting" time cost these days anyway?

Patriot said...

to the previous anon, both.

Anonymous said...

Patriot . . .
Now I'm really confused!!

So VOCM is controlled by the Feds?

Just the news part? Or does that include people like Bill too? I always thought Bill was a puppet of the Premier's floor?

Can you clarify?

Anonymous said...

geeze, we had simple simon's wife on here a while back now this moron. Who's this, Ed's nephew?

Ed Hollett said...

Maybe you are either deliberately or inadvertently.

The word "maybe" is conditional. I simply pointed out that while you are very quick to make personal accusations and develop a conspiracy theory based on a pretty thin piece of evidence, you haven't subjected the rest of your readers to the same scrutiny. truth is you can't from their posts since they are anonymous. You are engaging in selective perception here if nothing else.

Your snarky comment about wasting time is simply another reflection of the fact that you have no argument. You can only attack the person directly.

Facts are irrelevant at Web Talk.

Anonymous said...

Hey Patriot:

I'm a really big fan of you and your site.

Skipping thru the comments, you said that the media were controlled by BOTH the feds AND the province.

I guess Cochrane is under the feds' thumb. But which controls VOCM? They are under the CRTC BUT Bill is a patriot.

I'm sure you have it all figured out - please let me know.

Anonymous said...

Who is Ed?

Wince said...

Patriot said...

Check all you want Ed, I've got nothing to hide and no party affiliations, payments, or anything to gain other than a stronger NL.

I can vouch for Patriot because we work at the company and it is certainly not a political organization. It's far from political, and it's organization is even questionable!

Anonymous said...

I wunder how much money danny 's crowd spend s on manipulationg VOCM>??!?

Anonymous said...


Patriot: The system that you describe in this Post is so corrupt I am wondering when is it going to be revamped, if ever? If somebody doesn't come out and plaster what you talked about in every magazine, newspaper, and every other media for at least a year, how many years will it take before the average person to catch on to how government operates? The government leaders know that they have years left yet before that will happen. How can we make it happen sooner?

There are less than a per centage of one per cent who are aware that Governments employ Spin Doctors. It is a shocking way to hoodwink ones electorate. It is sad that people are so unaware and so unsuspecting. The ordinary person does not read the blogs, and advertising in National Newspapers is so expensive, so how are we going to inform the electorate so as to cut down the years of ignorance that the electorate will be in the dark on this issue.

Three paragraphs in your post above are so true:

QUOTE They feed from the public trough, follow the herd and have the audacity to visit their home provinces so they can more directly manipulate the unwashed masses by handing out paving contracts or arts funding while explaining why the decision they just allowed to happen was for the best.

Though by no means alone, perhaps two of the best examples of this are the misrepresentations of Conservative Loyola Hearn and Liberal John Efford, during his time in Ottawa.

Both of these men (and I use the term "men" very loosely) backed their respective parties over the people who counted on them and both did it over the same issue, the Atlantic Accord. UNQUOTE

Patriot said...

Good one Wince. Especially the "organization" comment.

Anon, your questions sound like sarcasm to me but just in case they aren't, the point is not that the media is directly paid for by the feds or by the province but that it is used by them as a willing participant.

The days of real investigation and reporting are all but dead. News media is a corporate entity concerned with efficiency and profits primarily and they are more than happy to be spoon fed anything that is presented to them without a lot of questions.

Also, reporters who dig too deep are often blackballed when it comes to getting interviews and being able to question political figures so they don't often rock the boat.

By staying in Harper (or Danny's) good graces reporters are assured that they won't lose the access they need to keep their jobs.

Like most people, reporters often take the path of least resistance and the easiest road to a secure position.

As for Ed's comments, say what you like Ed, the people here know where I come from and what I stand for. I find it funny (hilarious actually) that you are making commments about me by saying that I, "can only attack the person directly." How ironic.

You also said, "Facts are irrelevant at Web Talk". I can only assume that's why you spend so much time here. I guess you feel that you fit in with people you believe are distorting the facts.

By the way, there was nothing snarky (I like that word by the way, I may use it sometime) about my comments. I merely meant that I don't have time for messenger boys.

Nothing personal.

Anonymous said...

Good job, Patriot! That's telling him!

I can only think of poor old Craig Wescott who's in this govt's bad books. I hear govt reps called every newroom in the province and told them not to hire him because he was blackballed from govt interviews.

How did we get to this point?

Anonymous said...

E. Hollett does an awfull lot of griping in here it seems.

E. Hollett has the freedom of choice to stay away but does not. I guess it's kind of lonely over at the Bond Papers so he has to come here and generate attention.

It is also obvious that he and Lono are on parallel tracks when it comes to there opinions. I heard that Lono has not ruled out trying a run as a liberal in the province, so I guess we know that partisanship is to be expected from these blokes.

Anonymous said...

Really!??! wooooooowwwwwwwwwwwww

I heard he was keen on the St. John's East Tory nomination!

Anonymous said...

No way!

Starrigan Shea for PC St. John's East!

Anonymous said...

Why is the post called "Public Manipulation and the Government of Canada"?

Isn't the province just as media manipulative as the feds?

Anonymous said...

Good point, but the title might be a bit long.

Public Manipulation and the Federal Government, Provincial Government, Wally, Ed and Simon.

Come to think of it there's a certain ring to it.

Ed Hollett said...

Perhaps the most interesting thing about this post, Myles is that at no point do you explain specifically what the manipulation is you accuse Wally and these unnamed others of committing.

It's all vague, almost paranoid delusion. There's plenty of inneundo and "nudge, nudge" language but you actually don't demonstrate any evidence.

Do you actually have an example of anyone here arguing, for example, that harper didn't unilaterally change the 1985 Atlantic Accord?

I suspect not. You see that's because there is no evidence.

What you call manipulation is just an invented explanation for the difference between what you and others believe and a factual argument. It's really noticeable that every time facts are presented, they are never refuted. It's at that point the accusations of "manipulation" or some sinister conspiracy crop up.

The internal logic of it runs something like this: "I know that what these people are saying is not true. It can't be true because it can't be true. Therefore, they must be paid agents or traitors."

The only variation is starrigan who just writes that everyone is an "asshole."

So do you have have even one single example of this "manipulation" you claim is being beamed to this website from sinister forces?

Anonymous said...

Awaiting the Avalanche of assholes from the angriest man in Oromocto.

Anonymous said...

Headline says:

ST. JOHN'S - Newfoundland and Labrador is the country's biggest producer of light-crude oll.

How many Canadians know that fact?

Patriot said...

It's interesting how Ed Hollet has suggested I might almost be suffering from paranoid delusion when I identify how certain people twist things.

Maybe I am a little paranoid or maybe it's just good thinking.

Consider if you will that I'm a founding member of a proud pro-NL group, the Newfoundland and Labrador Defense League, also known as NLDL, which has been active for some time and has a web site at nldl.org.

Now I find out that Ed has started a blog site "Free City" (a place where he and Simon Lono are members and nobody else can enter without an invitation). Interestingly the blog has been setup with a web address of


Maybe I am paranoid Ed, you tell me.

Anonymous said...

wow. that confirms it, Patriot! Thank you for bring it to our attention.

We live in dangerous and precarious times surrounded by enemies of all kinds. We have to be vigalent in defending our noble people from wickedness.

The province is a delecate flower and we teeter on the edge of extinction.

Keep up the good work! Just because you are paranoid doesn't mean no one is out to get you!

But to be fair, alternate interpretations could be the roll-out of a new and unrelated blg. Perhaps NLDL stands for Netherland's Doobie Lovers?

Or Nottingham League of Deer Lovers?

Or Not Liking Danny's Looks?

Or Nambypamby Liberal Doughnut Lickers?

Or Nevada Leaks Dangerous Liquids?

oooohhhhhhhhhhhh . .scarey!

Reformer said...

Good Gracious the creatures that we have operating within Newfoundland and Labrador acting against Newfoundlanders and Labradorians!

These two have the Think Tank Mentality that Newfoundland and Labrador's resources should only be shipped out of this province for some other place's benefit. They do not want the province to take even 5 per cent equity in our Oil resource, they want our Lower Churchill Hydroelectric Energy when it comes on stream to be processed through the Quebec Grid. Now if that is the mentality of these two and they win the day, how are we ever going to get out of the state of inertia with regard to creating a processing and manufacturing macro economy here in the province from our resources?

The results with regard to our macro economy will remain the same, since the two of them, from what I can understand from their writings is that they want to keep the status quo economy going, and that is to keep shipping our resources to some other destination to create vibrant economies in the locations to which our resources get shipped to keep those outside economies percolating.

Ed and Simon have I figured both of you out properly. Is that what you want for this province? Do you want equity in our Oil? Do you want to keep shipping our Minerals, like we did with the Nickel Ore to Sudbury, Ontario and Thompson, Manitoba to keep their existing ore refineries or smelters going? Do you want to add the Lower Churchill Hydroelectricity Energy to the Quebec grid so that Quebec is the primary beneficiary? How do you want to create a macro economy here in Newfoundland and Labrador Ed and Simon, I would like your resume please.

Anonymous said...

Wow, now that's interesting. Using a web address that looks like it might have been setup by NLDL. Sneaky.

I heard rumors Simple Simon Lono might be running for the Liberals in the next election. I hope he does so I can bring up this sort of underhanded activity and send the press a copy of his comment posted here a while back where he accused proud NLers of being rum drinking snakes and so much more.

I can't wait to see how the voters react to him when that all comes out.

Anonymous said...

I've got a copy of that post by Simon if you need it. I managed to get a copy before he so cowardly deleted it. I'm sure VOCM and the papers will love that during an election campaign. Should make for some lively debate.

Anonymous said...

WHAT? Mr. Morals did something underhanded? You have to be kidding!

Anonymous said...

Who is Mr. morals? Lono?

Anonymous said...

I thought Lono was interested in running for Andy Well's job?

Anonymous said...

Either way it should be interesting to see how he reacts to the public discussion of his actions.

Ed Hollett said...

Maybe you are paranoid, Myles.

As I explained to you the last time you raised that point, I claimed the URL since it had been abandoned. I was surprised it had been abandoned, but I gather Web Talk has basically taken its place. Maybe I am wrong on that.

Nothing sinister or underhanded at all. The URL was abandoned. I claimed it.

The new version hasn't published a thing yet and essentially is shut down.

In the same way - and from the another point on the Confederate/anti-Confederate spectrum - I checked the availability of the old Barrel Man site and found it had been claimed by someone in Japan. Now there is a New Barrelman URL but there is no content and so the thing is closed.

NLDL is essentially a lobby group that seeks to advance certain issues based on the common beliefs of its members. That's all it is. You and your friends aren't the only people who can claim patriotism or to speak for the province and its people. It's something you like to claim and that's likely why some people fall back on the simple nonsense that those who disagree with you are traitors.

But fundamentally, what is there to be paranoid about?

In the meantime, I notice you didn't give an example of anyone posting comments here claiming that Harper didn't change the Atlantic Accord and the 2005 offshore deal. Most likely that's because there isn't one.

Patriot said...

It's interesting that you just decided to grab the nldl.blogspot address for no apparent reason but simply because it was abandoned. Thanks for the idea though. I've just grabbed

Therealbarrelman.blogspot.com myself. Not that I really intend to do much with it right now but you never know and it's a catchy name.

Sorry about the confusion there Ed.

Anti-Conspiracy said...

Good God, we don't know whom we are living amongst. What the Hell is going on? I am starting to think I am living in a very scary political place!

I have a sense there are a lot of things being cooked up in the political system to keep the province of Newfoundland and Labrador in the doldrums forever. Is this some sort of scheme to deliver, not only, the natural resources but every last Newfoundlander and Labradorian to one or the other of the 9 provinces of Canada. Patriot do you think there is a new conspiracy being cooked up or is it the status quo of which we were oblivious for the past 58 years?

Anonymous said...

It is the the status quo. That's the really sad thing about it.

Patriot said...

It is indeed the status quo.

Don't get me wrong (though I'm sure someone here will try to spin this to make it look like I'm saying something I'm not), it's not that we live in a society where some kind of conspiracy exists involving the feds, news media, educational institutions, corporate giants, the CIA, Aliens and the cookie monster, but there is a major problem with our society.

There is corruption running rampant in politics (at all levels) and we live in a place where it's every man, woman and child for themselves and God help whoever gets in the way.

I don't actually blame some of the federalist voices on this site for what they do.

They, like us, live in a society where getting ahead and having the best toys and the best vacations is considered more important than the traditional NL experience of working hard, ensuring your neighbor is OK and enjoying the simple pleasures of life.

There's nothing wrong with financial or career success, not by a long shot, but unfortunately this culture glorifies that kind of success only and convinces people that they need to achieve it at any cost.

Other forms of success that don't include money are often relegated to the background and given very short shrift.

This is why so many people simply sell out and they don't even know they have in many cases.

Reporters print the easy spoon fed article rather than rock the boat. They do this so they won't lose their perks, invitations to cocktail parties and the inside track on the latest happenings in their circle.

Politicians let their constituents twist in the wind so you can protect your party position and ensure a smooth ride even after their political careers are over.

Some people become media experts or spin doctors and are willing the bend reality for anyone who calls. If the price is right. It doesn't matter who's signing the cheque or what the spin is as long as it's worth their time.

Over decades the entire culture in a society like ours becomes essentially corrupt. Yes, there are always a few hold outs, but by and large the moral fabric and ethics of the society are eroded.

It happened in ancient cultures and it is/will happen in the future.

Eventually these things have a way of fixing themselves with the collapse of the corrupt civilization. Unfortunately that often takes many generations.

Today we find ourselves in a place where we are a small fish in a big pond and with no federal power we are essentially at the whim of our political leaders at all levels.

With the mainstream media not wanting to lose access to the inner political circles they simply accept what they are told and so we are at a disadvantage to get our story out.

Without the ability to get our story fully heard and understood our adversaries, those who would keep us down for their own benefit, have the upper hand.

They sway public opinion in their favor.

Businesses is nothing more than the people who run them and with those individuals believing the spin put forward we again lose ground.

After a while the spin becomes accepted fact in the culture and is so entrenched there is no gettting rid of it. That was the key point to my original article. History is written by the victors.

It's an unfortunate place to be in but here we are and nobody will ever change this reality unless enough people stand up and finally say, "enough is enough".

Wince said...

ED is lining us up to deliver us to his Evil Alien Overlords!

Seeing how everyone is grabbing this and that, I'm going to grab my bondpapers.blogspot.com, and roll up some reefer.blogspot.com, then I'm heading downtown where I hope to grab some ass.blogspot.com, and if I'm lucky I might get to grab some breasts.blogspot.com

But seriously... it looks awfully suspicious to take an expired URL and then hold on to it simply so no one else can get it. If not suspicious then certainly not neighbourly.

Didn't your momma teach you about sharing Ed?

Patriot said...

Good one Wince.

By the way Ed, you said:

NLDL is essentially a lobby group that seeks to advance certain issues based on the common beliefs of its members. That's all it is. You and your friends aren't the only people who can claim patriotism or to speak for the province and its people.

First of all, isn't seeking to advance the common beliefs of it's members the very definition of a lobby group? Sounds close enough to me.

Also, you say that we are not the only ones who can claim to speak for the province and its people.

We don't claim that. We claim to speak for our members who happen to be NLers. I'd be curious to know who you believe speaks for NL though since you said there are those who can claim it. I can't think of one. Not even our elected governments at any level.

Why don't you enlighten me a little there Ed.

Ed Hollett said...

Myles, you and your buddies seem to be spending an awful lot of energy fretting over the fact I now have the nldl.blogspot URL.

I suspect the real problem, that you or whoever abandoned it is feeling a bit sheepish and embarrassed among his buddies.

A bunch of people who claim they are "defending" some thing or place obviously need something to defend against. The inherent paranoia in that sort of position then cuts in.

You guys must really be sweating trying to figure out what dastardly blow the Rideau Empire is planning. AFter all, the whole premise of your post here is that a few people are enemy agents coming here to undermine the noble work of the patriot(s).

That's pretty much the text-book definition of paranoid delusion: fear of an imaginary plot and an exaggerated sense of self-importance.

'Cause face, it, the whole idea behind your post is that the Evil Empire is so afraid of a bunch of anony-slaggers at NLDL that they actually pay people to counteract them.

If that isn't a classic example of an incredibly over-inflated sense of one's own self-worth, I couldn't think of another one.

But let's say, for argument sake, that you are correct. Let's say there is such a conspiracy and that NLDL has been targeted by the forces of evil.

Have you guys vetted all your members? Done background checks? Looked for signs of plastic surgery? Maybe one of the people on the inside, deep deep inside, maybe even one of the original organizers is actually a covert agent.

You guys might want to increase your level of security. break down into cells of three so that no one person knows more than two other people in the whole organization.

There might be threats to "The Cause" you haven't even begun to imagine.

Anonymous said...

Ed Why do you venture to come to this blogsite at all if you feel it is so insignificant?

Anonymous said...

Ed, I'm also a member of NLDL and the group welcome's everyone and all opinions. They even let Lono in even though he's probably there as you say as a "covert agent".

The truth is, like poster Wince said, why would you even bother to grab that url? If not for devious reasons then at the very least it was to be unneighborly.

Your an a-hole and you know it but as long as it pays good I guess that helps you sleep at night.

Anonymous said...

How do we weed people like that out of our society who thinks only about himself/herself and who does great harm to the rest of society. That is the "me syndrome" with a devious and satanic twist.

If we had politicians and their groupies looking out for what was best for the people of Newfoundland and Labrador, instead of themselves over the past 58 years since we have been a part of Canada, we would have been a much richer people with a much richer macro economy. These people, who do such things as some of the ones who hang out on this blog, make me ill. They are throttling all of us. How do we squash the actions and deeds of those buggers into oblivion? We have to eradicate those types of earning powers. It is corrupt.

Ed Hollett said...

To the second anonymous, I doubt very much that you would welcome all opinions since the very premise of the group is built around a fairly narrowly defined set of ideas.

As would be plain to see from Myles commentaries and from those of the various anony-slaggers as you obviously are, any opinion which deviates from the core beliefs, any opinion which is not in complete and utter agreement with the group orthodoxy is labelled as deviant, traitorous or any other derogatory term than can be invented.

You should know: you did by repeating the same false smear that others have used.

You should know: you assume that there must be a "devious" purpose behind taking a particular URL.

As I said earlier, I think the core problem you and your friends have is that you weren't smart enough to keep the old URL as a pointer.

Maybe that's what I should do - beyond what I've done already by creating a link Bond Papers.

Maybe I should link back the nldl.blogspot url to this site or maybe the source of the real conspiracy.

Now wouldn't that be fitting.

Anonymous said...

Oh get off your high horse Hollett. You won't admit being a paid mouth piece so maybe I should quote from a CBC article published just before the last federal election.

"(hollett)...A communications consultant who worked as a special aide to former premier Clyde Wells..."

Who's paying the bills these days Eddy?

Starrigan said...

Crazy Eddy, decided to grab the nldl.blogspot address, see that's just the sort of thing that make me call you an a$$hole. Now before you go into a rant like you did on a post following the last article, where you said my posts were "venomous and hate filled", let's take a minute to reflect on why I call you an a$$hole. First of all accusing me of some kind of hate crime because I point out one of your character flaws, ie. you being an a$$hole, is a little extreme and I might say irresponsible for a man in your position. You can debate the vaguenesses in policy and you can express any opinion you want, it's a free society. We put up with you on this blog. We all know why you're here, and the fact that you don't, up and leave, speaks volumes of your intention. Let's get something straight, I don't "hate" you or anybody else on this planet, that's a little harsh, it's a term I don't use. Am I getting to you? Are you feeling that utterly purposeless that you have to accuse me of a hate crime to get some kind of reaction. Unacceptable behavior, I think you owe me an apology.

Anonymous said...

Eddy, you got the nerve to say NLDL is "built around a fairly narrowly defined set of ideas". Here you are, a card carrying Liberal member, consultant and spin doctor for years and you talk about narrow minded.

I'm a member of NLDL and I can tell you the membership is made up of card carrying Liberals, NDP, PC and even NLFirst members. They all work together to develop ideas.

At least they listen to everyone.

You come here pretending to be an unbiased commenter while you toe the Liberal party line all the way.

How open minded is the Liberal Party you pompous jackass.

Anonymous said...

By the way folks, the only reason fast eddy is here is because everytime someone types in his full name it helps him show up in the search engines.

What a pitiful knob. Whenever you respond to that guy just make sure you only use his firt name. That way at least it wont help him promote himelf.

He's known through the blog world everywhere for acting like an unconnected individual when all he's really doing is being a mouth piece for the Liberals. I doubt Dion even knows who he is he's too small of a fish for taht so its probably Gerry Reid paying the bills.

At least having him around helps solidify the movement away from this hell of a Country. It helps us see what this place is all about.

Patriot said...

Ed, do what you wan't with that Url. It means nothing to me and whatever you do it won't convince anyone of anything except your under handed activities.

Hell, anyone can grab a blog address anyway, why if I wanted I could go out now and grab ed-hollett@blogspot.com or even edwardhollett@blogspot.com or ... well you get the idea.

Nothing is safe anymore so go ahead and do whatever you want. No skin off my nose.

Starrigan said...

Come guys this is a great place for Crazy Eddy to hone his skills. He's posting on this blog and we all see through him, so he has to really draw on all of his experience and know how to try to suck us in. This is his training grounds, I'm sure there's other blogs where he posts his ideas, and the ideas of his handlers in a more muted fashion where people actually think that this guy makes sense. But here there's no room for that kind of store bought deceit. He has to either get better at his evil craft or slog it out. Either way the $$$'s are rolling in from his master.

Anonymous said...

He proves the point of the original article on this thread perffectly. Thanks for stepping up and proving the point Ed. The world needs idiots like you too.

Anonymous said...

my god how much does Danny Williams pay his staff to manimplate the talk shows on the radio and why is no one upset about it, I'd like to know? If its scandal and corroption you wants that's where you'll find it, no need to go abroad to cAnada looking for it.

Artfull Dodger said...

Anonymous, that is simply preposturous. If we go by your logic, then Williams is paying Gerry Reid to call into VOCM. You really need to remove that tin foil hat my friend.

Now I have no doubt that all the parties have their cronies call into the talk shows to get across the party line, it is to be expected and quite obvious from time to time, but to suggest that Williams is manipulating the talk show circuit quite frankly laughable.

On an aside, I have not heard Grimes on the talk shows lately, has Williams paid him to shut up?

Ed Hollett said...

You protest way too much Myles.

Obviously this URL thing is a big issue for you since you have raised it no less than twice in separate comments and now here make it into some huge deal by trying to suggest there is something nefarious in it. What an essentially silly contention on your part.

As for the rest of my original comment obviously I hit both a nerve and the point squarely on the head: every other comment consists entirely of anonymous, i.e. cowardly, personal attacks on me.

Another anony-slagger wrote this: "I'm a member of NLDL and I can tell you the membership is made up of card carrying Liberals, NDP, PC and even NLFirst members. They all work together to develop ideas."

Whatever political party individuals vote for doesn't erase the key point that what brings the individuals together within NLDL is the narrow group of ideas they have in common. Most of them seem to be built around the victim myth. I draw that conclusion from what I've seen posted here and from information on the NLDL website.

Political parties in Canada are usually fairly broad collections of people with divergent views. The fact that there are people within various political parties who are members of NLDL is actually irrelevant.

The nature of NLDL at least as I can glean from the comments by Myles and the anons, as well as from the NLDL website is pretty narrow and specific to a view of the province and its history.

There's a definition of the problem among the members and a set of solutions that come out of the definition. The core problem - from my standpoint - is that the definition of the problem is simplistic and largely built on miyth and misrepresentation.

I've been challenging those core beliefs based on facts and evidence. I've challenged claims. All I have reaped in response is nothing but personal abuse. That doesn't sound like an pretty open-minded bunch of people who "listen".

As I said, the group seems to be defined by a fairly narrow range of beliefs. If it was wider, then you lot wouldn't have such a problem with me raising a question or two about your core beliefs.

Obviously you do since you never once engage in a discussion based on facts, evidence and the issues.

Instead you attack me or anyone else personally, as the last round of anony-slags shows. Frankly, the ultimate expression of this approach has to be starrigan. I have yet to see a single comment by him that doesn't rely ultimately on calling people names.

That's a pretty childish and immature way to be, but that seems to be his schtick. So be it. It says volumes about him and that's all it does.

Isn't it telling that each of you dismissed entirely a simple and logical explanation for why I make comments here: namely to engage in some debate and discussion around important and contentious issues.

Instead of that really simple and obvious explanation, you leap straight away into the plots and the accusations and the smears.

That pretty much describes every group I have ever heard of that has a narrow range of interests and is generally intolerant of other points of view.

Reformer said...

With the traitorous people out there, who post on this blogsite and who are ready and willing to create cultural and economic genocide on the people of Newfoundland and Labrador, I would suggest it is time to form a society to protect the people of the province; and the name of that organization should be the Society for the Prevention of Cultural and Economic Genocide to Newfoundlanders and Labradorians by Politicians and their Groupies.

I can think of a number of people who could be rounded up and questioned immediately. Of course, there have been hundreds of these traitors over the past 58 years who have gotten their piece of flesh to the detriment of the province and its people and who have caused great long-term economic harm to the province of Newfoundland and Labrador. And believe it or not they still want to keep the same thing going.

republican said...

This is sickening.The federal Governement and its hired Guns have no shame.Reading this Blog and seeing what some are willing to do for a dollar makes me physicaly sick.Im ashamed to say that I carry a Canadain Passort.

What makes me feel worse is finding what i do on my own .Patriot ,someone must be made aware of what the Governement is doing on behalf of the canadain people .You should see what they do to Douglas Christie.Ths is scarey.We dont have to fear what the Americans are capable of ,we should worry about Ottawa.

Starrigan said...

Crazy Eddy if you're feeling abused, then do the right thing, leave.

By the way where's my apology?

Wince said...

When the revolution comes, Ed will be first against the wall!

[rasies fist]

Viva La RevoluciĆ³n!!


Anonymous said...

Horay for Society for the Prevention of Cultural and Economic Genocide to Newfoundlanders and Labradorians by Politicians and their Groupies. I think SPCEGNLPG should get on Danny Willaim's case about how his groupies are organized by the governent to get on the air and praise up Danny like a cult of moonyes or whatever.

Anonymous said...

While I support Premier Danny in many ways, there are things I do not support him on, especially if he has a bias towards shipping out the Energy from the proposed Lower Churchill Hydro Electricity Project and his complete silence on the Fishery with regards to shared Custodial Management with Ottawa. I think he is our best choice right now, since I cannot see anyone else who is positioned to fight for the province, but he has to make sure that the energy in question and the custodial management has to be addressed by him.

And oh yes I believe that there is a dire need for a Society for the Prevention of Cultural and Economic Genocide to Newfoundlanders and Labradorians by Politicians and their Groupies. Let us go for it!

Anonymous said...

Top article in today's Report on Business of the Globe and Mail READS Why Alcan is worth so much (hint: think water. I would like strongly recommend that Premier Danny read the article and rethink the PROPOSED Lower Churchill Hydroelectric Energy Project.

Why Alcan is worth so much (hint: think water)
Investors have heard it before, but the tune never seems to get old. Once again, a rising force in the East and its insatiable demand for raw materials has been crowned the driving force behind a mining mega-merger, this time, a $38.1-billion deal for Alcan. It's all about China, as the chorus goes. Just one small question: What if it's not?

Globe and Mail Update

It's a multi page article that is free to be read on the Globe site. Just go to the Globe and Mail site and the article is listed.

When in Rome do as the Romans do with their resources and when in Canada we treat our resources as the rest of Canada treats theirs. That is we use them for our own benefit, we process them here and we manufacture products out of them here. We shoud not give them away for someone else to exploit, because the only way we will ever get economic equality with the rest of Canada is to process our resources and then manufacture items from what was processed and not export them out of the province for others to be the primary beneficiaries.

Since Ottawa will never say, "Oh by the way the province of Newfoundland and Labrador is not at parity yet with the rest of Canada, we must bring them up to standard." It will never happen. Ottawa and its charges will take and take until there is nothing left and nobody residing in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Anonymous said...

"It's going to be all about the China story," he assured a group of reporters this week, just hours after tasting victory in a takeover battle for Montreal aluminum maker Alcan Inc".


"When it came time for Tom Albanese to explain the biggest gamble of his life, when it came time for him to justify shelling out $38.1-billion (U.S.) for a company that wasn't worth half that much a year ago, the rookie boss of Rio Tinto PLC trotted out a familiar platitude.

He said demand for aluminum in construction, auto making and consumer applications should soar as more and more Chinese join the middle class.

Of course, China could keep producing its own aluminum to meet demand, but it has two big handicaps as a producer.

First, it has to import most of its bauxite, the raw ore than is converted to alumina and then aluminum. It bought 1.6 million tonnes in January of this year, five times the amount as the previous January. China's need for this raw material is also a boon for Rio Tinto Alcan, which would become the world's No. 1 bauxite player if their merger is completed, positioning it as a key supplier.

A far bigger impediment for China is the high cost of its coal-generated power. Coal is plentiful in China but very expensive. Chinese smelters pay about $65 to $70 a megawatt-hour for power, twice the industry average. As a result, Mr. Bebner said, it costs them $2,000 to $2,200 a tonne to make aluminum, while the cost for producers such as Alcan is more like $1,350 to $1,400.







ed hollett said...

Sue, did the story say supplier of finished aluminum products or supplier of bauxite?

Anonymous said...

Rio Tinto's willingness to pay a 66-per-cent premium - over the price at which Alcan's shares were trading before the company was thrown into play by a hostile $28-billion bid from Alcoa in May - stems in large part from Alcan's access to cheap electricity in Quebec

Who would have thought the Quebec government would end up providing such a boon for Alcan shareholders?

That was never its aim in granting Alcan the water rights and low-cost hydro power that have become one of the company's biggest competitive advantages. No, Quebec was simply aiming to generate jobs and economic spinoffs, especially in the hard-up Saguenay region that's home to 6,000 Alcan employees.

Anonymous said...

This is not Sue but and I guess you are responding to my post, but Ed, the article is as close as your Computer. All you have to do is go to the Globe and Mail and it is right there on the Home Page. Of course if you have the hard copy, that is what I have, it is the first story in the Report on Business Section

Anonymous said...

ED the Web Address to the Globe Story is:


Anonymous said...

You really are dog vom Hollett.Any chance to take a shot at that lady,or to get her back agaisnt the wall.What a waste of time ,space ,and human effort you truley are .

Myles ,I have a question for you my friend .Why do you allow this "Human Garbage" to continue to post here. OH ,and please dont respond with this "everyone has the right to free speech" stuff ,PLEASE.This "thing" doesnt deserve the respect I give my dog.

Hey Hollett ,how many names did you get for the Feds this month.OH and how is your buddy in Ontario.Have you called Ayr lately.He thinks your an asshole to ,but he puts up with you cause you work for the same office.You cant lie to me Hollett.Enough with the F5 already ,you were seen coming weeks ago Simon .

Anonymous said...

"I can think of a number of people who could be rounded up and questioned immediately."

Yup. That's what I thought. You people are neo-Nazis.

Anonymous said...

"No" you are the neo-Nazis, you, who think you own all of the province of Newfoundland and Labrador and its resources. You have been pilfering our resources and advocating that our resources be exported out of here for a song, for the use in other locales, which only serves to kepp the province of Newfoundland and Labrador in a state of 'have not" for eternity. We have been dealing with your type far too long and right now we are saying 'enough is enough. You must stop it. You are selling us down the river with your style of thinking and actions. You darn well should be rounded up and given a damn scolding for what you have done and wishes to continue doing. You are nothing but traitors and you are causing great cultural and economic genocide to the province of Newfoundland and Labrador and its people.

We have the situation figured out here very well and we know who the traitors are and they are doing it for the "me syndrome" and a very easy cheque. But I wonder how sound is the mind of a person who would do such a horrific deed, as to sell his/her province and its people for a plugged nickel? I think it is aA sick mind indeed.

Yes, we are quite aware of who you are and hopefully you will be brought to some kind of justice for your actions. You have been feeding of the treasuary of Newfoundland and Labrador for far too long, all the while underming this province's, otherwise, would be bright future. Retire you leeches or just leave this province altogether.

Ed Hollett said...

"I think it is a sick mind indeed."

The only sick mind would be the one who would make such false accusations as you and your friends have done repeatedly.

As I said above, though, that's the entire MO of the people who post here: false information, smears and innuendo, coupled with the sheer cowardice of making false, malicious statements from behind the anonymous cloak.

No matter how often you repeat the lies, they are still lies. No matter how often you post anonymously, you and your friends are still cowards.

Keep doing it.

You only serve to discredit this blog and the others who share your views.

The long Myles tolerates it, the more and more discredited he becomes.

Anonymous said...

The only sick people are those who would advocate the give away of our resources without taking equity or having the resources processed here. That is no different than what you are doing and what you have been doing openly for a long time now, so that you can exist sumptuously in this province, while the others, who are well educated and skilled have to migrate away from here and work their province's resources in some other part of Canada, for instance Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta and British Columbia.

People who do such things are a prime example of the rot that exists within this province and its establishments. Again I will repeat it is corrupt.

As Always said...

Ed Hollett,how big was the pay-out last month .

"The long Myles tolerates it, the more and more discredited he becomes"

You truley are a fool Hollett. The way you use words.I dont think this is 1949 and I dont think that the people of this Province are going to tolerate anymore Canadain lie's .Your country has been exsposed for the group of liars they really are.You confederate types hate to have to defend it because you simply cannot.Everyone see's how Newfoundland and Labrador is treated in this confederation .

So Hollett ,what are the two main points for the purpose of communication.

You just dont get it do you Hollett.You are seen for what you are .A traitor,a liar ,and a person of low moral character.Why dont you ask for forgiveness this Sunday befor God and your fellow man,and maybe they will let you be buried in your home land.I pray that God will have mercey on your soul Hollett,for what you are doing to your fellow man.Is this how you wish to be remembered .What a shame,dieing for a country that thinks of you as fodder food for thier machine.As A Christian I will pray for you Hollett,and hope that someday you may find God .Not only to see what you are doing to those you would protect ,but to relise what you are actually working for .I wish you peace in your life.

Ed Hollett said...

"as always":

Why not just make the same comments you just did but with your proper name associated with it?

We all know you won't do that.

As for defending anything, I have no problem defending my position.

You obviously not only don't defend it, you can't.

Otherwise you wouldn't take the coward's way of attacking me personally with lies and smears.

As said: keep ranting away and behaving with a distinct, obvious lack of integrity. All that does is demonstrate the bankruptcy of whatever it is you are proposing.

As Always said...

Ed ,your game is too simple to be involved in .Im not going to waste my time involving myself in your wasted propaganda,I've seen many an excample of how you conduct yourself here and I have no time to rant or roar ,about how Newfoundland and Labrador has been treated by Canada.

You have made youre point clear ,as I have mine.So what do you wish to accomplish.That you have far superior debating skills then I.

I am not attacking you .I am totally entitled to my opinoin as are you ,but for some starnge reason you do not alllow others the same right that you wish for yourself.You are ignorant to many ,many simple facts that are accepted by many as simple knowledge .So trying to conduct a sensible conversion with someone like yourself is simply a wasted effort and debate.

All I base my opinoin on is how you have conducted yourself here .Your sheer arrogance on certain topics and the belief held by yourself,that you and you alone are telling the truth is offensive not only to me but to many others that frequent this blog.Giving my name so you can add it to your collection is to easy a trap to fall for.I prefer to give myself the same treatment that your governement has given me.The right to a fair vote that no one has the right to discuss ,except if I and I alone allow that to happen.

but ,let us discuss Mr Hollett,what some are discussing here as lie's.You state that you are not working for a political party and have no affiliation to the Federal Governement ,when you ,Simon ,and myself know differant.So who is the liar.I only hope for you that you can relise somewere in life that what you are doing is wrong and that you ask for forgiveness to those whom you have betrayed.

Treat those around you Hollett the way that you want to be treated,with respect and dignity.Or,you can always leave ,or turn the channel.But ,of course you know that both you and Simon would be out of a job .I dont hate you Ed ,I pity you ,and Simon because of what you must do to make a living.Hating you would be to simple of an excuse for what you are doing here.All i wish for is that you dont have to do what your doing ,and that you can make an honest living ,not betraying your fellow man.

Enough said .Enjoy your Sunday Hollett.Go spend sometime with your wife and family,your aunts and uncles.Your nan and grandpa.Some of us dont have that privilege.

As Always said...

OH ,before I forget .When I do come to St Johns this year. Would you pray with me ,or would you shun me away because of my beliefs.When I am in your company Hollett and I know that you wont turn me over to the federal agency that you work for ,I will let you know my name with nothing held back.But,would you still welcome me ,or shun me because of what I believe in heart.

Ask charles Ed,if it means that much too you.Myles knows this gentleman as well .I will state Ed here in front of everyone that I dont hate you ,I cant .Your a fellow Newfoundlander that has simply lost his way and you need help.I will help you Ed because your a lost soul that needs to be loved.I would do the same for any fellow Newfoundlander or Labradorian.Yes,even Wallace and Simon.

This what is going on here .The debate that continues is just a sickness that has been introduced by Canada.They have no right to turn us into the sickness that we see here.Brother agaisnt brother.Father agaisnt son.Its just another reason for me Ed to say why I dont agree with confederation.God Bless.

Edward G. Hollett said...

As always wrote:

"You state that you are not working for a political party and have no affiliation to the Federal Government ,when you ,Simon ,and myself know different.So who is the liar."

If you know the truth and then state something that isn't true - as essentially you have done repeatedly - then you are a liar.

Very simple business: identity yourself with your proper name and let's see what you "know".

Of course, you won't since your purpose is not to establish truth but to smear.

You smear since you cannot deal with fact and substance.

And you hide since there would obviously some embarrassing consequences - entirely for you - from being honest about who you are.

AS Always said...

And thus the debating skills once again kick into over drive.No debate Hollett.Go to the halls of M.U.N and see if you get a better agreement on Confederation there.

As Always said...

Oh ,before I forget .Very nice substance Hollett.Points were well thought out and structure was well planned as well.

Can we now establish what you will or will not do next to recieve a reaction to continue the conversion.Or ,have you thought that out as well.tsk,tsk,your arrogance is beyond reason.

Starrigan said...

Crazy Eddy??? answer the question??

Ed Hollett said...

"As always", the only one displaying arrogance here would be you.

Too arrogant to reveal your identity and too arrogant - without justification - to deal in facts and substance. Evidently you have nothing of substance to offer since you only join your friends in spreading falsehoods and other personal smears.

So arrogant that you can only repeat smears that are - as you well know - completely untrue.

You past four comments display the classic definition of arrogance, even as you accuse others of the same failing: displaying a supposed superiority to others.

starrigan, feel free to offer an apology anytime you feel like it. Lord knows you have so much to apologise for, given your persistent childish behaviour.

I'll leave it to your highly developed sense of ethics and priorpriety where to start, but perhaps you could begin by apologizing generally to all readers for your continual insults to their intelligence.

Wince said...

"priorpriety"? "apologizing"?

Too many big words.

Back to the chess club with you!


Starrigan said...

Crazy Eddy, I don't think I should apologize for pointing out one of your character flaws.

But you accusing me of a hate crime, well that deserves an apology.

Anonymous said...

A great article appeared in the Globe and Mail in Saturday's Editon in the Report on Business Sector TITLED "Why Alcan is worth so much (hint: think water)"

You will see what is happening in Quebec with regard to its hydroelectric energy. You will also see how smart they are with Newfoundland and Labrador's hydroelectric energy resource and how stupid we were.

It is a must read article for every Newfoundlander and Labradorian and please note the comments.

Why Alcan is worth so much (hint: think water)
Investors have heard it before, but the tune never seems to get old. Once again, a rising force in the East and its insatiable demand for raw materials has been crowned the driving force behind a mining mega-merger, this time, a $38.1-billion deal for Alcan. It's all about China, as the chorus goes. Just one small question: What if it's not?

Globe and Mail Update

July 14, 2007 at 9:58 AM EDT

Edward G. Hollett said...

starrigan I suggested starting with insulting the intelligence of readers. You do that each time you resort nothing more than name-calling.

But you and your friends can just keep on with the name calling and insults.

Keep it up. It's all you after after the other myths and fabrications.

The only ones you discredit are yourselves.

Anonymous said...

Adding to the lively and intelligent debate being waged by Ed and a few others I only respond with: Liar, liar pants on fire.

That should put you in your place and I believe the intelligence level should be about right.

Starrigan said...

LOL good on anon.

Crazy Eddy, I'm not insulting the intelligence of the readers. Like I said, I'm just pointing out one of your character flaws. Maybe we should do a quick poll to see is other people think you're an a$$hole too.

All those who think Crazy Eddy is an a$$hole please raise your hand.

Wince said...

Edward G. Hollett said...

But you and your friends can just keep on with the name calling and insults.


PS - I never insulted you, I stated a fact on the basis of all your fancy words, proper grammar and such.

But the picture on your blog says it all!


Ed Hollett said...

Keep it up boys, you just keep proving my point over and over again.

And anon, while I never mentioned intellectual level, yeah you sort of fit right in with the anony-slaggers. Thanks for adding your unique sense of humour - or was it unintentional irony.

Anonymous said...

I am going to diverge a little here right now and speak about something a little more disturbing for the general health of the overall world economy. This is today's news:-

America Asking the Chinese to Buy Their Mortgages?

This all amusingly contrasts with the following news item today from Bloomberg, IN THE YOU CAN'T MAKE THIS UP SECTOR. US Department of Housing and Urban Development Secretary Alphonso Jackson is in Beijing. He is meeting with various Chinese banking authorities, asking them to buy US mortgage-backed securities. Evidently he is doing this with a straight face. The same story goes on to talk about the collapse of the subprime market.

On the one hand we have US Congressional leaders demanding that China let the dollar drop another 20% or so against THE U.S. DOLLAR/ currency, and then another government official asking them to buy more US debt, which will drop 20% when they do allow their currency to rise. And they call the Chinese inscrutable?

One American said, has it come to this, that we have to have government officials going to China to ask (some would impolitely say beg) them to buy our debt? You do have to appreciate the irony. Then again, maybe they think it is their punishment for selling us bad pet food and toothpaste. You sell us unsafe products and you have to buy our mortgages.

Do you get the picture of how bad things are in the American Financial Markets?

Starrigan said...

Very disturbing

Anonymous said...

Hollett ,you seem to have a great problem with not just one person on this site but many.Why continue to make your presence felt were you relise that you cannot continue to have a simple discussion.Why do you feel that your welcome here,or is there saomething else to this .

Anonymous said...

Hollett keeps prattling on about anon posters, how about Hollett fess up and spill the beans on his agenda here.

Whats up Hollett, your federalista handlers on your back to stir up trouble on this and other such blogs?

Wince said...

Ed Hollett said...

Keep it up boys

No problem.


Anonymous said...

Someone asked what Ed's agenda is here. It's simple, distract from the issues by getting petty disputes on the go between posters.

Guess what, he's succeeding.

The fact that nobody is discussing the real issues but instead are arguing with him is a win in his ledger.

The worst thing you can do with folks like Ed is ignore them completely and continue on.

Ed Hollett said...

Atcually anon, you got it backwards.

The agenda of the anony-slaggers is to avoid discussing the issues and instead raise these completely irrelevant side issues and smears.

Take a look at who has made substantive comment and who has resorted to name calling. Content analysis would tell you you got it backwards.

Wince said...

Ed Hollett said...

Take a look at who has made substantive comment and who has resorted to name calling.

Oh oh oh!!! That's me!!! I'm a name caller!!!


Starrigan said...

Wince are you sure he's a nerd? I think he's an a$$hole.

starrigan said...

An a**hole?

OOOh that gets me sooo hot.