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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Newfoundland and Labrador "Revived" Caplin Fishery

Once again the people of Newfoundland and Labrador are sitting by while the federal government knowingly and willingly encourages the destruction of our fisheries and way of life.

It’s clear from DFO's handling of the caplin fishery that they are more than happy to act with short term interests in mind by placating fishermen (voters), rather than focusing on the long term objective of saving a dying industry.

The fed, through the actions of DFO, aren’t the only ones with tunnel vision when it comes to our fishery. There’s more than enough blame to go around and the fishermen and processors in this province need to shoulder a good chunk of that responsibility as well.

Sometimes I wonder who our worst enemy truly is, our politicians or us.

This summer the commercial caplin fishery is taking larger catches than at any time in recent years in spite of warnings that the health of the stocks may be less stable than it appears.

While caplin has always been caught in Newfoundland and Labrador the mainstay of the economy here for centuries was the cod fishery. Years ago it was noted by fishermen and researchers alike that caplin (a key component of a cod’s diet) went into a severe decline at around the same time as the cod stocks collapsed in the late 80s and early 90s throwing thousands of people out of work and leading to the massive out migration we see today.

Nobody really understands all the reasons for the decline of the cod but it doesn’t take a leap of logic to suspect that the limited availability of this key food source was an important factor.

Though over fishing by foreign and local fishermen was likely the biggest culprit there’s little doubt that a limited food supply was a contributor. Like any species, when its food source disappeared so did the cod.

Fast forward 15 or 20 years and we see our province’s population dwindling. With caplin stocks on the rise you might think DFO would limit the catch in the hope of helping to rebuild this vital link in the food chain, increase cod recovery and perhaps one day see an end to a 2 year moratorium that’s been in effect for 15 with no end in sight.

Of course they aren’t doing that.

Instead of letting the caplin stocks rebuild and stabalize fishermen are grabbing what they can to sell on the lucrative Japanese market with no thought about their future. The fishermen and processors are looking for a quick buck and Ottawa is once again navel gazing by letting it happen.

Though there has continued to be a commercial caplin fishery since the moratorium came into effect, according to reports, those catches were nothing compared to the activity taking place this year. Not by a long shot. In fact one fisherman recently said he hadn’t seen catches like this in 20 years. Interestingly, at just about the same time the cod started to vanish.

Thanks to political opportunism and commercial greed fish stocks are being used once again to satisfy short-term commercial interests and curry votes while the long term future of the industry and the people of Newfoundland and Labrador are left to pay the ultimate price


Wince said...

Woo hoo!! First comment!

I WIN!!!

Stephen said...

Well put Myles. There seems to be absolutely no concern for conservation from any of the stakeholders involved in our fisheries. What's up with the mad dash to destroy whatever might be left in the water - we'll take a pittance now rather than a windfall later. I really don't get it.

I wonder how countries with sustained and healthy fisheries, such as Iceland, manage to avoid these problems. Would removing Federal interference by taking over jurisdiction of the fisheries be a part of the answer? Does complete Federal jurisdiction over the fishery encourage NL fisherman to not take responsibility for the well-being of the stocks because it's out of their hands anyway?

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Iceland, they reduced their TAC by 30% recently for cod.

Anonymous said...

The answer lies in more control being (and respect) being given to science. If you put control of the fisheries in provincial hands it won't get any better because politicians are politicians. processing is under provincial control and look how many fish plants we have and how many out of work plant workers.

The answer is some sort of independent board at arms length from anyone looking to get elected and a board that has both experienced fishermen, scientists working together.

There needs to be ruls put in place and enforced to either build the stock by X percent each year or cut quotas the following year. Something like that needs to be in place soon and kept there until stocks rebuild.

Also, these fake fisheries like the Black back fishery need to be stopped. Nobody buys that crap and it's only an excuse to get some cod by catch.

What a joke

Stephen said...

Speaking of Iceland, they reduced their TAC by 30% recently for cod.

Do they have a moratorium in Iceland? Is part of the reason why they don't because they have the balls to make cuts where necessary (and also no plurality in the levels of government that have a say or stake in the matter in addition to not co-operating with each other?)?

The answer lies in more control being (and respect) being given to science. If you put control of the fisheries in provincial hands it won't get any better because politicians are politicians. processing is under provincial control and look how many fish plants we have and how many out of work plant workers.

The answer is some sort of independent board at arms length from anyone looking to get elected and a board that has both experienced fishermen, scientists working together.

There needs to be ruls put in place and enforced to either build the stock by X percent each year or cut quotas the following year. Something like that needs to be in place soon and kept there until stocks rebuild.

Weren't scientists the ones who based their recommendations for quotas on dragger catches in the 70's and 80's? I'm wondering if scientists have changed their research methods so that sheer ability to rape the seas isn't a testament to the well-being of fish stocks.

Also, yes, an arm-length independent board of scientists and fishers would be an ideal approach to managing the fisheries. I'm curious as to whether or not they would be permitted to enforce fishing regulations and also perhaps extend the EEZ.

By the way, can anyone out there please give me an f'ing explanation as to why - 15 years after fisherman in NL were told to go mow lawns in Edmonton - the Federal government has not attempted to expand the EEZ to 350 miles or whatever maximum would be allowed?
Maybe I don't understand the issue but why in God's name wouldn't we if it is a possibility? I mean, we'll order a new fleet of ships to make sure the Northwest Passage is secure but why haven't we bothered securing the rich resources of the Nose and Tail of the Grand Banks (fish and possibly oil)? If Canada really cares about preserving and rebuilding its fisheries why wouldn't it be making similar agressive moves to (on the water and also diplomatically) to preserve the stocks?

I don't see the will of Canadian politicians to do anything in terms of rebuilding the fishery and with their lack of interest I lose interest in Canada. NL politicians have done a lot to shag things up as well but that's what happens when you're an old school Joey-era "where's the handout" administrator and not a leader who actually believes in the place. Our politicians ARE useless and the ones that can't see beyond Ottawa's areola and see what we can do for ourselves if we only willed it need to be removed or die off. Federalists should beware the day that NL breeds a class of politicians who sincerely wish the place to be economically self-sufficient, progressive and dynamic and also place this province first in all things. Part of making that a reality will involve full jurisdiction over our offshore resources which means we will be more.......independent? More independence is likely to defeat arguments for remaining dependent and encourage an appetite for even more independence. Cool huh?

To anonymous who believes things wouldn't be better if jurisdiction was solely the province's compare the situation to oil - when an oil company wants to do business in NL it has the advantage of being able to exploit the divide that exists between NL and Ottawa - all one has to do is conquer, so to speak. Alberta has sole jurisdiction over its oil and therefore does not have to beg, plead, bendover, lower flags whatever in order to get fallow-field legislation. NL asks for it and Harper pretends he's not even hearing it. The same problem exists with the fishery in that there are too many cooks in the kitchen. Ottawa plays the international stage and has to consider the balance of things when negotiating with EU countries and others in NAFO - anyone who thinks interests beyond the well-being of NL fishing resources and the livelihoods of NL fisheries workers are excluded in Canada's NAFO dealings is a mother%&$#*# FOOL.

Anonymous said...

But Stephen, Canada now has mr. Sullivan as fisheries ambassador, the future looks bright dont-cha-know.

This has been a tongue in cheek rebuttal.

Stephen said...

Oh yes, Loyola's gonna save us all. Joey re-incarnate I tell you.

Does ANYONE have a suggestion as to why our Wonderful Canada (which, of course, is perfect just the way it is) has not acted to extend its jurisdiction over the Nose and Tail of the Grand Banks since the Moratorium?

Anonymous said...

I'm waiting with baited breath for comments from the Offal (Awfull) News blogger (Simple Simon Lono) and the Bond (Toilet) Papers blogger (Ed Hollett) to weigh in.

You know those guys, just two members of the anti-Newfoundland & Labrador gang. Just check out their blogs and you will see that they are in lockstep when it comes to their opinions.

Simply Simon (who soon may be on an liberal election poster near you) is also in lockstep it seems with a gentleman who has a blog on that Quebec owned rag 'The Telegram'. And lets not forget the grand poobah of ottawa poop himself, WJM.

Ya just gotta love those anti-Newfoundland & Labradoreans.

time for a change said...

Hey guys. Me again.

Why were you all so silent when Loyola re-opened the food fishery last year? I mean the food fishery is great and all, but along with it he gave massive qutas for so-called "sentinel" fisheries and "science" fisheries, even though HIS OWN SCIENTISTS implored him not to open these things up.

The fact is, you people sit your arses and complain only when it's convenient. You're no better than Loyola.

At least when the Liberals were in power, they had the balls to keep these fisheries closed, in the interests of protecting the stock. As soon as the Tories went back to Ottawa, the destruction continues, a little bit at a time.

Yet you folks are silent. Until this post about the caplin fishery.

You're two years too late.

Oh and by the way, guess how many "foreign" boats are fishing on the grand banks these days?

Less than 20. There haven't been more than that in over 5 years, mainly because Canadian boardings and other deterrence has made it unprofitable to bring a boat over.

As for your question about why hasn't Canada claimed sovereignty, it's probably because it doesn't have a claim to make.

You can claim it on behalf of your family or your neighbour if you like. It would have the same weight in international law.

How's the petition going?

Anonymous said...

Its like this 'Time Dude', I've given up on the fisheries. It's all a bunch of convuluted nonsense. The plant owners have been getting their goodies in the form of grants for years. The harvesters have been getting their goodies for years and the plant workers have been getting preference shown to them with EI.

The plant owners and plant workers cannot agree. The plant workers and harvesters cannot agree. The union and the workers cannot agree, and on and on it goes.

It's one huge mess that is politicised beyond all reason. It is high time that the industry be rationalized. No other industry in this province has been coddled like the fishery and it has not been of any benefit over the long haul.

Time to let free enterprise work as it should.

Time that the science is adhered to.

Time to be honest and tell people that the fishery does not owe them a job.

Time to tell those in the industry to pay for their own pensions and not expect the rest of us to do so.

The fishery needs to be an enterprise not a stamp factory for a few weeks work every year. If that means that folks have to move to where there is work and that some small communities close up then so be it.

Anonymous said...

I am totally againist the food fishery. It is a reverse patronage. Instead of a vehicle to placate ex-politicians who receive patronage jobs from Ottawa until death, this is a ploy to satisfy the residents of this province who have had their FISH RESOURCE utilized to trade-off the manufactured goods of Canada, not Newfoundland and Labrador, Goods such as Cars, Textiles, etc., Agriculture Products such as Wheat, Fruit, etc. and Services such as Canadian Technologies; and of course with the distribution of these Goods and Services comes Foreign Affairs clout for Ottawa.

I think the Ottawa Government is corrupt to the core to have allowed our Fish Quotas to become tied up like this as an "enabler" to trade everything Canadian. And since the province of Newfoundland and Labrador is not in the Canadian loop of producing manufactured goods and services, nor is it big in the agriculture industry, the province is losing all around. It is losing because it doesn't have any manufactured goods and service to be traded and it is losing because its people cannot use its Fish Quotas to create industry here. Who is going to correct this problem? Which politician is willing to take this problem on?

We know the food fishery is a ploy to garner votes. How stupid of my people to fall for this corrupt scheme? This is how we have been lead into the land of bondage in the first place allowing our resources to be stolen and then allowing ourselves to be placated with a little of our own resource. How in Hell's Flames are we ever going to grow industry here when we allow such things to happen and we allow our politicians to get of with the atrocities they have inflicted upon us?

Anonymous said...

Patriot: There is a disconnect between the article you posted here and your comments section. Maybe you could do a repair and bring the 'comments section' closer to the body of your article. I hope you don't mind my suggestion. Thanks

Anonymous said...

to the anon against the recreational fishery, is that you Gus?

Maybe the recreational fishery is political, fine. Would you agree that the black back fishery is also political?

If the few cod hooked on surf rods and handlines put the cod in danger, well it's already gone. Lets discuss wastefull bycatch practices by fishers. Lets discuss poaching. Lets discuss fishers needlessly dumping cod as a method of protest. Lets discuss an insane caplin fishery to provide roe for the asian market, the same asians who are involved in a destructive finning industry with sharks, and you are worried about me taking a few hours on a weekend to hook five cod on a rod?

Anonymous said...

I visited the Fort St. John area of British Columbia recently and I encountered some people who were friends of the people I visited with, who planned a fishing trip out to Prince Rupert. I reminded them before they left for fishing, "not to forget to pick up their fishing license", they advised me that you don't need a license to fish in British Columbia, nor is there a limit on the catch. It shocked me!

My question is why is there such a discrepancy in the regulations in what is allowed in the Fishing Industry on the East and West Coast. Is it because DFO is not utilizing the fish stocks on the West Coast to trade Canadian Goods and Services?

I would be interested in getting an answer to why you can fish unencumbered with no restrictions on the West Coast of Canada while there are many restrictions on the East Coast.

Anonymous said...

d'uh, maybe because there's no moratorium on the West Coast...

Anonymous said...

d'uh! Not good enough reason! It is only cod under moratorium here, but we cannot go out and catch shrimp, crab or any other type of fish on the East Coast without a license, but on the West Coast apparently any type of fish can be caught from the ocean without a license. Anyway that is what I understood.

Anonymous said...

You understand wrong.

people are so stupid said...




Anonymous said...

Sock Puppets of the World Unite

Stephen said...

As for your question about why hasn't Canada claimed sovereignty, it's probably because it doesn't have a claim to make.

Nice. A true cynic's response - it won't work so why bother? That's hardly an answer. If you're not interested in the question don't bother speculating on it at all.

To my admittedly limited knowledge a continental shelf that extends beyond a country's 200-mile limit would serve as possible grounds for securing exclusive dominion over the resources present there. Our continental shelf extends well beyond the 200-mile limit so why hasn't Canada (in light of the disaster that continues to unfold on the Grand Banks) moved to secure these resources for their protection, preservation and restoration? Anyone have objective or sober any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

um the shelf and the water are two different things.

Our best chance is to wait until cod grow legs and become sedentary species. Then we're all set.

Anonymous said...

hey why did you take my earlier post down?

Afraid of the truth?

Typical f**king townies...

Stephen said...

um the shelf and the water are two different things.

"Um" - once again you have a straight answer for anything anonymous?

I'll reword my question to say that a continental shelf extending beyond the 200-mile EEZ (which reserves fish resources for the exclusive use of a country) *might* be ground to extend that country's EEZ.

Why hasn't the Federal government pursued extending the EEZ?

Any takers on this question that aren't burnt to the core with cynicism or who are, better yet, conscious?

Typical f**king townies...

Nice. You're a redneck and you've retained a backwards hatred of townies.

Also, you'll notice that when a comment is deleted on blogspot it leaves a comment saying "this comment has been deleted" - and there isn't such a comment here. Perhaps you were too wasted to actually post your comment.

Anonymous said...

Tidal Waters Sport Fishing Licence Fees for British Columbia
(prices include all taxes)
Category Resident*

Adult annual (15-64) $22.26
Juvenile annual. (Under 16) - Free

As far as I am concerned British Columbia's licensing costs are a gift to its citizesn.

Adults 16 years to 64 years annually only $22.26 and juveniles under 16 years FREE. What an inequity compared to what the regulations are for Newfoundlanders and Labradorians? Remember the only fish under moratorium in Newfoundland and Labrador is the Codfish.

Maybe there is something that I am missing here, if it is, I would welcome being corrected without being scorned.

doryman said...

How much does a recreational cod license cost?

Anonymous said...

I have never utilized a license but up till last year the cost was $30.00 for 10 fish over a period of a month. I do believe that program lasted 2 or 3 years. Before that the people of Newfoundland and Labrador were NOT ALLOWED to fish not even one fish since 1992, the year the cod moratorium began. At the moment they are allowed to fish 15 fish per boat for a three week period with no license, but then again that is a FAR different program than being able to fish all year for $22.26 for adults 15 to 64 and juveniles up to 16 can fish FREE. British Columbia has a Cadullac Program.

Stephen said...

Anyone notice that OttaWally and CrazyEddy haven't been around? Let's hope the sanity continues!

Also, anyone have any idea as to why the Federal government hasn't sought to extend it's authority over the Nose and Tail of the Grand Banks?

Jack Ripper said...

Well said, stephen.

We must protect our precious bodily fluids from the Canadian conspiracy.

Starrigan said...

Stephen, we have been blessed, temporarily I'm sure. No Ottawally or Crazy Eddy is a very welcome thing.

other said...

No Slime-On Lono niether

J.D. Ripper said...

No one threatening our precious bodily fluids.

No spel chekr ieder

Anonymous said...

We are very anemic now since our bodily fluids have been severely drained by Ottawa and the NAUTHTY and COVETOUS children of hers for whom she is responsible, especially the ones who are her Pets and are always bawling for CANDY, and in the case of this article, the CANDY are the NATURAL and HUMAN Resources of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Mom/Ottawa will never say. “No Children, not today, enough is enough since dear old Newfoundland and Labrador must be feeling very Cinderelly since we have put so much pressure on her HUMAN RESOURCES, FISH, HYDROELECTRICITY ENERGY, IRON ORE, NICKEL ORE and her OIL and, of course, we really have raped her people her Human Resoure. She must be feeling very tired. IF WE WANT TO KEEP THAT PRECIOUS CHILD ALIVE, WE HAVE TO STOP THE BLEEDING."

MOTHER AND HER LITTLE BRATS have extracted so much from us, the Cinderella, especially our Human Resources that if the bleeding is not stopped, the Patient/Newfoundland and Labrador will succumb to her mortal injury, since soon the whole lot of us will be will find ourselves in some other location west of here pining away.

When are Ottawa and the province of Newfoundland and Labrador Governments going to get their heads together to find a solution to create a Macro Economy for a place that existed much longer than the rest of Canada. A place which doesn’t have to rely on another places' natural or human resources, like a lot of other provinces in Canada do, since we have both natural resources and human resources waiting and willing and available to be put to work to create the economy that we are craving and we are so deserving of.

j.d. ripper said...

You got it there. They suck the precious bodily fluids right out.

Anonymous said...

Great idea. Let's get away from the abusive mother.

The first step is to secure our precious human resources - call home every son and daughter. Every fish plant worker in PEI, every welder in Alberta, every lawyer working in a big Canadian or Atlantic Canada firm. Everyone. And anyone who doesn't come home within a year, too bad - they showed they love Canada and her money more than their birthplace. And keep who we have right here. Newfoundlanders and Labradorians should forfeit their citizenship if they live outside our country (ex-province) for more than a year.

Then we can use the skills and talents of these people to work FOR us, not AGAINST us. The former Canadian Armed Forces and Navy people can defend our borders (including acting as a coast guard to protect the nose and tail of the Grand Banks). The lawyers can fight the court cases that will arise when we shut off the power to Quebec and stop mineral and oil shipments out of the province for next to nothing. They can also negotiate new fishing rights and treaties, new fly-over agreements, new trade agreements (with Canada as well as the US and EU).

We'll need a new constitution and human rights code, a new currency and a Bank of Newfoundland and Labrador. We can do it - all we need to do is keep or get back our talented Newfoundlanders and Labradorians that wicked stepmother Canada stole from us.

All those doctors and nurses will come back if we separate. As an independent country we'll have a true Newfoundland and Labrador medical system, staffed and managed by the best talents in the world - Newfoundlanders and Labradorians.

Same with the school system - if we can get back all the teachers and administrators that have gone to Ontario or up north or out west.

How fast can we get this fantastic plan going? I can't wait.

Anonymous said...


anonymous2 said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

This is outrageous behaviour and it is unbefitting for any forum.Please learn to control your urges and be kinder to each other.

Anonymous said...

To anom august. 3, 2007 ,1102 p.m. : You have reaped what you have sown . There was absolutely no need for you to post those comments in the first place. I hope you have given some thought to what you have done, and do the right thing in offering an apology. Anyone can make a mistake, that's a human error, but this stuff is very ugly. Why did you do that? Do you even realize mistakes such as you have made is one of the reasons why the world is in such a state as it is today. As I said "you reap what you sow" It starts small, and it grows. That goes for bad as well as good ,(thankfully there are still a lot of good people out there )

Anonymous said...

Myles: The quality ( or lack thereof ) of this site has gotten to the point of extremely disturbing. I have kept in touch till today to see if you would remove at least the post from Anon of August.3rd. 2007 11:02 p.m. It is just awful, and it indicates hate and a person with, unfortunately, a very sick mind. I used to respect and actually enjoy this site. No so anymore Myles. May I suggest you clean this up, and get back to the sensible state it once was.