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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Latest Shot in Accord Battle Fired by Rodney MacDonald

It looks like the next shot in the battle over un-equalization and the Atlantic Accord has just been fired by Nova Scotia Premier Rodney MacDonald. Alignment and alliance with aboriginal groups is something most people would not have thought of as a way to get the message of the Atlantic Accord issue out there in a big way but that hasn't stoped Rodney.

I'm not a fan of political opportunism but I guess, as they say, "when in Rome".

The following contains excerpts from a news article earlier today.

Rodney finds sympathetic ear

Premier Rodney MacDonald and Assembly of First Nations chief Phil Fontaine struck an unusual alliance yesterday as both men condemned Ottawa for failing to deliver on key agreements worth billions of dollars.MacDonald, speaking to the assembly's annual conference in Halifax, said his government and aboriginal leaders are engaged in a similar "battle for fairness and justice" with the federal government...

... Make a promise. Keep a promise.

Fontaine said the premiers of Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Saskatchewan - who have all slammed Ottawa for changes made to the equalization system - are experiencing the same frustration as the national native organization.

He said his group can relate to Nova Scotia's fight over the Atlantic Accord, suggesting that Prime Minister Stephen Harper recently reneged on a major funding deal for aboriginals...

MacDonald said his province wants to see the Kelowna agreement implemented."That agreement was broken much the same as the Atlantic Accord was broken," he said.


Starrigan said...

I'm not surprised to see Harper break promises or reneging on funding deals. It's par for the course. What do you think Crazy Eddy. Is not implementing the Kelowna deal as sensible as breaking the Accord?

Anonymous said...

Likely he'll say its not. Like Rodney M figured out, you dont get anywhere by going against aboriginal groups. Thats why Rod hitched his wagon to that one. Makes it a little tougher on Harper and the boys.

Starrigan said...

Rodney has to be pissed. First he got sucked into keeping his mouth shut on the accord while Danny yelled and screamed. Harper and Flaherty were promising him the tidy little, juicy, side deal and he took the bait. Of course at the last minute they yanked the carpet out from under his feet. Too late, the dirty deed was done. That left Rodney out in the cold with his pants down to his knees. All the while thinking he was doing good, keeping his mouth shut, waiting for the payoff. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. That's a tough lesson for the inexperienced Rodney to learn. But then again what do you expect from the likes of Harper and Flaherty. Talk about slimy tricks. Now I'm sure that Rodney will be taking every opportunity to dump on the Harper government. He must be still burning from that sting. While Danny fought Rodney did nothing and boy did that show in the polls in Nova Scotia. If he can climb out of that hole, I will be very impressed.

Now we wait for Crazy Eddy to tell us how Harper did a great job with regards to that situation. Take it away Crazy Eddy...........

Ed Hollett said...

Wow, starrigan having your post removed from the telly for being abusive and insulting must really have gotten up your nose.

All you've done since you found out about it is increase the level of abuse and smears you spread here.

rant on, starry-boy. The more venonomous and hated filled are your posts, the more extreme and abusive they become, the siller they get, the more it is obvious just exactly what you stand for: nothing.

Every word you type discredits you and those you support.

Rock on dude.

Stephen Harper never had a better friend than you and your friends here at Web Talk.

Starrigan said...

Thanks Eddy, we can always count on you for a good laugh.

Starrigan said...

BTW Crazy Eddy, why didn't you respond to my question on the telly? You seem to have a problem with those sticky yes/no questions.
I'm guessing you're just chicken, a little scared you may be getting your buddy in trouble.

You are on the verge of snapping, sit back, take a breath, relax. I know your handlers are probably not pleased with your feeble attempt to sway the keen Newfoundland and Labrador spirit that is evident on this blog, but realize that it's just a pay cheque, you can always find gainful employment. To refer to my posts as venomous and hate filled is a tad over the edge. Just because I pointed out one of your character flaws, ie. you being an a$$hole, hardly deserves that much of an attack. Sometimes you can be a little extreme, and mind you, not very sensitive. I think you should apologize right now young man. How you can associate me calling you an a$$hole with some kind of hate crime is a little far out in left field don't you think. I understand that Ottawally has probably been cut from the payroll but what do you expect? All he could do was keep asking his dumb questions over and over. So I can see why his handlers wanted to get rid of that one trick pony. I'm guessing you are afraid of suffering a similar fate.

Anonymous said...

Top article in today's Report on Business of the Globe and Mail READS Why Alcan is worth so much (hint: think water. I would like strongly recommend that Premier Danny read the article and rethink the PROPOSED Lower Churchill Hydroelectric Energy Project.

Why Alcan is worth so much (hint: think water)
Investors have heard it before, but the tune never seems to get old. Once again, a rising force in the East and its insatiable demand for raw materials has been crowned the driving force behind a mining mega-merger, this time, a $38.1-billion deal for Alcan. It's all about China, as the chorus goes. Just one small question: What if it's not?

Globe and Mail Update

July 14, 2007 at 9:58 AM EDT